The Role of Dewatering Pumps in Residential, Commercial, and Municipal Settings

Water Pump

Dewatering pumps play an important role in managing water. In a variety of settings, these pumps ensure efficient water removal and prevent potential hazards related to water logging. Water Pump Dealers like VEMC have well-crafted pumps that are used to remove excess water from residential areas, industrial areas, mining operations, and other locations.

  •  Residential Applications

Dewatering pumps can help remove water from waterlogged compounds, yards, and gardens, as well as excess water in flooded basements and drainage areas. Excess water can cause structural damage and pose health risks and hence, must be removed quickly.

  • Commercial and Industrial Applications

If you are on the lookout for commercial and industrial dewatering pumps and are searching for a Kirloskar water pump dealer, you are at the right place. As dealers in the water pump industry for nearly 7 decades, VEMC can certainly help. Industrial and commercial areas may face problems of excess water during mining and construction activities and require pumps to remove the water and keep work sites and excavation sites dry, so that employees are safe and project work can go on in a timely manner. 

  • Municipal Infrastructure

Industrial Water Pump Suppliers in Mumbai know the value of dewatering pumps in maintaining municipal infrastructure like stormwater drains, sewage systems, and treatment plants for wastewater. Pumps effectively manage water levels, safeguard infrastructure, and prevent flooding in low-lying areas. In cities, dewatering pumps are a necessity to prevent excessive waterlogging in the monsoon and reducing property damage as well as traffic disruptions. 

  • Disaster and Emergency Response

During emergency and natural disasters like floods, dewatering pumps become the go-to tools for the rapid removal of water. Flooding causes extensive damage to civic infrastructure and residential areas, posing a substantial threat to human life. Dewatering pumps mitigate damage and harm, and allows communities to recover from such events faster.

  • Mining and Quarrying

In the mining/quarrying industry, water collection is a huge challenge, hampering operations and threatening worker safety. Industrial water pump dealers in Mumbai understand the vital role that dewatering pumps play to control water levels and keep quarries and mines dry for proficient mineral extraction. Pumps help to maintain a safe work environment and prevent costly delays because of flooding.

  • Construction and Trenching

Industrial water pumps in Mumbai are available at some of the leading dealerships like VEMC, a solution provider to several local and MNC brands. VEMC understands that trenching projects and construction sites face groundwater issues that cause hindrances to project completion and risks the lives of workers. Dewatering pumps prove to be essential in the rapid removal of water, preventing the risk of accident and ensuring uninterrupted project work.

  • Municipal Water Supply

Additionally, dewatering pumps play a notable role in municipal water supply functions, aiding in groundwater extraction for potable use of water. These pumps are often deployed in wells to access water from underground, ensuring a dependable water supply for people.


You can find some top-of-the-line Water Pump Dealers in Mumbai. For guidance and efficient and viable solutions, you can head to VEMC and contact us at +91 9819907445. We have several years of experience and knowledge to back us as far as dewatering pumps and related solutions are concerned.

7 Reasons Why Your Air Compressor is Losing Pressure and How to Fix It

Air Compressor

Industrial processes invest a substantial portion of their operational expenses in compressing air. But if your compressor is losing pressure, it means a waste of electricity, higher costs and lower profit margins. It also means your compressor is working harder to maintain the pressure and thus going through more wear and tear. Any compressor dealer in Mumbai will tell you the importance of maintaining optimum air pressure in a compressor. 

In This Blog, We Take You Through 7 Main Reasons Why Your Air Compressor Could Be Losing Pressure And How To Fix It:

  • Leaks In The Air System

Ruptures in hoses, piping trees, nozzles and connectors connecting your air compressor and pneumatic tools cause leakage of air. This inevitably leads to a drop in air pressure. To avoid this problem, get your compressor systems regularly inspected for ruptures and leaks by VEMC –– the leading ELGi Air Compressor Dealers in Mumbai.

