7 Common Causes of Cavitation in Pump Systems and How to Avoid Them

Pump Systems

If you hear your centrifugal pump making strange noises, there’s a high likelihood that it is struggling with cavitation. In simple words, this means the formation of air bubbles around the impeller. When these bubbles burst, they create high-energy shockwaves which travel across the fluid. As any Kirloskar pump dealer will explain, cavitation can cause not just noise and vibration, but also mechanical damage and performance deterioration in the long run. VEMC is one of the leading Kirloskar Pump Dealers in the country. 

In This Blog, We Explain To You The 7 Common Causes Of Cavitation And Ways To Avoid Them:

1.Insufficient NPSHA (Net Positive Suction Head Available)

When the liquid in a pump vapourises at low pressure, it causes cavitation in the pump. This happens when there isn’t enough pressure at the suction end or the pump has insufficient NPSHA. To avoid cavitation, therefore, it is important that sufficient NPSHA is available so as to ensure the liquid always remains above the vapour pressure. The pump manufacturer determines the NPSH required for each pump, and your Kirloskar pump distributor can give you all the information on this.

2. High Pump Speed Or Impeller Design

When an impeller starts to rotate at a high speed (high RPM), the flow rate and head pressure naturally increase. This causes vapourisation cavitation in the pump. To avoid it, reduce the motor speed, install an impeller inducer, or add a booster pump. Ask your Kirloskar Pump Authorised Dealer for more. 

3. Inlet Restrictions Of Blockages

This is one of the most common causes of inlet re-circulation cavitation. Regular check-ups of your pumps are necessary to find blockages. Remove any accumulation of debris that may be clogging the downstream filter. 

4. Vaporous Or Aerated Liquids

A vaporous or aerated liquid has the inherent properties of creating bubbles that can burst to cause cavitation in the pump system. As much as possible, avoid processing such liquids through your pumping systems.

5. High Fluid Temperature or Pressure Drop

High temperature or pressure drop inside the pump can also speed up the process of vapourisation of the liquid. This can again cause vapourisation cavitation. As your Water Pump Dealers would advise, it is always best to reduce (and keep under check) the temperature of your pump, its components and the liquid itself. 

6. Inadequate Npshr Margin

The NPSHR margin basically represents the safety factor by which the NPSHA must exceed the NPSHR so as to avoid cavitation. An inadequate margin means a lesser buffer and higher chances of cavitation. Speak to your Kirloskar pump dealer and ascertain all parameters to ensure the least possible cavitation. 

7. Pump Maintenance And Operation

Cavitation, like any other mechanical issue can aggravate in case the pump falls into disrepair. To ensure the pump is in the best working condition, and cavitation is minimum, regular maintenance is important. Inspect the components of the pump frequently to look for signs of cavitation.


For more information on cavitation and other mechanical issues, feel free to speak to our experts at 022 43436655 or email us at marketing@vemc.co.in. VEMC is the leading Kirloskar pump distributor based out of Mumbai.

7 Important Factors to Take Into Account While Selecting the Best Water Pump for Your Unique Needs

For best performance, it is necessary that a pump is well-suited for the surroundings, operations, type of liquid, etc. VEMC is one of the leading water pump dealers based out of Mumbai, and in this blog, we describe 7 factors to consider while selecting a water pump.

But first, let’s take a look at some of the most popular pumps available with every Kirloskar Pump Authorised Dealer.

  • Centrifugal pump: These pumps work by transferring the mechanical energy of a rotating impeller to the liquid and pushing it out with pressure. These are suited for pumping water, organics, oils, acids and bases across domestic, industrial and commercial areas.
  • Submersible pump: These pumps are fully submerged in the water that is to be displaced. These are used in a range of situations such as dewatering construction sites, waterlogged areas and sewage pumping.
  • Jet pumps: These work by discharging a high-speed jet into a suction chamber so that a vacuum is created, and then pumping a fluid using the power jet. These are used in various high-volume vertical applications such as oil wells. 

Get more information on these pumps from VEMC –– a leading Kirloskar authorised dealer.

