6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Solar Metering

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If you are generating more solar energy than you are consuming, the excess electricity is diverted to the grid and you are compensated for it by deducting the units you purchase from the grid. This simple concept is known as Net Metering.

As any top solar company will tell you, solar energy is gaining a lot of traction the world over and producers must be aware of Net Metering to make the most of their investment in solar power systems. VEMC is a leading Solar EPC Company based in Mumbai.

In This Blog, We Explain 6 Reasons Why You Simply Shouldn’t Ignore Solar Metering:

Lower Electricity Bill

With net metering, you only pay for the ‘net’ amount of electricity that you consume, that is, total electricity imported from the grid minus electricity exported from your solar power system. Besides, the extra electricity units can be used during those hours when sunlight isn’t enough such as at night.

Easy Installation With Fewer Components

There is no need to have a backup generator in net-metered solar power systems. The electricity grid itself acts as one. The lack of elaborate equipment and components makes the net-metered solar system an absolute winner. It also means that the initial costs of installing solar power systems come down significantly. For expert advice on this, get in touch with VEMC –– a top solar EPC company in its segment.

Lesser Environmental Impact

Solar energy is the most preferred unconventional source of energy, especially in terms of environmental impact. But when net metering is added to the equation, it further boosts the environmental benefits as it encourages users to switch to solar energy. Net metering, therefore, helps remove or reduce the reliance on conventional and polluting sources of energy like fossils.

Increased Financial Credit

Net metering provides owners of solar power systems an opportunity to generate revenue by selling the excess units to the grid. This acts as a financial motivator and helps owners increase their financial credibility by creating an asset that becomes a perpetual source of income.

Cost-Effective and Hassle-Free Maintenance

Net metering does away with components like batteries and generators –– the two that require the highest attention and maintenance. Thus, with net metering in place, your solar power systems become more cost-effective and have hassle-free maintenance.

Lesser Network Issues

With the increased number of consumers exporting their excess units to the electricity grid, the chances of blackouts and outages are successively reduced. Issues such as transmission line congestion can be significantly reduced thanks to net metering. An expert solar EPC company like VEMC will be able to tell you more about this.


If you want to install a solar system or have any queries regarding metering, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We will be happy to help you leverage net metering to make your place of work a shining example of the effectiveness of renewable energy. We are a leading Solar Power Company and can be reached at 022 43436655 or emailed at marketing@vemc.co.in.

How To Use Solar Energy in Your Daily Life To Create a Sustainable Earth?

What is Solar Energy in Simple Terms?

Solar energy simply refers to the energy coming from the sun in the form of insolation. When this insolation is tapped and converted into electricity using photovoltaic cells, it is known as solar power. Today, solar power is being put to use in a vast number of ways, be it domestic or commercial. VEMC is the Best Solar Company in Mumbai, with a reputable client base across sectors.

What Are The Advantages of Solar Energy?

• Control Over Consumption ––

For starters, solar energy offers a level of certainty in times when high electricity costs and regular outages have become a feature of the energy market. When the electricity charges hit peak prices, consumers can switch over to solar, and avoid paying hefty sums for their consumption. With a Solar EPC company like VEMC, this has become much more convenient than ever before.

• Green Energy ––

Unlike fossils and other conventional sources of energy, solar doesn’t have a huge impact on the environment. It doesn’t cause air, water or noise pollution. In times when emission-free energy has become the buzzword, solar energy perfectly fits the bill.

• Universal Use ––

The sun is the single source of solar energy and this makes it possible for companies to take solar power to the remotest destinations, where setting up power projects and transmission lines could be a tough ask. Independent solar power systems can make electricity available to local populations and bring about a huge difference in their standard of living. VEMC is hands down the best solar company when it comes to catering to such ambitious projects.

• Energy Buffer ––

If not to replace the main source of power completely, solar can be used to fill in for the hours when electricity isn’t available, outages are frequent, or the prices are very high. Any top solar energy company will recommend these manoeuvres to its clients, helping them meet their cost or operational objectives.

• Improved Grid Security ––

An energy grid widely punctuated by independent solar power systems is less sensitive to blackouts due to say human-made disasters, as consumers can continue to draw power from this alternate pool of energy. A leading solar energy company of the country, VEMC enables clients and partners to enhance their business continuity plans with the help of solar power.

How Can You Use Solar Energy in Your Daily Life?

Solar energy can be put to use in myriad ways in your domestic life:

• To run home appliances such as TVs, computers, fans, etc.

