5 Reasons Why It Is Worth Investing In Solar For Companies

Solar power is becoming increasingly popular among companies in India. With the country becoming a proponent of solar energy globally, India’s total installed solar energy capacity has increased 19.3 times in the last 8 years. Many organisations are considering investing in solar energy and with good reason. For them, it’s a win-win situation. Energy costs make up for a large proportion of expenses for businesses, both big and small, and hence, cost-efficiency is always a critical goal. There is also the need to be socially responsible and include sustainability in brand ethos. Solar energy helps them meet most of these goals.

So, if you are considering making the switch to solar energy, it could be absolutely worth it.

5 reasons why solar energy is worth investing in

1. Reduced overhead expenses – Going the solar route can help companies save huge on energy costs. Since most of the things in a workspace, such as computers and electrical equipment, run on power, solar energy can help reduce dependency on erratic energy sources. The fluctuating prices of non-renewable fuels too will not affect you. You can let solar energy take over the majority of your existing energy sources. This way, you have more control over the quantity and cost of energy. 

2. Dependable power supply – Power outages are not uncommon in India and unreliable power supply can create interruptions in business. With solar power, you can expect a reliable and stable power supply. India’s total land area gets about 5,000 trillion kWh with most parts receiving around 4-7 kWh per sq. m. per day. Hence, with solar panels in place, you can generate sufficient solar energy to run your operations. 

3. Ease of maintenance – Installing solar panels in your workspaces can be an efficient and one-time investment. They are made from durable materials and can be long lasting. You can rely on expert solar panel EPC companies, such as VEMC, to help assess your energy requirements, check the available installation area, confirm the budget, and install the solar panels accordingly. 

4. Long-term savings – Solar energy helps save costs in the long run. You will need to make a one-time investment for the installation. Post that, you can start enjoying the returns on your investment. The maintenance costs are not exorbitant either. 

5. Sustainable and ideal for CSR – Investing in solar energy can help save the environment. You will be able to invest in a clean energy source, cause less pollution, and reduce your dependency on fossil fuels. Solar power also makes for a good investment to meet your corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals. This can help you stand out to your customers and investors as a green company with low carbon footprint. 

VEMC is a well-established solar EPC company in Mumbai and a pioneer in the field of electromechanical engineering products, allied equipment, and services. VEMCO Solar is a market leader in solar solutions — be it solar panel installation, procurement, commissioning, net metering, or electrical connections. If you are looking for solar panel installation in Mumbai or solar O&M, please reach out to us at +91 98199 07445, and we will be happy to provide you with customized support and services.

Why powering your industry with solar energy will be the best investment decision you can make?

As we reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and other conventional sources of energy, solar energy is emerging as a leading renewable source. India being a tropical country has enormous potential to tap solar energy. According to the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, India receives a total of 5000 trillion kwH per year and most parts receive 4-7 kwH per square meter per day.

This can contribute significantly to most sectors of our economy, and a diverse range of industries can benefit from it.

Here are 9 reasons why solar energy can be your best ever investment decision.

1. Reduced electricity bills

You can reduce or completely remove your dependence on the power grid by switching to solar. This can be all the more beneficial in the wake of fluctuating power tariffs and will entail healthy savings for your business. 

2. Renewable energy

Solar being a renewable source of energy, your business will be doing its bit to remove the pressure from non-renewable conventional sources of energy like coal and petroleum. 

3. Increased value of energy-efficiency

The efficiency of solar panels at present is about 15-20% but it can go significantly higher upto 42% in some cases. Overall, with the improvement in the material of the PV panels, and greater research and development, solar energy is bound to become more efficient every passing year.

4. Reduced Carbon emissions

By reducing your reliance on fossils, solar allows you to become an eco-friendly business. This is becoming increasingly crucial not just for the planet but for your own company as well. It will enable you to save on some critical carbon tax going forward and also meet your CSR goals effectively.

5. Easier monitoring of your ROI

After investing in a solar power system, you would want to ensure it is working optimally and getting you healthy returns. Monitoring the output of your solar panels is very easy. A number of companies are already providing services to analyse data related to your solar energy supply and also point out any discrepancies or slack in performance. 

6. Low maintenance costs

Solar panels are by and large a one-time investment. These are hassle-free installations made from durable materials with a life-span of around 25 years and very low maintenance costs.

7. Self-consumption of electricity

The electricity generated by solar panels is utilised on site which keeps the transmission losses at a bare minimum, and reduces or excludes the dependence on the utility grid.

8. Company image

As consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about climate change, they are preferring brands known for having the least impact on the environment. Switching to solar will be an evidence of your commitment towards reducing emissions, making you a favourite among eco-conscious consumers.

