Energy Saving and Efficient Water Pumps – The Need of the hour

Efficient Water Pumps

While energy-saving pumps may come off as a seriously hefty investment upfront, over a period of time you’ll realise that they help you save more. This is because of the incredible amount of efficiency these pumps bring to the table! They instantly reduce the electricity units consumed, thus helping cut costs, and in the longer run, making your business more efficient and sustainable. So it is a trade-off of sorts! As any Kirloskar Pump Authorised Dealer will tell you, a number of factors make energy-saving and efficient water pumps the need of the hour.

In This Blog Let’s Take a Look at Energy Saving and Efficient Water Pumps The Need of the hour

Increased Consumer Demand

With the rise of industrialisation and urbanisation, there is going to be an exponential rise in consumer demand for energy. This puts disproportionate pressure on our already scarce energy resources, especially in the developing world. The demand-supply imbalance can actually raise the costs of energy per unit drastically in the near future and will necessitate the installation of energy-saving and efficient water pumps for your domestic and business use. So before it’s too late, speak to Industrial Water Pump Suppliers in Mumbai and bag the best deals on these energy-efficient water pumps.

Environmental Friendly

Sustainable development has become the buzzword the world over and has left no sector untouched. When it comes to pumping, efficient water systems and pumps can drastically reduce energy use. Smart pumping technology and monitoring systems such as KirloSmart can actually help unearth patterns of usage and wastage to keep improving their operations. Kirloskar pump authorised dealers to have some of the best products to meet your sustainable pumping needs.

Reduced Downtime

The biggest benefit you get with efficient water systems and pumps is streamlined and smooth pumping. This will ensure you have minimum possible downtime as the wear and tear will be much less. With advanced data-based technology, you can also predict faults and disruptions, and actually, establish an effective regime for preventive maintenance. Reduced downtime means no more unforeseen emergency situations or loss of revenues and reputation. Get in touch with your nearest Kirloskar pump authorised dealer for more.

Lasts longer

The longer lifespan of efficient pumps is a tacit benefit that probably contributes the most in terms of operational value to your business. When your pumps and water systems last longer, you no longer have to worry about expending additional resources on replacements. Your costs of maintenance also go down significantly and in a competitive industry, this can add to your operational efficiency and competitive advantage over other players. These smart, new-age and efficient pumps are available with nearly all industrial pump suppliers in Mumbai today.


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What Are NPSH And Pump Operating Regions (POR) In A Pump?

The Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) and Pump Operating Regions (POR) are two of the most commonly used technical terms in the pumping industry. As the leading industrial water pump suppliers in Mumbai, we can help you gain a deeper understanding of these technicalities, this article is for you.

Pressure and NPSH Terminology:

As the industrial water pump suppliers in Mumbai and beyond will explain to you, energy is described as the total head in meters or feet added. Head and pressure have a direct relationship. The pressure units used are PSIG (pound-force per square inch gauge). A pressure of 10 PSIG indicates that the units are “gauge pressure” that is, in addition to the pressure exerted by the atmosphere around us.

The NPSH available (NPSHA) stands for the total head at a particular point in the system, in feet or meters, greater than the vapor pressure of a liquid at operating temperature. It essentially indicates the relative closeness of a liquid to vaporizing.

Why it is important to operate a pump within its POR and with an adequate NPSH margin?

NPSHA must be evaluated at the pump suction. As soon as the liquid enters the impeller, the impeller eye has a point of the reduced head before the energy imparted by the impeller boosts the head. Due to the reduction in heat in the impeller eye, the fluid may fall below the vapor pressure, causing its vaporization and then suddenly condensing back to liquid form in a higher-pressure region of the impeller. The pump performance can get reduced due to the formation of vapor bubbles in the impeller. But the repeated collapse of the bubbles also causes erosion of the impeller, called “cavitation”. To prevent this and make your centrifugal pump as reliable as possible, it is necessary that a proper margin for NPSH exists.

