Minimum Efficiency Index-An Important Criteria for Pump Selection

Minimum Efficiency Index (MEI) is one of the most widely used parameters in the pumping industry. To put it simply, MEI is the measure of a pump’s efficiency. VEMC is a top-notch Kirloskar Authorised Dealer 

In This Blog, We Tell You All You Need To Know About Minimum Efficiency Index.

Definition Of Minimum Efficiency Index

As mentioned above, Minimum Efficiency Index or MEI is a measure of a pump’s energy efficiency. It has been expostulated by the European Committee for Standardization in 2015 under the standard EN 16480. This document provides an elaborate method to calculate the MEI and also set a threshold which pumps had to achieve before being commercialised.

Importance Of Energy Efficiency

Pump efficiency simply indicates how well a pump is able to convert electrical energy into pumping energy. It is naturally preoccupied with reducing the wastage of energy as much as possible. This wasted energy can manifest in undesirable forms such as heat and noise.

From the business point of view, however, greater efficiency means more savings! Inefficient pumps waste electricity in pumping the fluid, causing relatively higher consumption of units. With energy costs rising the world over, this is the last thing that a highly competitive business would want.

Besides, inefficient pumps also tend to have more wear and tear and their maintenance costs rise rapidly as they age. This also means more spare parts to repair the pump every year creating another drain on revenues.

Factors affecting MEI

As any Kirloskar water pump dealer will explain, a number of factors affect the efficiency and thus MEI of a pump. 

  1. Overall system design and type of the pump
  2. The efficiency of the pump components and spare parts
  3. Repairs and maintenance regimes of the pump
  4. Age of the pump
  5. The efficiency of pump control
  6. Medium being handled by the pump (liquid, semi-solid or solid)
  7. Wear and tear of the component parts

Standardization of MEI

In 2015 the European Committee for Standardization set the minimum threshold for efficiency at 0.4 under Standard EN 16480. Pumps below this threshold would not be allowed to be sold. After this threshold was established, 40% of pumps being sold in Europe before 2015 had to be withdrawn from the market. The Standard EN 16480 provides an elaborate methodology to measure MEI including errors, uncertainty and tolerance levels.

Pump Selection Based on MEI

The minimum MEI threshold as already mentioned is 0.4. However, 0.7 is considered to be the highest MEI value and any pump exhibiting this level of MEI at a reasonable price is surely a great deal. Before purchasing a pump, ask your Kirloskar Authorised Dealer its MEI value.

Benefits of Using MEI

Given the thorough procedure that is followed to calculate MEI, it is the most reliable litmus test for pump efficiency. Greater MEI indicates higher efficiency levels, lower energy wastage, lower electricity costs, and more sustainable business overall. It also acts as a certificate and culls those pumps from the market which are low-grade, thus offering the consumer only the highest standard product.

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Why the Performance Witness Test is Important for Centrifugal Pumps

Performance witness test is the procedure to establish the integrity of a pump and keep a record for future reference. It is necessary to ensure the pump meets industry standards and is compliant with various norms and regulations. Very often some technical snags and issues also surface during a performance witness test. 

VEMC is the leading Kirloskar Pump Distributor based out of Mumbai

In This Blog, We Explain Why A Performance Witness Test Is Important For Your Centrifugal Pump.

Verification Of Design Specifications

A performance witness test enables a user to verify first-hand the various design specifications of the pump, as promised by the supplier. The data generated during the test could be plotted on a graph to ascertain whether the pump is performing satisfactorily within the expected limits. The pump must be run long enough in order to stabilise it and test it at raised temperatures.

Detection Of Defects And Malfunctions

As any Kirloskar pump distributor will explain, testing the mechanical integrity of the pump is another important reason to carry out a performance witness test. This ensures that the pump operates satisfactorily with no defects or problems at higher temperature and vibration levels. During the test, the pump is checked for possible leaks from parts such as gaskets and seals. 

Identification Of Operational Problems

Data is plotted to identify any possible problems while running the pump. Operational issues such as misalignment, or their symptoms such as unexpected vibrations or excessive noise can be identified and corrected once the pump is put through a thorough performance witness test. Your Kirloskar pump distributor most likely will also provide pump AMC services and can be of great help in this regard.

