7 Essential Checks for Metal Roof Maintenance in Solar Plant Systems

Solar Plant Systems

To make sure your solar rooftop system offers optimum efficiency, you must have a robust maintenance regime in place. Proper inspection and maintenance also help improve the working life of your panels and reduce the costs of depreciation and sudden breakdown. These services are often provided by the same solar energy company that you procure your panels from. 

In This Blog, We Tell You About The 7 Essential Checks That You Must Perform To Ensure Proper Maintenance Of Your Solar Rooftop System:

  • Roof Inspection

Before Solar Panel Installation, make sure your roof would be able to withstand the burden of the mounted solar panels. In case the age of your roof is ten years or more, it is advisable to get it replaced before installing a solar rooftop system. Also, check for any seepages or leakages in the roof. 

  • Cleaning and Debris Removal

Check for any debris in the inverter pad area or elsewhere. Look for any signs of animal infestation such as excreta etc. all over the system and clean it regularly. Wipe the panel surface regularly to remove dust particles that can reduce the output.

  • Gutters and Drainage System

The solar rooftop system must have adequate drainage. Check for any water pooling on the roof and ensure that the drainage is seamless. Any water seeping into the system can cause damage to the equipment, and water on the panels can reduce their efficiency.

  • Sealant and Waterproofing

Mounting a solar rooftop system requires drilling multiple holes into the roofing. This makes waterproofing of the roof essential. This is done by using waterproofing membranes that seal cracks, crevices and seams. For long-term reliability, make sure the waterproofing has been done by a reputed roofer. 

  • Rust and Corrosion Prevention

Rusting can affect the electronic circuits of your solar panels reducing the electricity generated. Besides, corrosion on the outside brackets or racking system can weaken the structure on which the Solar Rooftop System is mounted. Check for rust regularly, use metals that are rust-proof such as anodized aluminium or stainless steel, and ensure complete waterproofing. 

  • Solar Panel Mounting

This is a more physical aspect of the solar panel system. Having a robust mounting structure is necessary to prevent damage to not just your panels but also to avoid accidents and injuries. A weak mounting can lead to the sudden collapse of the entire solar panel installation, which is otherwise expected to last up to 25 years.

  • Structural Integrity

Solar installations must be structurally sound and secure. Check whether the mounting structures are made of durable and corrosion-resistant material. These days, a number of mounting structures with high standards of reliability are available at competitive rates. Look for the warranty provided by the company, strength grade and coating, and the weight that it can support.


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12 Groundbreaking Solar Technology Breakthroughs of 2022

Solar Technology

Solar energy has long been one of the most promising sources of unconventional energy. As fossil fuels fade into the background, solar is all set to emerge as the most preferred source of energy. The last few years have seen some groundbreaking innovations and technological changes in solar energy. VEMC is the leading Solar Energy Company based in Mumbai.

In This Blog, We Tell You About 12 Of These Brilliant Breakthroughs That Are Going To Set Solar On A New Trajectory:

Boost in Efficiency:

Solar energy is becoming more efficient than ever before. This is due to innovative design features such as inverted metamorphic multijunction (IMM) cells. 

Introduction of Perovskites:

Every top solar company in the world is excited about the introduction of perovskites in solar panels. These are a group of synthetic materials with crystallographic structures. They have some significant benefits over silicon: they’re cheaper, more efficient and lightweight.

Introduction of Organic Solar Cells:

With the advent of organic solar cells, photovoltaic cells can be printed onto flexible material like plastic sheets. These are lightweight, flexible, quick and cheap to manufacture, and of course completely organic. 

Solar Windows:

By applying photovoltaic glaze on windows, you can convert sunlight that comes in through your windows into electricity. The glaze contains minuscule photovoltaic cells. 

Solar Balloons

Solar Installation in cloudy areas may not yield great results. Scientists are now developing solar balloons that will float way above the clouds and generate and supply electricity there. 

Hairy Solar Panel Technology

Hairy solar panels are a marvel of nanotechnology. These tiny, light-absorbing nanowires can absorb more energy than a silicon cell. 

Thin-Film Solar

These are made of extremely thin (less than a human hair) electricity-producing layers. They are highly flexible, affordable and easy to transport.

Floating Solar Farms

Solar panels can take up a lot of space which could otherwise be useful for productive work. This is why floating solar farms have captured the imagination of every leading solar power company. Solar panels are installed on a body of water such as lakes, ponds, reservoirs and oceans.

Solar Paint

If solar panel installation seems too much of a hassle, just wait till solar paint takes over. Once developed into a full-fledged technology, solar paint can be applied to buildings, vehicles and even roads. 

