Smart Ways To Enhance Pump Performance & Reduce Energy Costs

Your electricity bills are likely to be expensive if your pumps are not efficient, despite low productivity. In this blog, we will touch upon 10 effective ways to enhance your pump performance and reduce energy costs.

Periodic maintenance:

Your pumps have many moving parts, which could lead to unnecessary friction, wear and tear, noise, and overheating. Therefore, it is important to carry out preventive maintenance by regularly checking parts, like bearings, impellers, packing seals, mechanical seals, etc.

Regular monitoring:

Every part that is vulnerable to faults or troubles must be given special attention and replaced in time. Damaged impellers, clogged pumps, and choked suction pipelines are some problem areas that require keen monitoring.

Use of automated controls:

Instead of physical supervision, you can monitor the parameters remotely through your devices. This helps to enhance the pump’s operational efficiency. KBL’s KirloSmart solution allows remote monitoring of your pumps through the KirloSmart mobile app. 

Avoid excessive heating:

Excessive heating may damage heat-sensitive parts and cause overconsumption of energy. Trimming the pump blades reduces energy generation and eliminates excessive heat.

Match pump capacity with operational needs:

Accurately calculate the required flow rate and try to match the pump capacity with it. Efficiency can drop significantly in case of a mismatch.

Install perfectly sized pumps:

Having a pump that is either too small or big can affect efficiency. If a pump is too small, the enormous pressure to process waste can cause overheating or breakdowns. On the other hand, if the pump is too big, it may have to be throttled to prevent it from running at full capacity. 

Optimize flow rate and head:

This is of paramount importance if you want to ensure high performance and efficiency, and reduce energy consumption.

Use VFDs:

A Variable Frequency Drive manages motor speed. Therefore, rather than operating at a steady speed, irrespective of the load, use VFDs to enhance efficiency and reducing consumption.

We hope these will help you cut down your power bills while making pump operation more efficient.

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