Choose the Right Electric Control Panels

What does an electric control panel do?

An electric control panel allows you to control a specific set of equipment, e.g. a pump set. Think of it as a switchboard; it allows you the regulate the operations carried out by each piece of equipment. This is why electric control panels have very high utility in industrial procedures.

Apart from being one of the best water pump dealers in Mumbai, Vijay Engineering Machinery Company is a leading provider of high-quality electric control panels. We provide a variety of electric control panels for numerous industrial processes.

Know your electric control panels

VEMC Analogue Control Panel

This panel comes with an HMI display, neon indicators and push buttons that allow you to switch the pump on/off. It also comes equipped with auto operation functions enabled by on/off timers. Packed with features like overload protection, trip indicator, dry-run protection, reverse phase protection, etc., this panel is ideal for borewell operations, dewatering, secondary cooling systems, etc.

VEMC Digital Control Panel

This microcontroller-based panel has an easy-to-read digital display. It comes with all the features of an analogue control panel, along with remote sensing dry-run protection.

Fire Fighting Control Panel

This control panel automatically controls water pumps (main and jockey pumps) in case of fire. It also includes a Diesel Engine Starter and battery charger to provide for electricity cuts, along with a fire alarm system. It performs all functions automatically (except switching off diesel engine powered pumps) and enhances fire safety in any industrial space.

Diesel Engine Control Panel

Suitable for firefighting systems in remote areas, this panel can work without electricity. It comes with an automatic diesel engine starter & battery charger, a hooter alarm, trip indicator, remote engine monitoring, etc.

MCC Control Panel

This panel enables you to control multiple pumps or motors from a central location automatically. It comes with complete motor protection from any electrical faults along with various other features like overload protection, reverse phase protection, PLC protection, trip indicators, etc.

VFD Panel for Hydropneumatic Systems

Ideal for residential areas, townships, IT parks, and certain industries (textiles and pharmaceutical), this PLC-VFD driven panel works on auto operation based on differential pressure and level. It regulates the operation of multiple pumps in ‘working’ or ‘standby’ modes and ensures that all pumps are used equally.

Customised Panels

These panels are available in three variants:

1. Power panels: Regulate power distribution according to the needs of individual systems in industries, pumping stations, etc.
2. Annunciation panels: Raise an alarm and provide the live status of the problem in case of any malfunction in a system.
3. AMF panels: Switch the power to the emergency standby generators in case of power failures.

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A Guide to Kirloskar’s HVAC Systems

What is an HVAC system?

Today, good air conditioning/heating have become indispensable, be it residences or office spaces. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. It may also be referred to as HVACR, ‘R’ being refrigeration. It uses outdoor air to regulate and maintain preferable temperature and humidity indoors. Ventilation is of utmost importance here because it ensures the circulation of fresh air indoors.

Kirloskar’s HVAC systems

Kirloskar is the largest manufacturer and exporter of pumping systems, pumps and valves in India. It offers all-inclusive solutions for the HVAC industry.

Their offerings include:

  • District cooling system
  • Primary and condenser pump sets
  • Secondary variable speed pumping system
  • Tertiary variable speed pumping system
  • Primary variable flow system

Each of Kirloskar’s systems is equipped with a comprehensive set of components:

  • Motors
  • Control panel- Wall and floor mounted
  • Energy saving, efficiency-enhancing glass flake coatings
  • Accessories- This includes valves, differential pressure transducers, condition monitoring system, expansion tank, air separator tank and a pressurization system
  • Service backup- Kirloskar offers 24-hour service backup, energy audit, Operation & Maintenance contracts, etc.
  • Pumps- These are essential components of an HVAC system. A pump cycles hot or cold air. It absorbs heat from a cold area and releases it into a warmer zone. Hence, it is crucial for temperature regulation.