Determination Of Energy Efficiency

A performance witness test culminates in the drafting of statistical reports which help determine the efficiency of your pump. The performance curve for instance has energy curves and efficiency curves among many others. These curve helps identify any efficiency-related issues such as overconsumption of electricity.

Documentation Of Performance

One of the most significant outputs of performance witness tests is the documentation of results. This can be of great value for future reference, especially in case of a pump breakdown, poor performance, or reduced efficiency. In other words, this acts as a medical history of sorts for your centrifugal pump!

Compliance With Industry Standards

Your centrifugal pump must comply with a number of industry standards which mostly signify optimum performance and efficiency. Some of these industry standards are:

  • Hydraulic Institute (HI) “vertical pump tests”, ANSI/HI 2.6-1994
  • ASME Power Test Codes (PTC) 8.2-1990
  • American Petroleum Institue (API) Standard 610
  • HI “Centrifugal Pump Tests” ANSI/HI 1.6-2000

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Five Ways to Maintain a Centrifugal Pump

 Centrifugal Pump

Maintaining your centrifugal pumps can extend the life of your pumps, reduce operation costs and minimise the chances of a sudden breakdown. With proper maintenance, you are also able to keep a record of all the problems arising in the pump which can help you zero in on future problems easily. VEMC is the leading Industrial Water Pump Dealer in Mumbai.

In This Blog, We Take You Through 5 Ways In Which You Can Ensure Comprehensive Maintenance Of Your Centrifugal Pump. 

1. Proper Lubrication

The failure of bearings is mostly caused by lubrication or the lack of it. Make sure you are lubricating the pump just enough. Over-lubrication can be as harmful to the pump as under-lubrication by creating solids on the bearings and making them run at higher temperatures.

2. Regular Inspection

Make sure you are regularly checking the pump for leaks, excessive vibrations, lubrication, and discharge pressure. Maintain a log register of your inspections and note any remarkable changes or faults. This way you can ensure proper upkeep and identify the problem instantly in case of a breakdown.

3. Control The Pump’s Operating Conditions

While the pump is working, a number of parameters like temperature, pressure and vibrations need to be kept under check. Usually, a pump will exhibit a rise in temperature while operating but watch out for overheating to prevent damage to parts. Likewise, determine the optimum flow range of your pump (represented by parameters like BEP, POR and AOR). As much as possible, make sure that your pump doesn’t operate beyond this acceptable range. 

4. Proper Alignment

Misalignment of your centrifugal pump can cause a number of problems like greater wear and tear, leakage, excessive vibration, noise, higher maintenance costs, lower energy efficiency, and even early failure. These issues can be avoided by ensuring the proper alignment of your pump.   For this, station your pump on a solid foundation which is at least thrice the mass of your pumping system. Affix the pump with cement grout or epoxy to eliminate any movement and misalignment during operations. 

Besides, monitor the shaft alignment of your pump regularly as well, to avoid any disproportionate stress and strain. In case the pump is functioning at a higher temperature, the likelihood of thermal expansion will demand greater attention to pump alignment.

5. Regular Maintenance

All said and done, regular maintenance of your centrifugal pumps is absolutely indispensable. While this may seem like an annoying overhead on your operations costs, it actually helps save you from a sudden breakdown which may cause longer downtime and serious business losses. Setting up a comprehensive preventative maintenance regime along the lines suggested by your dealer can contribute to longer pump life, better efficiency and reduced downtime. As the top Industrial Water Pump Dealer in Mumbai, VEMC provides AMC services and can also help you maintain your pumps better.

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Pump Energy Audit Leads to Substantial Energy Savings

Industrial Water Pump Dealers in Mumbai

Pump energy audits are indispensable to ensure your pumps are running at optimum energy efficiency levels so that you don’t bleed money unnecessarily. VEMC is one of the leading Industrial Water Pumps Dealers in Mumbai.

In This Blog, We Tell You Everything You Need To Know About Pump Energy Audits.

Energy Management

Higher energy utilisation can pile up your operations costs but it also means an added burden on the economy. Managing energy in your operations is therefore necessary, and audits are the starting point in ensuring optimum use.

