What is a water hammer? What are its ill effects?

A water hammering  effect happens when a sudden closure of the valve causes the back and forth movement of water at supersonic speeds. Water hammer is an understudied topic, and unaware of the fact that residentials have it in their submersible motors, nobody seems to care. In the light of water hammer- for residentials, it’s just that loud noise when the submersible pumps are shut. 

Having said that; a water hammer could have some adverse effects as stated below: 

  • When a centrifugal pumpset suddenly shuts at any given site, the mass of water before closure will still be moving, hence a high pressure shall be created, resulting in a shock wave. This process makes a similar hammering sound that one often hears after shutting their centrifugal pumps.
  • In the worst case, water hammers can even cause the pipelines to break if the pressure is too high. For safety purposes, air traps are often installed to absorb the damaging factors caused by high pressure.
  • The water hammer can also harm valves and pipes in case of any water, oil, or gas application. This happens in the same process of high pressure, as mentioned above, which causes a spike, thereby damaging gauges. This can occur even if the gauge has a correct pressure range for the flow application.

To avoid these adverse effects of a water hammer, air chambers prove to be quite useful because they soften the impact and hence prevent the hammer effect.

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In which direction does water enter the centrifugal pump?

So, how does water enter the centrifugal pump? Well, there are different ways in which it makes it to the eye of the impeller in the pump:

  1. End suction and top discharge centrifugal pump:

 In this arrangement, the water enters the impeller horizontally and then proceeds to discharge vertically from the top of the pump, a good example of which is the single stage horizontal centrifugal pump popularly known as end suction back pull out pumps

  • Top suction and top discharge centrifugal pump:

The water both enters and discharges from the top of the pump,i.e. top half of the casing  something which happens in a boiler feedwater pump.popularly known as Multistage pump.

  • Side suction and side discharge centrifugal pump:

Here, the water both enters and exits from the same direction, but in this case, it is from the side.i.e. bottom half of the casing. A classic example of this type of arrangement is an axial split horizontal centrifugal pump. Popularly known as side suction side discharge pump

No matter which method is employed, they are available in a variety of options and are applicable in several applications.

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