Fire Fighting Solutions at VEMC

Founded in the year 1948, Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company (VEMC) is one of the leaders in the electromechanical industry. Offering its wide range of products pertaining to Kirloskar Submersible Pumps, Horizontal split casing pumps, Multi stage horizontal pumps, and Mody pumps, to name a few. The establishment’s clientele list is Reliance Industries Limited, Aditya Birla group, Nilkamal, Eureka Forbes, Godrej and list includes myriad of other names.

Services that the company tenders include Installation and commissioning of Kirloskar pump-sets, all over India; On-site customer needs attended to, during and after warranty period and overhauling services for several pump-sets.

Fire fighting water pumps are integral components of any contemporary construction project, and VEMC plays a pivotal role in this essential domain. The following are some of the vital fire fighting solutions offered by the company:

Sprinkler Systems: VEMC provides advanced sprinkler systems that are crucial in fire suppression and protection. These systems are designed to automatically release water in the event of a fire, helping to control and extinguish flames, safeguarding lives and property.

Fire Hydrants: Fire hydrants are essential for providing access to a water supply for firefighters. VEMC ensures that buildings and facilities are equipped with reliable fire hydrants that meet safety standards.

Fire Pumps: VEMC offers an array of fire pumps designed to deliver water at high pressure for fire suppression. These pumps are a critical component of any fire protection system.

The establishment renders different fire fighting solutions. Fire fighting water pumps are playing the role of a savior these days. Without them, no building’s construction is said to be complete. Sprinkler system, fire hydrant and fire pumps, just to name a few are the ones with utmost importance in buildings and giant malls.

As a centrifugal pump distributor, VEMC supplies multistage centrifugal pumps, which are renowned for their efficiency and reliability. These pumps are utilized in various applications where the movement of liquids under high pressure is required. 

The company is a centrifugal pump distributor and furnishes multistage centrifugal pumps. In addition, it offers fire fighting pump set that includes FM Approved UL Listed Fire Fighting Set, Multi Stage Multi Outlet (MSMO) pumps and many more. Multistage pumps are of two orientations, horizontal and vertical inline multistage pump.

Air Compressor Dryers: Why They are Essential and How to Choose One

Air compressors find use in a number of industrial applications such as spray painting, packaging and drilling. But a common issue in air compressors is the accumulation of moisture which could be problematic for a number of reasons. This issue can be dealt with using the right kind of air dryer. VEMC is one of the leading air compressor dealers in Mumbai and in this blog, we tell you everything you need to know about air compressor dryers.

Why moisture in air compressors is problematic

Condensation of humidity inside an air compressor is a common issue and can appear in pipes, filters and other machinery. This can cause malfunction and breakdown of the equipment using the compressed air. Over the longer time horizon, it can be a cause for corrosion in the metallic parts. It is especially worrying if you are using the air compressor in packaging as the moisture can lead to the growth of moulds and cause spoilage of packaged items. To get rid of the moisture, air compressor dryers are essential accessories for your equipment.

Types of air dryers

Air compressors dryers are available in a number of variants each suited for a certain set of operations:

  1. Refrigerated air dryers: 

These air dryers condense the moisture in the air to very low temperatures, thus removing it and allowing the compressed air to proceed ahead to the attached tool.  These are available in cycling and non-cycling variants. The former supply variable cooling to match the demand while the latter supply constant cooling irrespective of the demand. Refrigerated air dryers are best suited for manufacturing and service applications but not for highly sensitive ones where even a little moisture can be problematic.

  1. Desiccant air dryers: 

These operate by desiccating the air using hygroscopic materials like silica gel or activated alumina. A twin-tower drying system is typically used both chambers of which contain desiccant materials. These air dryers are best suited for moisture-sensitive industrial applications such as healthcare, packaging, fabric manufacturing , etc.

  1. Membrane air dryers: 

These use specialised membranes to filter moisture out of the compressed air. The microtubules present in the membrane retain water while the dried air is allowed to pass through to the required application. These types of air dryers are best suited for applications such as food processing, dehumidification and gas separation. 

Choosing the right air dryer

Your choice of air dryer depends upon your specific needs as listed above and also your budget. For standardised functions, say in manufacturing, cost-effective air compressors like non-cyclic refrigerators are good enough. However, if your business applications are extremely moisture-sensitive, it is best to use slightly more expensive but highly effective desiccant air dryers.
For more information or guidance on the right air compressor dryers, feel free to call us on  022 43436655 or email us at VEMC is one of the top-notch air compressor dealers in Mumbai, with vast industry experience and cutting-edge expertise.

