The Sun Is Up And Bright. Let’s See How We Still Face Challenges In The Solar Energy Industry

While Solar Energy is touted to be the fuel for the future, some significant challenges hinder us from making the most of this inexhaustible resource. However, as Solar R&D evolves, our hopes to tackle these challenges effectively will see a steady and upward trajectory. Having said that, the journey starts by identifying these challenges first, and in this blog, we do exactly that.

Dependence on nature:

Natural forces like seasons, geographical location and clouds determine the amount of Solar Energy that you can produce at a given time and place. This is absolutely beyond the control of humans and is likely to remain so, at least in the foreseeable future. Techniques to reduce the effect of these natural forces will have to be worked out so that users may bypass these challenges.

Quality of power:

This refers to the availability and voltage that solar systems can give us. Inconsistent power and fluctuating voltage are not acceptable, especially in commercial applications. This has serious implications for the reliability of this resource. For sectors that require emergency power such as healthcare, solar could struggle to find takers in the coming years. Only as the reliability-to-cost ratio improves in these areas will solar power will find greater acceptability.

Locational challenges:

Geography is a huge determinant in Solar Energy on more than one level. Globally, solar power fits best in the tropical regions that receive plenty of suns all year round. Latitudes further away from the equator will struggle to accommodate it. On a more local level, solar plants may have to be located in a large and open area, such as a desert or abandoned lands. This affects the availability of the resource to the human settlements, especially in urban areas that are in greater need of solar power.

Investment in Solar:

As a thumb rule, the first-time investment in any new technology is always hefty. This is also true of Solar Energy. There is a pressing need to bring all stakeholders such as government agencies, corporations and investors onto a common platform to develop an understanding and channel productive resources of the society into Solar Energy.

Cost of equipment:

The cost of installation of solar apparatus such as panels, storage batteries and VFDs is considerably high. This is quite a disincentive for taking up solar as your staple energy source, especially for households and small commercial undertakings. However, with the passage of time and with adequate research, innovation and competition pouring into the sector, the costs are expected to decline significantly.

Solar energy has gained tremendous traction lately, especially in the wake of the climate change debate. However, the formidable challenges faced on multiple levels require proper redressal through adequate research and development, innovation and investment.

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