Centrifugal Pumps from Kirloskar- Designed to provide ideal fluid flow in the most cost-effective way.

Purchasing a pump is a crucial task which is easily overlooked by maximum people because the smallest problem in the pump can lead to very big problems. If the operating system of the pump does not work properly, eventually the maintenance costs increase immensely and lots of energy is lost as well.

Inefficient designs lead to poor flow control, leakage, corrosion and cavitation among various other damages. Kirloskar centrifugal pumps, available at VEMC provide you the most efficient centrifugal pumps for your needs. To ensure ideal fluid flow Kirloskar has adapted its models to suit more specific needs of different kinds of fluids and their requirements in different sectors.

The working of centrifugal pumps is very easy to understand, as they simply utilize the kinetic energy of the motor to cause motion of liquids. The engine is attached to an axis, which in turn helps to rotate pump impeller, and thus this rotation helps the water to flow through the pump. Additional uses of centrifugal pumps, other than for water, include for petroleum, chemicals and even sewage.

Kirloskar Centrifugal pumps have their simplicity as the biggest advantage, as no extra valves or moving parts are not required for fluid flow, because of which it can easily be made from different materials as well. This allows centrifugal pumps to work for longer durations with next to zero maintenance while providing a consistent output. Other advantages of Kirloskar centrifugal pumps include zero leakage, minimal frictional losses, minimum wear and tear, safe for pumping hazardous fluids.

To view the various centrifugal pumps in India, and compare them to make informed decisions, VEMC is your helper. VEMC ensures that you get the best Kirloskar centrifugal pumps, which are fit to your requirements.