Solar Farms- The Next Big Thing In Solar Space

Large-scale solar installations are great for Economies of Scale. In fact, Solar Farms that produce less than one megawatt of power cannot justify their cost of development. Solar Farms are mostly set up in the hinterlands as crowded urban and commercial pockets never provide enough space for their development. To put things into perspective, the Solar Energy Industries Association of the US says that as of date, there are around 12000 major solar projects generating over 166 GW of energy in the country. This mushroom growth of huge Solar Farms is expected to replicate across the world, especially in India that is both a tropical country and has a vast hinterland offering ample space for these projects.

As our energy preferences shift away from fossils, Solar Farms will attain greater significance due to the scale of production, lower costs per unit of energy and other significant benefits that we cover below:

A massive engine of clean energy:

Solar Farms unlike small solar installations have the potential to power townships, villages and even cities in the foreseeable future. You can envision a Solar Farm just like your good old hydro-power project or a thermal power plant. With increasing R&D in the sector, you can expect Solar Farms to be more productive, efficient and feasible. 

The dawn of Agrovoltaics:

Agrovoltaics is beginning to percolate the vocabulary of the Solar Sector. Unlike conventional installations like thermal plants or hydro-power plants, establishing a Solar Farm is not permanent or irreversible. This means the land covered under solar panels and other apparatus can always be re-used for agricultural purposes. Imagine the implications it has on the flexibility of the government’s planning and policy-making.

Energy for everyone:

Solar systems have a significant space factor associated closely with them. This means households or commercial facilities with inadequate space will never be able to accommodate a solar system on their rooftops or batteries in a dedicated room. This issue is however resolved by the Solar Farms that become the singular source of energy to power considerably large settlements from a distance.

No noise or other hazards:

Solar Farms go easy on the environment in more ways than one. They not just have zero emissions and can significantly help reduce our Carbon footprint as a society; they are also noise-less. Solar Farms get accommodated very naturally into your surroundings and have barely any effect on the communities, flora and fauna around them. These farms also do not release any hazardous wastes into the environment, quite unlike thermal and nuclear power plants.

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