Operating regions:

Pump impellers operate at a particular flow rate where there are zero angles of incidence between the inlet impeller vane and the approaching liquid. This is known as shock less entry flow. The flow of shock less entry is usually near the Best Efficiency Point (BEP) of the pump. When the flow rate is higher or lower relative to the BEP, there could be a mismatch between the approaching liquid and the impeller vane inlet. A greater angle of incidence can increase cavitation. The pump must therefore operate as close to the BEP as possible.

Thus there are two important regions of pump operations –– Preferred Operating Region (POR) and Allowable Operating Region (AOR). POR is the range of flow on either side of the BEP within which the hydraulic efficiency and reliability of the pump are not significantly affected. The AOR is a larger range of flow beyond the POR within which the service life of the pump is acceptable.

When pumps are operated outside the POR, the flow is no longer uniform causing localized cavitation. The AOR of the pump is affected by hydraulic loads, vibration, temperature rise, power limits, liquid velocity, NPSH margin, pump size, the potential for clogging, etc. Your pump manufacturer or dealer can help determine this region.

For any further information on centrifugal pumps, and technicalities like NPSH, POR, and AOR, feel free to get in touch with VEMC by calling us at 022 43436655 or mailing us at VEMC is an authorized channel partner of KBL since the 1950s. We are the top industrial water pump suppliers in Mumbai.

Success Story: The Installation of Vertical NK Pump sets at MCGM Mahim Pumping Station

This project was carried out at the sewage pumping station on Swami Vivekananda Road in Mahim, Mumbai. VEMC, a leading dealer of industrial water pumps in Mumbai, was proud to have bagged and worked on the project.

Pumping station | Egger Pumps

Nature of the Project

VEMC supplied vertical NK pump sets and valves to the MCGM Mahim Pumping Station. It also took over the successful supply, installation, testing, and commissioning of pump sets and associated valves.


The execution of this project happened in 4 stages:

  1. Procurement of material from KBL and Jyoti
  2. Pre-dispatch inspection of the motor in Gujarat, pumpset at KOV, and valves at Nashik in the presence of MCGM officials
  3. Dispatch of materials to the site
  4. Installation, testing, and commissioning of the installed system

Challenges Faced During the Project

The VEMC team faced quite a few roadblocks during the project:

  • The unloading phase was challenging. The unloading of material at the site was a bit difficult due to inadequate space for hydra. Moreover, the location was a high-traffic road and hence, a lot of intervention from the traffic police was required.
  • The installation location was 70 ft below the surface level. Hence, transporting the materials i.e., the pump and motors, to the location was not very easy.
  • Installation of valves in the existing pipelines because they were completely corroded.
  • Fabrication of duck foot bend from pump suction to the valve in CIDF.
  • During the delivery stage, dismantling the joint connections seemed a bit difficult due to space constraint and fitting issues.

How VEMC Overcame the Roadblocks

VEMC took proactive steps to ensure that the execution went smoothly. Here are the ways in which we overcame the challenges:

  • Completed the unloading work at night to avoid traffic issues
  • Closed penstock gates every night during the installation of suction valves. This was carried out efficiently even though it was difficult since sewage water was blocking the valve path.

Safety Measures Taken During the Project

VEMC ensured that the entire execution happened in adherence to all safety measures. To this end, all team members were provided with safety hand gloves and shoes.


Some major takeaways from the project were:

  • Execution planning and how to align the execution with the bar chart/methodology
  • Time management to ensure the project was closed within the stipulated time

Outcome of the Project

With VEMC’s successful installation, the client experienced smoother operations as well as reduced maintenance needs and costs.