Space-Based Solar

Solar installation in space is an exciting prospect. Scientists are working on installing solar panels on satellites that will beam tremendous amounts of solar energy back to Earth.

Wasted-Light Solar Panels

Only about 40% of light is visible to the human eye. Wasted-light solar panels have the ability to absorb and generate electricity from non-visible light. This includes ultraviolet and infrared light. 


With micro-inverters, you no longer need to have a large number of solar panels to produce and convert solar energy. You can simply have one panel and one inverter to start off your solar power generating station.
These innovations are expected to have huge implications wherever solar energy is used: business, transportation or household.


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The Future Of Solar Energy: Predictions For 2023 and Beyond

As fossil fuels begin to be phased out, solar will attain an increasingly important role in the economy. VEMC is a leading Solar Energy Company based out of Mumbai. 

In This Blog, We Take You Through Some Of The Most Significant Predictions, Trends And Advancements In Solar Energy:

2023 Solar Energy Predictions:

Any reliable solar consultant can tell you that the trajectory of solar is going in only one direction: Upwards! 

  • The cost of solar PV systems has been falling consistently making these systems highly cost-effective.
  • With advances in technology, the efficiency of solar panel systems has improved.
  • Financial and legislative support from governments is expected to increase the adoption of solar energy.

Solar Energy Industry Trends For 2023:

Currently, a number of trends are shaping solar energy:

  • With increased economies of scale and advancement in technology, the cost of panels is declining.
  • Solar panels are becoming more efficient, thus generating more energy at lower costs.
  • Businesses are increasingly adopting solar energy to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • The Solar Installation and component parts industry has also been picking up in the last many years and is only expected to grow at a robust rate.

Solar Energy Advancements In 2023:

Some of the most notable advancements in solar energy are:

  • Researchers have been busy exploring the use of new materials (such as perovskites) to make solar panels more efficient and boost the generation of electricity per panel.
  • The growth of technology in energy storage is also complementing the growth in the adoption of solar energy.
  • The development of large solar projects such as solar farms by utility companies is feeding hundreds of households.

As a top solar company based in Mumbai, VEMC has committed itself to excellence in the field of solar energy.

Solar Energy Innovations For 2023 And Beyond:

In recent years, a number of innovations have taken place in the field of solar energy:

  • Researchers are exploring options to integrate solar panels into existing building materials such as tiles and shingles. This will eliminate the need to have conventional standalone solar panels.
  • Developing solar power roads by integrating PV material into the road surface is another innovation to watch out for.
  • Solar-powered charging points for EV cars and bikes are being developed, which will have a positive impact on reducing emissions.

Solar Energy Predictions For The Next 10 Years:

Some important predictions for solar energy for the next 10 years are:

  • The price of solar panels will continue to plummet.
  • Solar energy will take centre stage and reduce the reliance on fossils significantly.
  • Solar energy will be used increasingly in the transportation sector.
  • Solar energy will find greater use in industrial settings including heavy-duty operations such as steam generation.

Solar Energy In The Next Decade:

Some important trends expected to emerge in the next decade are:

  • According to the IAEA, solar energy will be the main source of renewable energy in developing countries.
  • There will be continued innovation and introduction of new technology which will boost efficiency and energy generation.
  • Governments are likely to provide increased policy and regulatory support to enhance adoption.

VEMC is a leading Solar Power Company based out of Mumbai. For any queries on solar panel installation, call us at 022 43436655 or email us at marketing@vemc.co.in

Performance Of Solar Panels In Different Seasons

Your solar panels work best when the sun is shining the brightest, making summer the favorite season. But this doesn’t mean you cannot optimize the generation during non-peak months. By being aware of the factors affecting energy generation, you should be able to boost your solar panel efficiency even during winter. This requires some tweaks in your solar panel installation.

Factors affecting solar energy production:


If your solar panels get too heated up, the photons will dislodge too many electrons from the atoms and get them all ‘excited’. This reduces your voltage and hence also your electricity generation. Overheating clearly is bad for your solar panel efficiency. With every degree above 25 degrees Celsius, the efficiency will drop by about 0.25%. To optimize output, try to maintain the temperature at 25 degrees Celsius.


If a shade falls on just one part of your solar panel installation, you might think that the rest of the panel will work fine and still generate electricity. But that’s not how they work. Cells are connected in series and any obstruction in any part of the panel will affect the flow of electricity overall. So before installing solar panels, top solar companies in Mumbai and beyond will try to avoid the shaded areas as much as possible.

