Solar solutions for schools: Can solar eliminate DG sets

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Choose the Right HYPN System for Uninterrupted Water Flow in Your Commercial Operations

If you own a commercial space, you obviously know the importance of utilities that function smoothly. One of the first things you need in a commercial area is good water supply. Unreliable water flow can negatively impact your business’ reputation in the minds of your customers and also interrupt everyday business activities. Continue reading “Choose the Right HYPN System for Uninterrupted Water Flow in Your Commercial Operations”

On Grid or off Grid Choose the Right Solar PV System Tailored for Your Requirements

Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company, one of the leading solar panel suppliers, provide their clients with efficient, high-quality solar solutions. Be it installing a solar lighting system or a comprehensive solar PV system, we make switching to solar energy easier than ever before. Continue reading “On Grid or off Grid Choose the Right Solar PV System Tailored for Your Requirements”

Kirloskar’s Eterna CW- A Must-Have for Sewage and Dewatering Processes

The Eterna CW is a sewage/dewatering submersible pump set offered by Kirloskar. Being submersible, the pump set is hermetically sealed, which means that it’s airtight and can be submerged in the fluid it’s pumping (click here to know more about submersible pumps). This pump is not only useful in sewage handling but is also essential in dewatering, i.e. removing excess water.

Where can it be used?

  • Construction sites
  • Dewatering buildings, basements, go-downs, commercial property, etc.
  • Dewatering pits, trenches, etc.
  • Flood water management
  • Sewage treatment

Durability assured

The Eterna CW is manufactured in Kirloskar’s state-of-the-art plant, where innovative designs are brought to life. The finest raw materials are used to produce the components which are assembled using high-quality technology. The pump’s impeller, delivery casing and motor body are made of cast iron and the pump shaft is made of carbon steel. This ensures the durability of the pump and gives you consistently good results over a large span of time.

Get a feature-packed pump set from the best in the industry

  • The Eterna CW’s enhanced design gives you the most efficient output and minimizes energy consumption to give you optimum results.
  • The pump set’s robust components protect it from damage and make it suitable for heavy duty usage that can be carried out over many years.
  • The pump comes with dynamically balanced rotating parts, which minimize vibrations and hence, prevent damage to the pump and inconsistency in its performance.
  • It requires low levels of maintenance and comes with interchangeable parts to allow servicing, if need be, to be carried out anytime, anywhere.

Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company is your go-to water pump distributor. Apart from supplying original, high-quality Kirloskar pumps, we also provide spare parts for the same. Being one of the leading Kirloskar pump distributors in Mumbai, we have been catering to our customers’ varied pumping needs for decades and only deliver excellence. Kirloskar’s latest innovations coupled with VEMC’s outstanding services give our customers absolute value for money when it comes to pump sets.

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Fire panels: The most essential controlling device during fire breakouts

With fires being as rampant as they are today, it is crucial for all of us to take every measure possible to minimise damage in case of an unforeseen fire breakout. So, what can you do to safeguard life and property on your premises? One would possibly think of investing in fire extinguishers and a fire fighting pump set. While both of these are necessary, the most important thing to first look at would be a good fire panel.

That’s right. A fire panel. This is what will control your fire fighting pump set so that you don’t have to. A fire panel works completely autonomously so no one would need to risk their life to switch on the pump. The only thing you’d need to do is switch off the diesel engine pump once the fire is out.

Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company is a name people have been trusting for decades when it comes to fire safety.

Our firefighting control panel comes with the following features:

  • It automatically operates the main and the jockey pump
  • It comes with an advanced alarm system that gets triggered automatically
  • It automatically starts the diesel engine drive pump in case of power failure. The diesel engine panel also comes with a battery charger.
  • A standby pump automatically takes over in case the main pump stops working
  • It displays the system’s status, i.e. on, off, or other parameters

How does it work?

The main job of a fire panel is to maintain a constant pressure in the line. Since the entire firefighting system is pressurised, a fall in pressure predetermined by the fire panel allows it to start or stop different pumps. In case of fire, the panel first activates the jockey pump. The pump is activated by a fall in pressure. But if this pressure drop is too high for the jockey pump to handle, the main pump is activated. This is also when the alarm is activated to alert everyone and commence the evacuation process. The standby pump is activated in case the main pump fails.

Hence, VEMC’s fire panel was curated keeping in mind different types of contingencies and is designed to deal with each one. So, when you’re fireproofing your property, be sure to complete your firefighting system with a VEMC fire panel.

VEMC also supplies high-quality fire fighting pump sets. Click here to know more.


Net Metering and Why You Need It

Today, thanks to adverse economic and environmental conditions, we’re constantly on the lookout for cheaper, more sustainable alternatives for many things. Electricity generation is one such thing. With more and more people switching to solar electricity, many financial models and billing mechanisms have been introduced to significantly enhance the cost-effectiveness of solar models. Long gone are the days where we’d complain about unreasonably high light bills!

Solar net metering

Solar net metering is a popular billing mechanism among solar energy users. It works in a grid-tied system, where your solar PV system is connected to the main utility grid. So, if your energy production exceeds your usage, the extra units produced are added to the main grid. These units can then be used by others connected to the grid who need them.

When it comes to billing, users are credited every time they add units to the grid and debited whenever they use energy from the grid. They’re only billed for the net energy used. Usually, users tend to add more to the grid than they consume, e.g. when it’s sunny and limited electricity is required for indoors lighting. This allows them to minimize their electricity bills to as low as zero!

