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In the modern world, the demand for fire-fighting pumps and sprinkler systems has grown significantly, not just in India but worldwide. Fire fighting pumps are indeed a requirement these days and, therefore, across the globe the use of sprinkler systems has increased drastically. However, the concern is high when profoundly anticipated about the challenging structures where they are installed. Due to this, the level of quality, performance and reliability of pumps and the equipments pertaining to pumps are increased. Fire pumps are the most significant component of a fire sprinkler system. They are used in buildings, including hospitals, airports, power stations, multi-storey offices and pharmaceutical facilities, to name a few.

In addition to various fire fighting pumps, multistage multi outlet pumps offer a number of major benefits that include the need for fewer pumps; reduced pipe work and valves; lower loading on the building structure, no need for water storage tanks on intermediate floors and hence lower cost of construction; and better utilization of expensive floor space. It uses multiple impellers to generate more head than a single stage (single impeller) pump. It is available in horizontal and vertical orientations. Vertical multistage pumps are ideal for smaller pump rooms for duties up to 2,800 liters-a-minute. They are utilized in a gamut of industries including light industry, the agriculture industry, golf irrigation and commercial water purposes. Myriad of services pertaining to the pumps are offered by VEMC and thus it is named as a brand in its field.

Vital Role of Fire Pumps

Fire pumps are the unsung heroes behind fire sprinkler systems. They ensure that water flows consistently, allowing sprinklers to activate in case of a fire emergency. Their importance cannot be overstated, as they contribute to the safety and protection of people and property.

Multistage Multi Outlet Pumps for Efficiency

In addition to fire-fighting pumps, multistage multi outlet (MSMO) pumps offer a multitude of advantages. They reduce the need for multiple pumps, resulting in cost savings. These pumps also lead to reduced pipe work and valve requirements, alleviating stress on the building’s structure. With MSMO pumps, there is no need for intermediate water storage tanks, further cutting down construction costs and making efficient use of valuable floor space. MSMO pumps utilize multiple impellers to generate more head than single-stage pumps, enhancing their efficiency. These pumps are available in both horizontal and vertical configurations.

VEMC: A Trusted Name in Pump Solutions

Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company (VEMC) is one of the leaders in the electromechanical engineering industry offering a host of services pertaining to the same. It renders its services and products pan across Mumbai, Maharashtra for more than 6 decades. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and authorized water pump distributors for numerous brands. Being a Kirloskar pump dealer in Mumbai it furnishes in all types of water pumps regarding fire and all other industrial aspects associated with pumps.

VEMC believes in being the best in the industry, and this can be shown with the piles of achievements of the company.  It has been given a tag of ‘Best Business Competency & Infrastructure’ at Turkey from Pump Division in the year 2011. Again in 2008, Kirloskar Brothers Limited offers the label of ‘Best Overall Performance with KBL’ to the establishment.

Fire Fighting Solutions at VEMC

Founded in the year 1948, Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company (VEMC) is one of the leaders in the electromechanical industry. Offering its wide range of products pertaining to Kirloskar Submersible Pumps, Horizontal split casing pumps, Multi stage horizontal pumps, and Mody pumps, to name a few. The establishment’s clientele list is Reliance Industries Limited, Aditya Birla group, Nilkamal, Eureka Forbes, Godrej and list includes myriad of other names.

Services that the company tenders include Installation and commissioning of Kirloskar pump-sets, all over India; On-site customer needs attended to, during and after warranty period and overhauling services for several pump-sets.

Fire fighting water pumps are integral components of any contemporary construction project, and VEMC plays a pivotal role in this essential domain. The following are some of the vital fire fighting solutions offered by the company:

Sprinkler Systems: VEMC provides advanced sprinkler systems that are crucial in fire suppression and protection. These systems are designed to automatically release water in the event of a fire, helping to control and extinguish flames, safeguarding lives and property.

Fire Hydrants: Fire hydrants are essential for providing access to a water supply for firefighters. VEMC ensures that buildings and facilities are equipped with reliable fire hydrants that meet safety standards.

