Thoughtful Design Of The KSIL / KCIL Vertical Multistage Inline Pump

As it goes with any modern day technology increasing efficiency and productivity are becoming very important. Making fast cars go faster while making sure that the fuel consumed is lowered; there is a certain challenge that goes beyond just ensuring that a task is completed. Our expectation from modern equipments is that it meets more than one criteria. As discussed in another blog about HYPN systems, the evolution of cities makes it necessary that the infrastructure that supports it also be made more efficient.

When one things about cities, space or the lack of it comes to mind. The solution to which is growing vertically. Vertical structures that take up less space are practical and aesthetically more appealing; the KCIL Vertical Multistage Inline Pump is a fine example of integrating practical design with efficiency. VEMC is a dealer in Kirloskar Pumps in Mumbai for over 4 decades.

A vertical multistage inline pump is designed to boost the flow of water from one point to another. With the Capacity from 0.4 to 28 m³/hr and Head 10 to 249 m. When one considers the size of skyscrapers, hospitals, industries, commercial establishments; one  really begins to appreciate the need for a multistage in line pump.


The main advantages of a vertical pump is its lean design; meaning, these pumps take up less space on the property. In a multi stage pump, a smaller motor is used to deliver required flow and pressure. The in-line design enables installation of the pump in horizontal one pipe systems. The suction and discharge ports are of the same dimension and are in the same horizontal plane. The compact and lean design of the pumps is a huge incentive as it requires a simpler piping system.

The KCIL pump comes out a clear winner on many accounts, mainly on energy efficiency. Additionally, given the constant contact with water, these pumps are designed to be corrosion resistant and have reliable sealing. Apart from this, the pumps are light, durable and are low on noise. When one considers the scale at which these pumps are used, low maintenance and lower human intervention in operating the pumps is a definite advantage as well. The pumps are ideal for Industrial Pressure Boosting, Liquid Transfer, Water Treatment, Building Industry, Dairy, Irrigation and Small Power Plants.

VEMC is a renowned as one of industry leaders in providing innovative solution to everyday problems.


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