The ABCs of Air Compressor Accessories

Air compressors are the go-to equipment to generate power for a number of tasks in industrial as well as domestic settings. These include spray painting, drilling, cleaning etc. However, air compressors can offer optimum performance only when the accessories are functioning well. VEMC is the leading air compressor supplier in Mumbai, and in this blog, we acquaint you with the ABCs of air compressor accessories.

Types of accessories

  1. Filters: 

Air compressor filters are important to remove dust and debris and push out only clean compressed air. Their role is even more important in case you are using your air compressor in sensitive work environments like food processing. Rotary screw air compressors have three filters: an oil filter, an inlet filter and air/oil separator. While on an average, filters must be replaced every 2000 hours of service, they may need even more frequent replacement in dirtier conditions. Replacement helps prevent the oil from becoming contaminated and also the premature failure of the parts.

  1. Regulators: 

Air compressor regulators help control the air pressure in a pneumatic system. This ensures that the air compressor operates safely and at optimum levels of efficiency. 

  • General purpose regulators: These are best suited for use in industrial settings and operate above the atmospheric pressure.
  • High pressure regulators: These have an inlet pressure of 1000 psi.
  • Dual stage regulators: In these regulators, the liquid flows through a succession of chambers to deliver constant pressure.
  • Point-of-use regulators: These regulators are attached at or near a tool such as a pneumatic drill.

3. Lubricators: 

Air compressor lubricators help reduce friction between parts of an air compressor and dissipate the extra heat generated. An air compressor lubrication system comprises of a crankcase sump, strainer, filter and cylinder lubricator. The lubricating oil is contained in the compressor crankcase. A preset mark on the crankcase indicates the level of lubricating oil that must be present in it and thus helps at the time of replenishment. 

4. Valves: 

Air compressor valves control the in and out-flow of air or oil in a compressor.

  • Intake valve: As the name suggests, an intake valve enables the air to enter the compressor. This air is then directed to the compressor head where it is compressed.
  • Minimum pressure valve: It is located at the outlet above the oil-gas separator. It acts as a buffer to control the flow rate of the gas and prevent damage due to high-speed airflow.
  • Safety valve: This is important for the safety of the air compressor as it discharges some gas as soon as the pressure exceeds a certain level.

Choosing the right accessories

If you are looking for accessories for your air compressor, make sure you only choose the original ones. Only original accessories can guarantee optimum performance and a long service life. For more on air compressor accessories, get in touch with VEMC by calling on 022 43436655 or emailing us at We are the leading air compressor dealers in Mumbai.

Comparing the Different Types of HVAC Pumping Systems and their Suitability for Various Applications

For starters, HVAC stands of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. HVAC systems help in maintaining and moderating indoors environment, that is, humidity, air flow, temperature and air filtering. At the backend of the operations of HVAC systems, pumps play a critical role. VEMC is one of the leading water pump dealers based in Mumbai, and in this blog we compare the different HVAC pumping systems for your use.

Types and features of HVAC pumps

In systems which have a significant storage capacity, constant speed pumps are a better choice. The right kind of constant speed pump can in fact run at high efficiency as shown in the graph below:

2. Variable-speed pumps: 

These pumps are simply equipped with a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) to produce variable speeds. In case you are pumping water across flat ground, most of the energy is consumed in overcoming friction. Such a system requires a variable speed pump.

3. Single-stage pump: 

These pumps have one impeller that rotates on a shaft within a pump casing. It produces flow on being driven by a motor and has one of the simplest designs. They are quite useful in HVAC systems as they are close-coupled which means that the pump and the motor are separate units. These pumps are less sensitive to impurities in the liquid.

4. Multi-stage pumps: 

These pumps have multiple impellers and diffusers and can therefore pump liquid at much higher pressure than single-stage pumps depending on the number of stages and speed. Each stage is interconnected and feeds pressure into the next one thus cumulating the overall pressure significantly. These pumps can be installed both horizontally as well as vertically and can thus be adjusted well into your HVAC systems.

Choosing pumps for your HVAC system

The most common pump used in HVAC systems is the centrifugal pump available in circulator, single-stage, multi-stage, end-suction and vertical in-line variants. Which pump you choose for your HVAC system depends upon the unique needs of your building such as capacity, pressure required, space available , etc. 

For example, circulator pumps are used in systems which require low pressure and low capacity. These are typically under 150 gpm. End-suction pumps on the other hand are great for systems with capacities of up to 4000 gpm and head of 150 feet. Likewise, if your building has space constraints, the best option for you is the close-coupled pump that occupies less floor space. In case you require a lot of pressure, multistage pumps which build pressure incrementally with each stage are perfectly suited for your operations.

