Advantages of a Solar Rooftop System

Solar rooftop systems and on-grid solar systems are fast becoming the most preferable source of renewable energy. Some of the top benefits that accrue from solar energy are savings and low maintenance, energy efficiency, self-sufficiency and carbon neutrality. 

In This Blog, We Take You Through Some Of The Main Advantages Of Solar Rooftop Systems:

Cost Savings:

Energy prices are rising the world over. However, solar energy seems to be the silver lining on the horizon. With the abundant availability of sunlight across the world, solar energy is one of the most affordable sources of energy. It is getting cheaper with the passage of time as research and development enhances the efficiency of solar photovoltaic cells. This means lesser surface area and greater production of energy by Solar Rooftop System.

Environmental Benefits:

Unlike fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum, solar energy is non-polluting. It does not lead to carbon emissions which contribute to environmental issues like climate change and global warming. In the near future, carbon emissions can have financial or even legal implications for businesses. In this context, solar energy comes as a godsend. Solar rooftop systems can significantly contribute to the journey of carbon neutrality of businesses, governments and even households across the world.

Energy Independence:

Once a Solar Rooftop System is installed, consumers no longer need to be tied to the grid. Even though they may continue to keep the grid as a backup, by and large, their energy is sourced from solar power. This is even more useful in remote and interior locations with limited electricity distribution. Solar farms and villages are revolutionising how energy is being consumed in the deep hinterland and transforming the lives of millions across the world.

Longevity and Durability:

The estimated life span of most solar panels is about 30-35 years. Most of the solar panels manufactured in the 1980s are still functional and continue to generate electricity. The impressive durability of solar rooftop systems means lesser waste, low maintenance and lower costs. The best part is that with improvement in technology and materials used in the panels, this is expected to get even better!

Net Metering:

If you have installed a solar rooftop system while still being connected to the electricity grid, you can get your bills reduced drastically. With on grid solar system, you can benefit from the fabulous concept of net metering which allows users to export surplus electricity and adjust it against the units consumed from the grid.

Increased Property Value:

A building with a solar rooftop system installed is naturally a more attractive piece of real estate. Promoters and brokers can actually highlight the energy self-sufficiency of the building or the reduced costs of electricity, thus boosting the property value.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Lastly, environmental protection is a massive part of the CSR of any business establishment. Whether businesses are installing solar rooftop systems for their own use or sponsoring them for others, they’re doing their bit for the environment.


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