• To heat up swimming pools, drinking water and rooms

• To charge mobile devices, laptops, etc.

• Solar cooking using solar cookers

• Solar lighting for houses, gardens and streets

Want to know more about how solar energy can make a difference in our fight against climate change and carbon emissions? Get in touch with our experts at 022 43436655 or email us at marketing@vemc.co.in. We are the best solar company in Mumbai and a leading Solar Energy Company across the country.

5 Reasons Why It Is Worth Investing In Solar For Companies

Solar power is becoming increasingly popular among companies in India. With the country becoming a proponent of solar energy globally, India’s total installed solar energy capacity has increased 19.3 times in the last 8 years. Many organisations are considering investing in solar energy and with good reason. For them, it’s a win-win situation. Energy costs make up for a large proportion of expenses for businesses, both big and small, and hence, cost-efficiency is always a critical goal. There is also the need to be socially responsible and include sustainability in brand ethos. Solar energy helps them meet most of these goals.

So, if you are considering making the switch to solar energy, it could be absolutely worth it.

5 reasons why solar energy is worth investing in

1. Reduced overhead expenses – Going the solar route can help companies save huge on energy costs. Since most of the things in a workspace, such as computers and electrical equipment, run on power, solar energy can help reduce dependency on erratic energy sources. The fluctuating prices of non-renewable fuels too will not affect you. You can let solar energy take over the majority of your existing energy sources. This way, you have more control over the quantity and cost of energy. 

2. Dependable power supply – Power outages are not uncommon in India and unreliable power supply can create interruptions in business. With solar power, you can expect a reliable and stable power supply. India’s total land area gets about 5,000 trillion kWh with most parts receiving around 4-7 kWh per sq. m. per day. Hence, with solar panels in place, you can generate sufficient solar energy to run your operations. 

3. Ease of maintenance – Installing solar panels in your workspaces can be an efficient and one-time investment. They are made from durable materials and can be long lasting. You can rely on expert solar panel EPC companies, such as VEMC, to help assess your energy requirements, check the available installation area, confirm the budget, and install the solar panels accordingly. 

4. Long-term savings – Solar energy helps save costs in the long run. You will need to make a one-time investment for the installation. Post that, you can start enjoying the returns on your investment. The maintenance costs are not exorbitant either. 

5. Sustainable and ideal for CSR – Investing in solar energy can help save the environment. You will be able to invest in a clean energy source, cause less pollution, and reduce your dependency on fossil fuels. Solar power also makes for a good investment to meet your corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals. This can help you stand out to your customers and investors as a green company with low carbon footprint. 

VEMC is a well-established solar EPC company in Mumbai and a pioneer in the field of electromechanical engineering products, allied equipment, and services. VEMCO Solar is a market leader in solar solutions — be it solar panel installation, procurement, commissioning, net metering, or electrical connections. If you are looking for solar panel installation in Mumbai or solar O&M, please reach out to us at +91 98199 07445, and we will be happy to provide you with customized support and services.

Solar Power: An End Date to Your Energy Bill

Most of us are used to paying our energy bills as per our electricity usages. The bills come in monthly, we pay them, and wait for the next one the following month. That’s how the cycle continues. If you analyse your energy bills over the years, you’ll observe a trend that indicates increased expenditure. But most of us don’t give much thought to it since we don’t have an alternative.

Solar Panel ROI: Calculate How Much Your Solar Savings Will Be

What if you could find an alternative that could help you beat the rising energy costs? Imagine having a lifelong subscription to clean energy and renewable energy independently. Solar power installation can help in achieving this successfully. 

Understanding your current energy model

Presently, we are dependent for our energy needs and whenever we need to consume power, we have to pay for it. This infinite cycle exists for the ones who haven’t made the shiftto solar power yet. 

The issue with this model is that your source of energy is dependent on you paying your bills indefinitely. However, the price of electricity hasn’t remained the same. For example, duringthe period 2009-2020, the cost of state electricity has doubled—from INR 3.4 per kwh to INR 6.15 per kwh.

Add to this the present state of climate change where the summers are getting hotter. This will inevitably lead to significant increase inenergy needs. On a global scale, the demand for energy will rise, leading tofurthersurge in the price of fossil fuels. 

Hence, as long as you’re tied to the present model, your energy costs are likely to go up exponentially. 

So, what’s the alternative?

Thankfully, there’s an alternative to this — switching to solar power. The shift can give youmore control overyour monthly energy payouts. A solar power consultant, like VEMC, can help design a system that perfectly fits your budget and needs. With the right guidance and the right model, solar power can be easily accessible foryou. This will be an investment that would offervalue in the long-term and will be sustainable too. 

