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Refurbishing Of Pump

Refurbishing of
Pumps & Valves (Corrocoating)

Refurbishing of Pumps & Valves (Corrocoating)

VEMC in association with Kirloskar Corrocoat has been undertaking turnkey projects for supply and application of coatings on a variety of electro mechanical equipment. Our highly skilled and experienced team carries out the work with complete professionalism. Corrocoat services help our customers to not only preserve the life of their high-priced equipment but also to reduce its operating cost by improving efficiency.

At VEMC, we believe in Care and Cure. We care for your equipment by providing appropriate consultancy and services at various levels so that they work with optimum efficiency. We cure your equipment for any adverse effects due to corrosion. For this, we prefer and suggest preventive measures. To protect your plants, structures and equipment from corroding, we offer protective coatings and linings to new equipment. Corrocoat anti-corrosion technology is a unique tool to combat the effects of harsh operating environments. This improves the life and performance of the equipment. Coating also helps your bottom line by reducing repair, maintenance, replacement and downtime costs. Pumps, valves, pipes, storage tanks and process vessels all benefit from our expert treatment. The combination of high performance composites and mechanical engineering expertise gives you the upper hand in the fight against corrosion.

Corrocoat products and services have been beneficial and fruitful to the most demanding industries of the globe. From oil refineries and offshore rigs to water treatment works and nuclear power stations, all have highly benefited by using this technology. Corrocoat coatings have proved to be your first line of defense in the fight against corrosion.