Guide to Selecting the Perfect Panel for Your Energy Goals

control panel manufacturers in Mumbai
control panel manufacturers in Mumbai 

A control panel is simply an assortment of components that control a mechanical function such as firefighting or managing pressure or flow. There are a number of types of panels which perform different functions:

  1. Motor Control Centers
  2. Variable Frequency Drives  
  3. Motor Starter Panels
  4. Fire-fighting panels
  5. Programmable Logic Controllers

Control panels essentially operate as an interface between humans and complex machinery to accomplish various operations. VEMC is one of the leading control panel manufacturers in Mumbai 

In this blog, we try to guide you to select the perfect panel to meet your energy goals

Identify your energy goals

For starters, you must quantify your energy goals as precisely as possible. To put things into proper context, calculate the monthly consumption you have. Then under the given constraints, specify the energy units you aim to save every month. 

Efficiency and performance

Control panels are often located at central positions which enhances the logistical efficiency manifold. They also keep users updated about any deviation in any of the parameters. Optimum efficiency and performance of control panels is a critical function. Find out all about it from experts, past customers and online reviews. VEMC, a leading electrical panel manufacturer in Mumbai can help you on this front. 

Understanding key metrics

Make sure you’re on top of all the key metrics such as wattage, voltage and current ratings and select the control panel exactly according to your needs.

Quality and durability

Buy only from vendors with an established reputation for good quality and durability. Control panels are an expensive piece of equipment and you would want them to last a long time. VEMC is among the most renowned and trusted electrical panel manufacturers in Mumbai.

Warranty considerations

Check whether your vendor offers a warranty on the control panels. If yes, be clear about all the terms and conditions to ensure smooth service in case of a breakdown.

Space available for installation

The size and type of control panel you can install at your facility will depend on the space available. Be mindful of this very simple yet critical constraint when making a choice.

Calculate the payback period and ROI

In how many months will the control panel cover its costs and start returning profits and at what rate? Find out the payback period and ROI for each option you have before zeroing in on the most financially viable control panel.

Environmental impact

As a responsible business, you must also ensure that the system you’re investing in has the least possible carbon footprint. Make sure your control panel also scores well on these fronts:

Embodied energy: It is the sum total of all the energy that was used in building a system.

Energy payback period: It represents the time taken to generate the same amount of energy that was used to build the system.

VEMC’s most iconic project is the firefighting control panel installation at One Avighna Park  Worli–– one of the premium value real estate projects in Mumbai. The fully automatic design and setup have added a new dimension to the building’s safety measures.

We are a top-notch MCC panel manufacturer and solar panel installation company based in Mumbai. For more information on any of our products or services, call us on 022 43436655 or email

Kirloskar’s Top 5 Solutions for Water Pressure Challenge

5 Solutions for Water Pressure Challenge
Kirloskar water pump dealer

High-pressure water is used across industries and domestic operations. Whether it is for firefighting or cleaning automobiles, pressurized water is absolutely indispensable. However, one common complaint that most water pump dealers receive from their customers is pressure fluctuations. VEMC is a leading Kirloskar water pump dealer and in this blog, we take you through the top 5 solutions to deal with water pressure challenges. But first, a word on Kirloskar as a solutions provider.

About Kirloskar

Kirloskar is one of the most reputed names in the country when it comes to fluid management. Kirloskar manufactures a wide range of industrial, domestic, and submersible pumps that are tailor-made for various activities like firefighting, sewage treatment, cleaning, and chemical processing. As business processes get increasingly complicated, clients seek end-to-end services from Kirloskar. This means not just selling a pump but also solving unique fluid management problems through customised pumping solutions. One of the most versatile pumping brands, Kirloskar touches lives across horizons and makes pumping easy, effective, and efficient.

Top 5 Solutions

Now let’s talk about how exactly Kirloskar helps clients solve their water pressure challenges.

  1. Pressure boosting systems: Kirloskar’s pressure boosting pumps are a great way to get rid of low-pressure issues in domestic and industrial settings. The K-Booster available with all Kirloskar pump dealers is a compact yet powerful piece of equipment used at farmhouses, villas, housing societies, etc. 
  2. Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) for pumps: As any Kirloskar pump distributor may suggest, having a built-in VFD for pumps means maintaining a constant pressure automatically. In Kirloskar’s Hydro-Pneumatic System, the VFDs help meet the pressure demand and pump water up high-rise buildings. These pumps can also be used remotely in case frequent pressure changes are needed.
  3. Multi-stage pumps for high-pressure applications: Industrial water pump suppliers in Mumbai often suggest multi-stage pumps to pump water up the highest levels of the city’s tall buildings. Kirloskar’s multistage pumps are highly effective in this scenario.
  4. Water pressure monitoring and control systems: Users may not always require the same pressure in pumping the water. To vary the pressure as per the needs, a sensor is installed which monitors and controls the pump. This prevents over-pressure and over-cycling in the pumps that could lead to equipment failure.
  5. Integrated water management solutions: This is a more holistic and systems-oriented approach to deal with water pressure variations. This involves the coordinated development and management of water, land and infrastructure resources to meet end-customer needs effectively.

