How Does Water Pump Contribute As A Back-Bone For Industrial Sectors

All pumping equipment is intended for one purpose, and specifically, for pumping water. They can be used in communal systems, in industry, and even in everyday life. For example, you can bring the installation of a mechanism for pumping wastewater in private sewer systems. Industrial water pumps are more complex. It’s hard to imagine how, presently, the supply and pumping of water can be done without a centrifugal pump. After all, pumps play a crucial role in this process.

In the world pumps, there are various types like Vertical Inline Pumps, Multi Outlet Pumps, and Vertical Split Casing Pumps. This is since it is possible to supply water in different ways, and not only water can be supplied and pumped out, but also other liquids.

It is essential to choose the right pump, in particular when selecting water pumps. For example, centrifugal water pumps or external circulation pumps. The only question is which pump and why.

When choosing a water pump, you can be guided by many criteria, since the choice of products is large, but more important criteria that will prompt the right choice of pump can be:

– Scope

– Tasks that the pump must fulfil

The scope of pumps for water can be domestic and industrial. If water pumps are needed for an enterprise (production, non-production), institutions, or other similar fields, it is necessary to choose water pumps in the industrial category.

Centrifugal pumps are dynamic hydraulic machines and are characterized by low cost in contrast to other devices. The simplicity of design, reliability in operation have led to their wide distribution in various industries. The advantages include continuity of fluid supply, high efficiency and reliability, and ease of automation control. Industrial centrifugal pumps available in India are used in water supply, heat power engineering, chemical, and nuclear industry.

The necessary pressure is created in the pump due to the centrifugal force when the impeller rotates. Inside the housing, the impeller is rigidly mounted on the shaft. When the impeller rotates, a centrifugal force appears, and a vacuum appears in the central part, and pressure increases on the periphery. Therefore, the liquid is pushed into the pressure pipe. Most pumps are driven by an electric motor, which can be located in one housing with the pump unit. Such an electric centrifugal pump has compactness and high efficiency.

Centrifugal pump is divided into several types, depending on the number of stages, the flows flowing along with them, as well as the conditions for liquid drainage, drive method, shaft location, and purpose. For example, a surface centrifugal pump is used to organize water supply from open sources and is installed above the surface of the pumped liquid. The working chamber must be filled with liquid before starting.

To date, the market is simply clogged with pumping equipment. This gives a certain advantage for buyers who can choose for themselves. But you must have knowledge of how the pump is used and its maintenance. Furthermore, getting the ideal type of pump is essential.

Working of ELGI Air Compressor

How ELGI air compressor works?

An air compressor is a device designed to pump compressed air. It is used to ensure the circulation of cooling refrigerant in a closed circuit, and the pumping of pressure into various containers. This equipment is widely used in medicine, industry, and household. Its presence allows you to perform a wide range of actions.

The principle of operation of the ELGI air compressor can be described as follows.

  • When the engine starts, the crankshaft begins to rotate, transmitting reciprocating movements through the connecting rod to the piston.
  • The piston, moving downward, creates a vacuum in the cylinder under the influence of which the inlet valve opens. Due to the difference in air pressure, it begins to be sucked into the cylinder. But before it enters the compression chamber, air passes through the filter.
  • Further, the piston starts to move up. In this case, both valves are in a closed state. At the time of compression, pressure begins to increase in the cylinder, and when it reaches a certain level, the exhaust valve opens.
  • After opening the exhaust valve, compressed air is directed to the receiver.
  • When a certain pressure has entered in the receiver, a pressure switch is activated, and air compression is suspended.
  • When the pressure in the receiver decreases to the set values, the pressure switch starts the engine again.

How to choose an industrial air compressor?

To select the right compressor, first of all, you need to determine how often it will be used, depending on your needs for compressed air.

You are also required to determine if you need a portable compressor or whether it will be used indoors. In this case, it is necessary to ensure good ventilation of the compressor to make sure that it has optimal cooling.

Also, consider the continuous running time of the compressor. Manufacturers usually indicate the duty cycle on these elements. This duty cycle allows you to determine the duration of the compressor for one hour. 

Purpose and principle of operation

What is an air compressor? This is a device designed to compress air and pump them to the required place. How does it work? The principle of operation of the ELGI compressor is quite simple; atmospheric air enters the mechanism that performs its compression. For this, different methods can be used. The mechanism that compresses the air determines the device and the principles of operation of the compressor. For the effective operation of the equipment, it must be connected to the electric network and the air network, through which compressed air will be transmitted. 

Common problems of air compressor

Unit overheating

Usually, the unit may overheat when operating in intensive mode or at an increased ambient temperature in the room. If the unit still overheats under standard operating conditions and normal room temperatures, then a clogged air filter may be the reason behind the malfunction. It should be removed and washed, then dry it properly.