  • Faulty pressure regulator

Regulators control the passage of air through your air compressor systems. A faulty, sub-optimal or undersized pressure regulator can cause a drop in air pressure. Always ensure you are choosing the right-sized pressure regulator for your compressor. Also, do not suppress your regulator to compensate for lost pressure. This can cause it to become unresponsive in the long run. Whenever there’s an inexplicable drop in pressure, get your pressure regulator inspected by your nearest Air Compressor Dealers in Mumbai.

  • Inadequate Air Intake

Another highly likely reason could be that your air compressor is simply not taking in enough air from the inlet. Get this problem fixed by inspecting, cleaning and removing any physical barriers to air at the inlet.

  • Worn or damaged valves

There will always be a slight drop in pressure as soon as the air enters the valves since the momentum is interrupted. This can get worse in case your valves are worn out or damaged. Always keep the air compressors in good working condition by having an effective maintenance regime in place. 

  • Clogged Or Dirty Filters

Just like in your car, air compressor filters can get dirty due to dust or other particulates over a period of time, especially in factory or workshop settings. Dirty or clogged filters can rob your air compressor of fresh air which inevitably leads to a drop in pressure. The solution of course is regular clean-up and replacement of air filters.

  • Malfunctioning Pressure Switch

In case the pressure switch fails or malfunctions, it gets very difficult for the air compressor to maintain the pressure. Get the switch inspected and repaired in case air pressure keeps dropping inexplicably.

  • Insufficient Lubrication

Finally, insufficient lubrication in the air compressor system can be another cause of a drop in air pressure. Air compressors need optimally sized lubricators. In case yours aren’t performing up to the mark or aren’t supporting the load, get them replaced. Get lubricators that have the best ratings for maximum pressure drop reduction.


For more information on how to maintain optimum air pressure in your compressor systems, get in touch with our experts at 022 43436655 or email us at VEMC is the leading ELGi Screw Compressor Dealer based out of Mumbai. 

7 Essential Checks for Metal Roof Maintenance in Solar Plant Systems

Solar Plant Systems

To make sure your solar rooftop system offers optimum efficiency, you must have a robust maintenance regime in place. Proper inspection and maintenance also help improve the working life of your panels and reduce the costs of depreciation and sudden breakdown. These services are often provided by the same solar energy company that you procure your panels from. 

In This Blog, We Tell You About The 7 Essential Checks That You Must Perform To Ensure Proper Maintenance Of Your Solar Rooftop System:

  • Roof Inspection

Before Solar Panel Installation, make sure your roof would be able to withstand the burden of the mounted solar panels. In case the age of your roof is ten years or more, it is advisable to get it replaced before installing a solar rooftop system. Also, check for any seepages or leakages in the roof. 

  • Cleaning and Debris Removal

Check for any debris in the inverter pad area or elsewhere. Look for any signs of animal infestation such as excreta etc. all over the system and clean it regularly. Wipe the panel surface regularly to remove dust particles that can reduce the output.

  • Gutters and Drainage System

The solar rooftop system must have adequate drainage. Check for any water pooling on the roof and ensure that the drainage is seamless. Any water seeping into the system can cause damage to the equipment, and water on the panels can reduce their efficiency.

  • Sealant and Waterproofing

Mounting a solar rooftop system requires drilling multiple holes into the roofing. This makes waterproofing of the roof essential. This is done by using waterproofing membranes that seal cracks, crevices and seams. For long-term reliability, make sure the waterproofing has been done by a reputed roofer. 

  • Rust and Corrosion Prevention

Rusting can affect the electronic circuits of your solar panels reducing the electricity generated. Besides, corrosion on the outside brackets or racking system can weaken the structure on which the Solar Rooftop System is mounted. Check for rust regularly, use metals that are rust-proof such as anodized aluminium or stainless steel, and ensure complete waterproofing. 

  • Solar Panel Mounting

This is a more physical aspect of the solar panel system. Having a robust mounting structure is necessary to prevent damage to not just your panels but also to avoid accidents and injuries. A weak mounting can lead to the sudden collapse of the entire solar panel installation, which is otherwise expected to last up to 25 years.

