Solar Success Stories: 3 Inspiring Businesses Benefiting from Solar Power

VEMC has been at the forefront of solar transformation and our past projects with a strong client base is testimony to it. In Mumbai and its environs itself, we have multiple solar installations on an enormous scale. Three of the most outstanding ones are MCGM Office Worli, Godrej city Panvel and Piramal Revanta Mulund West. In this blog, we give you a peak into how and why these projects became an inspiring success.

MCGM Office at Worli

The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) Engineering Hub in Worli is the nerve centre for all engineering and infrastructure-related work in the city. To power this hive of activity, the MCGM approached VEMC for its reliable and reputed solar installation. It turned out to be a great success as it helped the MCGM shift its reliance substantially from the conventional source of electricity to solar power. This did not just reduce the building’s energy costs, but also contributed to its significantly lower carbon footprint. The project is perfectly in line with MCGM’s vision for a sustainable future and shifting to green renewable energy in their own facility is the first step towards inspiring a city-wide transformation.

Godrej City at Panvel

One of the prime real estate projects in Navi Mumbai, the Godrej City is the epitome of luxury living. The project has more than three towers and 568 units spread across an area of about 150 acres. The energy consumption naturally is enormous and is estimated at around 260000 kWh per year. VEMC was approached to meet this challenge of powering this massive facility.

We installed a 200 kWp on-grid solar power system along with net-metering facility, which meant that excess electricity produced by the panels is exported to the grid and offset against the electricity consumed. The project didn’t just save energy costs but also reduced its carbon footprint by an estimated 184 metric tonnes per year. To put things into perspective, this is equivalent to carbon sequestering by 3047 tree seedlings grown for 10 years. Taking the maintenance costs into account, the project payback period was only around 3 years.

Piramal Revanta at Mulund West

The Piramal Revanta project is a high-end residential real estate project which 2 and 3 BHK apartments and a vast range of amenities. These include an indoor game zone, gymnasium, mini theatre, multipurpose game court, cafe lounge and many more! With VEMC solar installation, this project didn’t just optimally meet its energy needs but has also reduced its energy costs and carbon footprint substantially, inspiring change for more sustainable residential townships of the future.
To know how VEMC can transform your business facilities and meet your growing energy needs sustainably, get in touch with our team by calling on 022 43436655 or emailing us at With a proven track record and a flurry of successful project under our belt, we are committed to inspiring change for a greener, cleaner and sustainable tomorrow!

Pump Energy Audit: How to Save Big on Energy Consumption

Energy prices are skyrocketing everywhere and if you are a pump owner, you would appreciate how important it is to ensure your pumps operate at optimum efficiency. Whether you’re concerned about your rising energy bills or running a sustainable business, pump energy audits help you meet your energy saving goals big time. We at VEMC are the leading water pump dealers based in Mumbai, and in this blog we tell you all you need to know about pump energy audit.

How Pump Auditing Is Done

A pump audit is a comprehensive and end-to-end assessment of a pump’s performance and energy efficiency and also an exercise to unearth any issues or areas for improvement. The major steps in pump auditing are
System design evaluation: Ensuring the design of the pump satisfies its unique needs.

  1. Performance analysis: Parameters like flow rate, pressure, power consumption, motor efficiency , etc., are measured.
  2. Assessing energy efficiency: Energy consumption patterns are analysed using tools like Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) and other control mechanisms.
  3. Maintenance and reliability review: Lubrication, alignment, vibration analysis and seal integrity are evaluated to test pump maintenance and reliability.
  4. System control and automation: Sequencing, control methods and technology are analysed to detect potential problems.

Factors That Can Waste Energy

One of the main aims of pump auditing is to ensure that your pumps do not consume too much energy. The main factors that are known to waste energy are:

  1. Inefficient pumps: If your pump is old, worn out and has outdated design or technology, it is highly likely that it is inefficient and consuming extra energy.
  2. Improper sizing: Make sure your pump size is suited for the task at hand. If the pumps are too big, it can lead to wastage of energy.
  3. Control issues: Insufficient control methods of the pumps is also one of the leading causes for wastage of energy. Try and test a number of different control methods like VSDs to make sure no energy is wasted.

