VEMC provides the best and the most reliable fire fighting pumps in India

VEMC is a largest distributor of Fire Fighting Pump Set in India, which provides the best in quality Kirloskar FM/UL Fire pump sets. It is made in order to meet the standards and specifications of National Fire Protection Association-USA. It follows all the stringent safety norms of fire safety while providing cost effectiveness at the same time.

As per the customer’s requirement it is also approved by world renowned fire certifying agencies like Factory Manual (FM) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Due to these standards and exhaustive testing of the Fire Fighting Pump Set, they prove to be the most reliable choice for every industry; it is likely to be less prone to the damages done at the time of a fire.

VEMC provides one of the best and most reliable fire fighting pumps all over India which is applied in several sectors like:

Commercial Complexes

Buildings with high rise

Ports and Airports

Oil and Gas platforms

Power stations


Manufacturing as well as Chemical Industry

VEMC, not only provides Fire Fighting Pump Set, but also helps with the installation, training, and controlling of the water pumps when you get into a relationship with us. We are renowned dealers of all the different types of Water Pumps all over India with the best quality products and services.

The Single largest distributors of Kirloskar Pumps in India

Being a leader of Water Supply, Power Plants and Irrigation sector for providing efficient and powerful water pumps, Kirloskar is the most favored brand amongst people. Kirloskar has a large variety of water pumps for all the different industries and a distribution system which can make their product reach easy to implement and benefit from.

We are the largest distributor and dealer of Kirloskar water pumps all over India. We possess the technical experience required for Kirloskar Pumps and try our hardest to reach the maximum customer satisfaction level. We believe in all the way relationships in our business, i.e. we will be with you to help with pre-order of products from us as well as after the pumps get installed at your site. We will be there to for each and every possible grievance you may have with the pumps bought from us.

We have uninterrupted relationship with Kirloskar for distributing the water pumps all over India. All the different types of water pumps like:

End Suction Pump

Monobloc Pump

Split Case Pump

Submersible Pump

Multistage Pump

Sump Pump

Vertical Turbine Pump

Special & Engineered Pump

Kirloskar KCIL or Centrifugal Pumps are one of the frequented water pumps of Kirloskar are we maintain adequate stock to provide timely distribution. We have covered maximum market in Mumbai for supplying Kirloskar water pumps based on our experienced, dedicated and qualified workforce who constantly strive to prove beneficial to our customers through stringent quality standards followed by VEMC.


VEMC – The leading water pumps distributors in India

VEMC, as an authorized dealer of several brands for water pumps in India, has grown tenfold since its incorporation in the industry of electromechanical engineering products. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, which ensures the total quality management followed/ incorporated in their company and has ensured quality and reliability. VEMC is a dealer and distributor of various company’s pumps, which includes centrifugal pump and vertical line multistage pump.

Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. engineer as well as manufacture domestic, industrial and agricultural pumps, hydro turbines and valves. VEMC shares a strong bond with the distributors and dealers of different product categories. Mutual trust and respect acts as a necessary component for continuous growth of the company.

VEMC is a channel partner of Kirloskar, who is a market leader of Centrifugal Water Pump and other electromechanical equipments in India. Based in Mumbai, India VEMC is one of the major distributors of Kirloskar Water Pumps in India. VEMC is a dealer for the water pumps and several other products used in different sectors like: Building & Construction, Steel Industry, Process Industry, Irrigation Water Supply & Sewage, Power, Oil and Gas.

VEMC has always ensured about its product’s quality, pre and post order service, which helps them attract loyal consumers in the industry. These water pumps helps with the energy saving and cost reduction which is an important deciding factor for the industries.

What makes VEMC the leaders of Submersible pumps in Pune

A water pump is a device which carries fluids from one place to another through mechanical action and the forces of nature are used to perform the task. Submersible: a device which can work underwater, a submersible pump is specifically prepared to work underwater while submerged.

Submergible pumps application varies according to the need of pumping required. Drainage, Sewage, general industrial and slurry pumping is done with the help of single stage submersible pumps, while multiple stage submersible pumps are submerged for water extraction, wells, and oil wells. It is widely used for sewage treatment, firefighting, deep well drilling, mine dewatering, irrigation systems and seawater handling.

These pumps are light weight and compact which helps in installation as well as dismantling. It is more hygienic and portable for drinking water use than other pumps. It is created in a way to prevent water from entering into housing by hermetically (air tight) sealed with the help of water gaskets. It inserts lots of pressure in order to push the water forward.

The most important aspect of these pumps is; they are self primed and does not need any interference to start and it works efficiently.

Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company (VEMC) have always been known for their sincerity, commitment, consumer satisfaction and their quality. It has affiliations with several brands and it acts as a dealer for several brands as well. It is an official dealer of Kirloskar Submersible Pumps all over India and is a well known brand in Pune, Maharashtra for the quality of Submersible Pumps.

With the help of technical proficiency and experience in the field of Pump manufacturing and selling in the area of Pune and Mumbai, VEMC has left foot prints on all the areas of application. VEMC provides consistent and comprehensive pumping solutions for all the sectors and areas requiring extensive water supply. It is energy efficient and works for the long run to reduce your operating and maintenance cost as well.