7 Factors to Consider Before Selecting a Pump:

Pumping Requirements

First thing first. Consider the flow rate and pressure required for the operation, the source of water, and the nature of the application for which the pump is required.

Key Features/Indicators

Before purchasing a pump, look for key features such as flow rate, head pressure and power consumption. The first two are important to determine how impactful your pump is going to be, while power consumption will reflect the efficiency, cost savings and sustainability of the pump.

Correct Size

Choose just the right size for your operation to ensure optimum pumping performance and avoid wastage of energy. Consider factors such as pipe diameter, elevation and friction losses.


The quality of your pump represents its durability as well as reliability. To get a fair idea of the quality, look for the construction material of the pump, the reputation of the company and the certifications from renowned agencies. Every Kirloskar Water Pump Dealer will readily present you with the best quality credentials.

Service and Maintenance 

The good serviceability of the pump means you can use it longer and also maintain it with ease and affordability. Consider questions like whether the design of the pump is easily accessible or not, whether spare parts are readily available, and whether post-purchase manufacturer support is available. As a top-notch Kirloskar pump authorised dealer, VEMC prides itself in exceptional pump service.

Reviews and Feedback from Past Customers

Customer reviews on social media can give you a fair idea about their experience with a particular pump. Purchasing a pump means shelling out a large amount of money. It is therefore highly advisable to look for the feedback of other customers before investing.

Warranty and After-Sales Support

Before making the purchase, go through all the terms and conditions of the warranty such as coverage and duration. Find out from past customers what the company’s after-sales support is like. 


For more on pumps, get in touch with us at 022 43436655 or email us at marketing@vemc.co.in. VEMC is the leading Kirloskar dealer in Mumbai.

Kirlosmart by Kirloskar Brothers Limited: An IoT-Based Solution

Every Kirloskar Dealer in Mumbai today is beaming over the innovative and disruptive pumping solutions that Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) is coming up with. The company was founded in 1888 and has an accumulated unmatched experience in the pumping industry. KBL has in recent times also earned a great reputation for innovation and out-of-the-box solutions. Much of this is thanks to their IoT-based solution Kirlosmart.

VEMC is a Proud Kirloskar Authorised Dealer and In This Blog, We Explain the Features of Kirlosmart:

What is Kirlosmart?

Any Kirloskar Pump Authorised Dealer can tell you about the wonders of Kirlosmart. It is an intelligent pump monitoring system that enables users to keep track of pump performance, maintenance and other parameters remotely. This avoids the need to physically check in on the pump every now and then, avoids downtime, and reduces inspection costs.

Kirlosmart operates through a path-breaking new Internet of Things (IoT) technology. This works by connecting devices and equipment to each other by streaming data and sharing critical parameters over an internet network.

Benefits of IoT-Based Kirlosmart

  1. Real-time monitoring: The pump can be monitored in real-time over the app. All the relevant parameters such as voltage or current, pressure and flow are streamed, which helps users keep track of the pump’s health. It also sends SMS and email alerts in case any parameter is fluctuating beyond the acceptable range.
  2. Predictive maintenance: With ample data available, users can make better-informed repair and maintenance decisions. In other words, they can somewhat predict when a component part will fall out of repair and pre-empt any breakdown.
  3. Improved efficiency and cost savings: If the pump is consuming energy beyond the expected range, it can quickly be rectified after observing the data stream on the Kirlosmart app.
  1. Easy integration with other pumping systems: Kirlosmart through its IoT-based technology makes it simpler to integrate one pump with the other. In a way, it creates a network of pumps that operate effectively and with greater efficiency in tandem with each other.
  2. Data security and privacy: Kirloskar understands the importance of client data security and privacy. The Kirlosmart system has therefore been made highly safe and secure.

The case of IIT Powai

Kirlosmart has been a massive success wherever it has been installed. In IIT Powai for instance, it has eliminated the need for manual intervention for monitoring the performance of pump sets. This reduced costs drastically and made pump monitoring highly efficient, effective and precise.