Some Practical Tips For Optimising Pump Operation

  1. Avoid oversizing your pumps: While slight oversizing of pumps may be good for meeting future uncertainties, it is best to use a pump with capacity roughly equal to the demand of the task.
  1. Trimming the impeller: If your pump is oversized, it is a good practice to trim your impeller to reduce the pressure and flow produced.
  1. Using VFDs: Variable Frequency Drives help automate pump operations like flow and head to match the demand of the application.
  1. Parallel pumping system: Installing a second, smaller pump to match average demand of the application can be a good way to relieve the larger pump of a significant amount of burden.
  1. Limit pipework: Limiting the pipework in the system is a good way to reduce frictional loss and hence save energy. Make sure pipe diameter, length, layout , etc., are also given due consideration.

To know more about pump energy audits, feel free to call us on 022 43436655 or email us at We at VEMC are the leading water pump dealers based in Mumbai, with over 70 years of industry experience.

8 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Installing Solar Projects

Solar energy is fast becoming one of the most preferred alternative sources of energy. This is especially true of a tropical country like India which receives plentiful sunlight in most parts throughout the year. However, we are still in the early days of our solar journey and a lot of customers tend to make installation mistakes which can later prove costly. VEMC is a leading solar energy company based in Mumbai, and in this blog we tell you about the 8 common mistakes that you must avoid when installing your rooftop solar panels.

1. Understanding energy needs

The capacity of rooftop solar panel must be determined by the energy needs of your home or facility. However, consumers often make the mistake of considering only their current needs. Since solar power system is a long-term investment, you must plan ahead and also build capacity as per your projected needs in the future.

2. System sizing

To meet the energy demands of your facility, it is necessary that your solar power system is suitably sized. You must avoid both under as well as over-sizing of your solar power system. The former can lead to shortages of energy while the latter causes wastage.

3. Placement

Make sure your panels are properly positioned to face the sun maximum possible time for optimum productivity. This is where the skill, expertise and experience of your installer comes into play.

4. Financing your solar project

With a number of government incentives and financing options available, you do not need to finance your solar project all by yourself. All you need is some market research to choose the most cost effective financing option.

5. Obtaining permits

You must obtain a permit from your local power distribution company (DISCOM) before installing a solar power system. Additionally, look for other local body regulations which are mandatory in your locality, town or city before installing the panels.

6. Factoring in maintenance costs

Your solar power system doesn’t just have initial investment costs but also long-term or lifetime costs which customers often overlook when deciding to invest in one. Make sure you speak to an expert and factor in the maintenance costs of your solar power system before making the investment.

7. Avoid scams

With a lot of excitement about solar power systems in the air, customers may be tempted to invest in them by unscrupulous sellers claiming that these systems are money-minting machines. While on-grid solar panels do help reduce your bills through net metering significantly, they are not likely to make you rich overnight.

8. Choose the right installer

Finally, when it comes to installing solar power systems, you must only trust a reliable and reputed seller that has plenty of experience and cutting-edge expertise in the field.

One of the leading solar panel consultants and installers is VEMC, a company based in Mumbai and serving clients across industries. For more information on installing your solar power system, call us on 022 43436655 or email us at

Impact of Pump Performance Testing on Energy Consumption and Sustainability

Pumps play a crucial role across industries in a number of operations such as dewatering, displacing liquids, controlling the flow of fluids, mixing and blending chemicals , etc. However, their operations demand a lot of electrical energy. To make sure they keep performing at optimum levels without consuming excess energy, performance testing is necessary. VEMC is a leading Kirloskar pump authorised dealer based in Mumbai, and in this blog we talk about the impact of pump performance testing.

Benefits of pump performance testing

Pump performance testing offers a number of benefits:

  1. Identifying operational problems: 

Operational issues like misalignment can be identified from pump performance testing. These are often symptomised by excessive vibrations and noise.

  1. Determining energy efficiency: 

Drafting statistical reports help determine the efficiency of the pump. These statistics and graphs are useful in identifying energy-related issues like overconsumption of electricity.

  1. Compliance: 

Performance testing of pumps also helps ensure your pump is meeting all the important industry standards such as HI, ASME PTC and API. 

  1. Finding defects and malfunctions: 

Any defects and malfunctions can be unearthed using performance testing. It also ensures that the pump operates satisfactorily under varying conditions of temperature, vibration levels , etc.

  1. Documenting performance: 

One of the most significant benefits of pump performance testing is that performance of the pump is documented which can be of great value for future reference.

Overall, performance testing is a trusted way of reducing lifespan costs of your pumps as it helps improve their performance, reduces energy consumption and helps identify operational problems with the pumps.

How performance testing impacts sustainability

Performance testing also has a significant impact on sustainability of your pumps.

