4 Most Important Things To Know About Kirloskar Electric Motor

Kirloskar Electric is among the leader manufacturer of a wide variety of Electric Motors, both A.C. and D.C.  There are some authorised dealers of Kirloskar Electric Company’s motors in Mumbai, and among them the most prominent is VEMC.

At VEMC you can easily view the portfolio consisting of all high voltage AC Motors, low voltage AC Motors and DC Motors. These motors are designed keeping in mind the increasing significance of power saving and environmental effects, and thus have dimensions and stipulations as per the requirement of the national and international markets, so that the needs of every industry are met with easily.

Here are some of the most important things you should know about the Kirloskar Electric Motors:

  1. Quality Assurance: Kirloskar Electric designs all their motors keeping in the mind the customer satisfaction. The materials and other components are first tested during manufacturing. Then the completed machines are tested as per standard procedures.
  2. Reduced Noise Levels: The electric motors are designed in a way, that the noise level when the motor is being used is exceedingly low, while also reducing the vibration level.
  3. Compact Design with Modular Construction: The compact designs of these electric motors, is to make sure it doesn’t end up taking a lot of your space, which can be used for other machinery. Also, being modular, allows you to set them up without much hassle.
  4. Cooling System: Separate internal and external cooling circuits are present, that add up to an efficient cooling system, and make sure that the motor doesn’t get excessively heated up when used continuously for long durations.

These factors ensure that the features of Kirloskar Electric Motors unmatchable. You can get High Voltage Motors like Megapack Closed Type, Spectrum Closed Type; Low Voltage Motos like OpenType Series, Flame Proof Series, Increased Safety Series etc. If you are looking for DC motors you get a choice from Laminated Yoke DC Motors, Aise Series Mill Duty Motors and Solid Yoke DC Motors. VEMC is an authorised Kirloskar Motor Dealer and thus will ensure that all your requirements and needs are met with ease.

Thoughtful Design Of The KSIL / KCIL Vertical Multistage Inline Pump

As it goes with any modern day technology increasing efficiency and productivity are becoming very important. Making fast cars go faster while making sure that the fuel consumed is lowered; there is a certain challenge that goes beyond just ensuring that a task is completed. Our expectation from modern equipments is that it meets more than one criteria. As discussed in another blog about HYPN systems, the evolution of cities makes it necessary that the infrastructure that supports it also be made more efficient.

When one things about cities, space or the lack of it comes to mind. The solution to which is growing vertically. Vertical structures that take up less space are practical and aesthetically more appealing; the KCIL Vertical Multistage Inline Pump is a fine example of integrating practical design with efficiency. VEMC is a dealer in Kirloskar Pumps in Mumbai for over 4 decades.

A vertical multistage inline pump is designed to boost the flow of water from one point to another. With the Capacity from 0.4 to 28 m³/hr and Head 10 to 249 m. When one considers the size of skyscrapers, hospitals, industries, commercial establishments; one  really begins to appreciate the need for a multistage in line pump.


The main advantages of a vertical pump is its lean design; meaning, these pumps take up less space on the property. In a multi stage pump, a smaller motor is used to deliver required flow and pressure. The in-line design enables installation of the pump in horizontal one pipe systems. The suction and discharge ports are of the same dimension and are in the same horizontal plane. The compact and lean design of the pumps is a huge incentive as it requires a simpler piping system.

The KCIL pump comes out a clear winner on many accounts, mainly on energy efficiency. Additionally, given the constant contact with water, these pumps are designed to be corrosion resistant and have reliable sealing. Apart from this, the pumps are light, durable and are low on noise. When one considers the scale at which these pumps are used, low maintenance and lower human intervention in operating the pumps is a definite advantage as well. The pumps are ideal for Industrial Pressure Boosting, Liquid Transfer, Water Treatment, Building Industry, Dairy, Irrigation and Small Power Plants.

VEMC is a renowned as one of industry leaders in providing innovative solution to everyday problems.


The Silent Backbone Of The Steel Industry

Infrastructure in India has been a talking point over the last few years. One of the building blocks of this massive growth has been steel industry. How else will towering structures support themselves if not hard tough steel that runs the course from the foundation right up to the last floor. Not just buildings; bridges, flyovers, ports, rail, roads and many other structures have steel as a base requirement. India features as the third largest producer of steel with 104.77MMT in 2016. The iron and steel industry is one other most important industries in India.

Steel has to be processed before it becomes useful for any construction. Industries that make TMT bars receive steel in form of ‘steel billets’, that they expose to heat to give it the shape that size as needed. A Re Rolling Mill Motor by Kirloskar is essential in this process. Steel is highly malleable, corrosion resistant and is equally strong throughout, even on welding.  Another great advantage is the fact that steel is also economical.

Think of the hot steel like a ball of dough that is being transformed into desired shape; except this dough is extremely hot and needs to work on fairly quickly. Rerolling is a metalworking process that helps in converting of steel billets to be rolled into rods, bars, angles and sheets. A rerolling motor helps drive machines involved in the rolling process.