Once you move to the new system, your current usage will be mapped and any additional usage will be accounted for. Once these are done, you won’t have to pay a monthly bill anymore. You would simply pay for the usage once the sun sets down and you can waive that off to by investing in a solar battery. 

VEMC is a well-established solar EPC company in Mumbai and a pioneer in the field of electromechanical engineering products, allied equipment, and services. VEMCO Solar is a market leader in solar solutions — be it solar panel installation, procurement, commissioning, net metering, or electrical connections. If you are looking for solar panel installation in Mumbai or solar O&M, please reach out to us at 8976951701 / marketing@vemc.co.in, and we will be happy to provide you with customized support and services.

Renewable Energy vs. Nonrenewable Energy – The Key Differences

One of the most widely discussed topics today on news media and social media is climate change, and how we ought to reduce our impact on the environment. We mostly hear experts advocate the use of renewable over non-renewable energy which release less or no emissions. In this blog, let’s try to understand the main differences between renewable and non-renewable energy sources.

What are renewable and non-renewable sources of energy?

A renewable source of energy is available to us infinitely. It replenishes itself naturally without any human intervention. This energy comes from natural sources such as sun, wind, water and organic matter.

On the other hand, non-renewable sources of energy are available in limited amounts. Once consumed, these cannot get replenished at all, or get replenished over a very long geological timeframe, in effect making them unavailable for repeated human use. Most of these are fossils such as coal, petroleum and natural gas.

Difference between renewable and non-renewable energy

  • Non-renewable energy sources such as fossil fuels are created over millions of years under the surface of the earth or the ocean bed. But our rate of consuming this energy source is so fast that we could run out of them within a generation or two. Renewable energy comes from those sources of energy which cannot be exhausted even after repeated human use.
  • Non-renewable energy has a negative impact on the environment. Burning fossils leads to emission of carbon-dioxide resulting in the rise of global temperatures and subsequent environmental issues. Renewable energy is easy on the environment as it does not release any harmful gases or substances. On the contrary, by shifting towards renewable energy like wind, solar and tidal, and reducing the reliance on non-renewable fossils, we can slow down climate change and make a decisive move towards sustainable development.
  • Renewable energy has a high upfront cost. This is because the technology used in generating renewable energy like solar and geothermal power is still in its incipient form. With increase in research and development, and manufacturing of equipment in greater volumes in the future, the costs are expected to come down. On the other hand, non-renewable energy sources are comparatively inexpensive in terms of the upfront costs.
  • Infrastructure for renewable energy like solar or wind is not easily accessible especially in developing countries like India. These technologies usually require vast open areas like fields or building terraces to generate useful amount of energy. Such vast spaces and enormous number of panels may not be very economical for developing nations. On the other hand, non-renewable energy is lower on infrastructure costs or area requirements, and can therefore be utilised throughout the world with equity.

As a leading solar EPC company in Mumbai, VEMC has unmatched expertise in the field of electromechanical engineering products, allied equipment, and services. Whether it is solar panel installation, procurement, commissioning, net metering, or electrical connections, we are the leaders in solar solutions. For installation and support, reach out to us at 022 43436655 or mail us at marketing@vemc.co.in. We’ll be glad to offer you our customized support and services.

Why powering your industry with solar energy will be the best investment decision you can make?

As we reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and other conventional sources of energy, solar energy is emerging as a leading renewable source. India being a tropical country has enormous potential to tap solar energy. According to the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, India receives a total of 5000 trillion kwH per year and most parts receive 4-7 kwH per square meter per day.

This can contribute significantly to most sectors of our economy, and a diverse range of industries can benefit from it.

Here are 9 reasons why solar energy can be your best ever investment decision.

1. Reduced electricity bills

You can reduce or completely remove your dependence on the power grid by switching to solar. This can be all the more beneficial in the wake of fluctuating power tariffs and will entail healthy savings for your business. 

2. Renewable energy

Solar being a renewable source of energy, your business will be doing its bit to remove the pressure from non-renewable conventional sources of energy like coal and petroleum. 

3. Increased value of energy-efficiency

The efficiency of solar panels at present is about 15-20% but it can go significantly higher upto 42% in some cases. Overall, with the improvement in the material of the PV panels, and greater research and development, solar energy is bound to become more efficient every passing year.

4. Reduced Carbon emissions

By reducing your reliance on fossils, solar allows you to become an eco-friendly business. This is becoming increasingly crucial not just for the planet but for your own company as well. It will enable you to save on some critical carbon tax going forward and also meet your CSR goals effectively.