  1. It ensures that your pumps always operate on peak efficiency and offer highest performance levels while consuming least possible energy.
  2. Wear and tear, defects and malfunctions can be a source of poor performance and low efficiency of pumps. With performance testing, these issues can be unearthed and addressed.
  3. Keeping the pumps in prime working conditions also helps prolong their life-span and hence reduce excessive repair and replacement costs. This not only offers saving for the pump owners but also helps reduce waste.

Performance testing is not just valuable for pump owners but is also in line with the values of sustainability and circular economy. This is because it helps reduce energy consumption by the pump while at the same time prolonging their working life and reducing unnecessary waste of equipment and material.

If you are looking to get your pump performance testing done, get in touch with our experts by calling us on 022 43436655 or emailing us at VEMC is one of the leading Kirloskar pump authorised dealers based in Mumbai with a vast experience of 70 years in the field of pumping. Besides dealing in a wide range of pumps for use across industries, we also offer on-site Annual Maintenance Contracts and Energy Audit services to our clients.

KBL Launches Advanced Version of KirloSmart – An IoT Based Remote Pump Monitoring System With New Features

Pumping technology is transforming and keeping up with the changing times. With Internet of Things (IoT), you can monitor and control your pumps remotely without any physical or manual intervention. All you need is a suitable hardware and software solution that transmits real-time data to your devices and keeps you updated. VEMC is the leading Kirloskar pump dealer based in Mumbai, and in this blog we talk about its advanced version launched by KBL.

What is KirloSmart?

KirloSmart is a software and hardware system that transmits real-time data from your Kirloskar pump to KBLs web-portal and interactive mobile app. Both provide a dashboard through which a user can access all the relevant information about the pump such as flow, voltage, vibrations , etc. This enables the user to take corrective action on time and prevent untimely pump breakdown.

What’s new about the advanced version of KirloSmart?

The advanced KirloSmart has been equipped with a number of cutting-edge features which offer better control, maintenance and analysis. Let’s take a look at some of the most outstanding features that KBL has now built into KirloSmart.

  1. The new KirloSmart has a more interactive and user-friendly UI/UX which makes navigation easy and speedy. With its multi-screen option, it shows various parameters simultaneously along with diagrams and sensor data.
  2. It offers interactive support in troubleshooting by providing weekly reports of trends and recommendations. Customers also get access to pump installation and user manual.
  3. It is compatible with both 4G and 5G technologies and offers excellent wireless solutions. It is equipped with battery-run wireless sensors having ATEX/IECEX and PESO certifications. 
  4. It is much more reliable and compliant to safety norms, especially when it comes to customer data protection. 
  5. Users can use multiple units with a single SIM card. This feature has been included keeping in view the Indian weather conditions and challenging scenario of the rural areas having limited mobile connectivity.

KirloSmart offers real-world benefits

The advanced KirloSmart has streamlined business operations in a number of ways. 

  • With KirloSmart in place, you no longer have to physically employ a worker to carry out inspections or testing of the pumps. With remote monitoring, KirloSmart has simply revolutionised preventive maintenance. 
  • Given its ease-of-use, there is also no need to spend significant funds on training your employees to use KirloSmart. Everything is available with the click of a button on the app or web portal.
  • Sudden and untimely breakdowns of pumps can affect business operations significantly. With KirloSmart in place, this can be avoided as it transmits real-time data to users’ phones or web portals enabling them to preempt any sudden breakdown.

The advanced KirloSmart is a huge leap from the past version and puts customer convenience first. For more about this technology, feel free to get in touch with us by calling us on 022 43436655 or emailing us at VEMC is the top Kirloskar pump distributor based in Mumbai.

The Green Revolution: Solar Solutions for Sustainable Schools

Schools and educational institutions are becoming increasingly dependent on technological tools like desktops, laptops, printers and projectors for imparting education among students. In areas with frequent load shedding or sudden power cuts, schools may have to face serious obstacles in carrying out the teaching-learning process. To keep education uninterrupted, schools are being increasingly powered by rooftop solar power systems across the country. VEMC is the leading solar panel installation company based in Mumbai, and in this blog we take you through the green revolution that is slowly but surely coming to India’s schools.

Benefits of solar power in schools

  1. Energy independence: 

Having installed a rooftop solar panel in your school, you no longer have to be fully reliant on your grid. With the solar solution in place, your school is less susceptible to fluctuating electricity costs as well as power outages. An uninterrupted supply of electricity creates a highly conducive atmosphere for the teaching and learning process.

