IoT: The Next Big Game Changer in the Pump Industry

IoT: Pump Industry's Game Changer
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The Internet of Things or IoT is a revolutionary new technology that is driving change across industries. Whether it is healthcare or manufacturing, automation with IoT is setting the tone for a new transformation. 

IoT is simply when devices automatically connect with each other, stream live data, and respond to the data without any form of human intervention. The enormous amount of data generated, conveyed, and stored in the process can be analyzed to unearth patterns for better decision-making. 

IoT has also begun to impact the pump industry with a number of remote monitoring technologies coming into play. VEMC is a leading Kirloskar pump dealer

We tell you how IoT is becoming a game-changer in the pump industry

Remote pump monitoring and operation

Kirloskar pump dealers are often flooded by frequent questions about pump automation from their industrial clients. In 2016, Kirloskar launched the first-of-its-kind hardware and software solution to monitor and operate pumps remotely. This solution, known as KirloSmart, is the prime example of IoT in the pumping industry. With KirloSmart, a pump is enabled to continuously stream data to KBL’s web-based portal and smartphone app from where the user can access it with ease. Both have an exceptionally simple, interactive, and intuitive UI/UX. 

KirloSmart receives data on a range of parameters such as pump vibration, voltage, flow, speed, etc. This can give a fair idea about the normal operation of the pump and also alert the user in case of any deviation. Naturally, it acts as an early warning system for scheduling pump inspections, troubleshooting, or preventative maintenance. It can also alert the user if the pump is consuming too much energy.

Through its alerts, KirloSmart can help users enhance the lifespan of the pump, reduce sudden breakdowns and downtime, and keep operations at peak efficiency.

Data security

A number of users these days are wary of data breaches in their networks. However, as any Kirloskar pump distributor will explain, KirloSmart ensures utmost data security as its cloud services are SOC (System and Organisation Controls) compliant. 

Energy savings and operational efficiency

Energy costs are fast rising in India and across the world. The clamour to save energy is further sharpened due to the ongoing debate around the environment, climate change, and sustainability.

The discussion around energy is echoing in the pump industry as well. It is estimated that around 75% of pump systems in India are oversized, and electricity costs account for over 40% of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the pump.

In this context, IoT-based solutions like KirloSmart can play a huge role in keeping track of energy consumption and streamlining operations, inspections and maintenance to reduce wastage.
Due to its sparkling success, IoT-based KirloSmart is the leading topic of discussion with clients for any Kirloskar water pump dealer. If you wish to know more about how IoT is transforming the pumping industry, feel free to call VEMC on 022 43436655 or email us at We are the leading Kirloskar authorized dealer based in Mumbai.

Financial Benefits of Installing Solar Plants for Industries

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Industries across the economy are increasingly looking for energy alternatives. This is because of rising energy costs and increasing environmental concerns. Solar energy has emerged as one of the favorite sources of energy on many accounts. Solar energy is safe, inexpensive, abundant, and low-cost. Between 2023 and 2028, solar energy is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.71%. VEMC is the solar epc based in Mumbai.

We take you through the financial benefits of solar plants for industries

Lower cost of energy

Being completely dependent on the electricity grid may subject businesses to electricity cost fluctuations and sudden spikes. In such situations, solar plants can provide a price buffer to businesses, thus keeping their operational costs under check. Having a solar plant makes a business self-sufficient and reduces its dependence on the commercial power grid. Even partial self-sufficiency can slash bills significantly.

Excellent ROI

Solar power plants are an excellent investment. On average, the entire investment is recovered within five years. Solar panels have a considerably long life span of 25-30 years. But most importantly, investing in solar power systems means benefitting from fixed utility rates for decades.

Lower overhead costs

Overheads such as supplies, utilities, and operational materials add up to a huge amount. With solar energy, businesses can significantly reduce these costs and improve their bottom line. 

Government and tax incentives

As solar energy has gained traction across the world, governments are promoting their installation through various financial incentives, subsidies, and tax benefits. Businesses in India can benefit from schemes wherein the government contributes some amount to install the plant. Besides, they can also claim accelerated depreciation on solar power systems which can reduce their tax liability significantly. 

Net metering

With an on-grid solar system in place, in case a business is generating more energy than it is consuming, it can actually export it to the grid. The amount exported will then be offset against the electricity consumed, thus reducing the electricity bill from the grid significantly.


Energy costs can skyrocket in the coming days as environment-related taxes are levied. With concepts such as Carbon Tax and Polluter Pays Principle over the horizon, sustainable operations have to be ensured. Only those businesses that are sustainable will be able to escape the scourge of such taxes due to lesser pollution or carbon emissions. Thus being a sustainable business can translate to significant financial benefits.

