Centrifugal Pump Types & Common Applications

Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal pumps are used across sectors in a variety of operations. These include construction, chemical manufacturing, food processing, etc. The rapidly rotating impeller of the pump boosts the velocity of fluids and pushes them out with force. A specially designed casing ensures the fluid remains constricted within, directs it to pass through the impeller and controls the flow on its way out effectively. VEMC is one of the leading Kirloskar Pump Dealers based in Mumbai and in this blog, we tell you all you need to know about centrifugal pumps.

How A Centrifugal Pump Works:

Centrifugal pumps have a fairly simple way of operating, as any Kirloskar pump dealer can brief you. These pumps have one or two impellers attached to the shaft of a rotary pump. Once the shaft turns, impellers also start to rotate. This converts the mechanical energy into the kinetic energy of the moving fluids. The rotating impellers thus move the pumped liquids along the spinning vanes, enhancing their velocity.

Basic Parts Of A Centrifugal Pump

    • Impeller is the most basic part of any centrifugal pump. These have a series of curved vanes which are usually sandwiched between two discs. 

    • On the opposite side, the impeller is connected to a motor through a shaft. The motor rotates the impeller at a high velocity, boosting the liquid’s flow rate. 

    • The casing of the pump is another important feature of a centrifugal pump’s construction. This is of two types: volute and diffuser. Both designs aim to keep the flow under a controlled discharge rate.

Types Of Centrifugal Pumps

The two major types of centrifugal pumps are:

    • Axial

    • Radial

Axial and radial pumps have only one basic distinction –– their orientation. A radial centrifugal pump pushes the liquid out through a downstream piping. On the other hand, an axial pump generates the pressure through a lifting effect of the vanes. Both radial and axial centrifugal pumps are available with VEMC –– the leading Kirloskar Pump Distributor in Mumbai.

Single-stage, two-stage and multi-stage pumps. On the basis of the number of impellers in a pump, we have 3 types:

    1. Single-Stage: 

As the name suggests, this pump has only one impeller. The simplicity of design allows for easy maintenance. These pumps are best suited for low-pressure operations.

   2. Two-Stage: 

Twin impellers present within the casing rotate in tandem and process the liquid at a high speed. It is suited for medium-head operations.

    3. Multi-Stage: 

Three or more impellers are used in these pumps to boost the liquid at maximum efficiency. These are best for high-head operations.

Common Industrial Centrifugal Pump Applications:

A number of domestic and industrial applications make use of centrifugal pumps. Some of the most important operations where centrifugal pumps find the greatest use are:

    • Sewage disposal

    • Oil and gas operations

    • Chemical processing

    • Food and beverage processing

    • Fire safety systems


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