  • Structural Integrity

Solar installations must be structurally sound and secure. Check whether the mounting structures are made of durable and corrosion-resistant material. These days, a number of mounting structures with high standards of reliability are available at competitive rates. Look for the warranty provided by the company, strength grade and coating, and the weight that it can support.


For more information on the operations and maintenance of your On Grid Solar System, get in touch with VEMC at 022 43436655 or email us at We are one of the most reputed names in solar energy, based out of Mumbai.

Top 10 Industries Benefiting from SP Coupled Pump Set with IE5 Motor

Water Pump Dealers

Advancements in technology have revolutionized a variety of industries and significant innovation has happened with the SP Coupled Pump Set with IE5 Motor. Industrial Water Pump Suppliers in Mumbai will likely say that this is a groundbreaking blend of a premier efficient motor and a special pump set that has exceptional power-saving functions and improved performance. Among industrial water pump dealers in Mumbai, you can rely on VEMC for the best pumps, maintaining sustainability with Government of India standards.

 Here Are The Top 10 Industries Reaping The Benefits Of Such Cutting-Edge Advancements:

  • HVAC Systems

Ventilation, heating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are vital to maintaining efficient and comfortable environments indoors, in commercial, residential, and industrial areas. The IE5 Motor coupled with the SP Pump has high efficiency and boosts the performance of HVAC systems, decreasing electricity consumption and resulting in eco-friendly actions.

  • Water and Waste Water Management

Efficient management of water is critical for environmental conservation and sustainability. The SP Coupled Pump Set with IE5 Motor enables wastewater and water treatment plants to conduct operations with optimal energy efficiency. Consequently, operational costs are greatly reduced and a reliable water supply is assured.

  • Manufacturing and Industrial Processes

As far as industrial water pumps in Mumbai go, you can rely on dealers like VEMC with expertise in the field. Industries that rely greatly on such pumps, like pharmaceuticals, chemical processing, and paper and pulp, achieve considerable energy savings with SP Pump Set use. Smooth operations, decreased downtime, and lower maintenance cost help improve profitability.

  • Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry requires top-class equipment to manage various processes efficiently. SP Coupled Pump Sets with IE5 Motors offer the required performance. Processes like refining, extraction, and transportation become more economical and energy-efficient.

  • Building Services

Water pump dealers like VEMC have all the right solutions for the incorporation of SP Coupled Pump Sets with IE5 Motors in different building services, comprising fire-fighting systems and plumbing. The system’s proficiency translates into reduced energy bills for building owners, while the consistency and reliability of the water supply lead to the comfort of occupants. kirloskar Fire Fighting Pump Dealers highly recommend pumps like the SP Coupled Pump.

  • Chemical and Petrochemical

In chemical/petrochemical industries, reliable and accurate pumping solutions are important for managing hazardous substances. SP Coupled Pump Sets are built in line with the latest technology and this ensures the safe handling of dangerous chemicals, promoting sustainability.

  • Food and Beverage

Within the food and beverage industry, any Kirloskar fire pump dealer, such as the VEMC, will know that maintaining accuracy and hygiene in production processes is critical. SP Coupled Pump Sets with IE5 Motors offer dependable solutions for filling, pumping, and packaging applications, while helping maintain product integrity and sustainability.

  • Mining and Quarrying

Mining operations involve dewatering processes that consume substantial energy. The IE5 Motor with the SP Pump brings high efficiency in challenging conditions, making it ideal for quarrying and mining mechanisms.

  • Agriculture and Irrigation

In agriculture, proficient irrigation is crucial for maximizing the yield of crops and controlling water. The IE5 Motor, combined with the SP Pump, facilitates accurate irrigation, enabling proper water use, and resulting in sustainable farming.

  • Renewable Energy

Industrial Water Pump Suppliers in Mumbai sell products with the environment in mind. Dealers like VEMC promote this as they deal in the SP Coupled Pump Set that complement wind and solar farms.


The SP Coupled Pump Set with IE5 Motor is a game-changer, and you can get your hands on it at VEMC, a top dealer in pumps with several years of expertise. Get in touch with us at +91 9819907445; we ensure reliability.

