3 Innovative solutions that eases your daily life!

Digital intelligence is the biggest key to make life safer, easier and more efficient. A smart city uses digital technologies or Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to enhance quality and performance of urban services, to reduce costs and resource consumption, and to engage more effectively and actively with its citizens. India is tuning slowly and steadily now to Digital India, where the daily chores, processes & systems shall be digitalized and automated for smooth & efficient cycles.
Commercial institutions & manufacturing units till today have been functioning on the grounds of a strong human resource to operate the machines and systems. Manual handling of the mechanical equipments and continuous eye on the performance of the whole systems consumes lot of time & energy yielding under performance & productivity.
Making a smarter move by opting for Smart technologies which will replace the outdated mechanism is the biggest thought of the decade. Vijay Engineering & Machinery Company (VEMC) introduces the most efficient systems to be installed in your domestic & industrial premises. Fully automated and customized Fire fighting systems (with SMS Alert panel), Containerized fire fighting system & Hydro Pneumatic systems are the systems where they are now making a strong mark in the Indian market.

SMS Alert Panel

Containerized fire fighting system is a pre-packaged container taking a large element of installation work away from site; highly portable, thus leaving the sprinkler contractor free to concentrate on the main installation. It saves space over the conventional brick pump-houses built on site. Also, the pumps & number of pumps can be installed as per requirement. Also, SMS Alert systems help in early attention resulting in reduction of risks of fire hazards, thus improving plant reliability and increased equipment life.

Hydro Pneumatic/Pressure Boosting systems are automated pumping systems used replacing conventional pumping systems to maintain constant pressure, smooth & controlled performance in fully automatic operation. Hypn systems are installed with various pump types like vertical inline multistage pumps, end suction pumps, Horizontal Split Casing pumps, Submersible pumps, and Horizontal multistage and monobloc pumps. Its application is majorly done at residential building, hotels, commercial buildings, townships, airports, IT parks etc. for a maintained water supply throughout.
These fully automated equipments therefore help our smart lives to get easier and even smarter without much of hassles and optimizing & saving your time, energy, water and the unforgettable element – money.