Rooftop (terrace) orientation:

To get maximum exposure to direct sunlight, your solar panels must be mounted at the perfect angle. Since the sun changes its position throughout the day, this angle must change as well. This however can’t be done manually and requires automatic technologies that the hi-tech solar EPC companies in Mumbai and the rest of the country are offering these days.

Cleanliness of solar panels:

Dust, dirt, or water droplets can block the exposure of the solar panel surface to sunlight. This can adversely affect solar panel efficiency. Thus solar panels must be wiped clean at least once a month to ensure maximum output.


Solar panel installation in Mumbai will be different from that in Srinagar or Shimla. The insolation or the amount of energy falling on every cm2 per minute will vary from one location to another. This naturally will have an impact on the energy generated by the solar panels in different locations.

Effects of Rain, Storm, and Cold Weather on Solar Panels:

A high-quality solar panel installation can withstand extreme weather like monsoon rains and storms. The glass layering on the panel doesn’t let the water stand and also protects the solar panels against too much surface heating. However, lightning strikes can damage your panels due to a sudden rise in voltage. Winters are a time when the electricity generation is somewhat reduced, but you can nonetheless use battery backups to store the electricity.

The Importance of Annual Energy Production:

When installing solar panels at home or at your business, taking the annual energy production into consideration is important. Energy production varies from season to season and month to month. So while some days, your panels may not produce enough electricity owing to seasonal or weather-related factors, the overall annual production must be taken into account, while evaluating solar as an alternative energy source.

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What To Know Before Installing Solar Project

Installing Solar Project

Solar energy is being received with enormous excitement across the country. Many homeowners are even able to save almost 100% of their electricity bills thanks to their solar panels. No wonder the installation of PV systems has grown exponentially from just 5 MW in 2010-11 to a whopping 5000 MW in 2019-20. However, the installation of a solar project on your roof has certain prerequisites which must be met to ensure it works at the optimum capacity. In this blog, we take you through all the critical ones.

Can your roof support solar panels?

First things first, make sure your roof can provide the physical strength and stability to install solar panels and mounting structures which are typically quite heavy. Do not install the system unless your roof is firm. The possibility of your roof collapsing under the weight of the structure could cause serious injuries or even loss of life.

Is your roof the right shape and type?

The type of roofing you have also determined the possibility of installing a solar project. A tin roof with a sharp slope can pose serious challenges while installing the mounting structures and even then these might not remain stable. A terrace on the other hand can offer a great deal of convenience. Likewise, how much space is available on the rooftop is also crucial to consider.

Which direction does the slope of your roof face?

To generate the maximum amount of electricity, solar panels must face the sun for as long as possible. This makes the direction of the slope of your roof quite significant. The best placement for your panels according to most professionals is either south or west.

How efficient is your installation location? How much energy do you use?

The amount of power generated also depends upon the installation location. You would obviously want the sun to strike your panels for the most part of the day. But this also depends upon your energy needs from the solar panel. In case you rely almost completely on your solar panels for electricity, choose your location carefully. The technician should be able to help you find the right spot for the panels, and in case of prior installation, can also help move the installation to a different location.

How do you connect to the grid?

A number of things need to be taken into consideration with regard to your connection with the grid. These include the following:

  1. How long will it take to get the connection?
  2. Are you liable to pay any fee?
  3. Will your supplier enter into a net metering agreement for surplus energy that you feed back to the grid?

Solar installation at home or business could create a lot of confusion and dilemmas. The best way to get all your queries addressed is to contact the experts. VEMC is one of the top solar company in Mumbai that can make your life much simpler when it comes to your solar installation. Before you install or move your PV system, get in touch with our experts at 022 43436655 or email us at marketing@vemc.co.in.

5 Reasons Why It Is Worth Investing In Solar For Companies

Solar power is becoming increasingly popular among companies in India. With the country becoming a proponent of solar energy globally, India’s total installed solar energy capacity has increased 19.3 times in the last 8 years. Many organisations are considering investing in solar energy and with good reason. For them, it’s a win-win situation. Energy costs make up for a large proportion of expenses for businesses, both big and small, and hence, cost-efficiency is always a critical goal. There is also the need to be socially responsible and include sustainability in brand ethos. Solar energy helps them meet most of these goals.

So, if you are considering making the switch to solar energy, it could be absolutely worth it.

5 reasons why solar energy is worth investing in

1. Reduced overhead expenses – Going the solar route can help companies save huge on energy costs. Since most of the things in a workspace, such as computers and electrical equipment, run on power, solar energy can help reduce dependency on erratic energy sources. The fluctuating prices of non-renewable fuels too will not affect you. You can let solar energy take over the majority of your existing energy sources. This way, you have more control over the quantity and cost of energy. 