Perks of net metering

  • Save money. That’s the biggest perk of this system. It takes care of bringing down your light bill so that you can spend your hard-earned money on other things you’ve always wanted.
  • Eliminate the need for expensive solar products. By using net metering, your PV system adds excess units produced directly to the utility grid. This means you don’t need expensive solar generators or batteries to use solar energy.
  • Be more environmentally friendly. Net metering makes the best use of a renewable source of energy and adds sustainability to its consumption.
  • Make your neighbourhood self-sustaining. By switching to this system, your entire neighbourhood will use energy generated by its residents. Those with extra energy would provide it to others who need it. This way, power cuts will be a thing of the past!
  • Motivation to save electricity. Unlike in non-renewable forms of energy, you get credited for using lesser energy. This helps instil a conservative mindset when it comes to power consumption as those who add units to the grid are rewarded with significantly lower light bills.


Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company, apart from being one of the best water pump distributors, is also one of the leading solar companies in Mumbai. We offer end-to-end solar solutions and have been streamlining our clients’ journey to a more sustainable future for decades. To know more about our solar solutions, head over to our website or contact us!


Choose the Right Kirloskar Openwell Submersible Pump

Kirloskar, a market leader in the fluid management industry, has got you covered for a wide range of liquid handling processes. It produces specialized pumps for various purposes so that you can find the perfect match for your niche requirements.

So, how can you find the ideal pump? That’s where we come in. Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company is one of the best Kirloskar pump dealers in Mumbai and we provide assistance to our customers, from choosing the right pumps to finally installing and maintaining it.

The following guide focuses on Kirloskar’s openwell pump sets.


This pump is the submersible dewatering pump offered by Kirloskar. It can be used for small scale as well as heavy duty dewatering purposes in construction sites, basements, mines, pits, etc. All its mechanically sealed components are made of stainless steel which provides great corrosion resistance.


Ideal for residential water supply, small-scale irrigation, fountains, sumps and water tanks, this pump is compact and lightweight. It’s specially designed to save energy and provide high-efficiency results.


Available in cast iron construction, the KOS pump is ideal for agriculture, irrigation, sprinklers, etc. It is also suited for domestic water supply. It is water-cooled and water- lubricated, and has a wet type submersible motor.


Primarily designed to function seamlessly in underwater applications, e.g. submerged pumps in fountains, wells, tanks, etc., this pump can also be used when it’s not submerged. It is also ideal for clean watering handling in industries and water supply in high rises, hotels, etc. It comes with CED coating to prevent rust on wetted components and extend the pump’s life.


Complete with a stainless-steel body and CED coated wetted components, the KOS N is suitable for gardening, small-scale irrigation and water supply in buildings, fountains, sumps, etc. This pump is also ideal for hygienic handling of drinking water. It can withstand voltage fluctuations from 160 to 260 volts.


Ideal for underwater applications and water supply functions in buildings, gardens, farms, etc., this pump’s speciality is its ability to withstand voltage variation from 350-440 volts, which prevents overloading and motor burning. It comes with CED coating and is also suitable for handling drinking water.


CED-coated and designed for underwater applications, these pumps can withstand voltage fluctuations from 200-440 volts. They’re best suited for conventional irrigation, sprinklers, and pumping water from tanks, sumps, etc.

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All You Need to Know About Kirloskar’s AT Pumps

Kirloskar’s revolutionary Air-cooled Thermic (AT) fluid pump series is a must-have for many industrial processes that involve handling hot fluids. This pump delivers safety with efficiency and is ideal for handling and transferring liquids that are too hot for ordinary pumps.

Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company has been one of the leading Kirloskar pump dealers in Mumbai for decades. We believe that our work shouldn’t be limited to the mere supply of pumps. We also work on increasing awareness about the same among our customers so that they can make an informed decision when it comes to buying the perfect pump for their requirements.

So where does an AT pump work best?

  • Thermic fluid handling
  • Hot water supply systems
  • Hot oil/synthetic oil transfer
  • District heating systems
  • Many industries like mineral oil, chemicals, rubber, food, textiles, etc.

The pump is foot-mounted and its dimensions conform to EN 22858 (DIN 24256) standards. It can handle liquids as hot as 350°C and also has a state-of-the-art cooling mechanism to ensure that heat is not transferred to the bearings and seal faces.

Know your pump components

Pump casing: It is engineered to enable smooth hydraulic passage which boosts efficiency.

Impellers: These are enclosed and dynamically balanced.

Pump shaft: This is supported by an anti-friction ball bearing and sliding bush bearings and is designed to maintain concentricity.

Stuffing box: This is sealed using grafoil packing, which is a strong fluid-sealing material made from natural graphite flake.

Bearings: These are crafted to enable easy heat dissipation which enhances safety and efficiency.

Note: The pump is powered by an electric motor or engine.

Kirloskar’s blend of tried & tested methods and innovative modernity

Kirloskar has come a long way since its inception in 1888. Their amalgamation of decades of experience and highly qualified experts is what sets it apart from others in the fluid management industry. Kirloskar uses high-quality materials to produce the finest pumps in their manufacturing facilities that deploy Total Quality Management tools.

The AT pump’s casing, casing cover and impeller are made using cast steel/stainless steel. The shaft of pump is made of stainless steel, and the sliding bush bearings are made of sintered silicon carbide, carbon and steel.

Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company, one of the pre-eminent water pump distributors, delivers this excellence to countless customers across the country. We supply Kirloskar pumps and also assist our customers with seamless installation and maintenance.

To get your AT pump today, get in touch with us!