VEMC offers you a wide range of Kirloskar Company’s electric motor for different sectors

Kirloskar Electric Motors are touted to be one of the sturdiest and long lasting motors in the industry. The brand denotes one of the leading brands of electrical engineering product in Indian market. The company deals with a wide range of products and Electrical Motors are just a part of it. VEMC brings the various brands products under one roof, offering good deals on motors and pumps for different industrial and domestic purposes.

An electric motor is a special machine that converts electric energy into a mechanical one. Considering the kind of current of the electrical installation in which the electric machine operates, the main types of Kirloskar electric motor – DC and AC – are used.

An electric motor is essentially a machine that converts electrical energy into movement or mechanical work, through electromagnetic means. Because there are many and varied types of electric motors, there are numerous ways to catalog them. Here are some of the most common ways.

DC Motors or Direct Current motors

The Kirloskar electric motor of direct current has several peculiarities that make them very different to the ones of alternating current. One of the main peculiarities is that they can operate in reverse, that is, not only can they be used to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy, but can also function as generators of electrical energy. This happens because they have the same physical constitution, thus, we have that an electric motor of direct current can function as a generator and as a motor.

DC motors have a high starting torque, compared to AC motors; you can also control the speed very easily. For these reasons, they are ideal for functions that require speed control. They are used for trams, trains, electric cars, elevators, production chains, and all those activities where the control of the functionalities of the engine becomes essential.

AC Motors or Alternating Current Motors

At present, the AC motor is the most used for most applications, mainly because they achieve a good performance, low maintenance and simplicity, in their construction, especially in asynchronous motors. AC electric motors are divided into synchronous and asynchronous. Asynchronous, in turn, are divided into common industrial, explosion-proof and crane. Electro-machines of alternating current are single-phase and three-phase. At the present stage, three-phase synchronous and asynchronous electric motors are widely used.

Such electric motors have found wide application in household washing machines, concrete mixers, and construction electric tools, kitchen multifunctional combines, in woodworking and drilling machines and other household equipment.

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