Future of Kirlosmart

Kirloskar is investing in a range of features when it comes to Kirlosmart. User-friendly and highly interactive interface, help in troubleshooting, documentation of reports, 4G and 5G compatible hardware, and excellent wireless service in hazardous areas are some exceptional features that are only expected to get better with time.

As the leading Kirloskar Pump Dealer, we are aware of how committed the company is to keep improving its products based on customer feedback. They follow the ‘customer convenience always first’ policy. If you’re worried about unexpected breakdowns, hectic and costly manual monitoring and inefficient pump operations, Kirlosmart is just the right solution for you.


For more on Kirlosmart and other innovative products, get in touch with VEMC at 022 43436655 or email us at marketing@vemc.co.in. We are the top Kirloskar water pump dealer based in Mumbai.

Do’s and Don’ts of the Pump World!

Industrial Water Pumps in Mumbai
Kirloskar Pumps Distributors

Pumps are one of the most universally used equipment to boost pressure or lift fluid in households, industries and emergency situations. We use a range of different pumps for different types of work such as electric-driven pumps, rotary pumps, multi-stage pumps, etc. As leading Kirloskar Pumps Distributors and experts in pumping, we talk about all the do’s and don’ts of the pumping world that you as a pump owner need to be aware of.

Do’s and Don’ts of Electric Driven Pumps:

Do’s ––

• Have all the proper control devices in place before starting the pump.

• Always keep the installation and operation manual for the pump, motor and control panel handy for instructions on proper use.

• Secure all the electrical connections and avoid having loose connections as this could be dangerous for operators.

• Secure all the piping connections properly to avoid leakages in the pumping system enabling it to perform optimally.

• As soon as the water supply begins, make sure the direction of rotation is correct.

Don’ts ––

• Don’t allow any unsupervised operation of the pump, especially by inexperienced personnel.

• Do not ignore the safety and health precautions as mentioned in the manual provided by the supplier.

• Do not continue to run the pump despite unusual vibrations and sounds.

• Don’t continue to run it if the pump is drawing extraordinary power.

• Don’t make the cable accessible to unauthorised personnel.

For more in-depth details, call reputed Kirloskar pumps distributors like VEMC or get in touch with your nearest Kirloskar pump authorised dealer.

Do’s and Don’ts of Rotary Pumps:

• Keep the suction lift at a minimum to support all the piping as well as hoses as needed.

Do’s ––

• Fill the tanks and pumps with water before operating the pump.

• During winter or freezing season, drain the pump of all water to avoid freezing and subsequent damage. Remove maximum water by rotating the pump end while draining.

Don’ts ––

• Never lift the pump with suction or discharge hoses still attached.

• Don’t run the engine at a faster or slower pace than recommended.

• Don’t stop or start the pump while in a high-speed or engaged state.

Ask your Kirloskar Pump Authorised dealer for more.

Do’s and Don’t of Multi-Stage Pumps

Do’s ––

• Allow the pump to cool down before you disconnect the hoses or drain it.

• Try and avoid air traps inside the suction and discharge lines. Design the suction line with a slight slope.

• Follow the maintenance schedule provided in the user manual.

Don’ts ––

• Don’t carry out any repair or maintenance work while the pump is still hot or running.

• Don’t operate the unit with the discharge lines obstructed or the valve closed.

• Don’t bye-pass or disconnect any gauges or safety switches.

Get in touch with your Kirloskar pump authorised dealer for more.

For more tips on pumping, contact VEMC now. Visit us at www.vemc.co.in, call us at 022 43436655, or email us at marketing@vemc.co.in. VEMC is one of the top Kirloskar pumps distributors and if you need help with, or are looking for Industrial Water Pumps in Mumbai, we are the right people to reach out to.

Pump Shaft And Belt Alignment: Problems And Solutions

Running your pumps day in and day out, especially in an industrial setting, will inevitably result in the misalignment of shaft and belt at one point. But these misalignments must be kept within tolerable limits to avoid causing serious damage at a later stage. As any Kirloskar pump distributor or Kirloskar Pump Authorized Dealer will tell you, pump shaft and belt alignment is one of the necessary interventions of maintenance.

