Guide to Selecting the Perfect Panel for Your Energy Goals

control panel manufacturers in Mumbai
control panel manufacturers in Mumbai 

A control panel is simply an assortment of components that control a mechanical function such as firefighting or managing pressure or flow. There are a number of types of panels which perform different functions:

  1. Motor Control Centers
  2. Variable Frequency Drives  
  3. Motor Starter Panels
  4. Fire-fighting panels
  5. Programmable Logic Controllers

Control panels essentially operate as an interface between humans and complex machinery to accomplish various operations. VEMC is one of the leading control panel manufacturers in Mumbai 

In this blog, we try to guide you to select the perfect panel to meet your energy goals

Identify your energy goals

For starters, you must quantify your energy goals as precisely as possible. To put things into proper context, calculate the monthly consumption you have. Then under the given constraints, specify the energy units you aim to save every month. 

Efficiency and performance

Control panels are often located at central positions which enhances the logistical efficiency manifold. They also keep users updated about any deviation in any of the parameters. Optimum efficiency and performance of control panels is a critical function. Find out all about it from experts, past customers and online reviews. VEMC, a leading electrical panel manufacturer in Mumbai can help you on this front. 

Understanding key metrics

Make sure you’re on top of all the key metrics such as wattage, voltage and current ratings and select the control panel exactly according to your needs.

Quality and durability

Buy only from vendors with an established reputation for good quality and durability. Control panels are an expensive piece of equipment and you would want them to last a long time. VEMC is among the most renowned and trusted electrical panel manufacturers in Mumbai.

Warranty considerations

Check whether your vendor offers a warranty on the control panels. If yes, be clear about all the terms and conditions to ensure smooth service in case of a breakdown.

Space available for installation

The size and type of control panel you can install at your facility will depend on the space available. Be mindful of this very simple yet critical constraint when making a choice.

Calculate the payback period and ROI

In how many months will the control panel cover its costs and start returning profits and at what rate? Find out the payback period and ROI for each option you have before zeroing in on the most financially viable control panel.

Environmental impact

As a responsible business, you must also ensure that the system you’re investing in has the least possible carbon footprint. Make sure your control panel also scores well on these fronts:

Embodied energy: It is the sum total of all the energy that was used in building a system.

Energy payback period: It represents the time taken to generate the same amount of energy that was used to build the system.

VEMC’s most iconic project is the firefighting control panel installation at One Avighna Park  Worli–– one of the premium value real estate projects in Mumbai. The fully automatic design and setup have added a new dimension to the building’s safety measures.

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