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KirloSmart: At the forefront of pumping innovation

Kirloskar’s passion for innovative technology lies at the heart of its business operations. To be at the forefront of change and incorporate cutting-edge technology in its products requires significant investment in Research & Development. As we embrace futuristic technologies of Machine Learning, AI, and IoT, Kirloskar has taken the pioneering step towards bringing these technologies to pumping. This deliberate effort in planning and R&D has enabled Kirloskar to design KirloSmart, a product that uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to keep track of pump parameters without having to visit the site in person. KirloSmart can monitor parameters like flow, pressure, vibration, bearing temperature, voltage, current, energy consumption, etc. 

KirloSmart effectively converts conventional pumps into IoT pumps. The tool includes embedded hardware along with a field sensor and web portal facility. All the data that the pump generates gets communicated to the user through the wired ethernet or 4G network, available through a KBL web portal and mobile app accessible on devices like laptops, desktops, smartphones, or tablets. The interface is highly interactive and user-friendly. KBL’s modern pumps, therefore, do not require any physical supervision, and monitoring is possible remotely, thanks to KirloSmart. It helps monitor pump health on a real-time basis by appropriately sensing its critical health parameters.

Another benefit of KirloSmart is predicting the breakdown of pumps and zeroing in on the reasons for it. This helps save time and costs of technical labour,  identify the causes, and arrive at the remedy quickly. In case of a breakdown, KirloSmart comes up with a set of alternatives that could help resolve the problem. It also helps schedule the maintenance intervention of the pumps so that there is minimum maintenance cost. Predictive or preventive maintenance is always better and less expensive than breakdown maintenance. It also facilitates spare management and presents reports based on spares due for replacement.

KirloSmart is capable of sending alerts through SMS, e-mail, and mobile push notifications regarding the health parameters of the pump. It can also provide the live status of the pump on a real-time basis. Being a remotely operated technology made KirloSmart a very popular tool during the pandemic. However, paving the way for the smart pumps of the future, its utility will continue to be high even after the pandemic. After all, customer ease and convenience are central to KBL’s business philosophy.

For further information on industrial pumps, motors and other equipment, please feel free to contact us on +919819907445. As leading industrial water pump suppliers in Mumbai, it would be our pleasure to guide customers through finding the best match based on specific requirements. VEMC is an authorized Kirloskar dealer. It is ISO 9001:2015 certified and a pioneer in electromechanical engineering products, allied equipment, and other services in the field.

KDI EE2: An Energy-Efficient Monoblock Pump

Pumps with longevity, efficiency and performance at the heart of their design, the KDI EE2 series is packing a punch with its best-in-class quality. KDI EE2 pumps come from the family of Kirloskar Monoblock Pumps and have been constructed keeping in mind the minutest details of mechanics. This ensures minimum abrasive movements and checks asset depreciation. The KDI EE2 is not just a piece of equipment, it is a long-term investment for your business. In this blog, we take a look at the various features of these pumps that make it stand out.

Energy-saving design

A KDI EE2 pump is one of the most energy efficient pumps out there. The state-of-the-art design ensures that it always operates at optimum levels of efficiency, the energy costs are kept at their lowest and generous savings are accrued.

Superior mechanical seal

The superior quality of the mechanical seal ensures zero leakage, low friction, and minimum wear and tear. Its Carbon vs Ceramic mechanical seal and HNBR (Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) enables it to handle liquids upto a temperature of 120 degrees C.

Cathode Electro Deposition (CED) coating

This is the latest coating technology that provides corrosion protection of upto 5 times as compared to conventional painting. 

Dynamically balanced rotating Parts

Minimum vibrations and maintenance of concentricity are both essential to protect the KDI EE2 pump from excessive friction of moving parts and early depreciation.

Easily replaceable parts

All wearable parts within the pumps are easily accessible and replaceable which facilitates ease and reduced cost of maintenance over an extended time horizon.

Wide margin of voltage

The motor is designed to withstand wide voltage fluctuations from 350 to 440 volts. This significantly reduces the chances of the motor burning in case of low voltage.

Designed to prevent overloading

There are lesser chances of motor burning as the motor does not get overloaded even if the pump is operated at a head lower than recommended.