Knock on the cylinder

It is caused by a breakdown or wear of the piston rings due to carbon deposits. Usually, it appears if you use low-quality oil. Knocking-in the cylinder can also be caused by wear on the connecting rod. These parts should be replaced with new ones. When the cylinder and piston are worn, repair of the air compressor consists of boring the cylinder and replacing the piston.

ELGI air compressors are very essential since they require small maintenance. Apart from that, they are highly reliable and huge. This is the reason why they are good for industrial applications. Ensure that you look for reputable dealers in the same product. You may opt for the ELGI air compressor dealers in Mumbaiwho are reliable and have the best products.

Applications of Screw Air Compressor in the Paper and Textile Industry

Air compressors are used widely across all industries. They serve a variety of purposes in the least possible time. The capacity and capabilities of a screw air compressor depend upon its usage and applications. Screw compressors are usually large due to their capacity to receive the air. The larger the size of the tank of the compressor the greater is its capacity. The engine size of a screw air compressor is larger than a normal compressor to successfully carry out various functions. The power consumption of a reciprocating air compressor is large. It requires a considerable amount of energy to function and serve various purposes.

Following are some of the applications of screw air compressor in the paper and textile industry:

  1. Spinning: One of the major functions of an Elgi air compressor is spinning. A screw air compressor is used in paper and textile industries for spinning. A screw air compressor also helps in a ring, air-jet spinning as well as open too. A screw air compressor makes it easy to spin the textile and achieve the desired outcome.
  2. Texturing: In the paper and textile industry, one of the major concerns is the texture of the final product. A screw compressor is used at various stages in a factory to get the perfect texture of the product. In this process, yarn is intermingled with the help of a nozzle and the jet. The pressure generated during this process helps one to achieve the texture required.
  3. Air-jet weaving: the modern technique of air-jet weaving is popular for its swift results and perfect alignment. A screw air compressor is used to blow a yarn with weft transportation. This is one of the most crucial stages; it requires technical expertise and complete know-how to ensure the yarn is blown optimally while using the right combination of machinery and industrial equipment.
  4. Pneumatic conveying: A screw air compressor is used for pneumatic transport and allied works. The screw air compressor is extensively used for fabric and PET chips. They ensure flawless performance and provide optimum results in the least possible time. 
  5. Man-made fibre production: A reciprocating air compressor is used for the production of partially oriented yarn (POY) and fully oriented yarn (FOY). The air compressor enables faster production of quality yarns. However, the size of the screw compressor depends upon its application and production capacity too.
  6. Garmenting process: There are several processes involved in the production of the garment. Some of them include printing, stitching, marking, cutting, laying, and much more. An air compressor can be highly useful in streamlining the process and scheduling the production too. A screw compressor optimizes the process of production. Therefore, it is widely used in the textile industry. 
  7. Dyeing textiles: Screw air compressor helps one to transfer a yarn to spool or cone for dyeing and other purposes. Compressed air is used for dyeing purposes and dyes the fabric/textile with the planned colour. 
  8. Packaging: The screw air compressor is used to wind the yarn and package them as per one’s needs. Packaging plays a very important role whether it is textiles or paper. The wrap beams and air compressors are used together for packaging purposes and wrapping too. Compressed air is also used for sizing the paper and textile products.
  9. Combing: Combing is the process of removing impurities and short fibres with the help of rollers and brushes. The screw air compressor can make this difficult task much easier and organized. One can get a pure version of output with minimal efforts with the help of the screw compressor.
  10. Treating wastewater: One of the most important parts of production is managing wastewater and wastage. Whether it is the textile industry or paper, it is imperative to efficiently plan wastewater treatment to get rid of the impurities optimally. The screw air compressor can facilitate wastewater treatment with utmost efficacy.

Valid Contribution of Fighter Fighting Pump Set For the Industrial Sector

The industrial sector is highly reliant on pump sets for their daily functioning. Reliable pump performance and the use of good pump sets like that of the Kirloskar pumps are crucial. 

The fire fighting pump sets have been used in the industrial sector since time immemorial for emergencies and precautionary measures. It can be powered by steam, electricity, or diesel. It is always connected to the industry’s water supply source. The fire fighting pump set generates water at increased pressures to douse the flames. The pump manufacturers in Mumbai manufacture them with features that enable easy attachment to a sprinkler system or hose pipe fittings. They are specially designed to cater to the building requirements of the industrial sectors whether it may be oil and natural gas, energy sector, mining, factories, manufacturing units, and more. The Kirloskar Pumps available in Mumbai are made by experts in protecting the industrial sectors against fire hazards. 