Water Audit And Conservation

Pump audits also check your pumps’ overall health by conducting inspections for leaks in seals and gaskets. Likewise balancing the pumps is also important to minimise flows and reduce the pump’s power consumption. As the top-notch Industrial Water Pump Suppliers in Mumbai, VEMC provides comprehensive AMC services and can help you unearth various issues with your pumps.

Power Quality Analysis And Fault Investigation

Improper wiring, poor system grounding, and unbalanced loads are some of the factors leading to poor power quality. To minimise the possibility of equipment damage due to excessive power supply, interruptions etc, power quality analysis is important.

The auditor typically investigates common faults such as ground faults, power interruptions, flicker, noise, and voltage issues like sags and swells. They then provide a detailed guide on how to take corrective measures.

Electrical Safety Audit

Electric hazards such as short-circuit fires or electrocution could cause death and destruction. To avoid the risks of such electric hazards, electric safety audits are a must. These hazards could be avoided or at least minimised by establishing proper procedures and protocols, personnel training, maintenance programs and adherence to proper system designs. 

Thermal Imaging (Thermography)

Thermal imaging can be used to monitor the movements of parts such as impellers for early identification of breakdowns. It can also indicate inadequate oil or lubricants and a poor cooling system. By using the thermal trending method, the temperature distributions of a component are tracked and compared over a period of time to identify slow failures due to leakages, blockages, etc.

Performance Assessment

A number of relevant parameters of the pump are studied to ensure optimum performance. These include flow rate, head, efficiency, etc. Any drop in these parameters indicates a sub-optimal performance and calls for corrective measures. 

Project Management

A project management audit unearths any discrepancies between the planned schedule, expenditure, or use of equipment and tools. This comes in handy in large projects such as hospitals or office buildings.

Maintenance Service

An important role of audits is that it enables you to find the issues and faults with your pumps, and then take corrective measures to ensure proper functioning, optimum performance, and highest efficiency levels.

Awareness And Training Programme

Factory personnel must be sensitised to the proper and most preferred way of working with the pumps. This will ensure they are consistent with the overall company-wide endeavour to save money, boost efficiency and optimise performance. By conducting regular awareness and training programmes on the best practices in pumping, companies can achieve all the critical parameters.


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Advantages of Reciprocating Compressor Over Screw Compressor

ELGi Screw Compressor

Before choosing an air compressor, it is very important to consider the features of each type to ensure suitability for your business operations. Screw air compressors operate by using two screws that trap and compress air between them while reciprocating compressors operate using pistons in a cylinder. While both find utility across industrial operations, reciprocating air compressors have some remarkable advantages over screw compressors. VEMC is the leading Air Compressor Dealers In Mumbai.

In This Blog, We Take You Through Each Of These Advantages In Detail:

Better Control Over The Discharge Pressure

Reciprocating compressors are typically used to discharge pressure of up to 12000 psi. They can be used at atmospheric pressure and to some extent even in a slight vacuum.

Reciprocating Compressors Operate At Higher Efficiencies

An Elgi Reciprocating Compressor can generate greater pressure but operates at much less energy.

Lower Installation Cost

As any air compressor dealer in Mumbai will tell you, reciprocating air compressors have a low initial setup cost as compared to other compressors. 

Low Noise Level

The piston pump of a reciprocating air compressor is quite straightforward and moves up and down rapidly to compress air. With its simple design and operation, the friction levels are quite low which in turn also results in lower noise levels.

Longer Service Life

These compressors have high durability and can serve sturdily for a much longer period of time than screw compressors. If proper upkeep is ensured, a typical reciprocating compressor is estimated to serve for a total of up to 50000 hours.

Easy Maintenance

Due to the simple design and operation, the maintenance of reciprocating air compressors is quite easy and cost-effective. Technicians have easy access to most components of the compressor and spare parts are also readily available in the market.


These compressors are great to use in both light as well as heavy-duty operations. These can be tank-mounted or base-mounted which reduces the placement constraints and boosts ease of use. Besides, these air compressors have both oiled and oil-free varieties and can thus be put to use in a wide range of operations. This is especially useful if you function in restaurants, food processing or the pharmaceutical industry and are concerned about oil contamination. 

Better Efficiency In High-Pressure Applications

Reciprocating air compressors are known to perform much better in high-pressure applications. This makes them most beneficial when intermittent use with high pressure is required.

