Why you should always buy Kirloskar pumps from authorized dealers like VEMC

Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company (VEMC) has grown leaps and bounds and has created a name for itself as one of the best company in electromechanical products, associated services and equipments  in India. VEMC is one of the ever-evolving companies in India which provides outstanding and comprehensive economical and pumping solutions. We are recognized for our sincerity, commitment, quality and customer satisfaction.

We are authorized water pump dealers for multiple brands. Our water pumps are widely used in industrial and domestic segments. VEMC has an extensive range of water pumps in India. The water pumps supplied by us match international specification standards for water distribution systems.  The equipments provided by us have been working efficiently in the industrial as well as domestic environment. We are answering the needs of water in various segments and the number is growing steadily over years. VEMC offers consistent and comprehensive pumping solutions with better and finer quality and energy effectiveness.

VEMC has industrial and technical proficiency backed up with tremendous experience in dealing with Kirloskar Pump Dealers in Mumbai and Pune. Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) is a world class pump manufacturing company with expertise in engineering and manufacture of systems. Kirloskar Centrifugal Pumps are highly engineered pumps subject to stringent quality control which facilitates in giving energy efficient performance. Quality of the parts is the major factor which has never been compromised at Kirloskar. To ensure the quality compliance of the product, they are tested on various parameters at the time of procurement.

VEMC is an authorized dealer of Kirloskar Pumps. VEMC believes in delivering noteworthy services to the clients. VEMC facilitates preventive maintenance of the supplied spare parts. VEMC offers you with the best deals for water pumps. The company always keeps pace with the varying situations and comes up with exceptional solutions every time.

When it comes to quality of submersible non clog and monoblock pumps only rely on VEMC for the best

VEMC is well recognized among its customers for providing the best quality of submersible non clog and monoblock pumps. VEMC provides different variants of submersible pumps like KU3, KU4 HH, KS 6 as per the requirements and needs of the consumers. Our consumers rely on our products due to the best quality and superior features available in them. KU3 submersible pumps are manufactured keeping the light weight in mind and compact designs which can be easily installed with HDPE/UPVC/GI pipes. These pumps are utilized in Domestic and industrial water supply, fire fighting systems, Farm Houses, Nurseries and Gardening making it easy for the client to arrange as well as dismantle.

KU4 HH submersible pumps are designed to maintain better life in acidic water. To produce better efficiency and constant performance they are casted with better surface finish. They are rigorously used in fire fighting applications and for continuous water supply in farming and irrigation, water supply for housing complexes and various industries. KS6 submersible pumps are designed for saving huge electrical consumptions as compared to other pumps. They are prepared in such a way that they can withstand any wide voltage fluctuations. The quality of the pump is that it consists of dynamically rotating parts and non overloading power characteristics protect the motor. In the muddy water, the rubber bushes make sure the long life of the pump. These are primarily used in fire fighting applications and continuous supply of water in farming.

Our other category is Kirloskar SRF Series monoblock pumps for firefighting applications. These pumps are Mechanical seal fitted for reliable process and efficient operations. These High speed pumps are made with replaceable wearing parts which are designed to prevent overloading. They are specifically involved in Fire Fighting and Boosting Applications. KS Monoblock pumps can resist any voltage fluctuations between 300-440 volts. To ensure minimum vibrations during the operations they are inducted with dynamically balanced rotating parts and are replaceable which increases their life. These pumps are designed as per Indian Standard Specifications to avoid overloading, motor burning and also for automatic air release during operations. These pumps are widely used in Gardening, Irrigation and Lawn Sprinklers applications. By providing such high quality of submersible non clog and monoblock pumps, VEMC has become the most trusted partner for its clients.

What makes VEMC the leading dealers of water pumps in India?

Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company (VEMC) is a pioneer in the field of electromechanical engineering products, allied equipments and services. With our supreme service abilities to our customers we have earned their trust and confidence. Our company is committed to meet & exceed customer requirements in terms of providing efficient products & services. Today VEMC is rubbing its shoulders with best brands in the world thanks to the state-of-the art technology and innovation as its hallmarks.

Uniform stability and tactical development has facilitated our Company to become an industry forerunner of brilliance in product quality, service and leadership. For more than six decades, VEMC has been an authorized water pumps distributors of multiple brands. Our progressive outlook and strong fundamentals have made us one of the major players in the industry. Our product portfolio includes submersible jet, sump, effluent, sewage and centrifugal, as well as double suction, multi-stage, slurry and process pumps.

VEMC is answering water needs across the globe and the number is steadily growing over years. VEMC presents comprehensive and consistent and reliable pumping solutions with superior quality and energy efficiency. Excellence in quality coupled with energy efficiency is the key that discriminates us from others to maintain leadership in global pump industry. Our pumps are largely used for applications like agriculture, drinking water supply, industrial applications, irrigation and processes, pressure boosting in high rise buildings and townships, rural/urban community water supply schemes, waste and sewage water treatments, firefighting etc. We are also one of the leading water pump dealers of Kirloskar pumps.

Our aim is to become the world’s leading and pump manufacturer meeting global benchmarks in pumping solutions.  With an urge to succeed, we incessantly innovate and introduce new products and pumping solutions that gratify the market requirements. Quality is the key in all our products. This induces us to focus on construction and design with special care while selecting materials and production methods.

We owe our success to strong product lines and technology that is at par with the best international markets, VEMC has carved a niche amongst quality conscious users around the globe.

VEMC’s Horizontal Split casing pumps are one of the best in their category

VEMC is the authorized water pump distributor of various brands for more than six decades. VEMC is one of the fastest growing Companies in India providing mechanical and economical pumping solutions. VEMC houses a wide range of products like Kirloskar Submersible Pumps, Horizontal split casing pumps and Multi stage horizontal pumps to name a few.

VEMC aims to provide products and services that incessantly raise levels of customer satisfaction, using processes that support our company’s core values. VEMC has developed and sustained a culture of competence and effectiveness with the attention being focused on meeting customer needs and expectations. VEMC’s horizontal split casing pumps provides a new generation pumps having broad range of hydraulic coverage and low total cost of ownership, with reliable performance in variety of services.

VEMC’s horizontal or vertical split casing pumps have been specifically engineered to meet the needs and requirements of the oil, gas and process industries. This pump is extensively utilized to move clear water or low-viscosity, clear industrial process liquids at moderate heads. A fine combination of volume with ample head, this rugged, simple design offers extended service life, reduced maintenance costs and minimum power consumption.

The horizontal split case pump is a single stage-stage, non-self-priming, centrifugal volute pump with radial suction and radial discharge port. These pumps have a horizontal pump shaft with the impeller positioned in the middle of the shaft and with self contained amalgamation bearing housing and seal chamber on both sides of the impeller. With no disturbance to the motor or pipe-work, the split case construction enables the pump casing to be dismantled in the horizontal plane along the drive shaft. Eliminating and dismantling of the internal pump parts, e.g. bearings, wear rings, impeller and shaft seal can then take place.

If you are looking for horizontal split casing pumps in India, VEMC is a one stop solution for your pumping needs. VEMC is ISO 9001:2008 certified; the certification implies efficiency and effectiveness of VEMC through incessant enhancement in products and services along with paramount quality and customer satisfaction.