The industrial sector is highly reliant on pump sets for their daily functioning. Reliable pump performance and the use of good pump sets like that of the Kirloskar pumps are crucial. 

The fire fighting pump sets have been used in the industrial sector since time immemorial for emergencies and precautionary measures. It can be powered by steam, electricity, or diesel. It is always connected to the industry’s water supply source. The fire fighting pump set generates water at increased pressures to douse the flames. The pump manufacturers in Mumbai manufacture them with features that enable easy attachment to a sprinkler system or hose pipe fittings. They are specially designed to cater to the building requirements of the industrial sectors whether it may be oil and natural gas, energy sector, mining, factories, manufacturing units, and more. The Kirloskar Pumps available in Mumbai are made by experts in protecting the industrial sectors against fire hazards. 

The fire fighting pump sets have made major contributions to the industrial sector. It includes the following:

  • It is effective in timely emergencies, in minimizing damage caused to the expensive and indispensable industrial equipment. 
  • Kirloskar pump dealer in Mumbai recommends them to save industries against the risk of plant and equipment failure. This saves against catastrophic losses to the industrial sectors. Such dangers are absent in the other fields which makes the Kirloskar pumps set applications in Mumbai unique. 
  • Industries use a wide range of chemicals for the manufacture of products which makes the use of these fire fighting pump sets also extensive. 
  • Fire fighting pump sets have made contributions towards industries such as the chemical manufacturing industries, pharmaceutical companies, petrochemical industry, food, and beverage industry, and more. 
  • Pump manufacturers in Pune say that there is a high demand from industries that require high applications of liquid and solid contents. 
  • Kirloskar Pumps are also effective in industries that use abrasive and highly corrosive substances. 
  • Kirloskar Pumps are also preferred by engineers for its easy and reliable application. The Kirloskar pump dealer in Mumbai provides complete instructions and details regarding the design, setting up, and installations of the fire pumps.  This enables the onsite engineer at the industry to set up themselves and control the flow of water and pressure. 
  • Kirloskar Pumps Dealers In Mumbai supply them for those industries whose manufacturing processes include the input of dangerous substances and highly corrosive chemicals to obtain chemical end products. 
  • Fire fighting pump sets have also made huge contributions to Industrial processes that include the alteration of the PH levels to obtain the right biochemical reactions.
  • It keeps the operators, engineers, and workers safe at the fertilizer industries. It reduces risks such as skin cancers, tissue damage, and respiratory disorders from harmful chemicals. 
  • Kirloskar Pumps in Mumbai protect users from coming in direct contact with the acids that cause respiratory failure, loss of eyesight, and overall health. 
  • Pumps that deliver an outlet after maximum water pressure for sprinkler systems, hoses, and standpipes are offered by pump manufacturers in Pune. The water outlet and the pressure can be easily regulated and controlled. Fire Fighting pump sets are the best option when the entire water supply is Connected through a non-pressurized water tank or when the already existing pressure is inadequate.

Difference between Magnetic Driven Centrifugal Pump & Mechanical Seal Centrifugal Pump

It’s undoubtedly a difficult choice to make between a magnetically driven centrifugal pump and a mechanical seal centrifugal pump! To save you some time and constant Google searches, let’s give you a gist about the main comparison between the two: 

  • Sealing the fluid

In the sealed centrifugal pumps, the presence of a mechanical seal prevents fluid leakage even while the water pump is in operation. On the other hand, magnetic water pumps do not require a seal since it has a containment shell at the end that ensures a safe enclosure for any leakage to happen. 

  • Maintenance cost and life

In sealed centrifugal pumps, there is a continuous movement between the parts which are in close contact with each other. This arrangement results in easy wear down of the elements and hence, constant maintenance costs. But, because the magnetic submersible motors do not contain any seal, there’s no need for replacements, which costs less. 

  • Application of fluid types 

The mechanical centrifugal motor is capable of pumping out some hazardous fluid, but there’s always a scope for leakage there. Whereas, magnetic pumps due to their inherent design are comparatively safer for hazardous liquids as there is zero scope of leakage. Also, hazardous liquids are generally more expensive and require safe use, which proves magnetic pumps to be more effective for the purpose. 

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Difference Between A Centrifugal Pump And A Vacuum Pump

Centrifugal pumps and vacuum pumps differ from each other for multiple reasons, and here is the detailed explanation for both that reflects those reasons: 

Centrifugal Pumps 

Popularly known as hydrodynamic pumps and dynamic pressure pumps as well, centrifugal pumps are manufactured by making use of the primary centrifugal forces. The flow happens when the kinetic energy produced with the help of a rotating turbine or electric motor is turned to pressure in the liquid. 