Improved reputation

Installing solar power systems can improve the reputation of a business, especially among the environment-sensitive public. Although indirectly, this could significantly boost the company’s image and entail greater revenue.

If you want to know more about how solar power systems can benefit your business, feel free to get in touch by calling 022 43436655 or emailing us at VEMC is the leading solar power company based in Mumbai and deals in end-to-end installation and maintenance of solar rooftop systems. It is the best solar company when it comes to solar consulting and offering unique solutions for your business needs.

How Using Non-Genuine Spares Is Impacting the Health of the Air Compressor

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Air compressors at some point will need the replacement of some parts to make them run efficiently. Using non-genuine spares may seem like a low-priced quick fix. But in reality, these could end up costing much more in terms of health, efficiency, productivity, and life-span of the compressor. As air compressor dealers in Mumbai will tell you, using original spare parts will make you more relaxed against such issues. VEMC is the leading ELGi compressor dealer in Mumbai. 

We tell you how using non-genuine spares is impacting the health of your air compressor.

Effects of using non-genuine spares

  1. Lower performance and durability: Genuine spares are designed as per the specifications of the air compressor. This reduces the risks of failure and a drop in productivity. However, a non-genuine spare will reduce not just performance but also the lifespan or durability due to the high likelihood of incompatibility.
  2. Safety issues for users: Every compressor dealer will warn you of the safety issues that non-genuine spares could create. These could also lead to poorer compliance with environmental and occupational security. Fire hazards and risks to user health are huge possibilities as well.
  3. Poor efficiency: While non-genuine spaes may come at much lower prices, they in the long run could cost much more due to suboptimal efficiency levels. Besides more downtime, interruptions in production and the need for frequent repairs could cost your business further. All of this ends up making non-genuine spares a rather costly deal.
  4. Lower quality standards: Reliability is the most important feature of any equipment. However, spares with dubious quality standards could affect your air compressor’s overall health, and reduce its reliability. Original spares on the other hand go through stringent endurance tests and quality inspections.
  5. Warranty: Using non-genuine parts in your compressor could turn the warranty and insurance of your equipment void. This could significantly increase your repair costs in case of a breakdown.

Genuine vs Non-Genuine parts

As any compressor dealer in Mumbai will explain, there is a lot of difference between the performance of genuine and non-genuine spares. Air filters, for instance, are necessary to keep dust and dirt out. Non-genuine air filters could cause contamination of pressurised air which can be especially problematic in sensitive operations like food processing and pharmaceuticals. Likewise, non-genuine line filter cartridges can reduce efficiency, cause a pressure drop, and raise the energy consumption of the compressor.

Why you must avoid counterfeit spares

To summarise, there are quite a few reasons for you to avoid counterfeit spares for your air compressor.

  1. Protecting your investment in air compressors by using only genuine spares
  2. Keeping your costs of operation under control
  3. Reducing downtime of your compressor
  4. Ensuring longer lifespan and reliability
  5. Lowering oil and energy consumption

For more information on spare parts of your air compressor, feel free to get in touch by calling us at 022 43436655 or emailing us at VEMC is the leading ELGi-authorised dealer in Mumbai.

Top 10 Trends in Pump Technology That Are Transforming Fluid Management

Top 10 Trends in Pump Technology

Technology and digitalization are playing a big role in transforming fluid management. Pumping no longer is about unresponsive mechanized equipment displacing water from one place to another. With the industry getting increasingly competitive, energy costs rising, and environmental pressures building up, pumps have to get smarter and more intuitive. Technologies like IoT and data analytics are playing a crucial role in all this. VEMC is a leading Kirloskar water pump dealer based in Mumbai.

Let’s Explore Top 10 Trends Driving The Pumping Technology Forward


The Internet of Things is a revolutionary new technology that connects devices with each other through sensors and with zero human intervention. IoT-enabled pumps keep streaming and sharing parameters like voltage, vibration, flow, etc. over WiFi networks, while apps such as KBLs KirloSmart enable users to monitor and operate them remotely.

Predictive maintenance

One of the most significant overheads in the pumping industry is repairs and maintenance. Besides, the sudden breakdown of pumps can cost businesses heavily. Predictive maintenance is a trend that enables pump owners to schedule inspections and repairs on the basis of critical pump parameters.

Smart design

An increasing number of water pump dealers are selling pumps with a smart design. A lot of thought is going into pump construction to avoid unnecessary vibrations, and the resulting wear and tear. At the same time, the pump components are highly accessible which makes them easy to repair.