2. Dependable power supply – Power outages are not uncommon in India and unreliable power supply can create interruptions in business. With solar power, you can expect a reliable and stable power supply. India’s total land area gets about 5,000 trillion kWh with most parts receiving around 4-7 kWh per sq. m. per day. Hence, with solar panels in place, you can generate sufficient solar energy to run your operations. 

3. Ease of maintenance – Installing solar panels in your workspaces can be an efficient and one-time investment. They are made from durable materials and can be long lasting. You can rely on expert solar panel EPC companies, such as VEMC, to help assess your energy requirements, check the available installation area, confirm the budget, and install the solar panels accordingly. 

4. Long-term savings – Solar energy helps save costs in the long run. You will need to make a one-time investment for the installation. Post that, you can start enjoying the returns on your investment. The maintenance costs are not exorbitant either. 

5. Sustainable and ideal for CSR – Investing in solar energy can help save the environment. You will be able to invest in a clean energy source, cause less pollution, and reduce your dependency on fossil fuels. Solar power also makes for a good investment to meet your corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals. This can help you stand out to your customers and investors as a green company with low carbon footprint. 

VEMC is a well-established solar EPC company in Mumbai and a pioneer in the field of electromechanical engineering products, allied equipment, and services. VEMCO Solar is a market leader in solar solutions — be it solar panel installation, procurement, commissioning, net metering, or electrical connections. If you are looking for solar panel installation in Mumbai or solar O&M, please reach out to us at +91 98199 07445, and we will be happy to provide you with customized support and services.

Solar Power: An End Date to Your Energy Bill

Most of us are used to paying our energy bills as per our electricity usages. The bills come in monthly, we pay them, and wait for the next one the following month. That’s how the cycle continues. If you analyse your energy bills over the years, you’ll observe a trend that indicates increased expenditure. But most of us don’t give much thought to it since we don’t have an alternative.

Solar Panel ROI: Calculate How Much Your Solar Savings Will Be

What if you could find an alternative that could help you beat the rising energy costs? Imagine having a lifelong subscription to clean energy and renewable energy independently. Solar power installation can help in achieving this successfully. 

Understanding your current energy model

Presently, we are dependent for our energy needs and whenever we need to consume power, we have to pay for it. This infinite cycle exists for the ones who haven’t made the shiftto solar power yet. 

The issue with this model is that your source of energy is dependent on you paying your bills indefinitely. However, the price of electricity hasn’t remained the same. For example, duringthe period 2009-2020, the cost of state electricity has doubled—from INR 3.4 per kwh to INR 6.15 per kwh.

Add to this the present state of climate change where the summers are getting hotter. This will inevitably lead to significant increase inenergy needs. On a global scale, the demand for energy will rise, leading tofurthersurge in the price of fossil fuels. 

Hence, as long as you’re tied to the present model, your energy costs are likely to go up exponentially. 

So, what’s the alternative?

Thankfully, there’s an alternative to this — switching to solar power. The shift can give youmore control overyour monthly energy payouts. A solar power consultant, like VEMC, can help design a system that perfectly fits your budget and needs. With the right guidance and the right model, solar power can be easily accessible foryou. This will be an investment that would offervalue in the long-term and will be sustainable too. 

Once you move to the new system, your current usage will be mapped and any additional usage will be accounted for. Once these are done, you won’t have to pay a monthly bill anymore. You would simply pay for the usage once the sun sets down and you can waive that off to by investing in a solar battery. 

VEMC is a well-established solar EPC company in Mumbai and a pioneer in the field of electromechanical engineering products, allied equipment, and services. VEMCO Solar is a market leader in solar solutions — be it solar panel installation, procurement, commissioning, net metering, or electrical connections. If you are looking for solar panel installation in Mumbai or solar O&M, please reach out to us at 8976951701 / marketing@vemc.co.in, and we will be happy to provide you with customized support and services.

Role Of O&M In A Solar Plant System: Everything You Need To Know

New business models for operations & maintenance - pv Europe

With rapid development in solar technology, the need to ensure the proper and efficient functioning of a solar plant system is more important than ever before. Solar O&M (operations and maintenance) identifies and solves issues in the functioning of solar plant systems. Think of it this way: Your household appliances like the light bulbs, water filter, and/or air conditioner, require regular servicing/replacement whenever problems in their functioning occur. Similarly, solar plant systems have long life spans and require regular maintenance.

So, what does solar O&M involve?

1. Metal roof checks

They are conducted to ensure that there are no cracks or cuts in the roof of the solar installation, the solar module installation roof extensions are securely fastened and waterproof, no water is pooling or blocking the roof, and drainage is sufficient.

