Advantages of Reciprocating Compressor Over Screw Compressor

ELGi Screw Compressor

Before choosing an air compressor, it is very important to consider the features of each type to ensure suitability for your business operations. Screw air compressors operate by using two screws that trap and compress air between them while reciprocating compressors operate using pistons in a cylinder. While both find utility across industrial operations, reciprocating air compressors have some remarkable advantages over screw compressors. VEMC is the leading Air Compressor Dealers In Mumbai.

In This Blog, We Take You Through Each Of These Advantages In Detail:

Better Control Over The Discharge Pressure

Reciprocating compressors are typically used to discharge pressure of up to 12000 psi. They can be used at atmospheric pressure and to some extent even in a slight vacuum.

Reciprocating Compressors Operate At Higher Efficiencies

An Elgi Reciprocating Compressor can generate greater pressure but operates at much less energy.

Lower Installation Cost

As any air compressor dealer in Mumbai will tell you, reciprocating air compressors have a low initial setup cost as compared to other compressors. 

Low Noise Level

The piston pump of a reciprocating air compressor is quite straightforward and moves up and down rapidly to compress air. With its simple design and operation, the friction levels are quite low which in turn also results in lower noise levels.

Longer Service Life

These compressors have high durability and can serve sturdily for a much longer period of time than screw compressors. If proper upkeep is ensured, a typical reciprocating compressor is estimated to serve for a total of up to 50000 hours.

Easy Maintenance

Due to the simple design and operation, the maintenance of reciprocating air compressors is quite easy and cost-effective. Technicians have easy access to most components of the compressor and spare parts are also readily available in the market.


These compressors are great to use in both light as well as heavy-duty operations. These can be tank-mounted or base-mounted which reduces the placement constraints and boosts ease of use. Besides, these air compressors have both oiled and oil-free varieties and can thus be put to use in a wide range of operations. This is especially useful if you function in restaurants, food processing or the pharmaceutical industry and are concerned about oil contamination. 

Better Efficiency In High-Pressure Applications

Reciprocating air compressors are known to perform much better in high-pressure applications. This makes them most beneficial when intermittent use with high pressure is required.

Better Variable Load Situation

Reciprocating air compressors are better suited for variable load situations. These can be controlled using variable-speed drives, bypass recycling, step-less methods, and clearance pockets. 

Better For High-Pressure Pulsations

Unlike screw compressors, reciprocating air compressors are very good at handling high-pressure pulsations both in terms of energy efficiency and generation of air pressure.


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