Why the Performance Witness Test is Important for Centrifugal Pumps

Performance witness test is the procedure to establish the integrity of a pump and keep a record for future reference. It is necessary to ensure the pump meets industry standards and is compliant with various norms and regulations. Very often some technical snags and issues also surface during a performance witness test. 

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In This Blog, We Explain Why A Performance Witness Test Is Important For Your Centrifugal Pump.

Verification Of Design Specifications

A performance witness test enables a user to verify first-hand the various design specifications of the pump, as promised by the supplier. The data generated during the test could be plotted on a graph to ascertain whether the pump is performing satisfactorily within the expected limits. The pump must be run long enough in order to stabilise it and test it at raised temperatures.

Detection Of Defects And Malfunctions

As any Kirloskar pump distributor will explain, testing the mechanical integrity of the pump is another important reason to carry out a performance witness test. This ensures that the pump operates satisfactorily with no defects or problems at higher temperature and vibration levels. During the test, the pump is checked for possible leaks from parts such as gaskets and seals. 

Identification Of Operational Problems

Data is plotted to identify any possible problems while running the pump. Operational issues such as misalignment, or their symptoms such as unexpected vibrations or excessive noise can be identified and corrected once the pump is put through a thorough performance witness test. Your Kirloskar pump distributor most likely will also provide pump AMC services and can be of great help in this regard.

Determination Of Energy Efficiency

A performance witness test culminates in the drafting of statistical reports which help determine the efficiency of your pump. The performance curve for instance has energy curves and efficiency curves among many others. These curve helps identify any efficiency-related issues such as overconsumption of electricity.

Documentation Of Performance

One of the most significant outputs of performance witness tests is the documentation of results. This can be of great value for future reference, especially in case of a pump breakdown, poor performance, or reduced efficiency. In other words, this acts as a medical history of sorts for your centrifugal pump!

Compliance With Industry Standards

Your centrifugal pump must comply with a number of industry standards which mostly signify optimum performance and efficiency. Some of these industry standards are:

  • Hydraulic Institute (HI) “vertical pump tests”, ANSI/HI 2.6-1994
  • ASME Power Test Codes (PTC) 8.2-1990
  • American Petroleum Institue (API) Standard 610
  • HI “Centrifugal Pump Tests” ANSI/HI 1.6-2000

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