If you are looking for guidance for selecting the perfect pump for the HVAC systems, your search is over. Just get in touch with our experts by calling on 022 43436655 or emailing us at We are the leading water pump dealers based in Mumbai, with over 70 years of rich industry experience in pumping across a diverse client base.

The Intersection of IoT and Pump Monitoring: Kirlosmart Technology

Pump monitoring has in the past required regular visits, checks and inspections by technicians. This has naturally involved lot of training and labour costs to begin with. Besides, the precision of diagnosing the faults and issues is quite limited. With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology however, pump monitoring has been transformed overnight. VEMC is one of the leading Kirloskar pump distributors based in Mumbai, and in this blog, we tell you how IoT-based Kirlosmart has revolutionised pump monitoring for users at home, office and in factories.

Special features of Kirlosmart

Some outstanding features of Kirlosmart have made it the product of choice for consumers across the board:

  • Real-time data visualisation: 

Kirlosmart comes with an online app and web portal that displays all the pump parameters such as head, voltage, vibration etc. on a user’s dashboard. All the data is received from the pump sensors in real-time and enables the owners to respond to exigencies quickly.

  • Predictive maintenance alerts: 

Kirlosmart acts as an early warning system of sorts. As soon as some parameters are not within the normal range, it raises a predictive maintenance alert. 

  • Remote control: 

With Kirlosmart in place, users no longer have to visit the pump site physically but can control their pumps remotely from the comfort of their home. This reduces the costs of repeatedly visiting the pump site including the labour and training costs.

  • Scalability: 

Kirlosmart is a new technology that has vast potential in pump monitoring and is highly scalable. This means easy monitoring even in bigger organisations.

  • Ease-of-use: 

Kirlosmart has a user-friendly UX/UI which is very navigable, interactive and intuitive. All the information is readily available in the form of graphs and tables. This means no dedicated labour is required to monitor the pump regularly and everything is available at the user’s fingertips.

How Kirlosmart has transformed monitoring

1. Improves pump performance: 

Kirlosmart relies on a constant stream of data flowing in from the pump sensors. The data is then analysed using the software’s data analysis algorithm which presents it in the form of tables and graphs on a user’s smartphone app or laptop. With accurate and timely information at their fingertips, they can take the right measures to improve their pump performance.

2. Predicts maintenance needs: 

As soon as any parameter appears to be out of range, say too much vibration, it is a signal that the pump needs maintenance.

3. Prevents downtime: 

With early fault detection and timely intervention, sudden breakdown of the pumps is prevented. This saves a lot of repair and replacement costs and also the business costs associated with the breakdown.

Kirlosmart is a great leap towards blending IoT technology with pump monitoring. For more information on how Kirlosmart can help you transform your pumping experience, feel free to call us on 022 43436655 or email us at We are one of the top-notch Kirloskar pump distributors based in Mumbai.

The Importance of Solar Energy in Reducing Maintenance Cost of a Building

Solar energy is one of the most preferred alternative sources of energy. It is especially gaining popularity among Indian users given the abundant sunlight that the tropical country receives coupled with the facility of net metering that allows owners to reduce their electricity bills significantly. But solar energy has a more indirect but significant benefit for your building as well. VEMC is the leading solar energy company based in Mumbai, and in this blog, we tell you how your rooftop solar system can help reduce the maintenance cost of your building.

Reducing wear and tear

Solar panels are installed with either ballasted racking system or roof clamp system, neither of which require you to drill holes in your roof. Rather than damaging your roof, solar panels help protect it by offering an additional protective layer on top of it. They protect the roof from the harsh rays of the sun as well as inclement weather conditions like hail, snow and heavy rains. The overall effect of rooftop solar panels is reduced wear and tear of your roof.

Minimised dependance on traditional energy sources

Energy amounts to a huge cost in maintaining any residential, industrial or office building. Rooftop solar systems help reduce the dependence of your building on traditional sources of electricity. Besides, on-grid solar power systems equipped with net metering facility also help reduce your electricity bills by exporting excessive electricity to the grid.

Simpler maintenance needs

Maintaining your solar panels is quite simple and cost effective. For starters, solar panels sold by VEMC are made of durable material with an average life-span of around 25 years. But the maintenance is quite easy as there are no moving parts and these panels rarely encounter any technical problems being so simple in design. All that is needed is some occasional sprinkling of water and a quick wipe to keep the dust and debris off the panels and enable them to function at peak productivity levels.