Kirloskar is a name especially respected in the agricultural community. In a country where agriculture is significantly rain-fed, Kirloskar has become a source of great hope for the farmers as its irrigation pumps help reduce their reliance on monsoon rains. This is primarily true in the semi-arid landscape of central and western India where farming without a constant water supply is a daunting activity.
If you are looking for industrial water pumps in Mumbai, VEMC is the one-stop destination for you. We are the leading Kirloskar industrial water pump dealers in Mumbai, and you can call us on 022 43436655 or email us at

7 Maintenance Hacks to Extend the Lifespan of Your Pumps

Kirloskar water pump dealer

If you are a pump owner, you must know that it is critical to maintain your pump for a number of reasons. For starters, an inefficient pump is an energy guzzler. With electricity costs rising all the time, you just cannot afford that. Secondly, a well-maintained pump is an asset for a long time to come. Negligence of sudden breakdowns will only lead to a spike in your operation costs or worse loss in business due to downtime. No wonder water pump dealers across the board always emphasize the need for a preventative pump maintenance schedule. VEMC is a leading Kirloskar water pump dealer 

In this blog, we share with you the 7 maintenance hacks that can extend the lifespan of your pump

1. Regular inspection and monitoring

Preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid sudden breakdowns. We are the leading Kirloskar pump dealers, and when our engineers visit your facility, they check all the pump-related parameters to ensure there are no serious deviations. Typically, the engineer would check the bearing temperature, monitor vibrations, or simply carry out visual inspections.

2. Proper lubrication

Given so many moving component parts like bearings in a pump, it is necessary to keep it well-oiled. This prevents damage due to unnecessary friction, inefficiency in operations and waste of energy. As any Kirloskar pump distributor would suggest, regular lubrication of your pumps is a must to extend its lifespan.

3. Cleaning and clearing the debris

Debris could actually accumulate in the bearings which could hinder free movement and aggravate wear and tear of the parts. Clean up the debris regularly to avoid damage.

4. Maintaining seals and gaskets

Seals prevent the fluid from leaking out, causing hazards, housekeeping issues, or health concerns. Keep checking in regularly and ensure proper pump seals and gasket maintenance to avoid such issues and ensure pump longevity.

5. Balancing and alignment

As all industrial water pump suppliers in Mumbai would warn you, balancing and aligning the pump is of utmost necessity. An imbalanced or misaligned pump can damage itself due to persistent vibrations over a period of time, causing high risks of sudden breakdowns.

6. Temperature and operating conditions

A pump is best operated in clean and dry conditions to avoid contact with too much dust or debris. Besides, both extremes of temperature can damage the pump. Assess your operating conditions before installing the pump. 

7. Training and education 

Having a preventative maintenance schedule is not enough. It is also important that your staff is well trained and educated in the art and science of maintenance. Monitoring and regular inspections should become a part of your work culture. In case you cannot afford an in-house maintenance team, you can always seek help from professional services like VEMC. 
A preventative pump maintenance schedule can help avoid unnecessary breakdown costs or downtime. This can have significant implications for your business. For more information on industrial water pumps in Mumbai, get in touch with VEMC today. You can call us on 022 43436655 or email us at

8 Steps to Successfully Adopt Renewable Energy Solutions

Renewable Energy Solutions
solar consultants

Renewable energy is fast emerging as the most favoured source of energy globally. Globally 29 per cent of electricity generation in 2020 came from renewables, whether hydel power projects, windmills or solar installations. 

At VEMC we have unmatched expertise in solar panel installation. If you’re looking for sound advice on transitioning to solar energy, we are also one of the most competent solar consultants out there.

Benefits of renewable energy

  • Renewable energy is non-polluting in nature. There is a serious clamour across the world to reduce reliance on fossils which generate CO2, to clean renewable energy. This is especially true in the global warming context that has become humanity’s number one global worry.
  • Renewable energy is more affordable with stable prices. In a world where fossil reserves are increasingly dwindling and their prices rising uncontrollably, renewable energy provides hope. Renewable energy is also much more immune to geopolitical shocks and supply-chain bottlenecks in case of war, political upheaval or natural disasters.
  • Renewable energy means employment, inclusion and sustainability. The generation and distribution of renewable energy create plenty of jobs. As the industry evolves, more and more entrepreneurs are expected to be attracted to it. This will include a lot of women and local communities, thus creating a more democratic, egalitarian and inclusive world. 

