Understanding Air Compressor Discharge Pressure

If you’re an air compressor owner, you must be acquainted with some of the basics of your equipment. Discharge pressure is one of the most relevant notions that significantly impacts how your air compressor performs. VEMC is one of the leading air compressor dealers in Mumbai, and in this blog, we take you through all you need to know about discharge pressure.

Definition and importance of discharge pressure

Discharge pressure simply refers to the air pressure at the output end, that is, the discharge flange of your compressor. Maintaining optimum discharge pressure is necessary to ensure maximum levels of efficiency and productivity. However, higher than required discharge pressure could cause wastage of energy as well as damage to the system. This is because of the rise in temperature leading to metal fatigue of valves and thermal stress on lubricants.

Factors affecting discharge pressure

Discharge pressure of an air compressor is quite dynamic and a number of factors affect it. Some of these are:

  1. Size and speed of the condenser fan
  2. Size of the discharge line
  3. Condition of the condenser coil
  4. Leakage of air
  5. Cooling effect by oil, water , etc.
  6. Rotational speed in case of a screw compressor
  7. Voltage and frequency of the power grid
  8. Suction temperature and pressure

Impact of discharge pressure on system performance and efficiency

For starters, discharge pressure directly impacts the air flow of a compressor, and the simple Boyle’s Law equation can substantiate this. 

P1 x V1 = P2 x V2

However, compressed air isn’t free and with every unit rise in discharge pressure, there is a proportionate rise in energy consumption as well. In fact, it is widely believed that for every 2-psi increase in pressure, the energy consumption increases by 1 percent. So while increase in discharge pressure does boost your performance significantly, it also reduces the efficiency due to overconsumption of energy. Besides, higher levels of discharge pressure can also cause leaks in the system and reduce the distribution of the compressed air, while reducing the lifespan of the air compressor in the long run.

Optimal discharge pressure settings for different applications

It is quite clear that operating an air compressor and deciding the right discharge pressure requires  some amount of nuance. There is no on-size-fits-all for every application that you use your compressor for. Industrial applications usually require a pressure of 100-200 psi while if you’re using the compressor for domestic use, anything between 90-150 psi should be enough. Pneumatic tools like nail guns require a pressure of 90-100 psi while sandblasters and spray painters would typically need 120-150 psi.

Discharge pressure seems to be a straightforward notion. However, to ensure you get the maximum out of your air compressor without wasting energy, you must operate it at the right levels of discharge pressure. For more on air compressors, feel free to call us at 022 43436655 or email us at marketing@vemc.co.in. VEMC is the leading compressor dealer in Mumbai.

Air Compressor Dryers: Why They are Essential and How to Choose One

Air compressors find use in a number of industrial applications such as spray painting, packaging and drilling. But a common issue in air compressors is the accumulation of moisture which could be problematic for a number of reasons. This issue can be dealt with using the right kind of air dryer. VEMC is one of the leading air compressor dealers in Mumbai and in this blog, we tell you everything you need to know about air compressor dryers.

Why moisture in air compressors is problematic

Condensation of humidity inside an air compressor is a common issue and can appear in pipes, filters and other machinery. This can cause malfunction and breakdown of the equipment using the compressed air. Over the longer time horizon, it can be a cause for corrosion in the metallic parts. It is especially worrying if you are using the air compressor in packaging as the moisture can lead to the growth of moulds and cause spoilage of packaged items. To get rid of the moisture, air compressor dryers are essential accessories for your equipment.

Types of air dryers

Air compressors dryers are available in a number of variants each suited for a certain set of operations:

  1. Refrigerated air dryers: 

These air dryers condense the moisture in the air to very low temperatures, thus removing it and allowing the compressed air to proceed ahead to the attached tool.  These are available in cycling and non-cycling variants. The former supply variable cooling to match the demand while the latter supply constant cooling irrespective of the demand. Refrigerated air dryers are best suited for manufacturing and service applications but not for highly sensitive ones where even a little moisture can be problematic.