Fire Pumps: VEMC offers an array of fire pumps designed to deliver water at high pressure for fire suppression. These pumps are a critical component of any fire protection system.

The establishment renders different fire fighting solutions. Fire fighting water pumps are playing the role of a savior these days. Without them, no building’s construction is said to be complete. Sprinkler system, fire hydrant and fire pumps, just to name a few are the ones with utmost importance in buildings and giant malls.

As a centrifugal pump distributor, VEMC supplies multistage centrifugal pumps, which are renowned for their efficiency and reliability. These pumps are utilized in various applications where the movement of liquids under high pressure is required. 

The company is a centrifugal pump distributor and furnishes multistage centrifugal pumps. In addition, it offers fire fighting pump set that includes FM Approved UL Listed Fire Fighting Set, Multi Stage Multi Outlet (MSMO) pumps and many more. Multistage pumps are of two orientations, horizontal and vertical inline multistage pump.

Introducing KBL’s DBXe


Introducing KBL’s DBXe

KBL (Kirloskar Brothers Limited) is a leading company when it comes to fluid management. Its capability spans industries such as water supply, power generation, irrigation, oil and gas, marine and defense etc.

The DBXe is KBL’s highly successful end suction pump mainly used for clean, low-viscosity liquids free from suspended impurities, available with any Kirloskar authorised dealer. The pump has a capacity of up to 550 cubic meters per hour and offers a head of up to 100 meters. 

VEMC is the leading Kirloskar dealer in Mumbai, and in this blog, we tell you all you need to know about the DBXe pump.

Key features

The DBXe is one of the most outstanding pumps available in the market and has some of the most competitive construction and operational features:

  • The delivery size of the DBXe is 32 to 150 mm.
  • The working pressure of the pump is 16 kg per square centimeter (MAWP).
  • It operates at speeds of 1450 & 2900 rpm and 1760 & 3500 rpm.
  • It can operate within a temperature range of -10 to 90 degrees C.
  • The pump casing is made of cast iron. It has centerline delivery with a self-venting design, providing smooth hydraulic passage, and ensuring utmost efficiency. 
  • The enclosed impellers are statically as well as dynamically balanced.
  • Anti-friction ball bearings support the shaft of the pump. Its critical speed is much above the operating speed. The shaft is machined and ground to maintain its concentricity and is protected from the liquid using an ‘O’ ring and a shaft sleeve.
  • The stuffing box is sealed using gland packing or mechanical seal.
  • The bearings are pre-lubricated and grease sealed.
  • The pump has a dry shaft design and rotates in the clockwise direction when viewed from the driving end.
  • The DBXe has a flexible jaw-type spacer coupling.
  • The pump can be driven using both an electric motor and an engine. 
  • Due to its back pull-out type design and interchangeability of components, repair and maintenance are easy and low cost. 

Applications and Industries

As mentioned above, the DBXe is used to process clean low-viscosity liquids (up to 20 cSt). The temperature range of the pumped liquid could be -10 to 120 degrees C. Some of the most common applications of the DBXe are:

  1. Water supply
  2. Sprinkling
  3. Swimming pool water
  4. Industrial water
  5. Firefighting
  6. Condensate
  7. Air conditioning
  8. Cooling water
  9. Clear juice
  10. Drinking water

An eco-friendly pump

KBL always puts a huge premium on designing environment-friendly equipment and the DBXe is no exception. With its centerline delivery and self-venting design, the pump is one of the most energy-efficient systems out there. The robust cast iron construction and anti-friction ball bearings mean utmost durability and reliability which precludes frequent repair and replacement of the pump. 
VEMC is an authorized Kirloskar submersible pump dealer based out of Mumbai. To learn more about the KBL DBXe pumps and find out whether they suit your needs, get in touch with our team of experts at 022 43436655 or email us at

5 Key Reasons You Need to Have a Robust Fire-Fighting Pump

Fire accidents can take anybody unawares and cause a colossal loss of lives and property. An automated fire safety system is therefore indispensable. Fire-fighting pumps have a well-established reputation for preventing major fire accidents. According to NPFA, fire sprinklers effectively control 96% of fires in which they operate. VEMC is the leading Kirloskar Fire Pump Dealer and in this blog, we give you 5 reasons why having a robust fire-fighting pump is necessary. 