8 steps to adopt renewable energy

As a leading solar energy company, VEMC can help you transition from your conventional source of energy to renewable energy without much serious hassle. All you need is a clear roadmap ahead, which can be summed in these 8 steps below:

1. Assess

In this preliminary step, you may find yourself asking questions about the total monthly consumption or patterns of consumption (since renewables like wind and solar produce more energy at certain hours of the day). Be on top of all the figures in ample detail before making the big leap.

2. Explore options

Your palette of options will be shaped by your budget, technical feasibility, availability of renewable energy nearby and logistical constraints. 

3. Set clear goals

Be sure of what you wish to achieve by switching to renewable energy. Whether you want to reduce your energy costs, ensure compliance or have a stable energy source, all these questions make a difference in your choice of the right renewable energy source.

4. Financial considerations

Ask yourself what amount of resources you can afford to set aside for the switch and whether there are any government incentives involved.

5. Collaborate 

Get in touch with the leading people, companies and consultants in the field and seek their expertise for a smooth transition. VEMC is the best solar company when it comes to handling end-to-end projects for their clients.

6. Implement

Mobile your human, financial and technological resources to execute the installation with the help of the experts.

The Role of Filters in Preventing Pressure Drops and Ensuring Air Quality

Air Compressor

Air filters play a vital role in maintaining and controlling air quality indoors and safeguarding equipment in different applications, ranging right from industrial mechanisms to HVAC systems in residences. They help capture and remove airborne impurities, like dust, mold spores, pollen, bacteria, and more, ensuring clean air and preventing possible health issues. An understanding of pressure drops within air filters is critical for maintaining their performance and efficiency.

  • Filter Media, Efficiency Ratings, and Applications

Air filters use varied kinds of filter media, each with its distinctive qualities and efficiency levels. Fiberglass, activated carbon, pleated paper, HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air), and electrostatic aspects comprise common filter media. Such filters vary in ability to trap a range of particle contaminants as well as sizes.

Efficiency ratings are typically expressed as Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) or High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA). A high MERV or HEPA rating indicates good filtration, making them suitable for applications demanding high air quality, like use in hospitals, cleanrooms, and laboratories. At VEMC, one of the premier Air Compressor Dealers in Mumbai, you get end-to-end solutions where products and allied components of filters are concerned.

  • Preventing Pressure Drops

Pressure drops can occur when there is movement of air through the filter, facing resistance due to filter media and its structure. A relevant pressure drop may hinder the flow of air, reducing the overall efficiency of the system and increasing power consumption. Consequently, the right filter for the particular application should be selected. As any ELGi air compressor dealers in Mumbai will inform you, this is vital for filtration systems to do their jobs.

  • Factors Affecting Filter Performance

Many factors impact filter performance and result in pressure drops. Such factors include filter thickness, particle size, pleat density, and face velocity affect filter operation. If you are looking for an ELGi dealer in Mumbai, you can easily find the right one at VEMC, a machinery and engineering company with decades of expertise in the field.

  • Maintaining Air Quality

You do not need an ELGi Compressor Dealer in Mumbai to tell you that regular upkeep of air filters is important for maintaining optimal air quality and efficiency. Dirty or clogged filters reduce efficiency and increase drops of pressure. The result is high consumption of energy.

  • Filter Maintenance and Replacement

The frequency of maintenance, as well as the replacement of filters, depends on many factors, like filter type, contaminants present, and the operational environment. In settings with high occupancy, filters require frequent attention, as compared to residential settings. Regular inspections are important and can help identify when filters require cleaning/replacement.

  • Filter Efficiency and Standards

Various industry standards, such as AEN 779 (European standard for air filters), form guidelines for filter performance and efficiency testing ratings. Compliance with standards ensures filters meet basic efficiency requirements and perform optimally in respective applications. At VEMC, one of the superior air compressor dealers in Mumbai, you can get the highest service standards for any machinery you invest in.

Certain applications may require specific filters to address particular concerns. Furthermore, upgrading filters can affect energy efficiency and operational effectiveness in significant ways. It would be advisable to gain a proper understanding of filters and opt for the ones that suit your particular needs.


In case you are looking for an ELGi Screw Compressor or need any guidance on filtration systems, you can reach out to us at VEMC at +91 9819907445. We have years of experience in filtration systems and allied machinery to solve your engineering and allied issues.