Energy efficiency

As energy costs rise across the world, smart pumps can help reduce the waste of electricity by matching the speed and flow rates to the demand. Greater energy efficiency is the hallmark of modern-day pumping equipment.

Data-driven decisions

With a wealth of data available to pump owners, they can make more informed decisions with regard to maintenance, resource allocation, and process optimization. AI-based decision-making is going to have an increasing scope in the coming years.

Remote monitoring

Smart pumps are connected with users over the Internet. This enables them to keep track of their performance and respond quickly to any issues in the pump. Overall, this leads to more streamlined operations and maintenance without the physical presence of the owner.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

AR and VR primarily help in the training and development of staff for dealing with breakdowns or troubleshooting the pumps. This can enable companies to create a more well-trained and thorough pool of technicians to deal with pump issues.

Optimized processes

When they are integrated into larger industrial systems, smart pumps contribute to optimized processes with their precision in fluid flow and pressure control.

3D printed pumps

With 3D printing, complex and customized pump parts can be printed and integrated to manufacture pumps. This can reduce the costs of manufacturing drastically, improve precision, and reduce the rate of faults.

Environment-friendly pumps

With greater efficiency and lower energy consumption, smart pumps have a much lower carbon footprint. As any Kirloskar authorised dealer may explain, a greater focus is being placed on reducing water leakage and wastage from the pumps. This makes them more sustainable as compared to conventional pumps.
For more information on the latest trends in pumping technology, speak to our experts at 022 43436655 or email us at VEMC is the leading Kirloskar dealer in Mumbai.

7 Critical Components of a Solar Plant

If you are a solar installation owner, you must be aware of all of its individual components and how they operate. This doesn’t just help in the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the solar plant, but also zero in on the troublesome parts in case of breakdowns. We at VEMC are one of the leading solar EPC based in Mumbai, and in this blog, 

Explore the main components of your solar plant

7 parts of a solar plant

  1. Solar panels
  2. Inverter
  3. Model mounting structure (MMS)
  4. Optimizers
  5. Cables
  6. Energy monitoring
  7. Battery storage

Solar panels

Also known as solar modules, these generate electricity when the sun shines over them. Choosing the right type and number of panels is necessary to meet your requirements optimally. Solar panels must be cleaned and inspected regularly to ensure optimum performance and productivity.


The solar panels produce Direct Current (DC) while your appliances run on Alternating Current (AC).  It is the inverter that turns DC into AC to make the electric output usable. The inverter also keeps a check on the voltage flowing from the panels to your home or back to the grid.

Model mounting structure (MMS)

MMS is the most important part of your solar power infrastructure. A number of mounting structures are used depending on the type of surface you are installing the panels on. For instance, for low-slope roofs, ballasted MMS is used which uses a weighted tray to hold the panels in place. On the other hand, a ground-based solar installation uses an engineered MMS anchored in the ground.


As the name suggests, optimizers ensure the production of maximum power by the panels even if the surface has dirt, dust or shade. Optimizers are installed at the back of each solar panel. These also track the performance of the panels, thus assisting in troubleshooting. As soon as the system turns off, optimizers also automatically shut off power as a safety measure.


Your solar panel installation requires a robust network of cables to convey the current from the panels. These cables also interconnect the various components of the solar power system. Three main types of cables used in solar installations depending on their use are PV wires (mostly used for interconnection wiring), USE 2 wires (used in grounded solar panels), and THHN (used in wiring the buildings).

Energy monitoring

Energy monitoring is an important component of keeping track of your energy production versus consumption. The data on production and consumption monitoring helps keep tabs on the health, efficiency, and productivity of your solar power system.

Battery storage

Although not an essential component of your solar system, battery storage acts as a buffer. In times of electricity shortage or breakdown, battery storage works as a useful reservoir of energy. Batteries get conveniently and automatically recharged when the sun is shining on the panels.
Having comprehensive knowledge and understanding of your solar panel systems is important to keep track of how it is performing. To learn more about your solar power system components, you can get in touch with our experts at 022 43436655 or We at VEMC are the leading solar installation company based in Mumbai.

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Air Compressor Needs Inspections Every Quarter

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Air Compressor Needs Inspections
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If you own an air compressor, you would want to use it at minimal operating costs and get maximum productivity. Well, the key to this is regular inspections and maintenance. As any compressor dealer in Mumbai will tell you, your air compressor works best when experts check on its health regularly. VEMC is a top-notch ELGi authorised dealer 

Here are 5 reasons why you must get your compressor inspected at least once every quarter

1. Helps avoid downtime

With regular inspections, you have a greater chance to unearth any faults in your compressor. If left unattended, these could lead to sudden breakdowns and halting of business operations. This is especially problematic if the downtime takes place during critical times of production. 