  1. Desiccant air dryers: 

These operate by desiccating the air using hygroscopic materials like silica gel or activated alumina. A twin-tower drying system is typically used both chambers of which contain desiccant materials. These air dryers are best suited for moisture-sensitive industrial applications such as healthcare, packaging, fabric manufacturing , etc.

  1. Membrane air dryers: 

These use specialised membranes to filter moisture out of the compressed air. The microtubules present in the membrane retain water while the dried air is allowed to pass through to the required application. These types of air dryers are best suited for applications such as food processing, dehumidification and gas separation. 

Choosing the right air dryer

Your choice of air dryer depends upon your specific needs as listed above and also your budget. For standardised functions, say in manufacturing, cost-effective air compressors like non-cyclic refrigerators are good enough. However, if your business applications are extremely moisture-sensitive, it is best to use slightly more expensive but highly effective desiccant air dryers.
For more information or guidance on the right air compressor dryers, feel free to call us on  022 43436655 or email us at marketing@vemc.co.in. VEMC is one of the top-notch air compressor dealers in Mumbai, with vast industry experience and cutting-edge expertise.

The ABCs of Air Compressor Accessories

Air compressors are the go-to equipment to generate power for a number of tasks in industrial as well as domestic settings. These include spray painting, drilling, cleaning etc. However, air compressors can offer optimum performance only when the accessories are functioning well. VEMC is the leading air compressor supplier in Mumbai, and in this blog, we acquaint you with the ABCs of air compressor accessories.

Types of accessories

  1. Filters: 

Air compressor filters are important to remove dust and debris and push out only clean compressed air. Their role is even more important in case you are using your air compressor in sensitive work environments like food processing. Rotary screw air compressors have three filters: an oil filter, an inlet filter and air/oil separator. While on an average, filters must be replaced every 2000 hours of service, they may need even more frequent replacement in dirtier conditions. Replacement helps prevent the oil from becoming contaminated and also the premature failure of the parts.

  1. Regulators: 

Air compressor regulators help control the air pressure in a pneumatic system. This ensures that the air compressor operates safely and at optimum levels of efficiency. 

  • General purpose regulators: These are best suited for use in industrial settings and operate above the atmospheric pressure.
  • High pressure regulators: These have an inlet pressure of 1000 psi.
  • Dual stage regulators: In these regulators, the liquid flows through a succession of chambers to deliver constant pressure.
  • Point-of-use regulators: These regulators are attached at or near a tool such as a pneumatic drill.

3. Lubricators: 

Air compressor lubricators help reduce friction between parts of an air compressor and dissipate the extra heat generated. An air compressor lubrication system comprises of a crankcase sump, strainer, filter and cylinder lubricator. The lubricating oil is contained in the compressor crankcase. A preset mark on the crankcase indicates the level of lubricating oil that must be present in it and thus helps at the time of replenishment. 

4. Valves: 

Air compressor valves control the in and out-flow of air or oil in a compressor.

  • Intake valve: As the name suggests, an intake valve enables the air to enter the compressor. This air is then directed to the compressor head where it is compressed.
  • Minimum pressure valve: It is located at the outlet above the oil-gas separator. It acts as a buffer to control the flow rate of the gas and prevent damage due to high-speed airflow.
  • Safety valve: This is important for the safety of the air compressor as it discharges some gas as soon as the pressure exceeds a certain level.

Choosing the right accessories

If you are looking for accessories for your air compressor, make sure you only choose the original ones. Only original accessories can guarantee optimum performance and a long service life. For more on air compressor accessories, get in touch with VEMC by calling on 022 43436655 or emailing us at marketing@vemc.co.in. We are the leading air compressor dealers in Mumbai.

Top 5 Tips to Elevate your Air Compressor’s Productivity

An air compressor is one of the most useful equipment both at home and in the industry. It uses the power of compressed air to perform wide ranging tasks such as drilling, inflating tyres, refrigeration, air conditioning and spray painting. As an air compressor owner, you would like to get the maximum out of your equipment with the consumption of minimum possible energy.

