The Silent Backbone Of The Steel Industry

Infrastructure in India has been a talking point over the last few years. One of the building blocks of this massive growth has been steel industry. How else will towering structures support themselves if not hard tough steel that runs the course from the foundation right up to the last floor. Not just buildings; bridges, flyovers, ports, rail, roads and many other structures have steel as a base requirement. India features as the third largest producer of steel with 104.77MMT in 2016. The iron and steel industry is one other most important industries in India.

Steel has to be processed before it becomes useful for any construction. Industries that make TMT bars receive steel in form of ‘steel billets’, that they expose to heat to give it the shape that size as needed. A Re Rolling Mill Motor by Kirloskar is essential in this process. Steel is highly malleable, corrosion resistant and is equally strong throughout, even on welding.  Another great advantage is the fact that steel is also economical.

Think of the hot steel like a ball of dough that is being transformed into desired shape; except this dough is extremely hot and needs to work on fairly quickly. Rerolling is a metalworking process that helps in converting of steel billets to be rolled into rods, bars, angles and sheets. A rerolling motor helps drive machines involved in the rolling process.


VEMC offers a Low Voltage Rerolling Mill Duty Motor that can withstand fluctuation of electric supply ensuring that the end product is uniform. These motors are designed to run at 75% of rated supply voltage for duration of five minutes. These Mill duty motors are designed and developed for versatility, compactness, serviceability, durability and ruggedness. With over 3 decades of making and perfecting of Mill Duty Motors, Kirloskar Electric Company has become an industry leader.

The standard motor is suitable for operations at an ambient temperature of 450 C and altitude of 1000M. Variation in voltage and supply is as per IS325. Depending on the site conditions, motors for other voltage and higher ambient conditions can be offered. VEMC is a Kirloskar Motor Dealers in Mumbai; who has over 4 decades of experience and has undertaken several large scale projects for private and the government institutions.