Five Ways to Maintain a Centrifugal Pump

 Centrifugal Pump

Maintaining your centrifugal pumps can extend the life of your pumps, reduce operation costs and minimise the chances of a sudden breakdown. With proper maintenance, you are also able to keep a record of all the problems arising in the pump which can help you zero in on future problems easily. VEMC is the leading Industrial Water Pump Dealer in Mumbai.

In This Blog, We Take You Through 5 Ways In Which You Can Ensure Comprehensive Maintenance Of Your Centrifugal Pump. 

1. Proper Lubrication

The failure of bearings is mostly caused by lubrication or the lack of it. Make sure you are lubricating the pump just enough. Over-lubrication can be as harmful to the pump as under-lubrication by creating solids on the bearings and making them run at higher temperatures.

2. Regular Inspection

Make sure you are regularly checking the pump for leaks, excessive vibrations, lubrication, and discharge pressure. Maintain a log register of your inspections and note any remarkable changes or faults. This way you can ensure proper upkeep and identify the problem instantly in case of a breakdown.

3. Control The Pump’s Operating Conditions

While the pump is working, a number of parameters like temperature, pressure and vibrations need to be kept under check. Usually, a pump will exhibit a rise in temperature while operating but watch out for overheating to prevent damage to parts. Likewise, determine the optimum flow range of your pump (represented by parameters like BEP, POR and AOR). As much as possible, make sure that your pump doesn’t operate beyond this acceptable range. 

4. Proper Alignment

Misalignment of your centrifugal pump can cause a number of problems like greater wear and tear, leakage, excessive vibration, noise, higher maintenance costs, lower energy efficiency, and even early failure. These issues can be avoided by ensuring the proper alignment of your pump.   For this, station your pump on a solid foundation which is at least thrice the mass of your pumping system. Affix the pump with cement grout or epoxy to eliminate any movement and misalignment during operations. 

Besides, monitor the shaft alignment of your pump regularly as well, to avoid any disproportionate stress and strain. In case the pump is functioning at a higher temperature, the likelihood of thermal expansion will demand greater attention to pump alignment.

5. Regular Maintenance

All said and done, regular maintenance of your centrifugal pumps is absolutely indispensable. While this may seem like an annoying overhead on your operations costs, it actually helps save you from a sudden breakdown which may cause longer downtime and serious business losses. Setting up a comprehensive preventative maintenance regime along the lines suggested by your dealer can contribute to longer pump life, better efficiency and reduced downtime. As the top Industrial Water Pump Dealer in Mumbai, VEMC provides AMC services and can also help you maintain your pumps better.

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