Industrial Wastewater

Industrial wastewater easily is one of the most recognizable words in the last century. The industrial revolution paved the path to modern lifestyles, big cities and a constant search for growth. However during the last few decades, the fast paced industrial growth has brought up a surge of change in the way industries discard their waste. A large portion of which is in form of water. Industrial waste is different from domestic wastes in so many ways which is why holding it to the same standards in terms of disposal is impractical and dangerous. Industrial waste contains metallic debris, toxic chemicals, Volatile Organic Compounds, Phenols, surfactants and solid wastes.

When release directly into water, these industrial effluents are sure to cause more than just discoloration of water. This waste leads to health hazards for humans and animals, depletion of aquatic flora and fauna and reduce the amount of potable drinking water. Industries are required to treat their wastewater with utmost care and dispose it off with as minimal damage to the environment as possible.

From textile to tanneries, paper to dairy industries; industrial waste is an unfortunate side effect. Kirloskar is a leader in innovation, with the offering of 3 variations of Solid Handling pumps. SHL Solid Handling Pumps, SHM Solid Handling Pumps and SHS Solid Handling Sump Pump.

SHM are horizontal non-clog pumps having single stage, single suction with back pull out type design. SHS are vertical non-clog pumps for wet pit applications. The pump section is suspended by a column pipe which also protects the transmission shaft. These pumps can be offered with a column length up to 6.5 m. The impeller is single suction type non-clog, free flow dynamically balanced. For SHM pumps the standard lubrication is grease and the optional one is oil. In case of SHS pumps the lubrication is grease based. These pumps are widely used in paper industries, water carrying gravel and so on.

Here are the applications for the various pumps. The SHL and SHM solid handling pumps are useful in pumping sludge, sewage, power material slurries, sugar factory waste. The SHS Solid Handling Sump Pump is suitable for pit depth upto 9 metres, the pumps is useful to pump liquids with solids in suspension, sludge & pulpy material, industrial waste handling, liquid containing fibrous & powdered material, coal tar and effluents.

With the changing requirements of the industry, it is expected that we find new and innovative ways to rethink our interaction with the environment. Kirloskar Pumps and VEMC, a Kirloskar Pump Dealer in Mumbai, are lending a hand in ensuring that our industries are assisting the progress of the nation without creating any issues.

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