Kirloskar has a variety of different pumps available for HVAC needs:

  • End suction, back pull out type long-coupled pumps- These include the DB, CE, CPHM, MF, DBL, KPD models. The iCP variant is the newest addition to this range and has a mechanical seal which eliminates the possibility of leakages.
  • Double suction, horizontal axially split case long coupled pumps- These encompass the UP, UPLV, UPH, UPM, SCT and SCT Extended variants. The iHT model is the latest one available and offers high speeds up to 2900 rpm.
  • Vertical axially split single/multistage pumps- These include the iHTV, UPV and SCTV variants.
  • Vertical inline single/multistage pumps- Single stage pumps in this category include ILS and the IN IL models, while multistage pumps comprise of IL, KCIL and KSIL models.
  • Close coupled pumps- These include the DBC (single stage), KDS and KDT (multistage) variants.

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Get the Best Process Pumps from VEMC

A process pump in an industrial space is usually used to move liquids around. Depending on their uses, they can be of many different types. Kirloskar, India’s biggest provider of pumps and valves, manufactures a wide range of process pumps to cater to various needs of industries today. It is important to know the features of the pump you’re buying before you get one from your industrial pump distributor.

Let’s look at two of Kirloskar’s process pump variants: The KPD and the KPDS

Kirloskar’s KPD process pump

Usage: The KPD model is an end suction pump, ideal for air conditioning, condensate extraction and distilleries along with edible oil, sugar and textile industries.

Design: This pump’s back pull-out design allows you to easily dismantle or reassemble it. It is also designed to be leak proof and comes with a mechanical seal or a gland packing. Its oil lubricated bearings give you smooth operations for long periods of time and prevent malfunctions. It can work in temperatures ranging from -50°C to 180°C. This pump is also available in vertical execution.

Worried about the quality of the pumps you buy? Kirloskar’s KPD process pump complies with API 610 (a standard set by the American Petroleum Institute for centrifugal pumps dealing with petrochemical and natural gas industries). It also conforms to DIN 24256 and ISO 2858 standards, ensuring quality and giving you complete value for money.

Kirloskar’s KPDS process pump

Usage: The KPDS model is a sump pump. It removes liquids which have been accumulated in a sump basin. It is ideal for certain industries (petrochemicals, refineries, fertilizers, power, etc.), transferring highly acidic or alkaline liquids, wastewater processing, etc.

Design: This pump has a side discharge, which saves up on the space taken up by the pump. It is a vertical submersible, single stage, single suction pump and can operate in temperatures up to 90°C. Suitable for numerous chemical processes, this process pump can operate in pits as deep as 5.5 meters.

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Switching to Solar Energy Made Easy by VEMC’s EPC Services

We’re all well aware of the harmful effects of using fossil fuels. It increases our carbon footprint and accelerates Global Warming. Solar energy is one of the most sustainable forms of energy today, not only because it doesn’t add to Global Warming but also because it makes use of the incident sun light, which is available in abundance.

If you’re considering switching to solar energy, you’ve probably already decided whether you’re going to opt for an OPEX financial model or a CAPEX one.In our article titled ‘Choose the Right Financial Model for Your Solar Energy’, we talked about the benefits of each one. This article is for those who want to opt for the CAPEX model.

So, what is EPC?

When it comes to solar energy, EPC stands for Engineering, Procurement and Construction. It’s a process adopted by a company installing a PV system for you. In the CAPEX model, Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company carries out EPC. Having worked with industries for decades, we provide top-notch solutions for solar lighting systems. We undertake a comprehensive 6-step process to install your PV system.

Site identification:When you first get in touch with us with your solar energy requirements, we go over the requirements and start working on what we can offer.

Pre-feasibility study:We visit your site and examine various factors like the location of your premises to see if solar energy would be suitable.

Feasibility study:If your site is suitable for a PV system, we carry out further examinations to study various aspects of your premises to ensure that a PV system would be feasible. We then start working on a plan for the installation of the system.

Detailed design:We prepare a detailed blueprint of the system and present it to you for approval. We then fine-tune the design and finalize the specifications of the plan.

Supply and construction: We begin construction and take care of everything ranging from high-quality materials and labour to the timely completion of the project. We install solar panels, accessories, etc. and complete the solar implementation in your power supply system.

Commissioning: We undertake the commissioning of your PV system to ensure that it operates smoothly.
Once we complete this 6-step procedure, we transfer the ownership of your brand-new PV system to you. It really is that simple! Want to switch to solar energy? Check out our website for more details or contact us!