5 Key Reasons You Need to Have a Robust Fire-Fighting Pump

Fire accidents can take anybody unawares and cause a colossal loss of lives and property. An automated fire safety system is therefore indispensable. Fire-fighting pumps have a well-established reputation for preventing major fire accidents. According to NPFA, fire sprinklers effectively control 96% of fires in which they operate. VEMC is the leading Kirloskar Fire Pump Dealer and in this blog, we give you 5 reasons why having a robust fire-fighting pump is necessary. 

1. Enhanced fire-fighting capabilities and fast response time

In the unfortunate incident of a fire breakout, time is highly critical. A minute here or there could lead to a life-and-death situation. A fire-fighting pump has immediate activation on the outbreak and fast extinguishing by cooling and removal of oxygen. The sprinklers activate automatically and VEMC’s MSMO pumps can execute vertically and horizontally, making them highly reliable and effective. 

2. Ability to handle high-pressure requirements in fire-fighting situations

If you are using VEMC’s MSMO pumps, rest assured, you will certainly be able to meet the high-pressure expectations. As expert Kirloskar fire-fighting pump dealers, we can assure you of the highest possible head and flow rates. This is due to the multiple impellers that our pumps have, which typically provide a head of up to 500 metres and a flow rate of about 700 cubic metres/hour.

Essential for compliance with fire safety regulations and insurance requirements

As any Kirloskar Authorised Dealer will tell you, fire-fighting pumps have become the new norm in fire safety regulations across the world. In many countries, these are mandatory equipment to comply with laws. Fire insurance companies may even refuse to provide cover unless you have fire-fighting pumps installed.

Increased protection for property and life

Your property is the result of years of hard work, and the lives of your workers and colleagues are too precious to lose in a fire accident. When you invest in firefighting pumps, therefore, you are not just buying a piece of safety equipment, but also some peace of mind. By limiting the spread of fire, these firefighting pumps can prevent widespread damage to assets and raw materials. This is all the more critical for those areas of the buildings which have limited access to fire hydrants or sources of water. Reliable firefighting pumps simply mean increased protection for both life and property.

Cost-effective investment in long-term fire safety measures

If you’re purchasing Kirloskar’s MSMO pumps for firefighting, you have made the most farsighted investment in fire safety. These pumps are highly affordable upfront but apart from that, their energy efficiency further reduces your running costs. No extensive piping system or storage tanks are required either. All in all, these pumps are the most cost-effective investment in long-term fire safety measures.
For more information on fire-safety pumps, get in touch with our experts at 022 43436655 or email us at marketing@vemc.co.in. VEMC is the leading Kirloskar dealer in Mumbai and prides itself on its unmatched experience in pumping.

7 Important Factors to Take Into Account While Selecting the Best Water Pump for Your Unique Needs

For best performance, it is necessary that a pump is well-suited for the surroundings, operations, type of liquid, etc. VEMC is one of the leading water pump dealers based out of Mumbai, and in this blog, we describe 7 factors to consider while selecting a water pump.

But first, let’s take a look at some of the most popular pumps available with every Kirloskar Pump Authorised Dealer.

  • Centrifugal pump: These pumps work by transferring the mechanical energy of a rotating impeller to the liquid and pushing it out with pressure. These are suited for pumping water, organics, oils, acids and bases across domestic, industrial and commercial areas.
  • Submersible pump: These pumps are fully submerged in the water that is to be displaced. These are used in a range of situations such as dewatering construction sites, waterlogged areas and sewage pumping.
  • Jet pumps: These work by discharging a high-speed jet into a suction chamber so that a vacuum is created, and then pumping a fluid using the power jet. These are used in various high-volume vertical applications such as oil wells. 

Get more information on these pumps from VEMC –– a leading Kirloskar authorised dealer.

7 Factors to Consider Before Selecting a Pump:

Pumping Requirements

First thing first. Consider the flow rate and pressure required for the operation, the source of water, and the nature of the application for which the pump is required.

Key Features/Indicators

Before purchasing a pump, look for key features such as flow rate, head pressure and power consumption. The first two are important to determine how impactful your pump is going to be, while power consumption will reflect the efficiency, cost savings and sustainability of the pump.

Correct Size

Choose just the right size for your operation to ensure optimum pumping performance and avoid wastage of energy. Consider factors such as pipe diameter, elevation and friction losses.


