Contribution of Centrifugal Pump in the Development of Industries

Water is a staple commodity in every industry and to harness the energy of water, distribute it and use it to its fullest potential, pumps have been the tool of choice since time immemorial. With development of technological skill and understanding, various types of pumps for a wide variety of purposes started appearing in the market. One of the most widely used amongst them is the centrifugal pump.

What is a centrifugal pump?

A centrifugal pump can be defined as the machine which uses rotation for imparting velocity to liquids and then converting that velocity into flow. The basic model consists of an impeller, a volute, a shaft, shaft sleeves, bearings and a sealing arrangement.

Advantages of a centrifugal pump:

1. They do not have drive seals that lessen the risk of leakage.
2. They can be used to pump out risky and harmful liquids.
3. They have magnetic coupling that can be broken easily in overload conditions and it protects the pump from damage.
4. The pump and motor are apart from each other so no heat transfer is possible from motor to pump.
5. It produces a lot less friction.

Since water is the raw material for centrifugal pumps, they find use in various industries. They are just like water turbines in reverse.

They are used in oil refineries and power plants. Municipal water applications use centrifugal pumps as their main tool. It is used to move general water supply to places where little to no suction lift is required.

They also find use in waste water management, flood protection, irrigation and agriculture, drainage, boiler feed applications etc.

They also find use in building applications like boosting water services into homes, fire protection sprinklers, hot water circulation, air conditioning systems etc.

They are used as froth pumps in the mining industry to separate bitumen and minerals from clay and sand and to transport solids and slurries.

Industries like chemical, paint, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, beverage etc. all use centrifugal pumps in one or other way.

Combined with the wide use and the advantages of centrifugal pumps, its highly efficient, low cost and simple machinery has helped in the development of these industries.

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