1. Enhanced fire-fighting capabilities and fast response time

In the unfortunate incident of a fire breakout, time is highly critical. A minute here or there could lead to a life-and-death situation. A fire-fighting pump has immediate activation on the outbreak and fast extinguishing by cooling and removal of oxygen. The sprinklers activate automatically and VEMC’s MSMO pumps can execute vertically and horizontally, making them highly reliable and effective. 

2. Ability to handle high-pressure requirements in fire-fighting situations

If you are using VEMC’s MSMO pumps, rest assured, you will certainly be able to meet the high-pressure expectations. As expert Kirloskar fire-fighting pump dealers, we can assure you of the highest possible head and flow rates. This is due to the multiple impellers that our pumps have, which typically provide a head of up to 500 metres and a flow rate of about 700 cubic metres/hour.

Essential for compliance with fire safety regulations and insurance requirements

As any Kirloskar Authorised Dealer will tell you, fire-fighting pumps have become the new norm in fire safety regulations across the world. In many countries, these are mandatory equipment to comply with laws. Fire insurance companies may even refuse to provide cover unless you have fire-fighting pumps installed.

Increased protection for property and life

Your property is the result of years of hard work, and the lives of your workers and colleagues are too precious to lose in a fire accident. When you invest in firefighting pumps, therefore, you are not just buying a piece of safety equipment, but also some peace of mind. By limiting the spread of fire, these firefighting pumps can prevent widespread damage to assets and raw materials. This is all the more critical for those areas of the buildings which have limited access to fire hydrants or sources of water. Reliable firefighting pumps simply mean increased protection for both life and property.

Cost-effective investment in long-term fire safety measures

If you’re purchasing Kirloskar’s MSMO pumps for firefighting, you have made the most farsighted investment in fire safety. These pumps are highly affordable upfront but apart from that, their energy efficiency further reduces your running costs. No extensive piping system or storage tanks are required either. All in all, these pumps are the most cost-effective investment in long-term fire safety measures.
For more information on fire-safety pumps, get in touch with our experts at 022 43436655 or email us at VEMC is the leading Kirloskar dealer in Mumbai and prides itself on its unmatched experience in pumping.

Why ULFM Approval is Important for Firefighting Pumps

Firefighting Pumps

If you have always wondered why the terms UL/FM are found on firefighting pumps, this blog is for you. VEMC is one of the leading Kirloskar Fire Fighting Pump Dealers and in this blog, we give you a comprehensive understanding of these certifications.

What is the UL and FM certificate?

Factory Mutual (FM) Global is an international property insurance and loss prevention company. It is a leading mutual insurance company with high-quality control standards. Being certified by the FM simply means your product holds the highest standards of quality. In fact, only FM-approved firefighting products are offered fire insurance by companies across the world.

UL on the other hand stands for Underwriter Laboratories Inc. This is the top-notch testing institute in the US and one of the leading public safety test labs globally.  They perform testing of materials, products and equipment for safety in terms of health and property security. Just like FM, their certificate is recognised the world over as a guarantee for high-quality standards in firefighting. 

Both UL and FM are globally recognised for having rigorous quality testing measurements and as a result, have been established as a mark of reliability. In the case of firefighting pumps, having UL and FM certificates is all the more important. It indicates that the pump is well-equipped and reliable enough to deal with a breakout. This can be of critical importance as fires can lead to life-and-death situations and immense loss of property.

Standards set by UL and FM

It is important that the firefighting equipment meet the codes and procedures set by UL and FM before they get certified. For instance, to get approval from FM, the following criteria are necessary:

  1. Plastic pipe and fittings
  2. Automatic and ESFR fire sprinklers
  3. Foam, dry chemical and CO2 extinguishers
  4. Heat detectors
  5. Fire alarm control panels, signalling devices and detection products

Likewise, some of the criteria set by UL are:

  1. Fire sprinklers
  2. Alarm, pressure-reducing, check and pump relief valves
  3. Fire doors
  4. Fire pumps and accessories
  5. Indicating pressure gauges for fire protection

Why these certifications are necessary

As any Kirloskar Fire Pump Dealer may tell you, firefighting pump manufacturers are in the business of life-saving. This means they need to win the confidence of their customers by highlighting their capability to act in fire emergencies. When manufacturers acquire a certificate from a reputable third party like UL and FM, it means their products have met the requisite standards of quality and reliability. This is great for all stakeholders: manufacturers, fire departments and end customers.