The quality of your pump represents its durability as well as reliability. To get a fair idea of the quality, look for the construction material of the pump, the reputation of the company and the certifications from renowned agencies. Every Kirloskar Water Pump Dealer will readily present you with the best quality credentials.

Service and Maintenance 

The good serviceability of the pump means you can use it longer and also maintain it with ease and affordability. Consider questions like whether the design of the pump is easily accessible or not, whether spare parts are readily available, and whether post-purchase manufacturer support is available. As a top-notch Kirloskar pump authorised dealer, VEMC prides itself in exceptional pump service.

Reviews and Feedback from Past Customers

Customer reviews on social media can give you a fair idea about their experience with a particular pump. Purchasing a pump means shelling out a large amount of money. It is therefore highly advisable to look for the feedback of other customers before investing.

Warranty and After-Sales Support

Before making the purchase, go through all the terms and conditions of the warranty such as coverage and duration. Find out from past customers what the company’s after-sales support is like. 


For more on pumps, get in touch with us at 022 43436655 or email us at marketing@vemc.co.in. VEMC is the leading Kirloskar dealer in Mumbai.

Kirlosmart by Kirloskar Brothers Limited: An IoT-Based Solution

Every Kirloskar Dealer in Mumbai today is beaming over the innovative and disruptive pumping solutions that Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) is coming up with. The company was founded in 1888 and has an accumulated unmatched experience in the pumping industry. KBL has in recent times also earned a great reputation for innovation and out-of-the-box solutions. Much of this is thanks to their IoT-based solution Kirlosmart.

VEMC is a Proud Kirloskar Authorised Dealer and In This Blog, We Explain the Features of Kirlosmart:

What is Kirlosmart?

Any Kirloskar Pump Authorised Dealer can tell you about the wonders of Kirlosmart. It is an intelligent pump monitoring system that enables users to keep track of pump performance, maintenance and other parameters remotely. This avoids the need to physically check in on the pump every now and then, avoids downtime, and reduces inspection costs.

Kirlosmart operates through a path-breaking new Internet of Things (IoT) technology. This works by connecting devices and equipment to each other by streaming data and sharing critical parameters over an internet network.

Benefits of IoT-Based Kirlosmart

  1. Real-time monitoring: The pump can be monitored in real-time over the app. All the relevant parameters such as voltage or current, pressure and flow are streamed, which helps users keep track of the pump’s health. It also sends SMS and email alerts in case any parameter is fluctuating beyond the acceptable range.
  2. Predictive maintenance: With ample data available, users can make better-informed repair and maintenance decisions. In other words, they can somewhat predict when a component part will fall out of repair and pre-empt any breakdown.
  3. Improved efficiency and cost savings: If the pump is consuming energy beyond the expected range, it can quickly be rectified after observing the data stream on the Kirlosmart app.
  1. Easy integration with other pumping systems: Kirlosmart through its IoT-based technology makes it simpler to integrate one pump with the other. In a way, it creates a network of pumps that operate effectively and with greater efficiency in tandem with each other.
  2. Data security and privacy: Kirloskar understands the importance of client data security and privacy. The Kirlosmart system has therefore been made highly safe and secure.

The case of IIT Powai

Kirlosmart has been a massive success wherever it has been installed. In IIT Powai for instance, it has eliminated the need for manual intervention for monitoring the performance of pump sets. This reduced costs drastically and made pump monitoring highly efficient, effective and precise.

Future of Kirlosmart

Kirloskar is investing in a range of features when it comes to Kirlosmart. User-friendly and highly interactive interface, help in troubleshooting, documentation of reports, 4G and 5G compatible hardware, and excellent wireless service in hazardous areas are some exceptional features that are only expected to get better with time.

As the leading Kirloskar Pump Dealer, we are aware of how committed the company is to keep improving its products based on customer feedback. They follow the ‘customer convenience always first’ policy. If you’re worried about unexpected breakdowns, hectic and costly manual monitoring and inefficient pump operations, Kirlosmart is just the right solution for you.


For more on Kirlosmart and other innovative products, get in touch with VEMC at 022 43436655 or email us at marketing@vemc.co.in. We are the top Kirloskar water pump dealer based in Mumbai.