  1. Cost-efficiency: 

With a rooftop solar panel installed, schools no longer have to worry about  the piling up of humongous electricity bills. They can significantly reduce their energy costs by switching over completely or significantly to solar power systems. Besides, governments and local authorities also offer attractive incentives on installation of solar power systems at schools and educational facilities.

  1. Financial returns:  

A rooftop solar panel doesn’t just lower your electricity bills in the short run through net metering, but also offers long-term financial rewards. Since the lifespan of solar panels is up to 25 years, schools can enjoy decades of free power generation.

  1. Sustainability: 

Renewable energy is coming in vogue rapidly and rooftop solar panels in schools will help reduce the carbon footprint of cities significantly. It will also sensitise the students and community about the importance of switching over to renewable energy like solar for a better environment.

  1. Enhanced reputation: 

Schools are seen as the fountainhead of forward-looking scientific thought in a community. Installing a solar power system enhances their image as an organization espousing values of sustainability and instilling the same ideas in students. An enhanced image in this way can attract parents, students and investors and make the school stand out as a leader in sustainability.

Incentives for solar power in schools

Government and non-government organisations offer a number of incentives for installing solar power plants in schools in India. These include grants, rebates, subsidies and tax credits, and reduce the overall system costs by at least 50% including the long-term energy savings. Since most states also have net-metering laws in place, solar panel owners can also sell the excess electricity generated to the grid, reducing their electricity bills and even generating income.

If you are thinking of installing a rooftop solar power system in your school, get in touch with VEMC by calling us on 022 43436655 or email us at We are the leaders in offering the right solar solutions for your needs.

VEMC’s Role in Addressing Water Pollution

VEMC was established in the year 1948 with a vision to become the most reliable electromechanical solutions provider by building traditions of excellence, quality and service. In the 1950s, the company joined hands with Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. to sell Peter Fielding Engines and the partnership has continued till date. Today, VEMC offers a range of pumps suitable for a number of operations such as fire safety, dewatering, sewage disposal and chemical processing. The company also plays a significant role in addressing the problem of water pollution and making a positive environmental impact.

VEMC pumps in wastewater treatment

Cutter and clogging pumps offered by VEMC play a huge role in treating wastewater in urban areas. The water is then recycled and used in homes, offices and factories across cities, thus offering significant reprieve to water-stressed regions of the country.

Cutter pumps: These pumps are equipped with a tungsten carbide blade which cuts down solid and semi-solid waste. This is especially suitable for toilet paper, plastic, rags , etc., and cuts them into pieces of 25 mm each thus preventing clogging of drains.

Grinder pumps: Rather than cutting waste, these pumps grind it in a rotating motion with a blade having multiple teeth. This grinds solid waste into fine powder that can then be discharged easily through drains.

Submersible pumps: VEMCs submersible pumps are corrosion-resistant and light-weight. These are highly energy efficient and are used to displace water from distant or flooded areas and cramped spaces.

Multistage pumps: These pumps have a compact design and are highly energy efficient. They come in vertical and horizontal variants and are used to extract water from areas with limited ground area.

A step towards sustainability

Water shortage is one of the most pressing problems faced by humanity world over. However, the circular economy offers an enduring solution to it through recycling, disinfection and reuse of water. This requires cities and towns to have an elaborate infrastructure that processes solid or semi-solid sewage, transports used water to purification and recycling centres, and finally pumps the cleansed water back into circulation for use at homes, factories and offices. 

At the heart of these elaborate operations are the VEMC pumps mentioned above, specialising in a host of activities from declogging drains to displacing water in large quantities. Most importantly, all of this happens at relatively low energy costs and high efficiency. Besides, VEMC pumps are known to be long-lasting and have little lifetime costs due to low maintenance needs. These features contribute significantly to the circular economy and sustainability of the pumps.

VEMC has a rich experience in project-management and has undertaken a number of projects end-to-end, each with the goal of reducing wastage of water, taking a resolute step towards sustainability. For more information on how VEMC can help you in your journey towards sustainable water management, get in touch with us by calling on 022 43436655 or email us at  We are one of the leading Kirloskar pump distributors based in Mumbai.

Importance of High-Quality Fire Panels

As a business or home-owner, you would appreciate the importance of a fire panel in early detection of an outbreak. Undetected outbreaks can cause immense and irreversible loss of life and property, and a good fire panel can be crucial in preventing this. However, to ensure utmost reliability, you must only choose high-quality fire panels for the safety of your family, employees and property. 

VEMC is the leading Kirloskar fire pump dealer in Mumbai, and in this blog, we tell you why a high-quality fire panel is important.

