VEMC – A Leading Kirloskar Fire Fighting Pumps Solutions Provider

One of the most trusted names in the field of electromechanical engineering products, allied equipment, and services, Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company, or VEMC for short today is also a leading provider of firefighting pumps. We are in fact the leading Kirloskar fire-fighting pump dealers. Fire pumps are basically centrifugal pumps used to pump water at high volumes and pressure in a building on fire. In this blog, we take you through VEMC’s journey in the pumping industry, its pioneering work, and a major project accomplished successfully.

Journey of VEMC in the pump industry:

Nearly 70 years ago, VEMC started its operations to provide solutions in the field of fluid management. The company’s engineers also decided to provide allied services apart from just the tangible pumping solutions. An array of fluid engineering solutions was provided especially for industrial and infrastructure use.

Within a very short span of time, the company established a solid reputation and began receiving contracts and projects from diverse sectors. At the heart of the success lied the technical robustness of its products as well as the economic pricing well-suited for the Indian market. This helped VEMC outdo most of its competitors and emerge as a force to reckon with. In 2008, VEMC was certified with ISO 9001 as a recognition of the high-quality standard of its products. This of course included our activity as the leading Kirloskar fire-fighting pump dealers.

What makes VEMC a pioneer in firefighting pump solutions?

VEMC makes its fire fighting pumps meet the stringent standards and specifications of the National Fire Protection Association of the US, while at the same time trying its best to ensure cost-effectiveness. These standards make VEMC fire pumps one of the most reliable choices across industries. No wonder VEMC today caters to an array of sectors like ports and airports, oil and gas platforms, warehouses, manufacturing, and the chemical industry, etc. Besides providing the products, VEMC also helps in the installation and maintenance of the fire pumps.

Types of fire fighting pumps we supply:

VEMC offers a wide range of firefighting pumps to its diverse client base with varying requirements. These are:

  • Kirloskar Submersible Pumps
  • Horizontal split casing pumps
  • Containerized Fire Fighting Pump Set
  • FM approved UL listed Fire Fighting Set
  • Multi-stage vertical pumps
  • Multistage horizontal pumps
  • UL FM-approved gate valves
  • HYPN Systems
  • Industrial Pumps
  • Rerolling Mill Motors

One Avighna Park –– A major project in fire safety systems:

VEMC provided fire safety systems to One Avighna Park –– a luxurious Mumbai high-rise located in Worli. The project went on to bag 40 national as well as international awards for excellence and exclusivity. VEMC supplied the client with a fire-fighting control panel that put all the worries of the client at rest. The entire system is automatic and activated by timers and auxiliary contacts. As soon as the fire pump starts, an alarm goes off signaling building evacuation. One of the major fire safety projects in VEMC’s journey, One Avighna Park symbolizes our excellence in the field of automatic fire-safety systems.

For more details on Kirloskar fire fighting pumps or any other products and services, speak to our experts at 022 43436655 or email us at We have authorized Kirloskar distributors based in Mumbai. Being the top Kirloskar fire-fighting pump dealers, we pride ourselves on providing the best-in-class fire pumps, allied products, and services to our clients.

Keep Your Fire Pumps Ready for Action with Regular Inspection and Testing

Fire pumps come into use in the most dire of situations, that is, when a building or apartment is on fire. They form a highly critical component of your sprinkler systems. As soon as pressure drops on activation of sprinklers, fire fighting pumps are required to maintain the pressure and keep the water flowing. Building owners expect fire pumps to spring into action as soon as fire is detected so that minimum possible damage is incurred. This can only be ensured with regular checks and inspections.

Weekly Inspection & Testing Requirements

A weekly inspection and testing regime is must for both diesel and electrical fire pumps. In case of electrical pumps, this must also include the visual inspection of the pump house and the electrical system powering your pump.

With regard to the pump house, the main thing you need to look for is the temperature. The minimum temperature for both electrical and diesel pumps (with engine heaters) has to be 40 degree F. For diesel pumps without an engine heater, it has to be at least 70 degree F. Use an engine jacket water heater if you are unable to maintain the temperature. Other things to check while inspecting the pump house is whether there is any water pooling on the floor, and whether all the ventilating louvres are functional.

Inspection and testing requirements for the pump and its electrical system

As per the NFPA 25 standard, one of the most important tests for fire pumps is the weekly no-flow or “churn” test. Electric pumps must be run in a no-flow condition for a minimum of 10 minutes and diesel pumps for 30 minutes. In this test, the flow should not exceed 140% of the rated pressure. In case the risk analysis of a pump requires, this test can also be conducted more or less frequently than a week.

Apart from the churn test, some additional weekly tests to be conducted are listed below:

For electrical fire pumps:

  • Ensure the pump suction, discharge and bypass valves are fully open.
  • Look for any signs of leaks in the piping.
  • Check pressure to make sure the suction line pressure is within the acceptable range.
  • Make sure the water inside the suction reservoir is at the proper level.
  • Check if the wet pit suction screens are in place and unobstructed.
  • Make sure the water-flow test valves and hose connection valves are closed.
  • Ensure that the coupling guard is in place.

For diesel fire pumps:

  • Refill the tank if it is lower than two-thirds full.
  • Make sure the controller selector switch is in auto position.
  • Make sure the valve in the fuel supply lines from tank to driver filter or pump system is locked in open position.
  • Ensure all the alarm pilot lights are off.
  • Check if the water-jacket heater is functional.

VEMC is an authorised Kirloskar fire fighting pump dealer and also offers AMC services for pumps. With our thorough experience and unmatched expertise, we resolve diverse issues related to motors, engines and pumps. Feel free to give us a call on 022 43436655 or email us at