Quite clearly, having the UL and FM certifications under your belt is a great confidence booster for your customers. VEMC –– a Kirloskar authorised dealer supplies FM and UL-approved MSMO firefighting sets known for their reliability and effectiveness in emergencies.

For more information, call us at 022 43436655 or email us at We are the leading Kirloskar Dealer in Mumbai, with a rich experience of over 70 years in the field of pumping. 

Are Multi-Stage, Multi-Outlet Pumps the Most Appropriate Solution for Firefighting Pump Applications?

Multi-Stage Multi-Outlet (MSMO) pumps are widely used in offices, hotels, hospitals, residential or mixed-use buildings and tunnels, for fire safety. A number of features make these pumps highly suitable for firefighting, whether you are using them in sprinkler systems, deluge systems, hydrant systems, monitor systems, or even water curtains.

As The Leading Kirloskar Fire Pump Dealers, We Explain Why These Pumps Are The Most Appropriate Solution For Your Fire Safety Systems:

High Flow Rate

For starters, MSMO pumps have multiple impellers which generate more head and flow rate than a single impeller pump. An MSMO pump typically offers a head range of up to 500 metres and a flow rate of about 700 cubic meters/hour. This boosts the flow rate and makes them an obvious choice for tall buildings, especially in a fire emergency.

Efficient Energy Consumption

The power requirements of an MSMO pump are lower. Besides, with a single MSMO pump in place, there is no need to use multiple pumps at different levels of a high-rise building. As your Kirloskar Fire Pump Dealer will explain, a correctly sized MSMO pump has 7 outlets and can replace as many individual pumps. Their ring section diffuser-type construction eliminates the radial loads completely. These factors drastically reduce their energy consumption.


The vertical execution of the pumps provides excellent mechanical stability to the MSMO pumps. This makes them highly reliable to fight fires, especially in high-rise building complexes. 


Kirloskar MSMO pumps can execute both horizontally as well as vertically which makes them highly reliable in times of a fire emergency. The suction or delivery piping can be fitted through 360 degrees at intervals of 90 degrees which makes fire fighting multidirectional and highly effective. 


As any Kirloskar Authorised Dealer will brief you, MSMO pumps have a high standard material of construction whether it is casing, impeller or shaft (cast iron, bronze and stainless steel respectively). These are available in both gland packing and mechanical seals. Good quality material ensures your MSMO pumps have a pretty long lifespan.

Regulatory Compliance

New global legislation, norms and standards discourage the use of pressure-reducing valves.  PRVs are often required to check the overpressurization of branches and sprinklers. However, Kirloskar’s MSMO pumps preclude the need to use PRVs making these pumps highly compliant to global standards.

Ease of Maintenance

The simplicity of design and accessibility that these pumps offer make maintenance easy and cost-effective. Kirloskar pump dealers such as VEMC in fact, offer complete pump audit maintenance services.

Cost Effective

The Kirloskar MSMO pumps are highly affordable in their class of products. Also, with these pumps, you do not need an extensive piping system or water storage tanks on the intermediate floors. This makes these pumps highly cost-effective.


For more information on MSMO pumps, their features, pricing and usage, give us a call at 022 43436655 or email us at We at VEMC are the leading Kirloskar Fire Fighting Pump Dealers and provide a range of services such as pump installation, maintenance, AMC and project management.