5. Easier monitoring of your ROI

After investing in a solar power system, you would want to ensure it is working optimally and getting you healthy returns. Monitoring the output of your solar panels is very easy. A number of companies are already providing services to analyse data related to your solar energy supply and also point out any discrepancies or slack in performance. 

6. Low maintenance costs

Solar panels are by and large a one-time investment. These are hassle-free installations made from durable materials with a life-span of around 25 years and very low maintenance costs.

7. Self-consumption of electricity

The electricity generated by solar panels is utilised on site which keeps the transmission losses at a bare minimum, and reduces or excludes the dependence on the utility grid.

8. Company image

As consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about climate change, they are preferring brands known for having the least impact on the environment. Switching to solar will be an evidence of your commitment towards reducing emissions, making you a favourite among eco-conscious consumers.

9. Stay ahead of the game

Lastly, survival of businesses depends upon how quickly they are able to adapt to changing times and reinvent themselves. By phasing the conventional energy out, and adopting the energy of the future, you can stay ahead in your industry and beyond!

VEMC is a leading solar EPC company in Mumbai and has unmatched technical expertise in the field of solar O&M. For installation and support, call at 022 43436655 or mail us at marketing@vemc.co.in

Role Of O&M In A Solar Plant System: Everything You Need To Know

New business models for operations & maintenance - pv Europe

With rapid development in solar technology, the need to ensure the proper and efficient functioning of a solar plant system is more important than ever before. Solar O&M (operations and maintenance) identifies and solves issues in the functioning of solar plant systems. Think of it this way: Your household appliances like the light bulbs, water filter, and/or air conditioner, require regular servicing/replacement whenever problems in their functioning occur. Similarly, solar plant systems have long life spans and require regular maintenance.

So, what does solar O&M involve?

1. Metal roof checks

They are conducted to ensure that there are no cracks or cuts in the roof of the solar installation, the solar module installation roof extensions are securely fastened and waterproof, no water is pooling or blocking the roof, and drainage is sufficient.

2. Ground Mount installation checks

They are conducted at the ground mount system’s base, to ensure that there is no ground erosion. Furthermore, they ensure that under the array, there shouldn’t be any indications of an animal infestation. They also check for trash or waste underneath or close to the solar plant system.

Should solar EPCs offer solar O&M services or outsource them?

Your solar company should consider offering solar O&M services if it possesses the appropriate core systems, operating systems, and management. An obvious benefit of offering solar O&M services would be increased revenue via the solar O&M services over the 25-plus years lifespan of each solar panel system. This can be done if your workforce has personnel with strong engineering capabilities as data analysis plays a major role in identifying problems. Furthermore, procedures such as quality control measures and the creation of extensive information bases will be key factors to consider before setting up solar O&M service for your business.

However, by contracting with an O&M specialist, you can use a business that is solely dedicated to providing those services. Outsourcing O&M can also allow your solar EPC company to focus on its main operations. One potential downfall with this is that you will be putting your company’s reputation in the hands of another company.

How to find an O&M company?

There are numerous ways in which contracting businesses and external O&M partners may establish working partnerships. A solar contracting business may use an O&M provider as a subcontractor. It’s crucial to find an O&M strategy that fits the unique goals and capabilities of your organisation, including what makes the best financial sense.

VEMC, one of the top solar companies in Mumbai, provides solar panel installation in Mumbai. VEMC provides solar o&m services as well. For more information on our products and help selecting the right ones for you, contact us on +91 98199 07445. VEMC is ISO 9001:2015 certified and a pioneer in the field of electromechanical engineering products, allied equipment, and services.

A Guide to Solar Panels

A solar power system consists mainly of solar panels, an inverter, a meter, the consumer unit and the cabling.

The solar panels also called an array, are made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells. The array is usually mounted on a roof so that it is receptive to sunlight.

The photovoltaic cells in it are normally made of very thin layers of silicon and look like black or blue tiles. When sunlight reaches the cells, an electric field gets formed. The brighter the light, the greater the amount of electricity generated.

This direct-current (DC) electricity is then transferred to the inverter, which turns it into alternating current (AC) which you can use for your industry or business.

Let’s take a look at the technology powering the solar panels in more detail.

Monocrystalline (Mono) cells 

Photovoltaic cells can be of different types. Monocrystalline cells (Mono) are made from very high-quality single silicon crystals.

