The silent heroes of urban infrastructure

If there is one discovery that has shaped all of humankind, it is the discovery of fire. Fire gave humans the edge they needed, a weapon, a force. Whether it was protection for cave dwellers or sowing the seeds of the Industrial revolution fire continues to shape our lives. The discovery of fire also comes with an inherent risk; fire is dangerous but not unmanageable.

City planners, activists, safety engineers have started taking into account the various dangers associated with urban living. One of the most prominent risks is that of a fire accident. When the Carlton Towers, a high-rise building in Bangalore caught fire in 2010, a lot of discussion was on the subject of safety. Citizens initiatives and the government regulations are shaping modern cities. 2010, 11 or even 2017, taking fire safety seriously has never been optional. Each day, alarming statistics await us in form of news pieces, obituaries and tragedies. Carlton or Cuffe Parade, fire accidents are a reality that need to be addressed.

Fires have been rated as the 5th largest risk in Indian industry. But, with growing awareness, Industrial complexes and residential buildings have undertaken specific measures to aid the firefighting teams to take quick and swift action so that damage to life and property are contained.

Whether you’re in search of a new home or a new workplace; the first things that catch your attention are ventilation, open spaces, light and the general ambience. Perhaps the one thing most miss is to look for safety measures; easily missed until dearly needed. Fire hydrants, extinguishers and fire fighting pumpsets on campuses are the silent heroes that ensure you are at peace.

Fire fighting pumpsets in residential complexes are an absolute must, as most of the urban population chooses to live in community style apartments. The close proximity of homes, the large scale electrical wiring makes it absolutely essential to prep for the absolute worst. Ventilation, exit routes, staircases and firefighting equipment make life a little less stressful.

VEMC has a rich history of providing customized solutions to your needs. We offer a wide variety of Kirloskar fire fighting pumps and other pump peripherals that meet and exceed industrial standards; FM Approved, UL listed and TAC norms compliant pumps. By incorporating new developments and innovation, VEMC is leading the way to making homes and communities safer and more peaceful.

A quick fix to stop worrying about your expensive investments

This is a world that believes in assurances and guarantees, whether you buy a bar of soap or equipment worth millions. Except when you buy equipment worth millions, it is good business sense to ensure that it is protected and well taken care off. VEMC offers a range of offerings that include all types of pre-sales and post-sales services and cater to on-field and off-field customer needs.


Put simply, the Annual Maintenance Contract is an independent service by VEMC to ensure that your equipment is in top notch condition and serving you as expected. Being a premier Kirloskar pump dealer in Mumbai, VEMC understands the challenges that come with working with heavy equipment. Taking care of the equipment can ensure longer life, better productivity and lower breakdowns. VEMC’s AMC helps you by undertaking several preventive steps with regular checkups and inspection. After all, prevention is better than a cure.


The system is fairly direct, when a company opts for an AMC, VEMC creates a rough maintenance plan with budgets that suit their needs. The AMC covers all the Kirloskar parts that you have bought; our expertise in the equipment, our industry contacts with vendors gives us a unique advantage of being able to offer solutions quickly. Timeliness is key for any business, which is why we make it our top priority to resolve your query. If you are operating in Mumbai our service engineers take anywhere from 24 hours or less to resolve your problem.


Another distinct advantage of the AMC offered by VEMC is that it is offered as an independent service, meaning you can opt for it no matter who the products were originally purchased from. So you can be assured that your priceless investment is taken care of. VEMC who is a dealer in Kirloskar pumps offers services in the following area.

  • Alignment and Commissioning Support: Alignment and commissioning of Kirloskar pump-sets.
  • On-site Services: On-site customer needs attended to, during and after warranty period.
  • Energy Saving Solutions: Solutions to make products energy-efficient.

With careful planning and expertise, combined with years of experience, VEMC ensures that our team resolves your issues and offers solutions to ensure that there is no loss of productivity. You can carry on knowing that the very best are working towards keeping the show running.