2. High productivity and proper functioning

Regular inspections help ensure your equipment is running at peak productivity. As an air compressor owner, you would want your equipment to pump with the highest possible impact. However, any leaks or tiny breaks in the piping can thwart this. 

Besides, in critical operations such as healthcare and food processing, compressors are expected to pump only clean air free of particulate matter or microbes. To ensure that your compressor is pumping clean air only, you must inspect your air filters regularly, and replace them if required.

3. Saving on emergency and costly repairs

Reduced instances of downtime or failure mean plenty of savings. Emergency breakdown of a critical component can lead to serious losses not just in terms of repairing and replacing it directly, but also by losing business opportunity and reputation. As all air compressor dealers in Mumbai would assure you, regular inspections cost much less as compared to these sudden and emergency repairs.

4. Increase the working life of your compressor

Regular inspections of your compressor systems can significantly increase its lifespan. Air compressor systems are a pretty huge investment that owners would definitely want to make the most of. The initial amount of money invested in the compressor should ideally give returns many times over. This can only be ensured by timely inspections and regular preventative maintenance.

5. Reducing energy costs

With regular inspections, you can ensure that none of the components is over or under-exerting itself. Both could lead to a waste of energy. A component may require regular cleaning, lubrication or even replacement. Such issues can only be spotted through timely checkups and controlled before they grow out of hand.

Preventative maintenance is clearly the only way to make the most of your air compressor systems. It not only ensures peak performance but also reduces the costs of operation. Prolonging the life of the air compressor is one of the most important objectives of compressor owners, which again can be achieved by timely inspections of core and peripheral parts.

For more information on preventative maintenance and inspections of your compressor, feel free to get in touch with VEMC by calling 022 43436655 or emailing us at We are the leading ELGi dealer in Mumbai.

10 Essential Maintenance Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Your Compressor

10 Essential Maintenance Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Your Compressor
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Air compressors are a hefty investment which owners want to get the maximum benefit from. However, this is only possible by extending their lifespan through regular and proactive maintenance. Sudden breakdowns can be costly in terms of not just immediate repairs, but also loss of business and reputation. VEMC is the ELGi authorized dealer based in Mumbai

10 essential maintenance tips to extend the lifespan of your compressor

1. Replace filters

Air filters are used to prevent debris and particulates floating in the surroundings to get sucked into the air compressor. Over a long period of time, the cumulative load can become quite heavy. This can be problematic if you are operating in an industry like food processing and pharmaceuticals where high hygiene standards are necessary. Ensure air filters are replaced frequently.

2. Tighten loose bolts

Due to continuous vibration, your compressor bolts may get loose. Make sure you inspect and tighten them regularly to keep your air compressor in good working condition and avoid any sudden breakdowns.

3. Drain excessive moisture

Any moisture getting sucked into your compressor can cause rusting or microbial growth inside. This can damage the compressor and compromise the quality of your compressed air. Make sure you drain the excessive moisture regularly to avoid this.

4. Check oil levels

As all air compressor dealers in Mumbai will warn you, keeping the air compressor lubricated is a must. Check the oil levels once a day to ensure the moving parts are operating seamlessly and wear and tear is minimized.

5. Monitor temperature

Air compressors function best within a certain temperature range. If your compressor gets overheated, it can cause serious wear and tear. Some compressors come with an automatic shutdown feature on reaching certain temperature levels. Monitor temperature levels regularly and check if the automatic shutdown feature is working properly to avoid this.

6. Look for leaks

Any leaks in the hoses can cause a loss of pressure and make the compressor work harder. The compressor can become corroded or cracked due to leakage. Overall, it can cause wear and tear beyond normal levels.

7. Check air quality

Poor quality of air from the compressor can affect the standard of your operations. Check the air quality regularly to ensure airlines, filters, and other parts are functioning optimally.

8. Conduct repairs quickly

Having a lax approach towards minor repairs can harm the air compressor in the long run. Be proactive with your repairs and address them as soon as any issues arise. 

9. Troubleshoot

Take time to read the manual to know how your air compressor functions. This will enable you to troubleshoot whenever any issues arise to avoid things from getting out of hand.

10. Follow instructions

Do not assume that all compressors can be repaired in the same standardized way. If you face any trouble, follow the company’s own step-by-step guide.

You can get the most out of your air compressors by extending their lifespan if you maintain them. For more information on maintaining your compressors, call us on 022 43436655 or email us at VEMC is the leading Kirloskar pump dealer and ELGi compressor dealer in Mumbai.