Types of Dewatering Pumps Available in the Market

Dewatering Pumps

Dewatering pumps are basically centrifugal pumps used whenever you want to remove water from a water-logged or flooded area. You can use them at construction sites, godowns, basements, mines, tunnels and everywhere else where the accumulation of water is a problem. What type of dewatering pump you use depends on the medium you are dealing with. We are the leading Industrial Water Pump Suppliers in Mumbai and in this blog, we tell you about the different types of dewatering pumps available in the market.

Types of Dewatering Pumps

  1. Self-priming pumps: These pumps have an in-built priming mechanism and do not require any manual intervention for it. These have a flood-control feature for rapid dewatering. They are highly efficient as compared to other pumps, safe to operate and the best choice available with water pump dealers during monsoons.

    A self-priming pump has two phases: the priming phase and the pumping phase. In the priming phase, the impeller creates a vacuum at the eye which draws in the air. Gradually the liquid replaces the air in the piping and the pump. Finally, the pumping phase begins and the liquid is discharged.
  1. Submersible dewatering pumps: As the name suggests, these pumps are submerged in water to drain it. These are used in basements, mines, drains, underground parking lots and garages. One of the best submersible pumps available with any Kirloskar water pump dealer is the Eterna CW/BW. These are best suited for removing water logging during the Mumbai monsoons.

    A submersible pump works by pushing water to the surface by converting rotary energy to kinetic energy. The water is pulled into the pump where the rotating impeller pushes it to the diffuser from where it goes to the surface.

    Given their ability to deal with flooding and waterlogging, these are the best-suited industrial water pumps in Mumbai given the city’s monsoon conditions. Get in touch with Kirloskar Submersible Pump Dealer for more.
  1. Autoprime pumps: These pumps are best suited for larger volumes. It operates across a range of viscosities and liquid types. Thus it can process sludge and slurry effectively. It is safe, sturdy, portable and easy to use.

    These have a vacuum-assisted auto-priming feature. You don’t require water to prime the pump and the pump is designed to avoid carryover. 
  1. Cutter pumps: These are best suited for cutting up large garbage matter such as plastic bottles, aluminum cans, ropes and fabrics. These pumps are mostly used in household settings where they chop and grind the refuse into smaller particles which helps avoid the clogging of drainage.

    These pumps have a carbide blade integrated into the impeller. It has a saw-shaped edge which is very effective in shredding large particles and fibrous material. This helps avoid clogging in the pipes ahead.

For more information on the types of dewatering pumps, get in touch with VEMC at 022 43436655 or email us at marketing@vemc.co.in. We are the leading industrial water pump dealers in Mumbai with a rich experience in pumping.

10 Essential Things to Know About How Water Pumps Work

Every single day, water pump dealers are swamped by customers looking for pumping solutions. VEMC is the leading Kirloskar Water Pump Dealer based in Mumbai.

In This Blog, We Take You Through 10 Essential Things About Pumping:

Purpose of Pumps

The simple job of a water pump is to transfer water from point A to B, often with speed or against gravity.

Types of Pumps

Some of the most in-demand pumps available with VEMC –– the top industrial water pumps suppliers in Mumbai –– are:

  • Centrifugal Pumps: They boost the velocity of the liquid using the mechanical power of a rotating (hence the name ‘centrifugal’) impeller.
  • Submersible Pumps: These pumps are immersed in the medium that is to be transferred. These highly efficient pumps are available with all Kirloskar pump dealers including VEMC.
  • Fire Hydrant Systems: As soon as the fire is detected, these pumps automatically switch on and start spraying water through sprinklers. 

Key Components

Pumps have three main components –– the casing, an impeller and a motor. The casing houses and protects the pump. The impeller is simply a set of blades that is rotated by the motor.

How Pumps Create Pressure

Pumps create pressure by transferring the mechanical energy of the rotating impeller to the liquid. The action of the impeller boosts the velocity of the liquid directing it towards the outlet. 

Factors Affecting Performance and Efficiency

  • Design and type of the pump 
  • Alignment
  • Priming 
  • Wear and tear 
  • Energy supply 
  • Type and viscosity of the liquid

Important Considerations for Pump Selection

As all Industrial Water Pumps Dealers in Mumbai will brief you, your pump selection should be based on the following considerations:

  • Pump capacity
  • Fluid properties such as abrasiveness, acidity and temperature
  • Energy efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Ease of use and maintenance
  • Environment of operation

Installation and Maintenance

Before installing a pump, ensure the ground is firm and stable. Protect the pump from voltage fluctuations by earthing it. Ensure the alignment is correct to avoid unnecessary movements and vibrations. 