They are highly efficient, perform better in low light conditions than other types of solar cells, and have a lengthy lifespan. 

Polycrystalline (Poly) cells 

On the other hand, polycrystalline (Poly) cells are made by fusing together several kinds of silicon crystals. These are easy to manufacture, are cost-effective, and produce less waste than Mono cells.

However, over recent years, rapid progress in cell manufacturing processes have started to bridge the gap between the manufacturing costs of Mono and Poly cells. In 2018, Mono solar modules comprised 50% of global photovoltaic cell production.

PERC technology

Traditionally, solar cells come with an emitter layer on the front and a dark coating on the back. However,  Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell (PERC) is an innovation that has a dielectric passivation film on the back surface of the cells.

In PERC, the front directly absorbs sunlight while the back soaks in the reflected light, resulting in a higher generation of energy and greater benefits than the traditional solar cells.

It also affords more flexibility with more options for placement of the panels without affecting efficiency. PERC is available in both Mono and Poly cells.

Mono PERC Panels

When Mono cells and PERC technology are combined, the outcome is Mono PERC panels — solar modules of more superior quality.

The initial expenditure gets made up for in energy cost savings. What’s more, a fewer number of panels are required to be installed for the same amount of energy you receive.

They can capture more sunlight even in low light conditions and perform more efficiently than most other types of solar panels in the market. The need for such highly efficient solar panels has led to an increase in demand for Mono PERC panels.

We can guide you in choosing the solar panels best for you and also install and help implement them. Reach out to us on +91 9819907445. With more than 72 years of industry experience, VEMC is one of India’s top solar companies that offer best-in-class services in solar power to our clients. VEMC is ISO 9001:2015 certified and is one of the leading solar EPC companies in India.

How To Get More Value Out Of Your Solar System

Businesses today are increasingly shifting to a commercial solar power system, thanks to its improving efficiency over the past few years, lower energy costs in the long run, and in many instances, incentives from the government to switch to a more sustainable alternative with a lower carbon footprint.

While these businesses may be making significant investments in solar panels, many often overlook making the same effort to maintain the efficiency of their solar energy systems.

In this blog, we discuss some of the ways in which you can improve the efficiency of your solar power system and get the most possible value out of it. 

Choose High-Efficiency Solar Module Technology

To begin with, choose the most efficient solar module technology. Solar panels are composed of photovoltaic cells that capture sunlight and turn solar energy into electricity for consumption.

However, solar panels cannot convert 100 per cent of the solar energy they receive into electricity. So, the efficiency of a solar panel refers to the percentage of energy that its photovoltaic cells can actually transform into electricity.

Though solar cell technology has made immense progress over the last few years, not all solar panels function at the same efficiency.

Choose a model with high concentrated photovoltaic cells, that has a good structure and is made with quality material — these are what determine the solar panel’s efficiency. Mono Perc solar panels maintain high industry standards and can be a good option.

Use The Right Inverter

Just as it’s important to choose the proper solar panel, so it is to choose the correct inverter. For your system, get an inverter with a watts rating that’s about the same as your solar system’s watts rating, or maybe a little more.

However, it should not be too much or it will affect the system’s efficiency. Use one of the reputed make to ensure that the system experiences minimal downtime.

Avoid Installing Solar Panels In Shaded Areas

It goes without saying that the solar panels must be under maximum sunlight to capture optimal energy. But shaded areas can affect electricity output even if one photovoltaic is shaded. Remember to analyse and plan the site so that tall trees or buildings do not shade your panels.

Get An Established Epc Company To Install Your Solar Plant

The installation process is a complex and crucial one. Do not compromise and enlist the services of a professional solar EPC company to do the job. If the solar panels are not installed correctly, they will not receive the optimal level of sunlight. 

Clean Your Solar Modules On A Regular Basis

Over time, dirt and dust accumulate on the solar panels. Although solar panels have no moving parts and may not require frequent maintenance, it’s important to clean them occasionally to ensure that they function at peak levels. Temperature and rain can affect them; so get an expert opinion on how often to clean yours.

Track Your Solar Panel Output 

Often, businesses are happy with the initial output of energy from their solar system and stop monitoring it over time. So, a drop in levels can go undetected. Make it a practice to track output and you will be a lot more likely to be able to spot a reduction in efficiency if it occurs.

For help to determine the right solar panel for you, contact us on +919819907445. As one of India’s best solar companies, with 72 years of industry experience, VEMC provides end-to-end solar services to its clients. VEMC is ISO 9001:2015 certified and is one of the leading solar EPC companies in India.