VEMC – A Leading Kirloskar Fire Fighting Pumps Solutions Provider

One of the most trusted names in the field of electromechanical engineering products, allied equipment, and services, Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company, or VEMC for short today is also a leading provider of firefighting pumps. We are in fact the leading Kirloskar fire-fighting pump dealers. Fire pumps are basically centrifugal pumps used to pump water at high volumes and pressure in a building on fire. In this blog, we take you through VEMC’s journey in the pumping industry, its pioneering work, and a major project accomplished successfully.

Journey of VEMC in the pump industry:

Nearly 70 years ago, VEMC started its operations to provide solutions in the field of fluid management. The company’s engineers also decided to provide allied services apart from just the tangible pumping solutions. An array of fluid engineering solutions was provided especially for industrial and infrastructure use.

Within a very short span of time, the company established a solid reputation and began receiving contracts and projects from diverse sectors. At the heart of the success lied the technical robustness of its products as well as the economic pricing well-suited for the Indian market. This helped VEMC outdo most of its competitors and emerge as a force to reckon with. In 2008, VEMC was certified with ISO 9001 as a recognition of the high-quality standard of its products. This of course included our activity as the leading Kirloskar fire-fighting pump dealers.

What makes VEMC a pioneer in firefighting pump solutions?

VEMC makes its fire fighting pumps meet the stringent standards and specifications of the National Fire Protection Association of the US, while at the same time trying its best to ensure cost-effectiveness. These standards make VEMC fire pumps one of the most reliable choices across industries. No wonder VEMC today caters to an array of sectors like ports and airports, oil and gas platforms, warehouses, manufacturing, and the chemical industry, etc. Besides providing the products, VEMC also helps in the installation and maintenance of the fire pumps.

Types of fire fighting pumps we supply:

VEMC offers a wide range of firefighting pumps to its diverse client base with varying requirements. These are:

  • Kirloskar Submersible Pumps
  • Horizontal split casing pumps
  • Containerized Fire Fighting Pump Set
  • FM approved UL listed Fire Fighting Set
  • Multi-stage vertical pumps
  • Multistage horizontal pumps
  • UL FM-approved gate valves
  • HYPN Systems
  • Industrial Pumps
  • Rerolling Mill Motors

One Avighna Park –– A major project in fire safety systems:

VEMC provided fire safety systems to One Avighna Park –– a luxurious Mumbai high-rise located in Worli. The project went on to bag 40 national as well as international awards for excellence and exclusivity. VEMC supplied the client with a fire-fighting control panel that put all the worries of the client at rest. The entire system is automatic and activated by timers and auxiliary contacts. As soon as the fire pump starts, an alarm goes off signaling building evacuation. One of the major fire safety projects in VEMC’s journey, One Avighna Park symbolizes our excellence in the field of automatic fire-safety systems.

For more details on Kirloskar fire fighting pumps or any other products and services, speak to our experts at 022 43436655 or email us at We have authorized Kirloskar distributors based in Mumbai. Being the top Kirloskar fire-fighting pump dealers, we pride ourselves on providing the best-in-class fire pumps, allied products, and services to our clients.

Keep Your Fire Pumps Ready for Action with Regular Inspection and Testing

Fire pumps come into use in the most dire of situations, that is, when a building or apartment is on fire. They form a highly critical component of your sprinkler systems. As soon as pressure drops on activation of sprinklers, fire fighting pumps are required to maintain the pressure and keep the water flowing. Building owners expect fire pumps to spring into action as soon as fire is detected so that minimum possible damage is incurred. This can only be ensured with regular checks and inspections.

Weekly Inspection & Testing Requirements

A weekly inspection and testing regime is must for both diesel and electrical fire pumps. In case of electrical pumps, this must also include the visual inspection of the pump house and the electrical system powering your pump.

With regard to the pump house, the main thing you need to look for is the temperature. The minimum temperature for both electrical and diesel pumps (with engine heaters) has to be 40 degree F. For diesel pumps without an engine heater, it has to be at least 70 degree F. Use an engine jacket water heater if you are unable to maintain the temperature. Other things to check while inspecting the pump house is whether there is any water pooling on the floor, and whether all the ventilating louvres are functional.