Case in Point: Godrej Coliseum

Godrej Coliseum is a mammoth commercial complex located in Sion, Mumbai and provides office space to shipping, pharmaceutical, BPO, auto and telecom businesses. It is spread across an area of around 83 million square feet and offers amenities like escalators, car-parking, fire-fighting systems and advanced security. To power such an enormous commercial facility, VEMC installed mono-crystalline modules and Delta inverters with a total capacity of  75 kW. In coordination with the DISCOM, the facility of net metering was also installed. Post-installation feedback revealed that the client saved upto 1.2 lakh unit of electricity annually which amounted to Rs. 12 lakh.

Rooftop solar panels are a blessing when it comes to reducing the energy and maintenance costs of your building. For more on how our rooftop solar panel systems can help you reduce your costs, feel free to call us on 022 43436655 or email us at We at VEMC are the leading solar energy company based in Mumbai.

The Significance of Corrocoating in Industrial Applications

Corrosion is one of the most problematic issues with industrial equipment like pumps, valves, pipes and tanks. But corrocoating is one technique that can help you combat it effectively. Corrocoating has significant use in chemical and wastewater treatment plants as corrosion can drastically reduce the working life of equipment as they are exposed to moisture. VEMC is one of the leading industrial water pump suppliers in Mumbai, and in collaboration with Kirloskar Corrocoat, undertakes turnkey projects for coating a wide range of electromechanical equipment.

Types of corrosion

Here are the main types of corrosion found in electromechanical equipment.

  1. Uniform corrosion: This type of corrosion occurs over the entire surface of a metal. Although it is one of the most benign forms, nevertheless it requires prevention as well. 
  1. Pitting corrosion: Being hard to predict, detect and characterise, this type of corrosion can be highly destructive. As the name suggests, it leads to the formation of vertical holes or cavities on the surface of a metal. This type of corrosion can be caused due to local break or damage in protective coating. It can cause sudden failure of equipment despite relatively low loss of metal.
  1. Crevice corrosion: It is also a localised form of corrosion usually resulting from stagnant microenvironment with a difference in concentration of ions between two areas of a metal. It affects shielded areas like under washers, gaskets, bolt heads , etc., with limited oxygen supply.
  1. Inter-granular corrosion: It is caused by impurities present at the grain boundaries and occurs along or adjacent to these grains. While the bulk of the metal remains intact, it affects its mechanical properties.
  1. Galvanic corrosion: It is the degradation of metals near the joint which occurs when two electrochemically different metals are in contact in an electrolytic environment. 

Benefits of corrocoating

  1. Increased lifespan: With corrocoating, users can expect a longer lifespan for their electromechanical equipment which reduces the need to replace or repair them frequently. This also reduces the waste that entails due to replacement of old equipment and is hence in line with the concept of circular economy.
  1. Cost savings: By avoiding frequent breakdowns due to corrosion, users can save significant amounts of repair and maintenance costs.
  1. Reduced downtime: Corrosion can impact some of the most critical pieces of equipment in your business facility leading to sudden and unforeseen downtime. This can be successfully avoided with protective corrocoating.

Case in point: MCGM Complex Pump Corrocoating Project

VEMC has undertaken a number of large-scale corrocoating projects in the past. In 2015, we corrocoated the crucial Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) Complex Pump at Bhandup. The pump was affected by heavy pitting corrosion inside the casings. It was taken to KBLs Hydraulic Research Centre where it was blasted, coated and inspected. The corrocoating didn’t just ensure the protection of the pump from corrosion but also showed instant results in terms of better efficiency, input power and head.

Why India needs Fire fighting pumps

We at Vijay Engineering and Machinery Co. try to make our customers’ lives as comfortable as possible because their satisfaction and comfort is what is most important to us. The company has worked hard to collect a number of clients who trust us for any kind of situation and we have managed to create a name that reflects our strong goals and our progress throughout the years.

Thus, we always keep up with the latest technological advancements and try to welcome the ones that will benefit the Indian society into our company. Our services offer setting up water pumps, however, we offer a Fire Fighting Pump Set which includes; Vertical Inline Pumps and Monobloc pumps too for jockey and booster applications. Fire Fighting Pumps are used in High elevated Structures and also in the Industries to be safe from the outburst of fire; The Fire Fighting pumps are run with the help of Motor as well as Diesel Engines. These pumps are used during emergencies in case there is no electricity. The fire pump is actually a part of the water supply of a fire sprinkler system and as the water pump it can be powered by different sources; diesel, steam or electric.

