Choosing Right Pump For Fire Hydrant And Sprinkler Application

Metro cities are getting filled with people seeking to make their dream come true and in an effort to do so, few succeed and looking at their success stories more people are coming towards metros, with increase in the population there is demand for housing. Metros like Mumbai have limitation in growing horizontally which leads it to the vertical expansion. It has become common to see 50 to 60 floor building and few of them touching almost 100 floors. This means developers in cities like Mumbai are focused on effective use of the space they have and don’t want to waste any of it.

This shift can also be seen in the pumping industry, where most of the builders used to procure standard horizontal end suction pump or split case pump are now shifting to Vertical pumps which consumes less space compared to horizontal pumps.

There are two major applications in Building and construction sector.

  1. Fire Fighting pumps
  2. PHE pumps (Public Health Engineering)

In Fire Fighting application the flow rate usually are 1620 LPM, 2400 LPM, 2800 LPM, 2850 LPM & 3200 LPM and Pump Head could be anything above 70 Meter

In PHE the flow rates are not as high as fire fighting application and the pumps required have to be of high efficiency as they are one of the continuously running equipments in any building. The requirement for compact size and high efficiency than single stage end section pumps for the same head and flow, Inline pumps are in demand for PHE application.

To cater High flow rate at high head we use pumps which are manufactured by casting process which offers extremely good pressure handling capability for the flows of fire fighting application, PHE pumps are of low flow which can be catered by pumps which are made from sheet metal. These sheet metal pumps are mostly Inline type.

While choosing pumps for Fire Fighting Hydrant & sprinkler application, people tend to confuse vertical multistage pumps with Vertical inline pumps but they are completely different and as per IS 12496 standards Inline pumps are not suitable for Fire Application except jockey pump application where the flow rate is 3% to 7% of total Flow.

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