VEMC is one of the leading air compressor dealers in Mumbai, and in this blog, we share 5 tips that will help you elevate your compressor’s productivity significantly.

Conduct air checks regularly

When using an air compressor, carry out regular air checks as part of routine maintenance and inspection process. With the help of a data recording device, you can take precise readings without obstructing the operations. The air check shows the pressure and volume, thus ensuring optimised use and minimum possible energy consumption.

Recover the dissipated heat

A substantial portion of energy that is generated by an air compressor is lost in the form of heat. This accounts for up to 90% of the energy. By making use of this dissipated heat in warming your facility or heating water, you can avoid wastage of this significant amount of energy which is anyway released by your compressor.

Plug leakages

Air leakage can cause a significant amount of leakage and must therefore be frequently inspected and plugged. Apart from the compressor piping, make sure valves, couplings and flanges are properly checked for leaks. You may need a qualified and experienced service-provider such as VEMC –– a top air compressor dealer in Mumbai, for this. 

Stop off-load running

No-load running of your air compressor is another problem area. It consumes energy while not producing any compressed air. Besides, when the compressor is stopped and restarted, it causes extra wear and tear, leading to higher maintenance costs. To ensure the system is suitably configured, proper sizing of the system or having an intelligent control system in place is necessary.

Use only genuine spares

Long service life and efficiency in operations can be guaranteed only by original spare parts. This doesn’t just apply to the valves, seals and compressor stages, but also to lubricants. Original spare parts are manufactured keeping in close view the design and configuration of the air compressor. The same cannot be said of non-genuine spare parts which may seem marginally cheaper but may end up costing much higher in the long run due to low efficiency, more wear and tear, and higher maintenance costs.

If you are an air compressor owner, you must look for possible areas of poor efficiency and wastage of energy, and take suitable corrective measures. For more information on how to prevent wastage and ensure your air compressors run at maximum efficiency, feel free to get in touch with our experts by calling us on 022 43436655 or emailing us at marketing@vemc.co.in. VEMC is the top-notch air compressor dealer in Mumbai

The Future of Air Compressor Technology: ELGi’s Vision for a Sustainable and Connected Industry

The smart, data-centered Industry 4.0 is transforming the way we envision manufacturing. Advanced technologies like Machine Learning, AI and IoT are being put to use in factories than facilitate manufacturers in decision-making, maintaining optimum efficiency and peak production levels. It also contributes to the effort of making factories more sustainable by reducing their carbon footprint. Today, this transformation is also shaping the air compressor industry. VEMC is the leading ELGi dealer in Mumbai and in this blog, we take you through the future of air compressor technology.

ELGi’s vision for the future

ELGi envisions a disruptive future when it comes to air compressor technology. This vision includes the use of cutting edge Information Technology and is aligned with the demands of the environment.

  1. Sustainable compressors: 

ELGi is committed to the goal of business sustainability and offers highly efficient air compressors which reduce energy bills, have lower lifecycle costs and minimize your carbon footprint. By ensuring best-in-class durability, these compressors also enjoy a long life which keeps in check the capex costs of replacement as well as wastage of material, thus aligning strongly with the idea of circular economy.

  1. Connectivity: 

Air compressors no longer operate in siloes. ELGi’s air compressors are always connected to the user’s smartphone device and offer real-time performance and efficiency related data.

  1. Innovation: 

ELGi is a company strongly committed to innovation. The company’s R&D is always on the lookout for new technology and next-gen solutions that can be integrated into their air compressors. However, often innovation comes in the form of incremental improvements which make a huge difference when it comes to energy savings, reducing costs of ownership and the impact on the environment.

