Giving Water – A Second Lease Of Life

Water is the building block of life itself, one of the most important resources that we are blessed with. Water is also abundantly used and abused. As city dwellers, it is not uncommon to see pipelines that carry sewage and a lot of time, a great portion of that is potable water flushed down the drain. One must consider the possibility of being able to get the maximum use from the water in use.

It is fairly simple, clean potable water is used for cleaning vegetables or bathing, but this water is flushed down the drain without much thought, but this doesn’t need to be the situation. Water can easily be repurposed, water treatment is absolutely the need of the hour. Grey water (waste water that is extensively treated) is now being used for flushing toilets in many big communities and it is certainly lowering the cost of producing water and easing the stress on the city corporation to supply water.

Why is there a need to salvage water? India is host to 16% of the world’s population and 4% of the world’s water resources. Which when one thinks about is a pretty worrisome proportion. Not treating water before releasing is giving rise to multiple problems, mainly health hazards from consuming polluted water and shortage of water due to the sources like lakes and rivers being polluted. A wastewater treatment plant is becoming a necessity if we are to meet the needs of the growing population. It is predicted that need for water will increase by 200% from its current 740 Billion cubic metres per year!

5.3 million tones of garbage was cleared from Versova beach thanks to a citizen initiative. Perhaps what is required is awareness that there is a way to tackle problems of water wastage, treatment and reuse. How does VEMC feature in this effort to save the earth, salvage water and give it a second lease of life? Well, VEMC sells a range of domestic and industrial pumps that help with disposal of sewage being a Kirloskar Pump Dealer In Mumbai & Centrifugal Pump Distributors.

Unlike submersible pumps that pump just water, sewage comprises of solid wastes that needs to be treated before it is released. There are 2 variants for domestic uses by Kirloskar, NS Non Clog Submersible Pump, These are single stage, single suction pumps with overhung non-clogging impeller. Pumps can be offered in stationary as well as transportable arrangements. The second type is the i-NS Non Clog Submersible Pump, these are single suction pumps with overall non clogging impeller.

The humane aspect of having pumps is also unmissable, with pumps in place, it reduces human contact with sewage that can cause multiple health issues. Whether it is a small society or a huge apartment complex, creation of water treatment plants and putting processes in place to ensure that the quality of water released into the environment is absolutely necessary. After all, we have only one place to call home.

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