Kirloskar’s Top 5 Solutions for Water Pressure Challenge

5 Solutions for Water Pressure Challenge
Kirloskar water pump dealer

High-pressure water is used across industries and domestic operations. Whether it is for firefighting or cleaning automobiles, pressurized water is absolutely indispensable. However, one common complaint that most water pump dealers receive from their customers is pressure fluctuations. VEMC is a leading Kirloskar water pump dealer and in this blog, we take you through the top 5 solutions to deal with water pressure challenges. But first, a word on Kirloskar as a solutions provider.

About Kirloskar

Kirloskar is one of the most reputed names in the country when it comes to fluid management. Kirloskar manufactures a wide range of industrial, domestic, and submersible pumps that are tailor-made for various activities like firefighting, sewage treatment, cleaning, and chemical processing. As business processes get increasingly complicated, clients seek end-to-end services from Kirloskar. This means not just selling a pump but also solving unique fluid management problems through customised pumping solutions. One of the most versatile pumping brands, Kirloskar touches lives across horizons and makes pumping easy, effective, and efficient.

Top 5 Solutions

Now let’s talk about how exactly Kirloskar helps clients solve their water pressure challenges.

  1. Pressure boosting systems: Kirloskar’s pressure boosting pumps are a great way to get rid of low-pressure issues in domestic and industrial settings. The K-Booster available with all Kirloskar pump dealers is a compact yet powerful piece of equipment used at farmhouses, villas, housing societies, etc. 
  2. Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) for pumps: As any Kirloskar pump distributor may suggest, having a built-in VFD for pumps means maintaining a constant pressure automatically. In Kirloskar’s Hydro-Pneumatic System, the VFDs help meet the pressure demand and pump water up high-rise buildings. These pumps can also be used remotely in case frequent pressure changes are needed.
  3. Multi-stage pumps for high-pressure applications: Industrial water pump suppliers in Mumbai often suggest multi-stage pumps to pump water up the highest levels of the city’s tall buildings. Kirloskar’s multistage pumps are highly effective in this scenario.
  4. Water pressure monitoring and control systems: Users may not always require the same pressure in pumping the water. To vary the pressure as per the needs, a sensor is installed which monitors and controls the pump. This prevents over-pressure and over-cycling in the pumps that could lead to equipment failure.
  5. Integrated water management solutions: This is a more holistic and systems-oriented approach to deal with water pressure variations. This involves the coordinated development and management of water, land and infrastructure resources to meet end-customer needs effectively.

Kirloskar is a name especially respected in the agricultural community. In a country where agriculture is significantly rain-fed, Kirloskar has become a source of great hope for the farmers as its irrigation pumps help reduce their reliance on monsoon rains. This is primarily true in the semi-arid landscape of central and western India where farming without a constant water supply is a daunting activity.
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