Fire Fighting Pumps: A Necessity

Fire Fighting Pumps are an indispensable component of safety infrastructure in India. They are designed to provide the essential support required to combat fires effectively, ensuring the safety of individuals and the protection of property. Our range of Fire Fighting Pump Sets includes Vertical Inline Pumps and Monobloc pumps suitable for jockey and booster applications.

These pumps serve multiple purposes and are particularly vital in high elevated structures and industrial settings. The primary objective is to be prepared for the unexpected outbreak of a fire, as fire can be devastating and life-threatening. Fire Fighting Pumps are designed to act as a rapid response system, quelling the flames before they spread uncontrollably.

What sets these pumps apart is their ability to operate in a wide range of scenarios. They can be powered by various sources, such as electric motors or diesel engines. This flexibility ensures that they remain operational even in cases of power outages, making them a dependable lifeline during emergencies.

Ensuring Safety and Reliability

The use of Fire Fighting Pumps is a matter of utmost importance, and it involves a series of stringent checks and measures to guarantee their effectiveness. In India, a special permission is required from a third-party agency, which thoroughly inspects, lists, and tests the pump before it can be deployed. This meticulous process ensures that these pumps meet the highest safety standards.

In essence, the operation of Fire Fighting Pumps requires a deep sense of security, trust, and professionalism. Vijay Engineering is proud to have earned the privilege to offer these crucial pumps to the people of India. Our commitment to safety and our dedication to adhering to the strictest standards have allowed us to play a pivotal role in providing essential fire protection equipment.

A Reliable Water Supply in Emergencies

One of the primary advantages of Fire Fighting Pumps is their capability to deliver the appropriate amount of water supply at the precise level of pressure required for extinguishing fires. The efficiency and reliability of these pumps are essential in containing and ultimately extinguishing fires, ensuring the safety of lives and property.

Vijay Engineering meticulously packages these Fire Fighting Pumps, taking into account the specific needs of the Indian market. We identify areas where these pumps are most needed and ensure their availability, furthering our commitment to the safety and security of the people of India.

In order to use fire fighting pumps, a special permission is needed by a third party agency which has to list and test the pump before it is allowed to be put to use. In other words, it is a process that requires security, trust and professionalism and Vijay Engineering is proud to have gained the right to offer fire fighting pumps to the people of India. The advantage of having these fire fighting pumps is their ability to ensure the right amount of water supply at the exact required level of pressure. The company offer the fire packages very carefully and try to offer them where they are most needed.

Solar Success Stories: 3 Inspiring Businesses Benefiting from Solar Power

VEMC has been at the forefront of solar transformation and our past projects with a strong client base is testimony to it. In Mumbai and its environs itself, we have multiple solar installations on an enormous scale. Three of the most outstanding ones are MCGM Office Worli, Godrej city Panvel and Piramal Revanta Mulund West. In this blog, we give you a peak into how and why these projects became an inspiring success.

MCGM Office at Worli

The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) Engineering Hub in Worli is the nerve centre for all engineering and infrastructure-related work in the city. To power this hive of activity, the MCGM approached VEMC for its reliable and reputed solar installation. It turned out to be a great success as it helped the MCGM shift its reliance substantially from the conventional source of electricity to solar power. This did not just reduce the building’s energy costs, but also contributed to its significantly lower carbon footprint. The project is perfectly in line with MCGM’s vision for a sustainable future and shifting to green renewable energy in their own facility is the first step towards inspiring a city-wide transformation.

Godrej City at Panvel

One of the prime real estate projects in Navi Mumbai, the Godrej City is the epitome of luxury living. The project has more than three towers and 568 units spread across an area of about 150 acres. The energy consumption naturally is enormous and is estimated at around 260000 kWh per year. VEMC was approached to meet this challenge of powering this massive facility.

We installed a 200 kWp on-grid solar power system along with net-metering facility, which meant that excess electricity produced by the panels is exported to the grid and offset against the electricity consumed. The project didn’t just save energy costs but also reduced its carbon footprint by an estimated 184 metric tonnes per year. To put things into perspective, this is equivalent to carbon sequestering by 3047 tree seedlings grown for 10 years. Taking the maintenance costs into account, the project payback period was only around 3 years.