7 Common Causes of Cavitation in Pump Systems and How to Avoid Them

Pump Systems

If you hear your centrifugal pump making strange noises, there’s a high likelihood that it is struggling with cavitation. In simple words, this means the formation of air bubbles around the impeller. When these bubbles burst, they create high-energy shockwaves which travel across the fluid. As any Kirloskar pump dealer will explain, cavitation can cause not just noise and vibration, but also mechanical damage and performance deterioration in the long run. VEMC is one of the leading Kirloskar Pump Dealers in the country. 

In This Blog, We Explain To You The 7 Common Causes Of Cavitation And Ways To Avoid Them:

1.Insufficient NPSHA (Net Positive Suction Head Available)

When the liquid in a pump vapourises at low pressure, it causes cavitation in the pump. This happens when there isn’t enough pressure at the suction end or the pump has insufficient NPSHA. To avoid cavitation, therefore, it is important that sufficient NPSHA is available so as to ensure the liquid always remains above the vapour pressure. The pump manufacturer determines the NPSH required for each pump, and your Kirloskar pump distributor can give you all the information on this.

2. High Pump Speed Or Impeller Design

When an impeller starts to rotate at a high speed (high RPM), the flow rate and head pressure naturally increase. This causes vapourisation cavitation in the pump. To avoid it, reduce the motor speed, install an impeller inducer, or add a booster pump. Ask your Kirloskar Pump Authorised Dealer for more. 

3. Inlet Restrictions Of Blockages

This is one of the most common causes of inlet re-circulation cavitation. Regular check-ups of your pumps are necessary to find blockages. Remove any accumulation of debris that may be clogging the downstream filter. 

4. Vaporous Or Aerated Liquids

A vaporous or aerated liquid has the inherent properties of creating bubbles that can burst to cause cavitation in the pump system. As much as possible, avoid processing such liquids through your pumping systems.

5. High Fluid Temperature or Pressure Drop

High temperature or pressure drop inside the pump can also speed up the process of vapourisation of the liquid. This can again cause vapourisation cavitation. As your Water Pump Dealers would advise, it is always best to reduce (and keep under check) the temperature of your pump, its components and the liquid itself. 

6. Inadequate Npshr Margin

The NPSHR margin basically represents the safety factor by which the NPSHA must exceed the NPSHR so as to avoid cavitation. An inadequate margin means a lesser buffer and higher chances of cavitation. Speak to your Kirloskar pump dealer and ascertain all parameters to ensure the least possible cavitation. 

7. Pump Maintenance And Operation

Cavitation, like any other mechanical issue can aggravate in case the pump falls into disrepair. To ensure the pump is in the best working condition, and cavitation is minimum, regular maintenance is important. Inspect the components of the pump frequently to look for signs of cavitation.


For more information on cavitation and other mechanical issues, feel free to speak to our experts at 022 43436655 or email us at VEMC is the leading Kirloskar pump distributor based out of Mumbai.

The Benefits of Choosing KBL’s Dewatering Pumps

Water Pump

Dewatering pumps play critical roles in a range of applications, starting with construction sites and infrastructure and mining operations to flood control as well as in industrial settings. Such pumps are crafted to eliminate excess water and prevent any waterlogging, ensuring seamless operations and protecting vital infrastructure.

One Of The Most Trusted Industrial Water Pump Suppliers In Mumbai Is Kirloaskar Brothers Limited’s (Kbl). What Makes Kbl Dewatering Pumps So Effective? Let’s Take A Look:

  •  Superior Performance with Reliability

There are several Industrial Water Pump Dealers in Mumbai, but VEMC stands out as a reputed dealer for distributing the best KBL water pumps and deals with corporations and government agencies. 

KBL has a reputation for offering dewatering pumps that perform optimally and prove to be extremely reliable. KBL pumps are durable, and engineered to tolerate harsh conditions. Water pump dealers like VEMC agree that these pumps are perfect for use in demanding locations like mines and construction sites. KBL has a global track record of excellence and their pumps are trusted by professionals from across industries.