9. Stay ahead of the game

Lastly, survival of businesses depends upon how quickly they are able to adapt to changing times and reinvent themselves. By phasing the conventional energy out, and adopting the energy of the future, you can stay ahead in your industry and beyond!

VEMC is a leading solar EPC company in Mumbai and has unmatched technical expertise in the field of solar O&M. For installation and support, call at 022 43436655 or mail us at marketing@vemc.co.in

How significant is it to evaluate the right financial model for solar power system?

Making the shift to solar power can be beneficial for your business, especially, cost-saving in the long run. However, before you can go green, there are a lot of technicalities to take care of.

When you’re considering shifting to solar power, you’ll find two models in the market: the capital expenditure (CAPEX) model and the operating expenditure (OPEX) model.

In this blog, we will be discussing the two models in detail to help you reach an informed decision.

The CAPEX Model

In this type of financial model, the client approaches VEMC to install a solar pump system on the premises owned by the client. After the commission of the system, the ownership gets transferred to the client and VEMC’s scope ends. Hence, in this type of model, the client pays for the installation of the plant, and the ownership too rests with the client.

Some of the advantages of this model are:

  • The client gets to have complete ownership of the plant and its operation
  • Based on the capacity of the solar plant, the client can save sizeable margins on electricity
  • The client can earn several subsidies and taxes from government bodies, for example, the central finance assistantship (CFA)
  • The client can be partially immune to rising utility electricity prices
  • Industrial and commercial clients can get accelerated depreciation benefits as well

The OPEX Model

In the OPEX model, the investor invests in the project and the client only pays for the power he consumes. The amount of consumption is agreed upon in a contract known as the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

What is PPA financing?

The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) covers the contractual terms of the solar plant and the individual roles of the parties involved. There are usually three parties involved in such a contract – the investor, the installer, and the end client. VEMC is usually the installer for most of the clients. The investor invests in the solar plant and the client buys all or part of the power they want to consume at a rate that can be fixed or changed with time. VEMC installs the plant as per the investor and client’s approval and takes ownership of the plant’s annual maintenance. The client can terminate the agreement after payment of a certain amount or buy the plant directly from the investor.

Choosing the right financial model for your solar investment will depend on your budget and purpose. If you have the resources to take all the responsibility for the installation and maintenance of the plant, CAPEX will be a good choice. But if you don’t have dedicated personnel to look after the systems, OPEX can be a good option for you.

VEMC is a well-established solar EPC company in Mumbai and a pioneer in the field of electromechanical engineering products, allied equipment, and services. VEMCO Solar is a market leader in solar solutions — be it solar panel installation, procurement, commissioning, net metering, or electrical connections. If you are looking for solar panel installation in Mumbai or solar O&M, please reach out to us at +91 98199 07445, and we will be happy to provide you with customized support and services.

Bird droppings and nesting on solar panels causes loss of efficiency by 2%. Ways to avoid it.

Solar panels are an effective and environment-friendly choice for your commercial spaces, to cut down on harmful pollution. It not only helps the planet, but also enables energy efficiency in a sustainable way. However, since the panels are located outdoors, they may attract various outside elements such as birds. Many people are unsure about whether solar panels hurt birds or vice versa.

In this blog, we discuss in detail about the relation between birds and solar panels.

Solar panels and birds

It’s common knowledge that birds may find a good nesting ground in your solar panels and may soil your gutters and panels. What should you do about it? And how should you save the birds as well as your solar panels? Let’s learn more.

Do solar panels benefit birds?

This may come as a surprise but solar panels benefit birds. Currently, some of the primary sources of electricity are oil, coal, and natural gas. They cause carbon pollution in the air and form a layer in the atmosphere that traps heat. Apart from various issues around global warming, it also leads to birds having to find alternate homes. Hence, solar panels are beneficial to birds as they provide them and their young ones with warmth and shelter.

Do solar panels attract birds?

Yes, just like windows, solar panels have reflective surfaces, and such surfaces usually attract birds.

Do solar panels kill birds?

Solar panels don’t kill birds directly. The reflective surfaces of solar panels often resemble water when birds are flying above. The appearance of moving water makes them dive, which eventually hurts them and sometimes, kills them.

Do birds harm solar panels?

Solar panels usually have space between the panels and the roof that allow wiring and ventilation. The shade in these spaces is ideal for birds to take shelter.

Birds usually build nests here as well as leave droppings, broken eggs, etc., under the space available. When these accumulate, they reduce the airflow needed to prevent solar panels from overheating. They can also flow into the gutter, leading to blockages and foul odour. It can also collect on top or under the panels and it’s best to get them cleaned as soon as possible.