Maintain the pump with an adequate amount of lubrication. Having a proper maintenance regime is important to ensure regular checks and inspections. Look for damaged seals, leaks and wear and tear.

Common Issues and Solutions

Some of the most common issues that your pumps may face are:

  • Pump not primed: Make sure the pump is full of liquid before running it. If any air is trapped, the pump may not run properly.
  • Pump loses the prime: Look for leaks and remove trapped air before operating the pump.
  • Speed of the rotor is too low: Ensure adequate voltage is getting supplied.
  • Suction is low: Clean out the strainer and ensure there are no obstructions. Inspect and repair the pipeline for leaks.

Safety Considerations

  • Avoid overheating
  • Replace old and worn-out parts
  • Test for air leaks
  • Ensure proper alignment
  • Use appropriate safety gear when coming in contact with the pump

Future Trends in Pumping

  • The use of IoT technology is enabling users to monitor and operate smart pumps from a distance. 
  • New pumping technology is aimed at making the pumps more energy efficient without compromising on quality or performance. 
  • 3D printing could enable manufacturers to ‘print’ inexpensive and customised pumps and spare parts.


If you are looking for industrial water pumps in Mumbai, get in touch with VEMC at 022 43436655 or email us at marketing@vemc.co.in. We are the top Kirloskar Water Pump Dealer in the city.

Transfer Water Effortlessly With Kirloskar’s Eterna CW Sewage Dewatering Submersible Pumps

Submersible Pumps

Whether you want to displace water at your house or your business, Kirloskar is one name in pumping that you cannot look past. One of the most reputable pumping brands in India since 1888, Kirloskar has established itself as the leader in the pumping industry. Their rich experience is only paralleled by their drive to research, innovate and excel through advanced technologies like IoT. 

VEMC is a proud Kirloskar Submersible Pump Dealer, and in this blog, we take you through the exceptional features of the Eterna CW sewage pump. Due to its range of features, the Eterna is the number one choice for water transfer in a range of applications.

Why Eterna is The Number 1 Choice for Water Transfer:

  • As all water pump dealers would emphasise upfront, a dewatering pump should be reliable. This is where the Eterna CW stands out. It has a robust construction and is made of cast iron and silicon. Its carbide mechanical seal makes it perfect for transferring sewage and sludge.
  • Speak to any Kirloskar authorised dealer, and they’ll tell you how easy it is to maintain the Eterna. The interchangeability of component parts is unparalleled and the design is highly accessible to even semi-skilled technicians. All spare parts are easily available which makes repair and maintenance easy and helps extend the life of the pump.
  • As energy costs are rising, efficiency is becoming the most sought-after feature in pumping equipment. With its innovative design and energy-efficient operation, Eterna stands out miles ahead of its competitors.
  • The rotating parts of the pump are dynamically balanced. This helps maintain concentricity keeping the vibrations to a bare minimum. This in turn ensures consistent performance and prevents damage to parts.
  • The CED (Cathode Electro Deposition) coating of the pump makes its body highly corrosion-resistant. In fact, it provides 5 times more protection from corrosion than a conventional paint job.  This is simply great for the longevity of the pump, given its persistent contact with water and other liquids. 

How Versatile is Eterna?

Eterna –– available with all Kirloskar Pump Dealers ––is put to use in a range of applications. 

  • Sewage pumping is one of the most common applications of Eterna, given its ability to process semi-solid sludge.
  • It is often used to dewater freshly constructed on under-construction sites such as malls, basements, godowns etc.
  • Foundations of houses, pits, pipes and trenches are dewatered using the Eterna given its compact size and portable design.
  • Floods can be situations of serious emergency. These require rapid and powerful pumping provided by Eterna.

As all Kirloskar pumps distributors will testify, Eterna CW submersible pump is one of the most successful products in the market. It has an unparalleled track record for power, efficiency, longevity and ease of maintenance. This is largely owing to their modern, state-of-the-art, innovative and hi-tech design.