VEMC offers a Low Voltage Rerolling Mill Duty Motor that can withstand fluctuation of electric supply ensuring that the end product is uniform. These motors are designed to run at 75% of rated supply voltage for duration of five minutes. These Mill duty motors are designed and developed for versatility, compactness, serviceability, durability and ruggedness. With over 3 decades of making and perfecting of Mill Duty Motors, Kirloskar Electric Company has become an industry leader.

The standard motor is suitable for operations at an ambient temperature of 450 C and altitude of 1000M. Variation in voltage and supply is as per IS325. Depending on the site conditions, motors for other voltage and higher ambient conditions can be offered. VEMC is a Kirloskar Motor Dealers in Mumbai; who has over 4 decades of experience and has undertaken several large scale projects for private and the government institutions.

Industrial Wastewater

Industrial wastewater easily is one of the most recognizable words in the last century. The industrial revolution paved the path to modern lifestyles, big cities and a constant search for growth. However during the last few decades, the fast paced industrial growth has brought up a surge of change in the way industries discard their waste. A large portion of which is in form of water. Industrial waste is different from domestic wastes in so many ways which is why holding it to the same standards in terms of disposal is impractical and dangerous. Industrial waste contains metallic debris, toxic chemicals, Volatile Organic Compounds, Phenols, surfactants and solid wastes.

When release directly into water, these industrial effluents are sure to cause more than just discoloration of water. This waste leads to health hazards for humans and animals, depletion of aquatic flora and fauna and reduce the amount of potable drinking water. Industries are required to treat their wastewater with utmost care and dispose it off with as minimal damage to the environment as possible.

From textile to tanneries, paper to dairy industries; industrial waste is an unfortunate side effect. Kirloskar is a leader in innovation, with the offering of 3 variations of Solid Handling pumps. SHL Solid Handling Pumps, SHM Solid Handling Pumps and SHS Solid Handling Sump Pump.

SHM are horizontal non-clog pumps having single stage, single suction with back pull out type design. SHS are vertical non-clog pumps for wet pit applications. The pump section is suspended by a column pipe which also protects the transmission shaft. These pumps can be offered with a column length up to 6.5 m. The impeller is single suction type non-clog, free flow dynamically balanced. For SHM pumps the standard lubrication is grease and the optional one is oil. In case of SHS pumps the lubrication is grease based. These pumps are widely used in paper industries, water carrying gravel and so on.

Here are the applications for the various pumps. The SHL and SHM solid handling pumps are useful in pumping sludge, sewage, power material slurries, sugar factory waste. The SHS Solid Handling Sump Pump is suitable for pit depth upto 9 metres, the pumps is useful to pump liquids with solids in suspension, sludge & pulpy material, industrial waste handling, liquid containing fibrous & powdered material, coal tar and effluents.

With the changing requirements of the industry, it is expected that we find new and innovative ways to rethink our interaction with the environment. Kirloskar Pumps and VEMC, a Kirloskar Pump Dealer in Mumbai, are lending a hand in ensuring that our industries are assisting the progress of the nation without creating any issues.

Giving Water – A Second Lease Of Life

Water is the building block of life itself, one of the most important resources that we are blessed with. Water is also abundantly used and abused. As city dwellers, it is not uncommon to see pipelines that carry sewage and a lot of time, a great portion of that is potable water flushed down the drain. One must consider the possibility of being able to get the maximum use from the water in use.

It is fairly simple, clean potable water is used for cleaning vegetables or bathing, but this water is flushed down the drain without much thought, but this doesn’t need to be the situation. Water can easily be repurposed, water treatment is absolutely the need of the hour. Grey water (waste water that is extensively treated) is now being used for flushing toilets in many big communities and it is certainly lowering the cost of producing water and easing the stress on the city corporation to supply water.

Why is there a need to salvage water? India is host to 16% of the world’s population and 4% of the world’s water resources. Which when one thinks about is a pretty worrisome proportion. Not treating water before releasing is giving rise to multiple problems, mainly health hazards from consuming polluted water and shortage of water due to the sources like lakes and rivers being polluted. A wastewater treatment plant is becoming a necessity if we are to meet the needs of the growing population. It is predicted that need for water will increase by 200% from its current 740 Billion cubic metres per year!

5.3 million tones of garbage was cleared from Versova beach thanks to a citizen initiative. Perhaps what is required is awareness that there is a way to tackle problems of water wastage, treatment and reuse. How does VEMC feature in this effort to save the earth, salvage water and give it a second lease of life? Well, VEMC sells a range of domestic and industrial pumps that help with disposal of sewage being a Kirloskar Pump Dealer In Mumbai & Centrifugal Pump Distributors.

Unlike submersible pumps that pump just water, sewage comprises of solid wastes that needs to be treated before it is released. There are 2 variants for domestic uses by Kirloskar, NS Non Clog Submersible Pump, These are single stage, single suction pumps with overhung non-clogging impeller. Pumps can be offered in stationary as well as transportable arrangements. The second type is the i-NS Non Clog Submersible Pump, these are single suction pumps with overall non clogging impeller.

The humane aspect of having pumps is also unmissable, with pumps in place, it reduces human contact with sewage that can cause multiple health issues. Whether it is a small society or a huge apartment complex, creation of water treatment plants and putting processes in place to ensure that the quality of water released into the environment is absolutely necessary. After all, we have only one place to call home.