Piramal Revanta at Mulund West

The Piramal Revanta project is a high-end residential real estate project which 2 and 3 BHK apartments and a vast range of amenities. These include an indoor game zone, gymnasium, mini theatre, multipurpose game court, cafe lounge and many more! With VEMC solar installation, this project didn’t just optimally meet its energy needs but has also reduced its energy costs and carbon footprint substantially, inspiring change for more sustainable residential townships of the future.
To know how VEMC can transform your business facilities and meet your growing energy needs sustainably, get in touch with our team by calling on 022 43436655 or emailing us at With a proven track record and a flurry of successful project under our belt, we are committed to inspiring change for a greener, cleaner and sustainable tomorrow!

How Industries use Pumps to get things done

What some people do not know about water pumps is that they are not a simple category of discussion when it comes to corporate decisions on purchases. Purchasing a pump is as complicated as buying a car or choosing the right company to do business with because in essence, those parts have to come from somewhere. Let’s say that you work in any engineering business and your company is in need of several pumps for various applications. You need to find Industrial Pump distributor for your business. Unfortunately, this is not a simple task because your decision would result in a future cooperation with a specific company.

The Complexity of Pump Selection

Some people may not realize that discussions about water pumps go beyond mere technicalities. Purchasing a pump is akin to buying a car or selecting the ideal business partner, primarily because these essential components must come from reliable sources. Imagine you’re part of an engineering business, and your company requires multiple pumps for various applications. The process of finding the right Industrial Pump distributor for your business is not a straightforward task. Your choice will determine your future cooperation with a specific company, making it a decision of paramount importance.

The Role of Reviews and Clientele

To ensure that you make an informed choice when selecting a pump supplier, it’s wise to consider factors like reviews and clientele. These are telltale signs of a company’s reputation and reliability. In this regard, Vijay Engineering stands out as the best supplier for acquiring a Centrifugal Pump in India. Our extensive clientele and consistently positive reviews are a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Affordability and Quality

One of the key factors that set Vijay Engineering apart is our unwavering commitment to offering high-quality products at affordable prices. Our competitive pricing ensures that clients get value for their money without overpaying. We firmly believe in transparent, ethical business practices, and our goal is to provide the right solutions for your business without hidden costs or inflated prices.

Uncompromising Quality Assurance

When it comes to pumps, quality is non-negotiable. Pumps are the workhorses of various industries, and their reliability is crucial to maintaining the efficiency of industrial processes. At Vijay Engineering, we understand the importance of supplying top-quality pumps that meet and exceed industry standards. Our pumps are rigorously tested and approved by multiple quality benchmarks. This means that the pumps we provide do not break down or deteriorate over time, ensuring that your operations run smoothly.

A Partnership for Success

Our commitment to quality and affordability doesn’t just end at the point of sale.

To rest assured that you have made the right choice in deciding which company to do business with, simply default to the company with the best reviews and the largest clientele. 

We are the best supplier for acquisition of a Centrifugal Pump in India seeing as how our clients are plentiful and are always satisfied with the products that we supply them with. Furthermore, we insist that our prices are low and affordable, given that we are not going out of our way to scam our clients into paying more than they absolutely have to. At Vijay Engineering it is all about helping you find the right deal for your own business.

But not to digress, the importance of finding the right pump lies in the quality guarantee as well as the price. Seeing as how we already noted that our prices are the most profitable, we must assure you that the quality of the parts we supply has been relentlessly tested and approved by many standards. Our pumps simply do not break down or get damaged over time. Once you purchase a part from us, you can rest easy that you will not be disappointed. If anything, you will return for more. Browse our website today and see for yourself.

How Water pumps work.

People might not think that knowing how to set up a pump is their highest priority for everyday life, or any other activity that is related to engineering, except for maybe changing a light bulb. However, engineering and electricity is all around us, even in ways that we are not aware of and living in a house requires taking good care of these issues in order to avoid constant problems which are usually very common. There are of course, people who decide to take it upon themselves to be the ‘handyman’ around the house, but, we at Vijay Engineering and Machinery Co. want what is best for you and we do not want your hard work to go to waste because of some lack of knowledge in this particular field.

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY “handyman” or just someone looking to understand the inner workings of everyday machinery, this guide will shed some light on the fascinating world of water pumps.

The Basics of Pumps

In simple terms, a pump is a device designed to transfer fluids through mechanical action. Pumps harness various forms of energy to move liquids, often relying on the fundamental principle of converting one type of energy into the mechanical energy needed to shift fluids. These devices are essential in countless applications, from water supply systems to industrial processes, and they come in various types and sizes.

Energy Sources for Pumps

Pumps are versatile in terms of the energy sources they use. Some pumps rely on electricity, while others tap into natural forces, such as wind power, or internal combustion engines, like our efficient Water-Cooled Diesel Engines. Let’s delve into the world of pumps to gain a better understanding of how they operate and contribute to our everyday lives.