Inspection and testing requirements for the pump and its electrical system

As per the NFPA 25 standard, one of the most important tests for fire pumps is the weekly no-flow or “churn” test. Electric pumps must be run in a no-flow condition for a minimum of 10 minutes and diesel pumps for 30 minutes. In this test, the flow should not exceed 140% of the rated pressure. In case the risk analysis of a pump requires, this test can also be conducted more or less frequently than a week.

Apart from the churn test, some additional weekly tests to be conducted are listed below:

For electrical fire pumps:

  • Ensure the pump suction, discharge and bypass valves are fully open.
  • Look for any signs of leaks in the piping.
  • Check pressure to make sure the suction line pressure is within the acceptable range.
  • Make sure the water inside the suction reservoir is at the proper level.
  • Check if the wet pit suction screens are in place and unobstructed.
  • Make sure the water-flow test valves and hose connection valves are closed.
  • Ensure that the coupling guard is in place.

For diesel fire pumps:

  • Refill the tank if it is lower than two-thirds full.
  • Make sure the controller selector switch is in auto position.
  • Make sure the valve in the fuel supply lines from tank to driver filter or pump system is locked in open position.
  • Ensure all the alarm pilot lights are off.
  • Check if the water-jacket heater is functional.

VEMC is an authorised Kirloskar fire fighting pump dealer and also offers AMC services for pumps. With our thorough experience and unmatched expertise, we resolve diverse issues related to motors, engines and pumps. Feel free to give us a call on 022 43436655 or email us at

Understanding the Basics of Fire Pumps

Understanding the Basics of Fire Pumps

Fire pumps form an effective part of a building’s fire protection system. This is especially the case for high-rise buildings, for example, buildings that are 400-500 ft and higher. The role of a fire pump in these cases is to distribute water through sprinklers to areas that fire-fighting equipment can’t access. Fire pumps help make fire-fighting safer and more structured.

A fire pump is a critical part of a fire sprinkler system since it supplies high-pressure water to the sprinklers. These centrifugal pumps can be used both for transportable use such as on fire fighting vehicles or as portable fire pumps or for stationary use such as hydrants and sprinkler systems.

Types of Fire Pumps

Here are the various types of fire pumps typically used for fire-fighting:

1. Vertical MSMO Pump set

These pumps are mostly used for offices, hotels, and residential buildings as sprinkler and hydrant systems.

Some of the benefits of using these pump sets are:

  • Reduces the need for multiple pumps for different head requirements
  • Helps in saving on constructing separate pumphouses
  • Prevents water shortage on individual floors
  • Vertical structure offers better mechanical stability
  • Allows more building space to utilize for selling/renting etc.
  • Requires less pipe work and valves
  • Ring section type diffuser construction completely eliminates radial loads
  • The suction/delivery pipe can be placed as per the user’s requirement throughout 360° with an interval of 90°

2. FM/UL Pump sets

These pump sets are ideal for use in commercial complexes, high-rise buildings, oil and gas on-shore and off-shore platforms, petroleum and petrochemical complexes, and power and transformation stations.

Some of the benefits of using these pump sets are:

  • Helps meet every site’s individual requirement
  • LCD display and control panel helps in easy operation and visual indication of conditions
  • Print-friendly and downloadable logs help in easy monitoring of the system
  • High-quality materials mean that there can be a reduction in corrosion and higher product longevity

3. Fire Sprinkler Set

These pump sets are ideal for showrooms, bungalows, or 2-storey buildings.

Some of the benefits of choosing this pump set are:

  • Plug and play packaged system delivered to site
  • Cost-effective solution for premises with limited space
  • Quality assurance from the manufacturer
  • Clean environment at site due to minimal activity
  • Digital display for monitoring pressure and faults
  • Precision control through pressure transmitter and controller
  • LED indications of pump status

Case Study

VEMC has a proven record of installing best-in-class fire safety systems for its clients. A classic example of this is the project undertaken for One Avighna Park, which received 40 national and international awards for its excellence and exclusivity. VEMC helped supply the Fire-Fighting Control Panel that helped the fire pump start automatically when it detected a drop in pressure from the pressure switch.