Air compressors and Industry 4.0

Lets come back to the idea of Industry 4.0 and the way it has shaped the air compressor industry. A huge part of Industry 4.0 is the ability to connect devices through the latest IoT technology. This means having sensors installed in the devices and making them a part of an ever enlarging network of devices. Each device continuously transmits a stream of data which is captured, recorded and displayed to decision-makers. In times of emergency, special alerts may also be launched through push notifications, email and SMS.

The availability of real-time data enables users to think on their feet and make quick decisions with regard to servicing and having a scheduled maintenance regime in place. It also keeps highlighting issues with performance and energy efficiency which drives greater sustainability. With predictive maintenance, users can foresee any potential breakdown of their devices, and take steps to prevent it, thus reducing possibilities of unplanned downtime and the related business losses.

All of these features are now available in your ELGi air compressors which are strongly inspired by Industry 4.0. For more on how ELGi is transforming the air compressor industry, get in touch with VEMC by calling on 022 43436655 or emailing us at marketing@vemc.co.in. We are the top ELGi compressor dealer in Mumbai.

Elgi’s Global Footprint and Commitment to Sustainability in Air Compressor Manufacturing

Founded in the year 1960, ELGi is one of the most reputed names in air compressor manufacturing. Today the company has a presence in 120 countries across the world with a fast-growing distributor  base in each country. This is thanks to its high-quality products, exceptional service and prompt  customer support.

VEMC is one of the leading ELGi air compressor dealers in Mumbai, and in this blog we talk about how ELGi is taking on the global market while being committed to the goals of sustainability.

ELGi’s global footprint

With over 63 years of experience in manufcaturing air compressors, ELGi has reached the zenith of its business. The company has reached over 2 million installations all over the world. 

All of this is thanks to ELGi’s innovative product portfolio and a strong marketing and distribution network. The company has penetrated the lucrative markets of US, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and Australia through its spree of acquisitions in manufacturing and distribution. Everywhere ELGi goes, it maintains high product quality standards to build an unassailable reputation. Due to this, the company is getting a positive response from its distribution partners who are always more than willing to carry its products on their network.

For years, the company has focused on strengthening its back-end processes and is now replicating the same success in marketing and distribution. Going forward, the company aims at expanding through a two-fold strategy: diversifying its offerings and building more capacity in the international market. In 2018, 50% of ELGi’s revenues came from its international market and they hope to grow it further in the years to come.

ELGi’s commitment to sustainable business

ELGi believes in creating enduring value for all its stakeholders. These include employees, investors, suppliers, distributors and the society at large. This necessitates that the company uses high-tech products to provide best-in-class service while creating a positive impact on the environment.

Over the last few years, ELGi has made a conscious effort to streamline its ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) initiatives. The company has created a comprehensive sustainability framework that focuses on three pillars:

  • Always responsible
  • Always reliable
  • Always resilient

On the ground, this means ELGi is committed to responsible operations, offering reliable products and services, and ensuring the organization remains resilient especially in the wake of growing business challenges. 

When it comes to ESG efforts, the company has established the ELGi school for children from low-income families in Coimbatore. For the last 3 decades, the school has been providing access to quality education helping these students and their families realise their dreams. ELGi’s vocational training school provides technical training to hundreds of youth, especially from low income backgrounds, to finally employ them in its factories.

On the 50th anniversary of the World Earth Day in 2020, ELGi launched the ‘Steps for Change’ program to encourage its employees across the world to take small yet significant steps to make a difference to the environment. 

For more on how ELGi is helping transform the future through its sustainability efforts across the world, call VEMC on 022 43436655 or email us at marketing@vemc.co.in. We are the leading ELGi reciprocating compressor dealers in Mumbai.

The Role of Pumps and Air Compressors in the Circular Economy

As opposed to a linear economy which proceeds through the stages of ‘take-make-waste’, a circular economy is restorative and regenerative. The economic activity in a circular economy builds and rebuilds the overall health of the system. It aims at decoupling growth from the consumption of finite resources. The three most significant features of a circular economy are resource efficiency, waste reduction and closed-loop systems. A circular economy offers enduring benefits like environmental sustainability, economic growth and job creation.