  •  A Wide Variety of Pumps

For a Kirloskar dealer in Mumbai, you do not have to look further than VEMC. KBL provides a comprehensive variety of dewatering pumps that cater to different applications. Whether there is a requirement for centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, or wellpoint dewatering systems, you can depend on KBL for the right pump. Customers can select pumps based on specific factors like lift height, water volume, and the pattern of the dewatering task.

  •  Effective and Efficient Water Removal

Equipped with precision-engineering and high-performance impellers, KBL pumps rapidly and proficiently get rid of water from several water-logged areas. If you buy a pump from popular Kirloskar Pump Distributors like VEMC, you can be assured of quality and efficiency. These robust pumps can handle huge volumes of water and manage to achieve substantial lift heights easily. This makes them a flexible option.

  •  Energy Efficient Machines

KBL is highly committed to energy conservation and environmental sustainability, without any compromise on performance. Customers can effectively reduce power costs and contribute to a greener future.

  •  Advanced Technology and Innovation

Like VEMC is a front-runner as a Kirloskar Pump Dealer, KBL is also at the forefront of development and research in the industry. KBL’s dewatering pumps have cutting-edge technology and innovative design features, setting them a class apart from traditional pumps. Smart monitoring, advanced control systems, and digital interfaces boost operations.

  •  Easy Maintenance and Serviceability

KBL’s dewatering pumps are crafted for easy maintenance and have a user-friendly design. KBL provides customers with spare parts that are readily available to facilitate seamless after-care and support of machinery.

  • Industry Expertise and Global Presence

KBL’s pumps come highly recommended by industrial water pump suppliers in Mumbai. because KBL has extensive knowledge in the applications of dewatering and their pumps are built to last. Highly proficient professionals customize pumps to suit unique industry requirements and tailor solutions accordingly. Additionally, KBL has a presence on the world stage and a famous support network.


 If you would like to know more about dewatering pumps, don’t wait a moment longer to contact us at +91 9819907445. We are the top industrial water pump dealers in Mumbai with more than 70 years of expertise to back our dewatering solutions.

Dewatering Pumps: A Saviour During the Monsoons

Water Pump Dealers

Monsoons are a blessing for India’s agriculture sector but are rather problematic for big cities like Mumbai. Heavy monsoons any year mean water-logged roads and hampered mobility. This can bring bustling economic centres to a halt and cause a loss of billions to businesses. It can also be a cause of serious accidents and mishaps leading to the loss of precious human and animal life. In situations of heavy and incessant rains, therefore, preparedness is of utmost importance. VEMC is one of the top Industrial Water Pump Suppliers in Mumbai and in this blog, we explain how dewatering pumps can come to your rescue during Mumbai’s torrential monsoons.

Need For Dewatering Pumps In Monsoons 

Dewatering pumps can be used to control and curb floods and water logging. During the rising tide, the flood control gates are closed and the water enters through screens and inlet bays. This water can then be pumped back into the sea using a dewatering pump available with VEMC–– one of the top industrial water pump dealers in Mumbai.

Low-lying areas of the city are especially in danger of flooding and water-logging. Water in these areas cannot be discharged into the sea and thus the use of dewatering pumps becomes a necessity. Likewise, the coastal areas of the city are highly vulnerable to stormy weather and rain lashing down at a fast rate. This coupled with Mumbai’s ageing drainage system (which often gets clogged) really complicates the situation. To boost the capacity of displacing water from the city and discharging it into the sea or a creek, dewatering pumps are an absolute necessity! 

To get the right the most suitable industrial water pumps in Mumbai, get in touch with VEMC today.

Types Of Dewatering Pumps Vemc Offers

VEMC is one of the top Water Pump Dealers in Mumbai and offers a wide range of dewatering pumps. Here is a brief insight into each of these pumps.

    1. Self-Priming Pumps: 

These have a special in-built mechanism to prime themselves without any manual intervention. These are quick with dewatering and wastewater management and are also highly energy efficient.

    2. Eterna Cw/Bw Series: 

This is another reliable dewatering equipment. The Eterna series is especially useful in removing water from garages, basements and underground parking lots. 