VEMC is a leading fire-fighting pump dealer in Mumbai that provides best-in-class products and installation services to its clients. We would be happy to assist you in finding the best match based on your requirements. For more information on our fire-fighting solutions and control panels, feel free to contact us at +91 98199 07445. VEMC is ISO 9001:2015 certified and a pioneer in the field of electromechanical engineering products, allied equipment, and services.

Valid Contribution of Fighter Fighting Pump Set For the Industrial Sector

The industrial sector is highly reliant on pump sets for their daily functioning. Reliable pump performance and the use of good pump sets like that of the Kirloskar pumps are crucial. 

The fire fighting pump sets have been used in the industrial sector since time immemorial for emergencies and precautionary measures. It can be powered by steam, electricity, or diesel. It is always connected to the industry’s water supply source. The fire fighting pump set generates water at increased pressures to douse the flames. The pump manufacturers in Mumbai manufacture them with features that enable easy attachment to a sprinkler system or hose pipe fittings. They are specially designed to cater to the building requirements of the industrial sectors whether it may be oil and natural gas, energy sector, mining, factories, manufacturing units, and more. The Kirloskar Pumps available in Mumbai are made by experts in protecting the industrial sectors against fire hazards. 

The industrial sector is highly reliant on pump sets for their daily functioning. Reliable pump performance and the use of good pump sets like that of the Kirloskar pumps are crucial. 

The fire fighting pump sets have been used in the industrial sector since time immemorial for emergencies and precautionary measures. It can be powered by steam, electricity, or diesel. It is always connected to the industry’s water supply source. The fire fighting pump set generates water at increased pressures to douse the flames. The pump manufacturers in Mumbai manufacture them with features that enable easy attachment to a sprinkler system or hose pipe fittings. They are specially designed to cater to the building requirements of the industrial sectors whether it may be oil and natural gas, energy sector, mining, factories, manufacturing units, and more. The Kirloskar Pumps available in Mumbai are made by experts in protecting the industrial sectors against fire hazards. 

The fire fighting pump sets have made major contributions to the industrial sector. It includes the following:

  • It is effective in timely emergencies, in minimizing damage caused to the expensive and indispensable industrial equipment. 
  • Kirloskar pump dealer in Mumbai recommends them to save industries against the risk of plant and equipment failure. This saves against catastrophic losses to the industrial sectors. Such dangers are absent in the other fields which makes the Kirloskar pumps set applications in Mumbai unique. 
  • Industries use a wide range of chemicals for the manufacture of products which makes the use of these fire fighting pump sets also extensive. 
  • Fire fighting pump sets have made contributions towards industries such as the chemical manufacturing industries, pharmaceutical companies, petrochemical industry, food, and beverage industry, and more. 
  • Pump manufacturers in Pune say that there is a high demand from industries that require high applications of liquid and solid contents. 
  • Kirloskar Pumps are also effective in industries that use abrasive and highly corrosive substances. 
  • Kirloskar Pumps are also preferred by engineers for its easy and reliable application. The Kirloskar pump dealer in Mumbai provides complete instructions and details regarding the design, setting up, and installations of the fire pumps.  This enables the onsite engineer at the industry to set up themselves and control the flow of water and pressure. 
  • Kirloskar Pumps Dealers In Mumbai supply them for those industries whose manufacturing processes include the input of dangerous substances and highly corrosive chemicals to obtain chemical end products. 
  • Fire fighting pump sets have also made huge contributions to Industrial processes that include the alteration of the PH levels to obtain the right biochemical reactions.
  • It keeps the operators, engineers, and workers safe at the fertilizer industries. It reduces risks such as skin cancers, tissue damage, and respiratory disorders from harmful chemicals. 
  • Kirloskar Pumps in Mumbai protect users from coming in direct contact with the acids that cause respiratory failure, loss of eyesight, and overall health. 
  • Pumps that deliver an outlet after maximum water pressure for sprinkler systems, hoses, and standpipes are offered by pump manufacturers in Pune. The water outlet and the pressure can be easily regulated and controlled. Fire Fighting pump sets are the best option when the entire water supply is Connected through a non-pressurized water tank or when the already existing pressure is inadequate.