If kept in comparison with a vacuum or any other pump for a fact, these water pumps are easier to install. Unlike others, they are manufactured with the help of the back pullout-design process. When a repair is required, the parts can be taken apart and restarted within a short period.

Vacuum Pumps 

Vacuum pumps are those types of submersible pumps that are used to pump out the gases, leaving a partial vacuum aside. While choosing the best vacuum pump among many, the flow of air removal in the pump, the amount of vacuum that is produced, and the power required to create the vacuum are some of the factors that need to be considered. Keeping this in mind, it’s mandatory that the manufacturers should provide information on flow-rating availability. 

When put in comparison with other pumps used in submersible motors, vacuum pumps have comparatively lower power requirements. For continuous pumping, large-sized vacuum pumps are put to use. The only drawback that vacuum pumps have that centrifugal motor doesn’t is that they get overheated if put in continuous use. 

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On-Grid or Off-Grid

Many people think that whenever one switches to solar energy, the only option they have is to install an off-grid system, especially in rural areas, where extending the power lines is difficult and expensive. But before you make a hasty decision, a better idea is to consider the two options in front of you- off-grid solar system and on-grid solar system. 

Here are a few differences between the two: 

  • On-grid basically means that your solar system is connected to the local company’s system eg. MSEDCL, Adani, BEST. Generally, residential homes opt for on-grid solar systems where there are good grid parity and lesser downtime. Whereas, the off-grid system means that you’re not connected to any utility company. 
  • Using the on-grid system, the extra energy produced that’s not used by you will be stored in the grid’s power company. This stored energy will act like a credit that can be cashed out at the end of the year as per the local distribution norm. Whereas, using an off-grid system, you’ll need to install a backup battery for storing energy this way. As there is no good parity and a higher electricity outage dependency on battery storage of electricity which makes more sense and has longterm financial viability. But the challenge is that this battery is rather expensive thus increasing the cost spent on installing the off-grid solar systems.
  • Though over the next 5 years the cost of battery storage shall be reduced due to the higher scale of economic order quantity. 

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What is an Isolation Valve, and in what conditions is it used?

An isolation valve is used to manage the flow of fluids in the plant process and prevent it from flowing to a specific location. The primary purpose is to prevent the flow of contaminated components such as blood, pharmaceuticals, or any medical devices.

Isolation valves come to use under multiple circumstances and for various technical equipment as stated below: 

  • Firewater control 

Firewater pumps are extremely risky and dangerous to handle, especially when they need to be removed. But, isolation valves ensure the safe removal of firewater control pumps and prevent any impact on the entire system of the centrifugal motor.

  • Pipeline safety

The blockage of drain lines or water pumps is quite a common issue due to ice or hydrate formation. The worst cases might even include an uncontrollable situation where the submersible pumps freeze open and are impossible to be shut back again. To avoid such mishappenings with the motor, isolation valves could be installed between the inventory and expected leakage area of the submersible motors, eliminating the scope of any leakage in the future. 

  • Oil and gas wells

Valves in the oil and gas industry ensure confidence and reduce any unforeseen risks. Every industry or plant must adhere to the safety and health guidelines provided as per the government, where oil and gas industries are quite prone to damage to the environment. Even a small gas leak in centrifugal pumps can lead to substantial environmental concerns in the future. The stem seal designs of isolation valves prevent any such leakage and ensure adherence to the social and environmental guidelines. 

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What is a water hammer? What are its ill effects?

A water hammering  effect happens when a sudden closure of the valve causes the back and forth movement of water at supersonic speeds. Water hammer is an understudied topic, and unaware of the fact that residentials have it in their submersible motors, nobody seems to care. In the light of water hammer- for residentials, it’s just that loud noise when the submersible pumps are shut. 

Having said that; a water hammer could have some adverse effects as stated below: 

  • When a centrifugal pumpset suddenly shuts at any given site, the mass of water before closure will still be moving, hence a high pressure shall be created, resulting in a shock wave. This process makes a similar hammering sound that one often hears after shutting their centrifugal pumps.
  • In the worst case, water hammers can even cause the pipelines to break if the pressure is too high. For safety purposes, air traps are often installed to absorb the damaging factors caused by high pressure.
  • The water hammer can also harm valves and pipes in case of any water, oil, or gas application. This happens in the same process of high pressure, as mentioned above, which causes a spike, thereby damaging gauges. This can occur even if the gauge has a correct pressure range for the flow application.

To avoid these adverse effects of a water hammer, air chambers prove to be quite useful because they soften the impact and hence prevent the hammer effect.

But you can swiftly avoid the chances of a malfunctioning water pump, by opting for the high-efficiency Kirloskar pumps that Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company, the best pump dealers in Mumbai, promise to provide to you. Counted amongst the reputed pump dealers in India, VEMC is the answer to your problems!