VEMC is the leading air compressor dealer in Mumbai, and in this blog we take you through the role of pumps and air compressors in a circular economy.

Industries that rely on pumps and air compressors

A range of industries such as manufacturing, wastewater treatment and energy production rely on water pumps and air compressors. Here are some of the major functions performed by them:

By pumps:

  1. Transporting fluids such as chemicals, oil, water etc. from one place to another
  2. Removing pollutants and contaminants from fluids
  3. Providing the necessary pressure required for industrial processes
  4. Mixing and blending liquids

By air compressors:

  1. Pushing and propelling gases through pipelines
  2. Blow cleaning and spray painting operations
  3. Powering pneumatic tools such as drills, abrasive blast equipment etc.
  4. Shifting AC refrigerants

All the above-mentioned functions consume energy. To create and sustain a circular economy, it is important that energy efficient pumps and compressors are used, so that operations are performed at peak levels without wastage of energy.

Recycling and remanufacturing pumps and air compressors

Air compressors and pumps that are in use for a very long time will inevitably undergo wear and tear. This will affect their performance and energy efficiency. However, if these equipment are procured from trusted manufacturers like VEMC, you can expect longevity and consistent performance. This is not just great for your business as it avoids sudden breakdowns, loss of business and unexpected capex investments, but also for the circular economy as it avoids wastage of resources and lowers the carbon footprint. Besides, techniques like retrofitting can offer a second life to your equipment while enhancing their performance and efficiency.

Role of compressors and pumps in a circular economy

One of the most important aims of a circular economy is to reduce wastage and lifespan costs of equipment. This is ensured in three main ways:

  • Products like compressors and pumps which are designed keeping the concept of circular economy in mind, aim to extract maximum value out of resources. As soon as the products reach the end of their service life, their parts are salvaged and re-processed to leave as little waste as possible. 
  • Product design also ensures that as little wastage of material during operations (through friction) takes place. The simplicity of design to avoid as much metal-to-metal contact can help reduce lifetime costs of the equipment significantly. 
  • The product designs also ensure minimal consumption of energy and enhanced operational efficiency. This contributes to lower carbon footprint and energy savings throughout the service life of the product.

For more on how VEMC promotes the idea of circular economy through its air compressors and pumps, call us on 022 43436655 or email us at marketing@vemc.co.in. We are the leading pump and air compressor dealers in Mumbai.

Why ELGI’s Air Alert is a Game-Changer for Air Compressor Users

ELGi air compressor dealers in Mumbai

Air compressors produce compressed air that provides energy to power various devices or machines in industries. Due to the enormous amount of energy they produce, air compressors find application in a variety of industries and operations. Air compressors are useful tools with hefty investment and owners naturally want them to last long. With ELGi’s Air~Alert system in place, owners can monitor the various parameters of their compressors regularly, provide recommendations, and avoid downtime. We are the leading ELGi air compressor dealers in Mumbai and in this blog we tell you why ELGi’s Air~Alert is a game-changer for air compressor users.

Why have Air Alert systems

Air~Alert systems basically gather information on all parameters from the air compressor. This information is later used for in-depth analysis and improvement. The intelligent insights that the gathered data provides helps users plan and schedule maintenance and enhance the efficiency of their air compressor.

How Air~Alert works

The air compressor operational and performance data is acquired from the compressor controller, encrypted and sent to secure servers. The data is then processed using smart algorithms to come up with predictions, actionable alerts, reports, and trends. These are sent to the user’s dashboard and as text messages. 

3 modules are involved in this entire process: Data collection & storage, failure prediction and detection, and alerts & reports. In the first module, data is gathered, stored, and organized. The second module predicts if the compressor will fail in the future. In the third module, alerts and reports are turned into actionable insights.