For more on submersible dewatering pumps, get in touch with us at 022 43436655 or email us at marketing@vemc.co.in. VEMC is the leading Kirloskar dealer in Mumbai and prides itself on over 70 years of experience in pumping, electromechanical products and maintenance services.

Why ULFM Approval is Important for Firefighting Pumps

Firefighting Pumps

If you have always wondered why the terms UL/FM are found on firefighting pumps, this blog is for you. VEMC is one of the leading Kirloskar Fire Fighting Pump Dealers and in this blog, we give you a comprehensive understanding of these certifications.

What is the UL and FM certificate?

Factory Mutual (FM) Global is an international property insurance and loss prevention company. It is a leading mutual insurance company with high-quality control standards. Being certified by the FM simply means your product holds the highest standards of quality. In fact, only FM-approved firefighting products are offered fire insurance by companies across the world.

UL on the other hand stands for Underwriter Laboratories Inc. This is the top-notch testing institute in the US and one of the leading public safety test labs globally.  They perform testing of materials, products and equipment for safety in terms of health and property security. Just like FM, their certificate is recognised the world over as a guarantee for high-quality standards in firefighting. 

Both UL and FM are globally recognised for having rigorous quality testing measurements and as a result, have been established as a mark of reliability. In the case of firefighting pumps, having UL and FM certificates is all the more important. It indicates that the pump is well-equipped and reliable enough to deal with a breakout. This can be of critical importance as fires can lead to life-and-death situations and immense loss of property.

Standards set by UL and FM

It is important that the firefighting equipment meet the codes and procedures set by UL and FM before they get certified. For instance, to get approval from FM, the following criteria are necessary:

  1. Plastic pipe and fittings
  2. Automatic and ESFR fire sprinklers
  3. Foam, dry chemical and CO2 extinguishers
  4. Heat detectors
  5. Fire alarm control panels, signalling devices and detection products

Likewise, some of the criteria set by UL are:

  1. Fire sprinklers
  2. Alarm, pressure-reducing, check and pump relief valves
  3. Fire doors
  4. Fire pumps and accessories
  5. Indicating pressure gauges for fire protection

Why these certifications are necessary

As any Kirloskar Fire Pump Dealer may tell you, firefighting pump manufacturers are in the business of life-saving. This means they need to win the confidence of their customers by highlighting their capability to act in fire emergencies. When manufacturers acquire a certificate from a reputable third party like UL and FM, it means their products have met the requisite standards of quality and reliability. This is great for all stakeholders: manufacturers, fire departments and end customers.


Quite clearly, having the UL and FM certifications under your belt is a great confidence booster for your customers. VEMC –– a Kirloskar authorised dealer supplies FM and UL-approved MSMO firefighting sets known for their reliability and effectiveness in emergencies.

For more information, call us at 022 43436655 or email us at marketing@vemc.co.in. We are the leading Kirloskar Dealer in Mumbai, with a rich experience of over 70 years in the field of pumping. 

12 Groundbreaking Solar Technology Breakthroughs of 2022

Solar Technology

Solar energy has long been one of the most promising sources of unconventional energy. As fossil fuels fade into the background, solar is all set to emerge as the most preferred source of energy. The last few years have seen some groundbreaking innovations and technological changes in solar energy. VEMC is the leading Solar Energy Company based in Mumbai.

In This Blog, We Tell You About 12 Of These Brilliant Breakthroughs That Are Going To Set Solar On A New Trajectory:

Boost in Efficiency:

Solar energy is becoming more efficient than ever before. This is due to innovative design features such as inverted metamorphic multijunction (IMM) cells. 

Introduction of Perovskites:

Every top solar company in the world is excited about the introduction of perovskites in solar panels. These are a group of synthetic materials with crystallographic structures. They have some significant benefits over silicon: they’re cheaper, more efficient and lightweight.

Introduction of Organic Solar Cells:

With the advent of organic solar cells, photovoltaic cells can be printed onto flexible material like plastic sheets. These are lightweight, flexible, quick and cheap to manufacture, and of course completely organic. 

Solar Windows:

By applying photovoltaic glaze on windows, you can convert sunlight that comes in through your windows into electricity. The glaze contains minuscule photovoltaic cells. 