Types of fire panels

  1. Conventional: These panels use basic technology to detect fire but are still considered quite effective for homes and businesses. They connect sensors and alarms using zone wiring. Sensors are linked in parallel with one or more circuits connected to them.
  1. Addressable: A step ahead of conventional fire panels, the addressable fire panels assign each device an individual address. This enables you to find the exact location of the outbreak in the building.
  2. Intelligent: These are also known as smart fire detection systems. They offer greater flexibility using customer programming of each application and are best suited for accurate and timely fire detection for advanced safety.

What makes a fire panel high-quality?

Fire-panels could be crucial in saving lives and you must only trust the highest quality of component parts. Monitors, flow switches and control valves must be high quality and in good working condition. Only resilient and durable material can withstand the degradation with the passage of time, and provide fool-proof safety during an outbreak. 

Quality can be assessed by certifications that the manufacturers have. The three main standard certifications for fire-panels are provided by LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board), UL (Underwriters Laboratories), and VdS (Schadenverhütung GmbH). When deciding to buy a fire panel, look for any of these standards.

Quality however cannot be expected to remain constant. Like all other equipment, fire panels also undergo deterioration with the passage of time, unless maintained regularly and properly. This requires thorough training of the maintenance staff to bring them up-to-date with the latest maintenance practices. Generally speaking, fire panels must be kept clean and visually inspected regularly. VEMC –– a trusted Kirloskar fire pump dealer in Mumbai, can offer more insights on the maintenance of your fire panels.

Evaluating a fire panel system

When buying a fire panel system for your house or factory, you must be mindful of a few factors. In fact, you must have a standard checklist handy to ensure proper evaluation of the fire panels. 

  • Has the fire panel been designed by a reliable company or a qualified professional?
  • Are the equipment and component parts reliable and do they meet quality standards?
  • Is the installation team qualified and experienced enough?
  • Is the fire panel cost effective in terms of the finances and effort required for maintenance in the long run?

For more information on fire panels, their installation and maintenance, feel free to get in touch with our experts by calling on 022 43436655 or emailing us at VEMC is a renowned Kirloskar fire pump dealer in Mumbai.

Top 5 Tips to Elevate your Air Compressor’s Productivity

An air compressor is one of the most useful equipment both at home and in the industry. It uses the power of compressed air to perform wide ranging tasks such as drilling, inflating tyres, refrigeration, air conditioning and spray painting. As an air compressor owner, you would like to get the maximum out of your equipment with the consumption of minimum possible energy.

VEMC is one of the leading air compressor dealers in Mumbai, and in this blog, we share 5 tips that will help you elevate your compressor’s productivity significantly.

Conduct air checks regularly

When using an air compressor, carry out regular air checks as part of routine maintenance and inspection process. With the help of a data recording device, you can take precise readings without obstructing the operations. The air check shows the pressure and volume, thus ensuring optimised use and minimum possible energy consumption.

Recover the dissipated heat

A substantial portion of energy that is generated by an air compressor is lost in the form of heat. This accounts for up to 90% of the energy. By making use of this dissipated heat in warming your facility or heating water, you can avoid wastage of this significant amount of energy which is anyway released by your compressor.

Plug leakages

Air leakage can cause a significant amount of leakage and must therefore be frequently inspected and plugged. Apart from the compressor piping, make sure valves, couplings and flanges are properly checked for leaks. You may need a qualified and experienced service-provider such as VEMC –– a top air compressor dealer in Mumbai, for this. 

Stop off-load running

No-load running of your air compressor is another problem area. It consumes energy while not producing any compressed air. Besides, when the compressor is stopped and restarted, it causes extra wear and tear, leading to higher maintenance costs. To ensure the system is suitably configured, proper sizing of the system or having an intelligent control system in place is necessary.

Use only genuine spares

Long service life and efficiency in operations can be guaranteed only by original spare parts. This doesn’t just apply to the valves, seals and compressor stages, but also to lubricants. Original spare parts are manufactured keeping in close view the design and configuration of the air compressor. The same cannot be said of non-genuine spare parts which may seem marginally cheaper but may end up costing much higher in the long run due to low efficiency, more wear and tear, and higher maintenance costs.

If you are an air compressor owner, you must look for possible areas of poor efficiency and wastage of energy, and take suitable corrective measures. For more information on how to prevent wastage and ensure your air compressors run at maximum efficiency, feel free to get in touch with our experts by calling us on 022 43436655 or emailing us at VEMC is the top-notch air compressor dealer in Mumbai