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FM / UL Fire Pump Sets'


FM Approved UL Listed Fire Fighting Set. Standard Fire Fighting Set Multi Stage Multi Outlet (MSMO) Fire Fighting Set Containerised Fire Fighting Set


The diesel engine has driven the pumpset Main fire pump ? FM approved / UL listed Diesel engine ? FM approved / UL listed heat exchanger cooled Engine Controller ? FM approved / UL listed Secondary water ? cooling loop Space saving solution ? Multistage multi outlet pump Packaged Fire Pump House Jockey pump with controller mounted on separate skid where controller is FM approved or UL listed Engine Controller ? FM approved / UL listed Engine Controller ? FM approved / UL listed

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What services do Kirloskar fire fighting pump dealers - VEMC offers?

VEMC holds expertise in providing the after-sales service for fire fighting pumps to its customers. For service-related queries, contact us on service@vemc.co.in

2. Do Kirloskar fire fighting pump dealers-VEMC provide warranties on their products?

Yes we do.