The Rotary Function

Most pumps operate with a rotary function. The term “rotary” refers to the circular or rotating movement that’s integral to the operation of the pump. This rotational motion is what enables the pump to move liquid from one place to another. In essence, pumps consume energy to generate this rotary action, which then propels the fluid through the system.

The Importance of Practical Experience

While understanding the theory behind pumps is valuable, it’s essential to recognize that practical experience plays a significant role in mastering the intricacies of pump operation. At Vijay Engineering and Machinery Co., we pride ourselves on being technically sound and highly experienced in the field. Our expertise as Water Pumps Dealers & Distributors sets us apart, and we’re committed to ensuring our customers receive the best service and support.

Your Reliable Source for Water Pumps

At Vijay Engineering and Machinery Co., we are dedicated to providing top-notch water pumps and related services to our valued customers. We understand that issues may arise, and we want to be your trusted partner in resolving them promptly. As Water Pumps Dealers & Distributors, we analyze and address any problems that may affect our customers to ensure that their systems continue to run smoothly.

In simple words, a pump is a type of device that transfers fluids through mechanical action and it can be made to use the forces of nature to do so. Pumps usually have a rotary function and in order to move liquid they need to consume energy. Pumps consume energy from various sources, sometimes from electricity, wind power, engines (such as our great Water cooled Diesel Engines). Surely you’ve learned quite a lot about pumps by merely reading these simple facts. Although, theory is not complete without the practical part and in order to thrive at the latter, one needs a lot of experience.

Technically Sound and experienced is something that we are well known for in all of India. We want to make sure that our customers are fully taken care of and that is why we want to use the knowledge that we have as Water Pumps Dealers & Distributors to help our customers. We will make sure that whenever there is a problem in any of our customers end we will analyze it and take care of it as soon as possible.

Understanding how water pumps work can demystify these essential devices and equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your water supply and fluid management needs. We offer not only quality water pumps but also our wealth of knowledge and experience as Water Pumps Dealers & Distributors. We are here to support you, ensuring that you receive the best solutions and service. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are committed to keeping your systems running smoothly.

Pump Energy Audit: How to Save Big on Energy Consumption

Energy prices are skyrocketing everywhere and if you are a pump owner, you would appreciate how important it is to ensure your pumps operate at optimum efficiency. Whether you’re concerned about your rising energy bills or running a sustainable business, pump energy audits help you meet your energy saving goals big time. We at VEMC are the leading water pump dealers based in Mumbai, and in this blog we tell you all you need to know about pump energy audit.

How Pump Auditing Is Done

A pump audit is a comprehensive and end-to-end assessment of a pump’s performance and energy efficiency and also an exercise to unearth any issues or areas for improvement. The major steps in pump auditing are
System design evaluation: Ensuring the design of the pump satisfies its unique needs.

  1. Performance analysis: Parameters like flow rate, pressure, power consumption, motor efficiency , etc., are measured.
  2. Assessing energy efficiency: Energy consumption patterns are analysed using tools like Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) and other control mechanisms.
  3. Maintenance and reliability review: Lubrication, alignment, vibration analysis and seal integrity are evaluated to test pump maintenance and reliability.
  4. System control and automation: Sequencing, control methods and technology are analysed to detect potential problems.

Factors That Can Waste Energy

One of the main aims of pump auditing is to ensure that your pumps do not consume too much energy. The main factors that are known to waste energy are:

  1. Inefficient pumps: If your pump is old, worn out and has outdated design or technology, it is highly likely that it is inefficient and consuming extra energy.
  2. Improper sizing: Make sure your pump size is suited for the task at hand. If the pumps are too big, it can lead to wastage of energy.
  3. Control issues: Insufficient control methods of the pumps is also one of the leading causes for wastage of energy. Try and test a number of different control methods like VSDs to make sure no energy is wasted.

Some Practical Tips For Optimising Pump Operation

  1. Avoid oversizing your pumps: While slight oversizing of pumps may be good for meeting future uncertainties, it is best to use a pump with capacity roughly equal to the demand of the task.
  1. Trimming the impeller: If your pump is oversized, it is a good practice to trim your impeller to reduce the pressure and flow produced.
  1. Using VFDs: Variable Frequency Drives help automate pump operations like flow and head to match the demand of the application.
  1. Parallel pumping system: Installing a second, smaller pump to match average demand of the application can be a good way to relieve the larger pump of a significant amount of burden.
  1. Limit pipework: Limiting the pipework in the system is a good way to reduce frictional loss and hence save energy. Make sure pipe diameter, length, layout , etc., are also given due consideration.