Solar Balloons

Solar Installation in cloudy areas may not yield great results. Scientists are now developing solar balloons that will float way above the clouds and generate and supply electricity there. 

Hairy Solar Panel Technology

Hairy solar panels are a marvel of nanotechnology. These tiny, light-absorbing nanowires can absorb more energy than a silicon cell. 

Thin-Film Solar

These are made of extremely thin (less than a human hair) electricity-producing layers. They are highly flexible, affordable and easy to transport.

Floating Solar Farms

Solar panels can take up a lot of space which could otherwise be useful for productive work. This is why floating solar farms have captured the imagination of every leading solar power company. Solar panels are installed on a body of water such as lakes, ponds, reservoirs and oceans.

Solar Paint

If solar panel installation seems too much of a hassle, just wait till solar paint takes over. Once developed into a full-fledged technology, solar paint can be applied to buildings, vehicles and even roads. 

Space-Based Solar

Solar installation in space is an exciting prospect. Scientists are working on installing solar panels on satellites that will beam tremendous amounts of solar energy back to Earth.

Wasted-Light Solar Panels

Only about 40% of light is visible to the human eye. Wasted-light solar panels have the ability to absorb and generate electricity from non-visible light. This includes ultraviolet and infrared light. 


With micro-inverters, you no longer need to have a large number of solar panels to produce and convert solar energy. You can simply have one panel and one inverter to start off your solar power generating station.
These innovations are expected to have huge implications wherever solar energy is used: business, transportation or household.


For more information, get in touch with us at 022 43436655 or email us at marketing@vemc.co.in. VEMC is by far the Best Solar Company and solar consultant based out of Mumbai.

Unleashing the power of Eterna CW: Applications and Benefits in Various Industries

If you live in Mumbai, you would be well aware of the enormous problems of water logging and flooding during the monsoons. Every year, this causes the loss of innumerable man-hours due to traffic congestion and damage to roads and property. But Kirloskar has the ultimate answer to this problem: The powerful Eterna CW and VEMC is the leading Kirloskar Pump Dealer based in Mumbai.

In This Blog, We Tell You About All The Benefits of this Extremely Versatile Pumping Equipment:

Meet Eterna CW

Available with all Kirloskar pump dealers, Eterna CW is a sewage de-watering submersible pump. It is a robust pump built completely out of cast iron (except for the pump shaft which is made of carbon steel). It provides a head range of up to 70 meters and a discharge range of up to 4800 LPM. Quite clearly, it is one of the most powerful and sturdy pieces of pumping equipment out there.

Applications Across Industries:

As all water pump dealers will tell you, Eterna CW is put to use in operations across industries. It is used in mines, construction sites, basements, multi-storey shopping malls, godowns, foundations, trenches and pits. So basically anywhere you need to get rid of water logging, Eterna is the solution for you. But apart from that, it is also highly suited to sewage treatment industries.


  • The energy consumption of the Eterna is incredibly low in its class, which largely has to do with its innovative design and construction at a state-of-the-art plant. This boils down to significant savings for the clients.
  • The powerful Eterna processes liquids and semi-solid sludge at an exceptional head range of up to 70 metres which makes it quite productive.
  • As any Kirloskar Authorised Dealer will brief you, its robust design and easy maintenance help avoid sudden breakdowns and prolonged downtime.
  • Further cost savings accrue due to low maintenance requirements. The pump can be easily repaired by semi-skilled technicians and the interchangeable parts are universally available. The dynamically balanced rotating parts protect components from damage and ensure consistent performance.
  • The heavy-duty construction of the pump makes it highly reliable, especially during challenging conditions like monsoon floods. Every Kirloskar dealer in Mumbai can vouch for Eterna’s uninterrupted performance during these testing times. 
  • Due to its effective handling of semi-solid sludge and debris, the Eterna is also capable of dewatering sewage effectively.
  • As energy costs rise by the day, the Eterna due to its efficient design can stand out as a highly environment-friendly pump. It has also been designed keeping in mind the safety of the operators.


So no matter which industry or operation you are related to, if your problem is water logging or sewage disposal, there is no better solution than Kirloskar’s submersible Eterna CW pump. For more information on the product, get in touch with our experts at 022 43436655 or email us at marketing@vemc.co.in. VEMC is one of the leading Kirloskar pump dealers and ELGi air compressor dealers in Mumbai.