2. Ground Mount installation checks

They are conducted at the ground mount system’s base, to ensure that there is no ground erosion. Furthermore, they ensure that under the array, there shouldn’t be any indications of an animal infestation. They also check for trash or waste underneath or close to the solar plant system.

Should solar EPCs offer solar O&M services or outsource them?

Your solar company should consider offering solar O&M services if it possesses the appropriate core systems, operating systems, and management. An obvious benefit of offering solar O&M services would be increased revenue via the solar O&M services over the 25-plus years lifespan of each solar panel system. This can be done if your workforce has personnel with strong engineering capabilities as data analysis plays a major role in identifying problems. Furthermore, procedures such as quality control measures and the creation of extensive information bases will be key factors to consider before setting up solar O&M service for your business.

However, by contracting with an O&M specialist, you can use a business that is solely dedicated to providing those services. Outsourcing O&M can also allow your solar EPC company to focus on its main operations. One potential downfall with this is that you will be putting your company’s reputation in the hands of another company.

How to find an O&M company?

There are numerous ways in which contracting businesses and external O&M partners may establish working partnerships. A solar contracting business may use an O&M provider as a subcontractor. It’s crucial to find an O&M strategy that fits the unique goals and capabilities of your organisation, including what makes the best financial sense.

VEMC, one of the top solar companies in Mumbai, provides solar panel installation in Mumbai. VEMC provides solar o&m services as well. For more information on our products and help selecting the right ones for you, contact us on +91 98199 07445. VEMC is ISO 9001:2015 certified and a pioneer in the field of electromechanical engineering products, allied equipment, and services.

Redefining the Value of Solar Energy for Businesses Post-Pandemic

As India continues to make headlines for housing a staggering 17 of the 20 most polluted cities in the world, switching to using renewable solar energy as the predominant source of fuel gains more and more prominence. Although electric vehicles are gaining in popularity on Indian roads, it may be a while before this becomes the mainstream practice in the country. The government is working on creating and implementing more sustainable policies that industries will need to adhere to in order to reduce carbon emissions and pollution.

How manufacturing Industries can reduce their cost of operations post  Lockdown through Solar energy at zero cost??? | Solar Panel Installation  Company in Mumbai | Visol India

Lower costs as many businesses suffered losses during the pandemic

Adopting cleaner renewable energy like solar has become even more relevant since the Covid-19 pandemic. The long-term costs of energy sources like wind and solar are significantly lower than fossil fuels and could benefit businesses that have suffered losses brought about by the pandemic. India is an extremely price-sensitive region so this is a major factor to keep in mind. What’s more, tariffs have fallen drastically since 2010, so it would make sense for industries to adopt solar energy on a wider scale in a bid to combat the effects of climate change. Although certain factors like a cutback on trade with Chinese factories have driven up the price of solar photovoltaic (PV) modules slightly, this is only temporary and not very likely to last in the long term. In fact, solar still remains the cheaper option for industrial and commercial businesses. What’s more, innovative technology in this regard continues to advance rapidly, signalling a further reduction in costs.

Catering to environmentally conscious customers

Additionally, the conversation around sustainability and renewable energy has extended into the realms of regular consumers today who are much more conscious of the choices they make when it comes to environmental responsibility. More and more consumers are leaning towards brands and businesses that adopt renewable energy and cleaner environmental practices. Even at home, many people are looking to install solar panels on their rooftops for greater financial savings in the long term, as well as having the satisfaction of making a more responsible choice.

Creation of jobs

The creation of employment opportunities is another key factor for corporations and the government to consider switching to solar energy as a prevalent practice. The growth of the solar energy sector has provided a minimum of 50 jobs per 1 to 2 MW of solar installations.

Climate change crisis and the need for renewable energy

As the climate change crisis takes a bigger toll internationally, there is pressure on all countries to make greater efforts to reduce their carbon emissions to protect the environment for future generations. The government is looking for ways to incentivize the adoption of solar energy, which means that there is likely to be a further decrease in costs and an increase in financial and social benefits for both consumers and businesses. This is also resulting in more awareness of the topic, with more parties willing to conserve the planet and contribute to a greener future. Indeed, switching to solar energy is an easy way to do this.

VEMC is a well-established solar power plant company and a pioneer in the field of electromechanical engineering products, allied equipment, and services. VEMCO Solar is among the top solar companies in Mumbai and a market leader in solar solutions — be it solar plant erection, procurement, commissioning, net metering, or electrical connections. If you have any requirements in this space, please reach out to us at 022-43436655 or marketing@vemc.co.in, and we will be happy to provide you with customized support and services.