    3. Autoprime Pumps: 

These can displace relatively large liquid volumes. These are highly portable and can be used to pump out viscous liquids like slurry. 

    4. Cutter Pumps: 

These are best suited for displacing heavy industrial waste and sewage. Their design helps avoid clogging by plastic bottles, aluminium cans, fabric, ropes, cables, etc.

You can find all these options at VEMC–– the Kirloskar pump authorised dealer in Mumbai.


VEMC is the leading KBL channel partner in dewatering pumps. To know more about our dewatering solutions, call us at 022 43436655 or email us at As one of the most experienced Kirloskar Water Pump Dealers in Mumbai, we can recommend just the right solution for your dewatering needs.

How Dewatering Pumps Aid in Efficient Flood Control

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Floods may cause immense damage to lives, properties, and infrastructure. With changing climate, the intensity and frequency of floods may increase and so, the relevance of effective measures for flood control must be considered seriously. Flood control requires sophisticated equipment and techniques and can help mitigate the adverse effects of increasing water levels with dewatering pumps. VEMC is one of the leading Industrial Water Pump Suppliers in Mumbai

In This Article, We Will Share How Dewatering Pumps Act As Efficient Tools In Controlling Extensive Water Flow:

  •  Understanding Dewatering Pumps

As any top industrial water pumps dealers in Mumbai like VEMC will explain, dewatering pumps are highly specialized devices that are designed to get rid of excess water from different areas, consequently preventing waterlogging and damage to machinery and lives in industrial units. They are available in a variety of configurations and sizes and cater to different requirements.  Dewatering pumps are typically used in a range of locations like residential areas, construction sites, industrial plants, and commercial buildings, as well as infrastructure projects, where the accumulation of water poses a real threat. VEMC, with experience to back it, understands this and can provide industrial water pumps in Mumbai where flooding and waterlogging are perennial issues.

  •  Water Removal and Drainage

Efficient removal of water from waterlogged areas is one of the main functions of dewatering pumps. Dewatering pumps speedily extract water, lowering water levels and mitigating damage. Such actions are especially vital in low-lying areas. In such places, water is prone to rapidly accumulate and result in significant harm. You can be sure that Water Pump Dealers like VEMC, with their foresight, can provide preventive measures and solutions. 

  •  Managing Groundwater Levels

Problems that worsen flooding in times of heavy rainfall are increasing groundwater levels. Dewatering pumps, such as any Kirloskar pumps distributors, are instrumental in the management of groundwater levels. Pumps effectively drain excess water, reducing any risk of flooding. This technique efficiently maintains soil stability and prevents any damage to infrastructure foundations.

  • Temporary Water Diversion

In circumstances where floodwaters approach crucial areas, dewatering pumps can be used for the temporary diversion of water. Pumps help in minimizing damage and make time available for emergency response actions, by the redirection of water from vulnerable areas like residences and vital infrastructure. 

  • Flooded Basements and Buildings

Expert industrial water pump suppliers in Mumbai, like VEMC, know that during floods, basements and buildings are regularly at high risk of infiltration of water. Dewatering pumps get rid of water from buildings and flooded basements, preventing any mold growth and structural harm. Consequently, the process of restoration is aided when the water recedes. 

  • Construction and Infrastructure Projects

While working in locations that have a high water table, dewatering pumps prove indispensable in infrastructure and construction projects. VEMC, highly recommended industrial water pumps dealers in Mumbai, understand that pumps maintain dry construction sites, and facilitate safe working conditions. Pumps are also used in excavations for preventing seepage of water into work sites.

  • Emergency Response and Preparedness

During natural disasters like floods, having efficient dewatering pumps ready is vital for effective responses. Such pumps are rapidly deployed to lessen the effects of flooding.


In the realm of disaster management, flood control is an important aspect, and the challenges it poses require reliable and efficient solutions. Especially in regions prone to flooding, industrial water pumps in Mumbai are a must. If you would like more information on dewatering pumps, don’t hesitate to contact us at +91 9819907445. We are the top Industrial Water Pumps Dealers in Mumbai with more than 70 years of expertise in dewatering solutions.