Pump Energy Audit Leads to Substantial Energy Savings

Industrial Water Pump Dealers in Mumbai

Pump energy audits are indispensable to ensure your pumps are running at optimum energy efficiency levels so that you don’t bleed money unnecessarily. VEMC is one of the leading Industrial Water Pumps Dealers in Mumbai.

In This Blog, We Tell You Everything You Need To Know About Pump Energy Audits.

Energy Management

Higher energy utilisation can pile up your operations costs but it also means an added burden on the economy. Managing energy in your operations is therefore necessary, and audits are the starting point in ensuring optimum use.

Water Audit And Conservation

Pump audits also check your pumps’ overall health by conducting inspections for leaks in seals and gaskets. Likewise balancing the pumps is also important to minimise flows and reduce the pump’s power consumption. As the top-notch Industrial Water Pump Suppliers in Mumbai, VEMC provides comprehensive AMC services and can help you unearth various issues with your pumps.

Power Quality Analysis And Fault Investigation

Improper wiring, poor system grounding, and unbalanced loads are some of the factors leading to poor power quality. To minimise the possibility of equipment damage due to excessive power supply, interruptions etc, power quality analysis is important.

The auditor typically investigates common faults such as ground faults, power interruptions, flicker, noise, and voltage issues like sags and swells. They then provide a detailed guide on how to take corrective measures.

Electrical Safety Audit

Electric hazards such as short-circuit fires or electrocution could cause death and destruction. To avoid the risks of such electric hazards, electric safety audits are a must. These hazards could be avoided or at least minimised by establishing proper procedures and protocols, personnel training, maintenance programs and adherence to proper system designs. 

Thermal Imaging (Thermography)

Thermal imaging can be used to monitor the movements of parts such as impellers for early identification of breakdowns. It can also indicate inadequate oil or lubricants and a poor cooling system. By using the thermal trending method, the temperature distributions of a component are tracked and compared over a period of time to identify slow failures due to leakages, blockages, etc.

Performance Assessment

A number of relevant parameters of the pump are studied to ensure optimum performance. These include flow rate, head, efficiency, etc. Any drop in these parameters indicates a sub-optimal performance and calls for corrective measures. 

Project Management

A project management audit unearths any discrepancies between the planned schedule, expenditure, or use of equipment and tools. This comes in handy in large projects such as hospitals or office buildings.

Maintenance Service

An important role of audits is that it enables you to find the issues and faults with your pumps, and then take corrective measures to ensure proper functioning, optimum performance, and highest efficiency levels.

Awareness And Training Programme

Factory personnel must be sensitised to the proper and most preferred way of working with the pumps. This will ensure they are consistent with the overall company-wide endeavour to save money, boost efficiency and optimise performance. By conducting regular awareness and training programmes on the best practices in pumping, companies can achieve all the critical parameters.


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