Better Variable Load Situation

Reciprocating air compressors are better suited for variable load situations. These can be controlled using variable-speed drives, bypass recycling, step-less methods, and clearance pockets. 

Better For High-Pressure Pulsations

Unlike screw compressors, reciprocating air compressors are very good at handling high-pressure pulsations both in terms of energy efficiency and generation of air pressure.


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Are Multi-Stage, Multi-Outlet Pumps the Most Appropriate Solution for Firefighting Pump Applications?

Multi-Stage Multi-Outlet (MSMO) pumps are widely used in offices, hotels, hospitals, residential or mixed-use buildings and tunnels, for fire safety. A number of features make these pumps highly suitable for firefighting, whether you are using them in sprinkler systems, deluge systems, hydrant systems, monitor systems, or even water curtains.

As The Leading Kirloskar Fire Pump Dealers, We Explain Why These Pumps Are The Most Appropriate Solution For Your Fire Safety Systems:

High Flow Rate

For starters, MSMO pumps have multiple impellers which generate more head and flow rate than a single impeller pump. An MSMO pump typically offers a head range of up to 500 metres and a flow rate of about 700 cubic meters/hour. This boosts the flow rate and makes them an obvious choice for tall buildings, especially in a fire emergency.

Efficient Energy Consumption

The power requirements of an MSMO pump are lower. Besides, with a single MSMO pump in place, there is no need to use multiple pumps at different levels of a high-rise building. As your Kirloskar Fire Pump Dealer will explain, a correctly sized MSMO pump has 7 outlets and can replace as many individual pumps. Their ring section diffuser-type construction eliminates the radial loads completely. These factors drastically reduce their energy consumption.


The vertical execution of the pumps provides excellent mechanical stability to the MSMO pumps. This makes them highly reliable to fight fires, especially in high-rise building complexes. 


Kirloskar MSMO pumps can execute both horizontally as well as vertically which makes them highly reliable in times of a fire emergency. The suction or delivery piping can be fitted through 360 degrees at intervals of 90 degrees which makes fire fighting multidirectional and highly effective. 


As any Kirloskar Authorised Dealer will brief you, MSMO pumps have a high standard material of construction whether it is casing, impeller or shaft (cast iron, bronze and stainless steel respectively). These are available in both gland packing and mechanical seals. Good quality material ensures your MSMO pumps have a pretty long lifespan.

Regulatory Compliance

New global legislation, norms and standards discourage the use of pressure-reducing valves.  PRVs are often required to check the overpressurization of branches and sprinklers. However, Kirloskar’s MSMO pumps preclude the need to use PRVs making these pumps highly compliant to global standards.

Ease of Maintenance

The simplicity of design and accessibility that these pumps offer make maintenance easy and cost-effective. Kirloskar pump dealers such as VEMC in fact, offer complete pump audit maintenance services.

Cost Effective

The Kirloskar MSMO pumps are highly affordable in their class of products. Also, with these pumps, you do not need an extensive piping system or water storage tanks on the intermediate floors. This makes these pumps highly cost-effective.


For more information on MSMO pumps, their features, pricing and usage, give us a call at 022 43436655 or email us at We at VEMC are the leading Kirloskar Fire Fighting Pump Dealers and provide a range of services such as pump installation, maintenance, AMC and project management.

Advantages of a Solar Rooftop System

Solar rooftop systems and on-grid solar systems are fast becoming the most preferable source of renewable energy. Some of the top benefits that accrue from solar energy are savings and low maintenance, energy efficiency, self-sufficiency and carbon neutrality. 

In This Blog, We Take You Through Some Of The Main Advantages Of Solar Rooftop Systems:

Cost Savings:

Energy prices are rising the world over. However, solar energy seems to be the silver lining on the horizon. With the abundant availability of sunlight across the world, solar energy is one of the most affordable sources of energy. It is getting cheaper with the passage of time as research and development enhances the efficiency of solar photovoltaic cells. This means lesser surface area and greater production of energy by Solar Rooftop System.

Environmental Benefits:

Unlike fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum, solar energy is non-polluting. It does not lead to carbon emissions which contribute to environmental issues like climate change and global warming. In the near future, carbon emissions can have financial or even legal implications for businesses. In this context, solar energy comes as a godsend. Solar rooftop systems can significantly contribute to the journey of carbon neutrality of businesses, governments and even households across the world.