Damages from small critters

Critters such as squirrels also enjoy nesting under solar panels and may cause harm by chewing on exposed wires. This could lead to solar panels running inefficiently.

Another serious concern is that nesting materials such as leaves, debris, and chewed wires may also lead to fire hazards.

How to protect your solar panels from birds?

There are several options to look at:

  • Wire Mesh – Building a wire mesh along the edges of the solar panel can help stop birds from nesting under the system. This can also prevent the accumulation of debris.
  • Roof Spikes – They don’t necessarily hurt birds but make it difficult for them to nest.
  • Plastic Predators – Decoys are a great way to ward off birds since they can’t differentiate between artificial and real birds. Like scarecrows, an owl with a swivel head can be very effective in scaring birds away.

Importance of Solar O&M

These various factors can affect the output of your solar panels. Proper operation and maintenance can enhance the lifespan of these systems. The frequency and degree of maintenance of solar systems depend on the installation type, system configuration and location of the setup. You can choose from various types of services such as performance monitoring, preventive maintenance, and corrective maintenance.

VEMC, one of the top solar companies in Mumbai, provides solar panel installation in Mumbai. VEMC provides solar O&M services as well. For more information on our products and help selecting the right ones for you, contact us at +91 98199 07445. With over 72 years of industry experience, VEMC is ISO 9001:2015 certified and a pioneer in the field of electromechanical engineering products, allied equipment, and services.

Solar Success Story: Successful installation of solar rooftop system for a commercial building

Solar Success Story

VEMC, a 72-year-old solar power company in India, has played an integral role in helping companies transition from electrical to solar energy. It has helped companies adopt smart solutions in solar power and taken over the end-to-end execution as well. In this blog, we take a look at how VEMC helped install solar rooftop systems and inverters on the industrial rooftop of Caravan Logipark Pvt. Ltd. and executed the project successfully. The site is located in Koproli, Uran, in the state of Maharashtra. The building authorities were looking to reduce their energy consumption and substitute it with a renewable source of energy.


The main challenges arose during the excavation work for AC cabling. The first step was to trench the road where there was already a lot of vehicle movement. Next, the cable had to be placed and sand and bricks had to be filled on the top or bottom of the cable. During the final termination phase, the grid had to be shut and the connection terminated. However, there was cold storage which couldn’t be shut for more than 15 minutes; otherwise the food stored will get spoilt. There was also a dearth of continuous light and so, it was arranged source like DG for cold storage.

Our Solution

VEMC steered the success of this project with effective time, cost, quality, team, procurement, and communication management. One example of this was during the excavation work for AC cabling. The team took the smart decision of trenching half the road first and installing the cables, and then taking up the other half. This ensured that vehicle movement wasn’t hampered. Moreover, the team worked at a stretch during shut down and ensured the DG was loaded at the same time as the grid shut down.

Safety Measure During Execution

VEMC ensured the execution of the installation was done with all safety measures in mind. Some of the measures taken were:

  • Avoiding the use of mobiles or electronic devices during the installation
  • Using crane and forklift managed by trained experts for unloading of modules and limiting the speed to 10 km/hr
  • Constant training of installation staff to avoid any damage to modules
  • Thorough checking of cable for damage before the cable routing process
  • Limiting the speed of the boring machine within 10 km/hr during the earthing process
  • Use of cotton, PVC, and leather gloves while fixing electrodes, handling backfilling compound, and connecting the electrical panel
  • Use of welding goggles, face shields, and aprons during the welding system

Our post-installation feedback revealed that the client had savings of 4-5 lakh units of electricity monthly from this system.

VEMC is a well-established solar power plant company in India and a pioneer in the field of electromechanical engineering products, allied equipment and services. With decades of industry experience, VEMCO Solar was able to successfully execute the Prince Care Zinnia project and deliver superior-quality results. VEMCO Solar is a market leader in solar solutions — be it solar plant erection, procurement, commissioning, net metering, or electrical connections. If you have any requirements in this space, please feel free to contact us at +91 98199 07445. We would be happy to help you.

11 Solar Tech Advancements of 2022

11 Solar Tech Advancements of 2022

Solar power is commonly associated with solar panels. However, there are several new solar panel technologies waiting to get launched or are already available in the market. They are revolutionizing not only solar energy, but also renewable energy production in general.

In fact, more and more viable solar energy solutions are becoming available in the market at comfortable pricing for easy adoption. Increased adoption of solar energy by both domestic and industrial consumers can reduce our collective dependence on fossil fuels.