All of these factors contribute to the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, low maintenance and longevity of the pump. These help establish a KDI EE2 pump as one of the most sought after investments in pumping technology. But do these factors also translate into numbers and give you minimum payback times for your investment, that can reflect in your finances? Let’s have a look at this table for evidence:

Quite clearly, the amount invested in different models of KDI EE2 series is paid back within a matter of months, courtesy their exceptional cost-cutting and efficient performance. This makes these pumps favourites for office and factory installations across industries.


For further information on industrial pumps, motors and other equipment, feel free to contact us on +919819907445. As a leading industrial water pump suppliers in Mumbai, we would be happy to assist you in finding the best match based on your requirements. VEMC is an authorized Kirloskar dealer. It is ISO 9001:2015 certified and a pioneer in the field of electromechanical engineering products, allied equipment, and services.

Pump Guide: How to Overcome the Biggest Problems with Pump Life

Sudden pump failures can disrupt your business and delay project delivery. The hidden cost of breakdowns, owing to business loss, may exceed the preventive maintenance costs of the pumps. Pumps often face delivery failure, priming failure, excessive vibrations, reduced capacity, overload, and loss of displaced liquid. In this blog, we talk about factors affecting the pump life and ways to overcome their challenges.

  1. The type of liquid being pumped: Your quest to prolong your pump life starts with determining the liquid pumped in it. Factors like temperature, viscosity, suspended particles, acidity, etc., of the liquid, are crucial in determining the pump’s ability to withstand exposure.
  2. Material of the pump body: After testing the nature of the liquid, which maintains constant contact with the body of your pump, consider the material of your pump body. Can the pump material withstand contact with a specific type of liquid?
  3. Role of the pump: What’s the usage of your pump? Anticipating the usage of your pump can help in choosing the right one. Pumps play a critical role in some industries, and it is, thus, unwise to use an average pump. Similarly, find out if your business operations require a standardized pump operation or additional features that are available only in specially designed pumps.
  4. Always ensure pump inlet: You must never allow your pump to starve, which is the leading cause of pump seizures. To determine the inlet pressure, you must regularly take the Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) reading and ensure the NPSH available (NPSHA) exceeds the NPSH value of your pump.
  5. Pump location: The immediate location and surroundings of the pump operation are crucial. Pumps operated outside need special care with regard to temperature and environment. You may need to protect the pump using special shelters or protection closets if there are apprehensions.
  6. Flow rate and pressure: The flow rate and pressure of the displaced liquid is an important consideration. It determines the size, length, and material of the inlet and outlet pipes. Their capacity must match the pressure requirements of the pump’s functions.

An understanding of these aspects affects the depreciation of your pumps and prolonging their valuable life.

For further information on industrial pumps, motors, and other equipment, contact us on +91-9819907445. As a leading industrial water pump suppliers in Mumbai, we would be happy to assist you in finding the best match based on your requirements. VEMC is an authorized Kirloskar dealer. It is ISO 9001:2015 certified and a pioneer in electromechanical engineering products, allied equipment, and services.

HYPN System: An Intelligent Water Supply Solution for Commercial Buildings

Kirloskar has come up with a state-of-the-art solution, known as the Hydro-Pneumatic (HYPN) system, for maintaining constant water pressure and serving changing water demand in buildings automatically. It predominantly finds use in commercial facilities such as hotels, hospitals, and industries. HYPN simply converts conventional pumping systems into a smart, responsive, and highly efficient automatic pumping systems.

As soon as the pressure falls below predetermined levels, the HYPN system turns on the motors to maintain a constant pressure level. On the other hand, it also eliminates the unnecessary functioning of the pumps. The HYPN system is low maintenance and durable, making it a highly cost-effective system. Due to its ability to match the pressure exactly with the demand, the HYPN system can also control the energy consumption, further reducing the cost. 