Energy Independence:

Once a Solar Rooftop System is installed, consumers no longer need to be tied to the grid. Even though they may continue to keep the grid as a backup, by and large, their energy is sourced from solar power. This is even more useful in remote and interior locations with limited electricity distribution. Solar farms and villages are revolutionising how energy is being consumed in the deep hinterland and transforming the lives of millions across the world.

Longevity and Durability:

The estimated life span of most solar panels is about 30-35 years. Most of the solar panels manufactured in the 1980s are still functional and continue to generate electricity. The impressive durability of solar rooftop systems means lesser waste, low maintenance and lower costs. The best part is that with improvement in technology and materials used in the panels, this is expected to get even better!

Net Metering:

If you have installed a solar rooftop system while still being connected to the electricity grid, you can get your bills reduced drastically. With on grid solar system, you can benefit from the fabulous concept of net metering which allows users to export surplus electricity and adjust it against the units consumed from the grid.

Increased Property Value:

A building with a solar rooftop system installed is naturally a more attractive piece of real estate. Promoters and brokers can actually highlight the energy self-sufficiency of the building or the reduced costs of electricity, thus boosting the property value.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Lastly, environmental protection is a massive part of the CSR of any business establishment. Whether businesses are installing solar rooftop systems for their own use or sponsoring them for others, they’re doing their bit for the environment.


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Kirloskar Dewatering Pumpsets – Solution to Water Clogging

Kirloskar Water Pumps

Dewatering pumps are centrifugal pumps used to remove water from a site. As your Kirloskar Submersible Pump Dealer will tell you, you can use these pumps in a number of operations and sites such as construction, drainage, tunnels, mines and buildings. Which type of dewatering pump you will need depends entirely on the medium you are trying to relocate. For instance, water along with abrasives is best removed by a drainage pump fitted with a strainer. Likewise, water with solids is best removed by dewatering sludge pumps. This blog takes you through the overview, types, features and installation of Kirloskar water pumps.

Types of Kirloskar Dewatering Pumpsets:

You will find two types of dewatering pumps with your Kirloskar submersible pump dealer: M type and G type:

  • M type: These Kirloskar water pumps are single-stage pumps with an impeller mounted on the motor shaft. These are lightweight and made of aluminum with corrosion-resistant stainless steel wet ends. M-type pumps are compact and portable and are mostly used in borewells or tubewells.

  • G type: These Kirloskar water pumps come with built-in automatic on/off thermal switches which protect the motor from voltage fluctuations. These pumps can also be equipped with motion sensors for automatic start and shutdown. G-type Kirloskar water pumps find application in tunnels, shipyards, mines, fire fighting purposes, etc. 

Features and Benefits of Kirloskar Dewatering Pumpsets:

  • Compact and portable
  • Durable due to corrosion/resistant material like stainless steel
  • High efficiency throughout the pump lifespan
  • Optimum seal life
  • Compatible with motion sensors

Installation and Commissioning

Your Kirloskar Submersible Pump Dealer will typically give you certain directions on the installation and commissioning of your pump set, but here are some of the most important ones you need to be mindful of:

  • Personnel involved in the installation and operation of Kirloskar water pumps must be well-trained and qualified to carry out the work.
  • When lifting the pump set, use lifting equipment suitable for the weight of the pump.
  • Connect the earth stud to avoid hazards from randomly induced currents.
  • Ensure the pump is properly filled and doesn’t run dry for over 5 minutes continuously.
  • Only use your Kirloskar water pump for the specified liquids as the corrosion resistance may vary from one medium to another.
  • Check for any leaks in seals or gaskets and keep the pump well-maintained.
  • Monitor all auxiliary components continuously to ensure they function correctly.

Overview of Kirloskar Dewatering Pumpsets

Both M-type and G-type pumps are highly efficient and effective in dewatering a range of sites. With some additions, these pumps can do even better. For instance, field adjustable nitrile rubber lines diffuser can optimise efficiency throughout the life of the pumps. Likewise, with sacrificial Zinc anodes, the pump can also be used in a saline fluid environment. On special requests, the pumps can be supplied in a complete stainless steel encasing.
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