In This Blog, We Will Take a Look On Pump Shaft And Belt Alignment Problems And Their Solutions:

What is Pump Alignment?

Power is transmitted from a motor to a pump through shafts or belts. However, due to rigorous work day in and day out, the shafts and belts can get misaligned. This could cause serious damage to seals, create lubrication issues and cause leakages. If the damage is serious, it could result in increased downtime, thus affecting your workflows. These issues are in fact quite common in Industrial Water Pumps.

Overall, pump misalignment could drastically reduce the efficiency of your pump, and cause serious wear and tear, and unforeseen breakdowns. In the worst-case scenario, the pump can suffer permanent damage, requiring an unplanned costly replacement. 

Early detection and correction of shaft and belt misalignment of the pump are therefore very important. As a leading Kirloskar Pump Authorised Dealer and Authorised Pump Original Equipment Manufacturer (APOEM), VEMC has unparalleled expertise in pump assembling & alignment.

Shaft Misalignment

Shaft misalignment accounts for nearly half of the breakdown costs of pumps. Shaft misalignment is of two types:

• Parallel misalignment –– which is of further two types: horizontal and vertical. Parallel horizontal misalignment is said to have taken place when the motor shaft moves horizontally away from the pump. Parallel vertical misalignment likewise happens when the motor shaft moves vertically away from the pump shaft.

• Angular misalignment –– is said to have happened when the motor and the pump shaft move away at an angle from the pump shaft, but both continue to be in the same horizontal or vertical plane. Angular misalignment could also be vertical or horizontal.

Types of belt misalignment

• Vertical or twisted misalignment –– takes place when one of the pulleys develops an angular error from the vertical angle plane. By simply lifting the feet of the pump (front or rear depending on the direction of the error), the angle error can be corrected.

• Horizontal angle misalignment –– is said to have happened when the driver and the driven unit are no longer parallel to one another. This can be corrected by moving the front and rear feet forward or backward.

• Parallel misalignment –– usually takes place when the motor is positioned incorrectly along its shaft axis. It can also be caused due to the incorrect positioning of the pulleys on their respective shafts.

Our Solution

VEMC is an APOEM (Authorized Pumpset Original Equipment Manufacturer) apart from being a leading Kirloskar pump distributor. With our APOEM pump testing facility, we can detect errors causing pump misalignments with utmost effectiveness. This can significantly reduce the chances of pump failures and unexpected downtime.

To get the best quality witness-tested pumps with proper alignment and assembly, call us at 022 43436655 or email us at marketing@vemc.co.in. As the leading Kirloskar Authorised Dealer and Kirloskar pump distributor, we pride ourselves on the highest standards of maintenance service.

Energy Saving and Efficient Water Pumps – The Need of the hour

Efficient Water Pumps

While energy-saving pumps may come off as a seriously hefty investment upfront, over a period of time you’ll realise that they help you save more. This is because of the incredible amount of efficiency these pumps bring to the table! They instantly reduce the electricity units consumed, thus helping cut costs, and in the longer run, making your business more efficient and sustainable. So it is a trade-off of sorts! As any Kirloskar Pump Authorised Dealer will tell you, a number of factors make energy-saving and efficient water pumps the need of the hour.

In This Blog Let’s Take a Look at Energy Saving and Efficient Water Pumps The Need of the hour

Increased Consumer Demand

With the rise of industrialisation and urbanisation, there is going to be an exponential rise in consumer demand for energy. This puts disproportionate pressure on our already scarce energy resources, especially in the developing world. The demand-supply imbalance can actually raise the costs of energy per unit drastically in the near future and will necessitate the installation of energy-saving and efficient water pumps for your domestic and business use. So before it’s too late, speak to Industrial Water Pump Suppliers in Mumbai and bag the best deals on these energy-efficient water pumps.

Environmental Friendly

Sustainable development has become the buzzword the world over and has left no sector untouched. When it comes to pumping, efficient water systems and pumps can drastically reduce energy use. Smart pumping technology and monitoring systems such as KirloSmart can actually help unearth patterns of usage and wastage to keep improving their operations. Kirloskar pump authorised dealers to have some of the best products to meet your sustainable pumping needs.

