4 Most Important Things To Know About Kirloskar Electric Motor

Kirloskar Electric is among the leader manufacturer of a wide variety of Electric Motors, both A.C. and D.C.  There are some authorised dealers of Kirloskar Electric Company’s motors in Mumbai, and among them the most prominent is VEMC.

At VEMC you can easily view the portfolio consisting of all high voltage AC Motors, low voltage AC Motors and DC Motors. These motors are designed keeping in mind the increasing significance of power saving and environmental effects, and thus have dimensions and stipulations as per the requirement of the national and international markets, so that the needs of every industry are met with easily.

Here are some of the most important things you should know about the Kirloskar Electric Motors:

  1. Quality Assurance: Kirloskar Electric designs all their motors keeping in the mind the customer satisfaction. The materials and other components are first tested during manufacturing. Then the completed machines are tested as per standard procedures.
  2. Reduced Noise Levels: The electric motors are designed in a way, that the noise level when the motor is being used is exceedingly low, while also reducing the vibration level.
  3. Compact Design with Modular Construction: The compact designs of these electric motors, is to make sure it doesn’t end up taking a lot of your space, which can be used for other machinery. Also, being modular, allows you to set them up without much hassle.
  4. Cooling System: Separate internal and external cooling circuits are present, that add up to an efficient cooling system, and make sure that the motor doesn’t get excessively heated up when used continuously for long durations.

These factors ensure that the features of Kirloskar Electric Motors unmatchable. You can get High Voltage Motors like Megapack Closed Type, Spectrum Closed Type; Low Voltage Motos like OpenType Series, Flame Proof Series, Increased Safety Series etc. If you are looking for DC motors you get a choice from Laminated Yoke DC Motors, Aise Series Mill Duty Motors and Solid Yoke DC Motors. VEMC is an authorised Kirloskar Motor Dealer and thus will ensure that all your requirements and needs are met with ease.