Apart from the cost benefits, Kirloskar has added a significant feature to the HYPN system. It integrated with remotely accessible smart devices, like mobiles and iPads, which enables customers to monitor various parameters of the HYPN system without physical presence. Its predictive analysis prepares customers about the likelihood of errors and breakdowns in advance. This further reduces the hidden costs associated with sudden breakdowns and unforeseen repairs. Besides, the remote monitoring system also eliminates the need for physical checks by field inspectors, thus, lowering human resource costs.

HYPN system is only as effective as its pumps. Kirloskar offers a wide range of pumps to work with the HYPN system and meet the clients’ unique needs. Inline, end suction, sump pumps, split case pumps, and VT pumps, among others, work seamlessly with the HYPN system. This enables the HYPN system to adapt to several industry verticals, like pharmaceuticals, mining, textiles, steel, railways, hotels, metros, etc., for their distinct requirements.

Kirloskar has been awarded India’s prestigious accreditation for HYPN, namely the India Design Mark (IDM), which symbolizes product excellence in quality and innovation. It is the country’s first HYPN manufacturer to receive this accreditation, which speaks volumes about the tremendous planning, research and development, innovation, and quality assurance while manufacturing this unique pumping system.

Lately, Covid-19 hospitals in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Kerala found extensive use for KBL’s HYPN system in maintaining the water supply at their facilities.

For further information on industrial pumps, motors, and other equipment, contact us on +91-9819907445. As a leading industrial water pump supplier in Mumbai, we would be happy to assist you in finding the best match based on your requirements. VEMC is an authorized Kirloskar dealer. It is ISO 9001:2015 certified and a pioneer of electromechanical engineering products, allied equipment, and services.

Smart Ways To Enhance Pump Performance & Reduce Energy Costs

Your electricity bills are likely to be expensive if your pumps are not efficient, despite low productivity. In this blog, we will touch upon 10 effective ways to enhance your pump performance and reduce energy costs.

Periodic maintenance:

Your pumps have many moving parts, which could lead to unnecessary friction, wear and tear, noise, and overheating. Therefore, it is important to carry out preventive maintenance by regularly checking parts, like bearings, impellers, packing seals, mechanical seals, etc.

Regular monitoring:

Every part that is vulnerable to faults or troubles must be given special attention and replaced in time. Damaged impellers, clogged pumps, and choked suction pipelines are some problem areas that require keen monitoring.

Use of automated controls:

Instead of physical supervision, you can monitor the parameters remotely through your devices. This helps to enhance the pump’s operational efficiency. KBL’s KirloSmart solution allows remote monitoring of your pumps through the KirloSmart mobile app. 

Avoid excessive heating:

Excessive heating may damage heat-sensitive parts and cause overconsumption of energy. Trimming the pump blades reduces energy generation and eliminates excessive heat.

Match pump capacity with operational needs:

Accurately calculate the required flow rate and try to match the pump capacity with it. Efficiency can drop significantly in case of a mismatch.

Install perfectly sized pumps:

Having a pump that is either too small or big can affect efficiency. If a pump is too small, the enormous pressure to process waste can cause overheating or breakdowns. On the other hand, if the pump is too big, it may have to be throttled to prevent it from running at full capacity. 

Optimize flow rate and head:

This is of paramount importance if you want to ensure high performance and efficiency, and reduce energy consumption.

Use VFDs:

A Variable Frequency Drive manages motor speed. Therefore, rather than operating at a steady speed, irrespective of the load, use VFDs to enhance efficiency and reducing consumption.

We hope these will help you cut down your power bills while making pump operation more efficient.

For further information on industrial pumps, motors, and other equipment, contact us on +91-9819907445. As a leading industrial water pump supplier in Mumbai, we would be happy to assist you in finding the best match based on your requirements. VEMC is an authorized Kirloskar dealer. It is ISO 9001:2015 certified and a pioneer in the field of electromechanical engineering products, allied equipment, and services.