Here are 11 solar energy advancements to keep an eye out for in 2022:

  1. Solar Half Cells – These are solar cells sliced in half. The lesser the resistance from PV cells, the greater the flow of electrons in the circuit, leading to higher efficiency.
  2. Floating Solar Farms – Also known as floatovoltaics, these are solar power systems floating on reservoirs, dams, and other water bodies. They offer greater efficiency, are cheaper, and help save a lot of space. Being on water also prevents them from overheating. This leads to higher energy production and lower maintenance costs.
  3. Building-integrated PV (BIPV) – These panels can be added to skyscrapers in the city without taking away their architectural beauty. PV glass can allow sunlight to enter as well as conserve energy. The customized panels can be added to architectural elements such as canopies and terraces.
  4. Microinverters – Inverters help convert solar energy into electricity. With modern advancements, they have transformed into module-level power electronics (MPLE) or microinverters. They are not only more efficient — recording 96.5% efficiency — but are safer as well. Even if one microinverter stops working, the others keep working, maintaining efficiency.
  5. Solar Batteries – These offer access to solar power even after the sun goes down. They come in a range of sizes and can charge multiple appliances and even an entire house. They offer higher energy independence while reducing carbon footprint.
  6. Solar Monitoring Systems – They can be used leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) and can be accessed through apps or the web. These devices provide a lot of information such as individual device insights and power usage.
  7. Solar skins – Similar to ad wraps on bus windows, they offer high efficiency due to selective light filtration advancements.
  8. Photovoltaic Solar Noise Barriers (PVNB) – This innovative concept leverages over 3,000 miles of traffic noise barriers to create solar energy of around 400 gigawatt-hours (GWh) annually.
  9. Solar Fabrics – These help us generate our own energy with built-in solar filaments in t-shirts, winter coats, and other clothing. They can also be used to keep us warm or charge phones.
  10. Solar Water Purifiers – These solar-powered desalination systems can provide around seven litres of drinkable water per hour, for each square meter of the solar network. This means they can produce drinking water enough for 2,213 people daily.
  11. Solar aeroplanes – These vehicles are covered with lightweight solar panels that gather energy and collect them in onboard batteries to use post-daytime.

These promising new techs are making solar energy more efficient, safer, and affordable for all.

VEMC is one of the top solar EPC companies in Mumbai. It helps with the installation and commissioning of various solar products such as inverters, panels, optimizers, and batteries. To know more about our range of solar solutions and for help in choosing the right one, contact us on +91 98199 07445. VEMC is a 72-years young organization with ISO 9001:2015 certification and is CRISIL MSE-1 rated.

Does Colour Play a Role in the Way Solar Panels Function?

Solar panels are designed to absorb incoming solar radiation and use it to generate electricity. It is recommended that we shift our electricity needs from other non-renewable sources to solar energy as it is renewable, relatively safe for the environment, and cheaper to maintain. With the help of solar software, which has increased the effectiveness and usefulness of solar electricity, solar power is now widely used in utilities, businesses, homes, and other applications. It is interesting to note that majority of solar panels are dark blue and black in colour. However, coloured solar panels are also gaining in popularity. So, which colour solar panel is the best for you to buy?

Choosing the right solar panels for your project

Comparing two types of coloured solar panels

First, let’s compare the two most common types of solar panels- black monocrystalline and blue polycrystalline. Black coloured panels are more energy-efficient than blue coloured panels. This means that they require fewer solar cells to absorb larger amounts of solar energy. The advantages of this would be increased solar power generation and conservation of space. Black solar panels also come with a 25-year guarantee and so are well worth the investment. Blue solar panels on the other hand are priced lower and have a relatively low maintenance cost. It therefore can be said that monocrystalline (black) panels are more efficient than polycrystalline (blue) panels, however, this efficiency comes with higher costs. Furthermore, considering environmental factors, blue-coloured solar panels create less waste and generate a lower carbon footprint.

Other colours of solar panels

Other colours of solar panels are available mainly for aesthetic reasons. For example, green-coloured solar panels are recommended for areas surrounded by greenery as they can blend into the surroundings well. Similarly, some buildings may require solar panels of a colour similar to the colour of a building as black or blue panels could be distracting against a building of a contrasting colour. It is true that coloured solar panels come with higher prices and are less efficient. However, solar technology is rapidly growing, and efforts are being made to increase its efficiency and make its availability cheaper.

VEMC, one of the top solar companies in Mumbai, provides solar panel installation in Mumbai. VEMC provides solar o&m services as well. For more information on our products and help selecting the right ones for you, contact us at +91 98199 07445. With over 72 years of industry experience, VEMC is ISO 9001:2015 certified and a pioneer in the field of electromechanical engineering products, allied equipment, and services.