User benefits

ELGi Air~Alert system is a perfect fit for Industry 4.0. It is powered by technologies like AI and IoT which ensure the insights are timely, accurate, and actionable. It has some outstanding benefits for users:

1. With Air~Alert, users are kept informed about critical information that helps maintain the health of the compressor. For instance, it tells the users what the optimum pressure band for a particular task is. Likewise, it helps the users in leak detection which reduces the wastage of electricity.

2. Various industries have successfully tested the Air~Alert system. In a pipe company, Air~Alert contributed about 40% savings to the company. In the textile industry, it helps identify choked filters by detecting abnormal pressure readings.

3. Air~Alert notifies users ahead of time about upcoming service and maintenance schedules. This reduces the possibilities of breakdown. It can also forecast potential faults and failures in advance minimizing downtime and unplanned repair costs.

4. The Air~Alert system provides 24/7 monitoring of parameters such as usage, discharge pressure, oil temperature, total running hours, VFD speed, etc. The live data is streamed to users’ PCs, laptops, or smartphones and can be accessed from anywhere through a user-friendly dashboard.

For more information on the ELGi Air~Alert system, get in touch with VEMC by calling 022 43436655 or emailing us at marketing@vemc.co.in. We are the leading ELGi air compressor dealers in Mumbai. Whether you’re looking for ELGi reciprocating compressor or a screw compressor, we have you covered.

Six Focus Areas That Are At The Heart of VEMC

Kirloskar dealer in Mumbai
Kirloskar dealer in Mumbai

Vijay Engineering & Machine Company or VEMC has become the gold standard of quality in electromechanical engineering products, allied equipment, and services. This is due to its rich experience of 70 years in the industry. Today, it has become the top-notch Kirloskar dealer in Mumbai, and has a strong and diverse base of clientele. 

Here are six main focus areas at the heart of the company that have established its position in the industry:

1. Fluid-handling know-how

For starters, VEMC is the most trusted name when it comes to fluid handling. It deals in an unparalleled range of motors and pumps suited for various industries and business operations. VEMC also deals in automated fire sprinklers for safer residential and commercial buildings. Whether it is draining flood water in a monsoon-prone city like Mumbai, or pumping water out of basements from an under-construction mall, VEMC’s expertise in fluid handling is exceptional.

2. Customer-centric approach

VEMC acknowledges that its customers are at the very heart of its business. It deals with B2B clients and its solutions are customized to solve real-world problems for its clients, whether in the real estate or automobile industry. With time, VEMC has evolved itself into a company selling not just electromechanical appliances, but full-fledged solutions to business problems. It has therefore emerged as the favoured consultant in the field of solar energy, fluid handling, and air compression.

3. Technology

VEMC is a company that stays ahead of the learning curve by proactively incorporating advanced technology into its offerings. Whether in the field of solar energy or pumping, VEMC never shies away from putting the latest technology to use. Technology such as AI, predictive analytics, and IoT are some of the examples that have lately been propelling its solutions to the highest standards across industries.

4. Sustainability

VEMC understands that climate change is a real threat to the environment. The only way forward to do business therefore is by keeping in mind the sustainability of operations. Whether it is solar energy or energy-efficient pumps, sustainability is another key value at the very heart of VEMC’s business offerings.

5. Quality

The company’s products use the highest standards of material. They comply with the strongest quality standards and tests globally due to which they last longer, require very little maintenance, and have a negligible number of breakdowns.

6. Service

VEMC has evolved from merely dealing in electromechanical equipment to providing end-to-end project management services. The company also offers repair and maintenance services to its clients by giving them an opportunity to enter into Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs). This helps clients maintain their equipment at the highest levels of efficiency, reducing energy consumption, avoiding sudden and unforeseen breakdowns, and prolonging their lifespan.
A top-notch Kirloskar authorised dealer, VEMC has emerged as one of the most favoured names in the field of electromechanical equipment, solar energy and air compressors. For more information, get in touch with us by calling us on 022 43436655 or emailing us at marketing@vemc.co.in.