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8 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Installing Solar Projects

Solar energy is fast becoming one of the most preferred alternative sources of energy. This is especially true of a tropical country like India which receives plentiful sunlight in most parts throughout the year. However, we are still in the early days of our solar journey and a lot of customers tend to make installation mistakes which can later prove costly. VEMC is a leading solar energy company based in Mumbai, and in this blog we tell you about the 8 common mistakes that you must avoid when installing your rooftop solar panels.

1. Understanding energy needs

The capacity of rooftop solar panel must be determined by the energy needs of your home or facility. However, consumers often make the mistake of considering only their current needs. Since solar power system is a long-term investment, you must plan ahead and also build capacity as per your projected needs in the future.

2. System sizing

To meet the energy demands of your facility, it is necessary that your solar power system is suitably sized. You must avoid both under as well as over-sizing of your solar power system. The former can lead to shortages of energy while the latter causes wastage.

3. Placement

Make sure your panels are properly positioned to face the sun maximum possible time for optimum productivity. This is where the skill, expertise and experience of your installer comes into play.

4. Financing your solar project

With a number of government incentives and financing options available, you do not need to finance your solar project all by yourself. All you need is some market research to choose the most cost effective financing option.

5. Obtaining permits

You must obtain a permit from your local power distribution company (DISCOM) before installing a solar power system. Additionally, look for other local body regulations which are mandatory in your locality, town or city before installing the panels.

6. Factoring in maintenance costs

Your solar power system doesn’t just have initial investment costs but also long-term or lifetime costs which customers often overlook when deciding to invest in one. Make sure you speak to an expert and factor in the maintenance costs of your solar power system before making the investment.

7. Avoid scams

With a lot of excitement about solar power systems in the air, customers may be tempted to invest in them by unscrupulous sellers claiming that these systems are money-minting machines. While on-grid solar panels do help reduce your bills through net metering significantly, they are not likely to make you rich overnight.

8. Choose the right installer

Finally, when it comes to installing solar power systems, you must only trust a reliable and reputed seller that has plenty of experience and cutting-edge expertise in the field.

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Vertical Multistage pumps and what makes them interesting!

The thing about multistage centrifugal pumps is that it is a topic of rare frequency in conversation. You simply do not hear enough about this particular topic to know much about the application or the acquisition of pumps.Vertical multistage pumps are the solutions to the space constraint in the vicinity.

Understanding the Multistage Magic

Before delving into vertical multistage pumps, let’s briefly grasp the concept of multistage centrifugal pumps. These pumps are designed to overcome the limitations of traditional single-stage pumps by incorporating multiple impellers or stages. Each stage adds energy to the fluid being pumped, resulting in higher pressure and more efficient operation. Now, let’s take a closer look at vertical multistage pumps.

Multistage Horizontal Pumps are very difficult to find a good pump of the sort and furthermore it is impossible to guarantee that even a high quality pump will not break down after a while. After all, these pumps are subjected to great pressure and they cannot be expected to operate fully forever. We ensure that you buy the pumps that will work the longest and will be the smartest choice for your particular business. Do not save money by purchasing pumps yourself, privately, because in the long run you will lose more money repairing the faulty parts that you have acquired. Trust our judgement and visit our website today

The Assurance of Quality

When it comes to acquiring pumps, quality is paramount. Vertical multistage pumps offer the advantage of longevity and durability. These pumps are built to withstand the rigours of constant pressure and operation, ensuring they serve your business reliably over an extended period.

Trust in Our Expertise

In the world of vertical multistage pumps, trust is paramount. Trust in the quality of the pumps you acquire, trust in their reliability, and trust in the expertise of those guiding you. When faced with space constraints or the need for efficient, compact solutions, visit our website and put your trust in us. We’ll ensure you find the perfect vertical multistage pump that not only works the longest but also proves to be the smartest choice for your unique business needs.


What are the advantages of vertical multistage pump?
Vertical multistage pumps offer several advantages, including efficient space utilization, high energy efficiency, reliable performance across varying flow rates and pressures, ease of installation and maintenance, and suitability for applications with limited horizontal space.

What are the applications of vertical pump?

Vertical pumps are commonly used in various applications, including industrial, municipal, and agricultural settings. Some key applications include water supply and distribution, wastewater treatment, irrigation, power generation, and oil and gas production. These pumps are particularly suitable for situations where space constraints or depth requirements make a vertically-oriented pump more practical and efficient.