Reduced Downtime

The biggest benefit you get with efficient water systems and pumps is streamlined and smooth pumping. This will ensure you have minimum possible downtime as the wear and tear will be much less. With advanced data-based technology, you can also predict faults and disruptions, and actually, establish an effective regime for preventive maintenance. Reduced downtime means no more unforeseen emergency situations or loss of revenues and reputation. Get in touch with your nearest Kirloskar pump authorised dealer for more.

Lasts longer

The longer lifespan of efficient pumps is a tacit benefit that probably contributes the most in terms of operational value to your business. When your pumps and water systems last longer, you no longer have to worry about expending additional resources on replacements. Your costs of maintenance also go down significantly and in a competitive industry, this can add to your operational efficiency and competitive advantage over other players. These smart, new-age and efficient pumps are available with nearly all industrial pump suppliers in Mumbai today.


For more information on energy-saving and efficient water pumps, get in touch with us at 022 43436655 or email us at marketing@vemc.co.in. VEMC is one of the leading Industrial Water Pumps Dealers in Mumbai and has rich experience in dealing with pumps and water systems, as a top Kirloskar pump authorised dealer.

Using IoT and Analytics to Revolutionize Pump Monitoring

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Analytics are transforming every sector of the economy! There is absolutely no reason why pumping should remain untouched by these disruptive technologies. Any device that generates data about its performance parameters can be made a part of an IoT network. This ensures its optimum performance, highlights maintenance needs and predicts breakdowns for timely action. In this blog, we take you through the inner workings of how IoT and Analytics are revolutionizing your pump monitoring.

As your smart pumps function, they continuously generate a stream of data about variables such as flow, viscosity, vibration, power and temperature. The purpose of IoT and Analytics is to tap this continuous flow of data and ensure better vigilance and monitoring. Modern pumps require a seamless convergence of three key technologies:

  1. IoT: This includes the sensors and network infrastructure for connecting the smart pumps and conveying the data stream of the variables. Technologies like WiFi, LoRaWAN and NB-IoT are used to communicate the real-time data captured by the sensors. These networks are suited for large industrial establishments as they offer a wide range of up to 1 kilometre. The IoT setup also includes data management and retention tools offered by major cloud infrastructure companies. 
  2. Digital Twins: This refers to a virtual representation or simulation of the smart pump along with all its real-time variables. It is a model of the IoT pumps loaded with specific information such as brand, size and location. Data related to vibration, power, temperature and flow is clearly visible through the Digital Twin. You can also set limits on these parameters, which if breached, indicates the need for intervention. Digital Twin precludes the need for any physical monitoring of the pump as the model with accurate real-time data can be viewed anytime and from anywhere.
  3. Data Analytics and Machine Learning: These include the tools to keep track of the steady processes and detect anomalies for intervention. Tools like charts, graphs, time-series and trend analysis are used to gain an insight about the performance of the pump over a longer time-horizon. This information provides a multi-dimensional view of your pumps as it factors in the various parameters and their interaction with each other.

To make the best use of IoT and Analytics, an interactive user interface is a must. KirloSmart is a state-of-the-art software technology that allows users to analyse their pump metrics remotely through a web portal or mobile app. KirloSmart is capable of generating alerts for probable causes leading to breakdown or pump failure, thus keeping you up-to-date on the health of your smart pump. The greatest benefits of IoT and Analytics include scalable throughput and productivity, reduced energy consumption, controlled maintenance costs, reduced manual intervention and continuous improvement. This has made pumping convenient, reliable and sustainable. For more information on our products, feel free to contact us on +91 98199 07445. We would be happy to assist you in finding the best match, based on your requirements. As one of India’s best solar and engineering companies with 73 years of market experience, VEMC provides end-to-end services to its clients. VEMC is ISO 9001:2015 certified and a pioneer in the field of electromechanical engineering products, allied equipment, and services.