Multistage centrifugal pumps – For high efficiency with a flexible range of flow and head

Centrifugal pumps are the most commonly used kinetic-energy pumps in today’s world. A multistage horizontal pump can be thought of as a series of single stage pumps- all mounted on one shaft. Multistage technology offers several advantages over traditional single stage pumps when used to pump liquids that do not contain solids. VEMC brings you 5 reasons why a multistage centrifugal pump is a much better choice for your needs!

  1. Economical- High pressures can be achieved when multiple impellers are present on a common shaft within the same casing, in a single centrifugal pump. It is a more economical approach to develop high pressures with a single motor. Configuring several stages in series can also be economical for increasing the head- the maximum height (pressure) it can deliver.

  2. Efficiency- A multistage pump is designed in such a way that impellers with smaller diameters can be used, which allows them to operate at a higher efficiency level than the majority of the single stage pumps. They also have tighter clearances for higher performance. Less motor power requirement can be expected with this design as only one motor is used leading to less energy expenditure, which in turn proves to be economical.

  3. Design- With decreased energy requirement, the size of the motor needed to drive the multistage pump is often considerably smaller than the motor required to drive a single stage pump. Multistage pumps can also be designed according to the space available for installation. Horizontal multistage pumps can be used in places where the area can be spared and the vertical assembly is great for areas that don’t have a lot of space to spare. Moreover, vertical pumps have the ability to deliver high pressure output with a single pump body and motor combo.

  4. Usage- The multistage pump has the facility of being tapped down a stage, or, the dummy stages can be incorporated for future pressure increments. Thus, a multistage pump also provides a provision for changing certain specifications like flow and head according to the changing needs of the user.

  5. Maintenance- While installation cost is more, running cost are prone to be less than single stage centrifugal pumps. Hence, the multistage centrifugal pump can be thought of as an investment that brings good returns, not only in terms of reduced running costs but also highly efficient output!

Multistage pumps provide many benefits, from energy savings to ability to operate in a wide range of flow/head scenarios. If you think it is the right choice for your desired use, be sure of your decision by discussing it with a qualified engineer before installation.