Compressed Air – The Fourth Utility Of The Modern World

If water, electricity and gas form the trio of essential utilities of the modern world, compressed air has a strong claim to be the fourth one. Air is one of the most ubiquitous resources of nature. When it comes to utilizing it as a source of energy, however, you have to compress and direct it with precision. Compressed air can drive wide-ranging activities and find use in a number of sectors. In this blog, we take you through the importance of this powerful source of energy across the economy.


Compressed air finds utility in a number of activities in the manufacturing sector. It powers the actuators, conveyor belts, sprayers and clamping equipment. It also supports casting processes, offers optimal product finishes and helps clean the final products impeccably. 


Another sector that requires some heavy lifting and muscle power is construction. Compressed air is used to power pneumatic tools like buffing equipment, nailing, stapling and riveting guns, grinders, drillers, jackhammers and sanders. Lowering and raising heavy loads or demolishing structures also make use of compressed air. Tunnel-digging is another area where compressed air does wonder. They are used for road digging, cutting and cleaning. They also keep the tarmac, debris and other hard surfaces debris-free. 


Pruning, harvesting, crop fertilising, seed sprinkling and spraying are some of the activities that compressed air helps with, in the agricultural sector. Air compressors power the tractors, sprayers, conveyors and pneumatic fruit pickers. They also facilitate the operation of hydraulic pumps.


Compressed air is used for administering anaesthesia, power ventilators and other surgical machines in operation theatres. Compressed air is always free of contaminants, pollutants and other particulate matter, making it extremely useful to maintain an allergy and infection-free healthcare facility. Compressed air is also used to inflate emergency mattresses for patients.


In this sector, air compressors find great use in engine construction, assembling car bodies and giving finishing touches to the cars. Intricate components are put in place using compressed air-based pneumatic tools. Plasma cutting, welding and inflating tyres also use compressed air. Finally, the air compressors are used to clean the car and paint it using dry and oil-free compressed air to prevent bubbles or splattering to form on the surface.

The above-given list is not exhaustive and air compressors are used in multiple other areas of the economy. In the future, as the efficiency, precision and power of the pneumatic instruments is improved, air compressors are expected to find the greater application and have an increasingly enlarged role to play.

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