What is a ULFM Approval?

The process of owning or distributing fire pumps is not as simple as for the rest of the pumps. In order for a fire pump to be used, it primarily needs to be tested and then listed strictly for fire services. This is done through a listing and testing agency. Thus, all packages that include fire protection pumps need to meet the ‘National Fire Protection Association’s NFPA 20’ standards in order to be sold. In other words, these fire pumps need to be UL/FM approved so that they can be further used.

UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories whereas FM stands for Factory Mutual and this code ensures that the pumps’ performance has been verified and that they rely upon product safety. We at Vijay Engineering have worked hard to gain certain privileges that not all companies have. Our wish was to provide our customers with fire protection pumps and in order to do that we needed an UL/FM approval. Due to the loyalty that we have established among our clients and cooperators and due to the quality of our products and services, we were qualified to receive the approval.

In conclusion, we offer the UL FM Approved Gate Valves as well as Back Pull Out Pumps. We are proud to say that we were the first, and currently only, valve manufacturers to receive the approval from Factory Mutual. We got the Certificate of Compliance for the fire service water control valves and these include the Non-Rising Stem Gate Valves which are metal seated and the Outside Screw and Yoke. We offer three kinds of Back Pull Out Pumps and those are DB Pumps, CE Pumps and CPHM Pump Sets. We can assure you that you will be satisfied with all of these services if you choose us at Vijay Engineering and Machinery Co.

What’s a Split Casing pump? Explaining the concepts.

Split Casing pumps are made out of two pieces which are connected together by bolts. They may be split in two ways, vertically and horizontally. If they are horizontally split, it means that they are parallel to the shaft direction; if they are vertically split, it means that they are perpendicular to the shaft direction. It’s important to understand which type of pump you need. These split case pumps are used for water extraction, booster pumping, cooling tower circulation, industrial utility and petrochemical duties. They’re a type of centrifugal pump but they differ from end suction pumps or inline pumps in the sense that the casing and two nozzles are included in a single chamber. The great advantage of these pumps is that they are very efficient for higher flow applications.

Here at Vijay Engineering & Machinery Co., we offer both Vertical Split Casing Pumps and horizontal split casing pumps. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and we have been operating for more than 60 years. We are the leading among all industrial pump distributors since we have been highly certified by the UL and FM approval guide. For some of our products, we are the first and only certified producer in India. We offer four different types of pumps (some vertical and some horizontal): UP, DSM, SCT and iHT pumps.

UP pumps are gland packed and have a mechanical seal; they’re mostly used for irrigation, water supply and power plants. DSM pumps can either be single or double stage and are used in the same industries as mentioned above, along with the air conditioning industry. As for the SCT pumps, the impeller is precisely balanced by a single or double suction. These pumps help with water that is not purified, petroleum refineries, conditioning and refrigeration systems. iHT pumps have the impellers centrally placed on a shaft and the whole rotating system is precisely balanced. They are used in a wide variety of industries. Contact us about acquiring one at your earliest convenience.

Water, the fodder of life and fuel for the economy!

Water is so abundant worldwide but experts claim that we will run out of it soon. It basically runs the planet and it fuels our economy. Do you know that water goes through a hefty process before it arrives to your local pipe? Yes, it needs to be purified and the pipelines that transfer the water are a lot more complicated than you think. The water doesn’t move through the pipes on its own. A mechanical device called a water pump is needed to push the water through the pipes.

A simple form of water pump is the one that you push by hand; it’s usually called the pitcher pump. It is one of the oldest ways of extracting water from the ground. We use different ways today, namely long pipes and water pumps. Here at Vijay Engineering & Machinery Co., we distribute three types of Water Pumps. In the category of Back Pullout Pumps, we provide DB, CE and CPHM pump sets. Under all of those three categories, there are more subcategories of pumps that we offer.

In the event of fire emergencies, we offer a superb Fire Fighting Pump Set which brings great results in the hardest of times. This pump set needs a lot of energy in order to pump the water at a high pressure, so that the water manages to extinguish a fire properly.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us and that’s why we strive to deliver the best results to our customers, which makes it easier for us to cultivate strong relationships. We are certified by the highest government agencies in India and our team of technicians is educated and ready to provide solutions for you. You may want to contact the best Water Pump Suppliers in India for a complete Water Distribution Solution in your perimeter

Vertical Multistage pumps and what makes them interesting!

The thing about multistage centrifugal pumps is that it is a topic of rare frequency in conversation. You simply do not hear enough about this particular topic to know much about the application or the acquisition of pumps.Vertical multistage pumps are the solutions to the space constraint in the vicinity.

Multistage Horizontal Pumps is very difficult to find a good pump of the sort and furthermore it is impossible to guarantee that even a high quality pump will not break down after a while. After all, these pumps are subjected to great pressure and they cannot be expected to operate fully forever. We ensure that you buy the pumps that will work the longest and will be the smartest choice for your particular business. Do not save money by purchasing pumps yourself, privately, because in the long run you will lose more money repairing the faulty parts that you have acquired. Trust our judgment and visit our website today.

The Legacy of Vijay Engineering

We at Vijay engineering and Machinery Co. have worked extremely hard since the beginning of our business in order to earn the large amount of trustworthy clients that we have today. We pay great attention to customer satisfaction and we strive to achieve it more each coming day. All of our employees work together as a team in order to fulfill our company’s vision and mission towards becoming a large and successful organization that will benefit society.

Our business began a long time ago, in 1948 and since then we have tried to improve every second and create a tradition that will last and reflect our hard work. We see ourselves as important suppliers of Kirloskar Water Pumps. We also believe that we are the best Kirloskar Spare Parts Dealers in India as well as the best Kirloskar Pump Dealers Mumbai has to offer. We also insist that we provide the best engineering services in India. Our services begin from the moment we meet a client and follow until the moment that we have delivered our best to our customers in terms of product and services. We want our customers to feel safe in our environment and therefore we pay great attention to the way that we handle our administrative work in order to make sure that every client receives the help that he needs on time. We stand firm by our claim: “To attend all complaints in Mumbai within 24 hours and those outside, within 72 hours.”

We offer professional installations and commissioning of Kirloskar Pump-Sets in many different locations in India as well as any other services related to pump-sets. We also strive to find solutions which make any product more energy-efficient because we do not only care about the path of our business but that of society as well. We invest a lot in our customer relationships and in our practical work. We offer the products of great quality and we deal with our customers until they are fully satisfied.