Role Of O&M In A Solar Plant System: Everything You Need To Know

New business models for operations & maintenance - pv Europe

With rapid development in solar technology, the need to ensure the proper and efficient functioning of a solar plant system is more important than ever before. Solar O&M (operations and maintenance) identifies and solves issues in the functioning of solar plant systems. Think of it this way: Your household appliances like the light bulbs, water filter, and/or air conditioner, require regular servicing/replacement whenever problems in their functioning occur. Similarly, solar plant systems have long life spans and require regular maintenance.

So, what does solar O&M involve?

1. Metal roof checks

They are conducted to ensure that there are no cracks or cuts in the roof of the solar installation, the solar module installation roof extensions are securely fastened and waterproof, no water is pooling or blocking the roof, and drainage is sufficient.

2. Ground Mount installation checks

They are conducted at the ground mount system’s base, to ensure that there is no ground erosion. Furthermore, they ensure that under the array, there shouldn’t be any indications of an animal infestation. They also check for trash or waste underneath or close to the solar plant system.

Should solar EPCs offer solar O&M services or outsource them?

Your solar company should consider offering solar O&M services if it possesses the appropriate core systems, operating systems, and management. An obvious benefit of offering solar O&M services would be increased revenue via the solar O&M services over the 25-plus years lifespan of each solar panel system. This can be done if your workforce has personnel with strong engineering capabilities as data analysis plays a major role in identifying problems. Furthermore, procedures such as quality control measures and the creation of extensive information bases will be key factors to consider before setting up solar O&M service for your business.

However, by contracting with an O&M specialist, you can use a business that is solely dedicated to providing those services. Outsourcing O&M can also allow your solar EPC company to focus on its main operations. One potential downfall with this is that you will be putting your company’s reputation in the hands of another company.

How to find an O&M company?

There are numerous ways in which contracting businesses and external O&M partners may establish working partnerships. A solar contracting business may use an O&M provider as a subcontractor. It’s crucial to find an O&M strategy that fits the unique goals and capabilities of your organisation, including what makes the best financial sense.

VEMC, one of the top solar companies in Mumbai, provides solar panel installation in Mumbai. VEMC provides solar o&m services as well. For more information on our products and help selecting the right ones for you, contact us on +91 98199 07445. VEMC is ISO 9001:2015 certified and a pioneer in the field of electromechanical engineering products, allied equipment, and services.

How Commercial Solar Can Become The Essence Of Businesses

If you own a business, you are probably familiar with rising electricity costs. Switching to solar energy offers many benefits that can help you override ride. Let’s look at some of the advantages that commercial solar can provide to your business:

Reduce Overhead Costs 

A huge benefit of installing solar is the resulting elimination of overhead costs of energy. On average, you can save about three-quarters of your electric energy costs by making this transition. Moreover, you will have access to a consistent energy supply that is clean and reliable.

Sustainability and Longevity 

In the years to come, industries will be steadily less dependent on costly fossil fuels due to more regulations on emissions from petrol and coal. Clean and green energy that is environmentally sustainable will be the order of the day. You can make the switch to renewable solar energy and reap the benefits from now.

Energy Independence

Changing to solar energy also gives you independence from commercial sources of electricity, so despite what happens to the grid, you can avail of your own supply whenever you need it. Power failures and other contingencies that cause downtime will no longer be an issue. With solar power, you can also choose to store electricity through a battery system. This will give you a backup source of power during the night or in low light.

Tax Benefits

Governments tend to provide enormous tax rebates and financial aid for businesses using renewable energy. This can be a huge relief and cut down on your overall costs substantially. Look up what the regulations in your state or country are, and make a decision accordingly.

Long-term Financial and Environmental Returns 

Although the cost of solar panel installation may seem high at the outset, it is an investment that yields exponential benefits over the long run. Be it financial or environmental, costs keep declining significantly in the coming years when you choose to use solar energy. In this regard, solar power provides very high returns on investment while keeping your business sustainable in the long term. What’s more, more and more consumers are leaning toward brands with green practices, so this can boost your brand image too.   

You can consult an expert in solar power installation among the top solar companies in Mumbai to ensure a smooth installation.

VEMC is a well-established solar power plant company and a pioneer in the field of electromechanical engineering products, allied equipment, and services. VEMCO Solar is a market leader in solar solutions — be it solar plant erection, procurement, commissioning, net metering, or electrical connections. If you have any requirements in this space, please reach out to us at +91 98199 07445, and we will be happy to provide you with customized support and services.