Choose The Best Kirloskar Submersible Pumps That Suits Your Industrial Needs – VEMC

Do you require the best electromechanical engineering products? Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company, VEMC, is second to none. The company has been running for more than six decades. Thus, you can expect only high performing, defect-free products from VEMC. Over the years, VEMC has developed itself into a big industry that manufactures different engineering products. Some of the best items it has are industrial water pumps.

As a company with a clean production and distribution past, the VEMC qualifies to be one of the best pump manufacturers in Pune . It is, indeed, the most reliable if you require the world famous Kirloskar submersible pumps. We have a wide range of these, meaning that you can pick the ones that could suit your industrial and domestic applications.

Best submersible pump for agriculturalists

If you are a serious gardener or farmer, you could hardly do without one of the best irrigating systems. One of our most excellent Kirloskar pumps is the KOS. This one is suitable for an open well. It boasts the strongest cast iron construction. A full-time or part-time agriculturalist is going to have several applications for this pump. It is ideal for small-scale users, too, who have domestic uses. In addition to a submersible motor that is suitable for wet environs; this product has water lubricated pump bearings. It has a power rating of 2.2 to 7.5 kilowatts. To learn more about this product from the top water pump distributors, give us a call.

Get a multi-purpose water supply submersible pump from water pumps dealers

One of our most reliable water pumps is KOS-M. It qualifies the fact that we are the finest Pump Manufacturers in Mumbai . This kind is best used in any underwater areas. As they don’t require the use of the priming and foot valve, the KOS-M is easy to install. If your application will require between 350 and 440 volts, get this pump. If you do, you can steer clear of motor burning or power overload.

Those who have wells, fountains, water links, sumps, and other domestic applications can buy the KOS-M pump. As well, this pump has industrial uses, particularly, in water handling. The pump components do not rust and they rotate flexibly. Hence, it vibrates less when running, not forgetting that parts are easy to replace when they get damaged. There is a PDF with specification details and a lot of information regarding this submersible pump on our site.

For domestic applications

We have a number of great pumps for domestic uses. One of these is the KS6. It consumes less electricity and is designed to tolerate changes in voltages. Just like the KOS-M, the KS6 is not affected by power overloads. In fact, it is designed to last longer and this is ensured by the Nitril rubber bushes. You can place your pump in dirty water and it will still run without damaging the motor. If you do farming or are in the firefighting venture, pick the KS6 water pump. It will ensure continuous water supply for irrigation work or put out a fire.

For more details about our products, ensure that you reach to us via our phone line. We are the leading submersible pump dealers in Pune, and we are waiting for your call.